Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Marketing Research For the Apostate Church: Church Secret Shoppers

Video for information: Not an endorsement of Robertson or CBN:

Hey when churches are run like companies, you have to do "market test" runs to see if the "customers" are happy and if you are meeting your demographic market!

Rating Church? 'Secret Shoppers' Helping Pastors

All of it has grown so dull and boring. Actually given the number of churches I have visited, I remarked to a friend how much more the same they have become, you got the liturgicals, the liberal Protestant ones, the "World Christian" evangelical set, and the fundamentalists-dominionist set of them. Of course I wasn't visiting all kinds but saw a lot of similarities in one's I did visit.  While most of my readers here have seen through the right side of the NWO, most still think the Republican party with it's pro- NWO agendas is Christian. One thing that comes to my mind immediately is all the flag-waving.

I went and googled "SECRET CHURCH SHOPPER".

Mind blowing....

This will nauseate you, there are many of these groups, willing to come "test" your church. These churches want to be the biggest, the brightest, the best, they have lost the plot long ago. I do have gratitude to God, thanking Him for seeing through the church system, even if there were challenges to face!

"Is your church a Five Star Church? Is your church living up to all of the potential God has placed in your congregation? May I suggest you have a Secret Church Shopper come to your church.
Secret Shoppers have been used for years in the corporate and business world. Now Secret Church Shoppers are available to give you an evaluation of your worship service, congregational attitude, greeting, hospitality and so much more. Our shopper arrives unannounced and undercover. The Secret Church Shopper observes your congregation, ushers, greeters, ministers as a typical guest to your services.
The Secret Church Shopper Report along with the Five Star Church Facility Inspection are the tools you can use to take to increase efficiency in ministry, focus on vital improvements, show strengths and weaknesses in volunteer areas.
The Secret Church Shopper and Church Facility Inspection are highlighted in the best-selling book Five Star Church by Dr. Stan Toler. This book has changed hundreds of churches from average to Five Stars. In fact, Dr. Toler regularly has his own church visited by a Secret Church Shopper.
Do you know what your guest think about your church when they visit you? Do you wish you could interview your guest to determine why they attend (or no longer attend) your service? Now you can benefit from a professional Church Shopper.
A confidential report will be delivered to the Senior Pastor once the Secret Church Shopper has visited your church. Many pastors have said they use this report to give to staff members, board members or lay-leaders to make immediate improvements.
Churches of all sizes and faith backgrounds have used our Secret Church Shopper services. For a free brochure click here and send an email.

More Church Secret Shoppers here:

Celera Group: Secret Church Shoppers

Worship Impressions

I think Ship of Fools has been doing this free for years.

Have you ever noticed how nothing is spontaneous anymore and they want to "plan" and "script" everything out. One weird thing about this is the secret shoppers kept talking about how "friendly" people were, well that is not one thing a business contract or plan is going to fix, either real Holy Spirit directed fellowship is present or it's not. Who wants fake "love bombing" just to get people into seats? By the way, I have visited enough churches to know whose "desperate" for new members, and I like when people are friendly, but a lot of the time, they come on really strong, and always want you to fill out cards with your name and address for just that one time visit. Too bad none of the secret church shoppers will be the type to say, "I never returned because you preached things against God's Word." 

This is all about selling the PRODUCT, the church organization itself. And notice the energy being poured into this? This is about analyzing the "theatre show" for sales.

The real church is born again Christians, praying and studying God's Word together. Not fancy programs or marketing schemes like this.


Anonymous said...


Just when I think I have seen it all, esp. in the church, you post this.

Well, I guess this just proves what I and many have known for a long time...the church building and its ministries within are nothing more than a business.

How said. This is not what our savior died for! Jesus threw the moneychangers out. I would not like to see what he would say/do in most of today's churches.

Anonymous said...

Always about the money. They will come "test" your church, but you will have to pay them to do so. Anymore if there is anything to do with God and money is involved with a group, I am not interested. - Don

Anonymous said...

They charge money for their "service".

And really, what if the "service" says that you're being "too doctrinal" and should "tone it down a bit"?

What a bunch of garbage. But please remember:

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

This is only happening because some people want it. There is the "give 'em what they want" market that will always be out there. It just happens to be Laodicea, and Jesus spits it out. Jesus spitting it out, won't stop them from gathering every Sunday.

Steve said...

My ex wife was from an assembly of God church. What a cult trip they are. They are OBSESSED with money and growing their personal church empires.

It is no surprise that AoG utilizes these "services" to increase business production.

Bible Believer said...

Steve, I could probably do dozens of articles on Assembly of God. {it's really a time limit where I only deal with them rarely, mentioned usually in apostate church trends and they are part of the false Pentecostal movement] but they are teaching many false things and part of the World Christian and ecumenical movement.

