Sunday, August 25, 2013

Study Daily

Hey it's a good sign if your Bibles are falling apart from use! I write in mine all the time! 


Anonymous said...

You assume too much. You assume that Sunday morning Christians are actually even hearing the Bible taught on Sunday morning. Most are not hearing the Bible taught on Sunday morning. Most are hearing Oprah-esque pablum, self-esteem "words of faith to speak over yourself". In church. On Sunday morning.

Bible Believer said...

True, hey I just used this picture for a reminder to "study daily" You are right most of the Sunday morning Christians aren't hearing the Bible taught on Sunday morning. They are hearing various forms of paplum. For some of the churches I have visited, I have heard scripture so mangled it hurt my ears.

Anonymous said...

This may be as good a place to vent as any, sorry BB. On Facebook I have a few friends who will post scripture, but it is from the "Message" "bible". Many times I don't even recognize the reference because it is so new-agey.

Here's one exact post:
“ Whatever your goals are, there's one thing for certain—it will be almost impossible to get there without discipline and self-control. ”
You have it in you, you can do it!!
Phil. 4:13

I would add that is matters what version of the Bible you use, because some of them will lead you the wrong way, unbelievably!

The real verse:
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
(it's almost the opposite meaning of the Message)

Good reminder for us BB! Really good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BB for reminding me to examine my relationship with the Lord, Luke 18:9-14. - Don

Lorenzo Freeman said...

This reminds me of my mom. She judges me because I choose not to go to church. She thinks she is a better Christian than anyone in the household, just cuz she goes to church once a week. She also judges my dad, even though he reads the bible every day. I only see her open the bible at church, and she has no interest in theology or talking about end times. But boy, is she quick to judge us because she goes to church. Unfortunately, it is very common for women to do this. They don't realize that faith is not proven by church attendance, but by day to day walk with God and study of His word.

Anonymous said...

The bible is the only place to find comfort these days. The churches are new age, schools are new age, most people around me are new age and more than willing to adapt to its influence, it seems. Psalm 121 I think of every day and 1 Corinthians 1 where it says He will keep you strong 'til the end. I need His strength more than ever. And wisdom - I need God's wisdom. Proverbs and James talk about asking for His wisdom and how He will freely give it- God's wisdom and our faith are more precious than the greatest treasure.
I Peter 1:7 Proverbs 8:11. Proverbs 3:15

Anonymous said...

I turned to the Christian radio station yesterday. Frank Sontag on KKLA had Donna Jones a pastors wife on. She wrote a book A Women's Guide to Meeting God.

Why are people reading other people's books about God? If you want to meet God, why won't people read the Bible?

They were also discussing Joyce Meyer who had an interview on the Christian Post about God is not mad at you. I guess that's the title of her new 100th book.

They were tying the two together. Ms. Jones said a lot of women wonder if God is mad at them. Again, why don't they encourage people to read the bible to learn about God - instead they say read my new book!

It was interesting. Ms. Jones was talking about how women may read the bible but they will have questions and they want to ask someone about it but they don't want to feel like an idiot.

It was a weird thing to say. So - if you don't want to feel like an idiot reading the bible, read her book instead? Why do they make it seem like the bible is so hard to understand? Oh, yeah, so you'll read their books.


quinton brooks said...

Satan is real!
But so is my GOD!

This world is temporary people think Satan is just gonna be The man in hell or something and he is not!
He will be tormented as well as those who end up in hell with him!

We see the truth. We see how real he is but as soon as someone speaks up they are just old church people who are hypocrites and judgmental people smh. All of us have come short of GOD'S glory even us church folk! We are no better than you but we glorify GOD because even tho we don't deserve a thing GOD had been so great to us and he deserves all the praise!