Bible Believer said...

First anon, you are right they have turned it all into a BUSINESS and this is definitely MONEY-CHANGERS galore. The shoppers will never tell the truth to these pastors which is if you had to hire a church shopper in the first place, you have lost the plot long long ago and maybe you should go pray to God [believe and be born again for the many who are NOT] and ask Him what you are doing with your life and repent of your ambition coming over His will!

Don I found myself wondering what they charged. Probably some astronomical number I can't even imagine.

Third anon, I believe this is all one reason the churches are becoming so boring and THE SAME. My head hurts even thinking of the few differences between the many I visited. These pastors must be all reading the same books {NOT THE BIBLE} and hiring the same SHOPPERS.

You are right this is about itching ears. This is advanced money-changing in a "new form". Consider too someone visiting a church under FALSE PRETENSES. What if a church member meets one of these shoppers and is lonely and sees a future friend there for them, and the shopper disappears and is never to be seen again except for "their report". These churches have been so convinced of their own importance they can't see the forest for the trees.

Steve said...

Don @ August 21, 2013 at 3:48 AM

"Always about the money"

That's what it is always about to free masons, Jesuits & their ilk (business). Marketing Jesus, Jesus merchandise, Jesus Inc.

The open worship of Mammon.

Ruth said...

I heard from a friend the other day, we don't discuss church as I left the church we both attended years ago, and I couldn't help but think of is that all church means to her is belonging socially to a group.

Also, I have thought many times how in these last days the turmoil of the world will bring many to the church because the world is so chaotic and we as humans need structure. Especially if one does not know The Lord personally and abide by His word. During Hitlers time many turned back to the church thinking it was of God.

I get nauseated these days even thinking of going to these "socialist clubs". BB your post made me ill.

I know at one time I was so hungry for fellowship I seriously thought of going back to church. That still small voice within that we often hear made me think that if The Lord led me out the front door,why would I consider going through the back door. I no longer hungered for going back again.

Bible Believer said...

You are right Steve it is the open worship of Mammon.

Ruth I understand the need for fellowship. I have faced this too, and it even took me back into trying to visit churches again recently, one even far away from home, to try and find it.


A lot of people it is about belonging socially to a group. People do feel alone out there, families and other social networks have broken up and this desire for connection is there. Think about Christians too who have been divided from their non-Christian families and where there too many be more desire for fellowship in a church. When I left Calvary Chapel, the church I had visited for a short time, I talked to people in it and many told me they could not be alone and yes they saw a few of the problems. The still small voice of the Holy Spirit was there telling me, "You don't belong here" even in the IFB that was the "least offensive" but I watched the pastor show time, the flag waving, etc, and thought what am I doing here? So much of it seemed like a "SHOW PRODUCTION" even in the would be better fundamentalist churches, one preacher in front, and passive pew sitters and jingoistic politics to go along with it. I have to admit I feel nauseated a lot. A lot of people are ignoring God as they sit in the pews. They do not want to be alone, they want fellowship. I understand those needs, but God must come first, the churches are worsening too. With this church shopper nonsense, they are now focused on themselves and selling themselves, not on God or the gospel. It's all about the organization.

Marion said...

I find it more than interesting that the clip with Pat Robertson shows the secret shopper evaluating a church in...MASON CITY...IL!!!

And we all know who Pat is...WOW!!!

Steve said...

Marion @ August 22, 2013 at 6:39 AM

They believe we're too stupid to figure out the deception. So much so, that they frequently flaunt their allegiances because they know the "dumb sheep" won't pick up on it.

It is very sad, but lets keep praying for people that as they continually seek God their eyes will be opened to the lies we were raised to believe in.

Anonymous said...

ok.. I have seen it all now. Everyone is completely swallowed up by the earth (sin), and are pagan. These are 100% pagans in these buildings, there is just no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

You should do an article about this "Duck Dynasty" nonsense that is taking "evangelical churches" by storm. The Duck guys are from a popular TV show and getting speaking engagements at "evangelical churches", but they themselves are part of the "Church of Christ" denom which is a cult, that teaches that you MUST be water baptized to be saved. Which is of course a false gospel itself that does not save.

Bible Believer said...

Agree about the Mason remark, hey they got all this stuff marked.

Hmm Duck Dynasty I am familiar with the show but never have watched one, I keep hearing what "great Christians" they are. I should do a post on "Church of Christ" they teach false doctrine--baptismal regeneration is one of their worse, and are ecumenical, their name is on the list of all the ecumenical organizations! The world loves these folks so that makes it pretty questionable.

Anonymous said...

My husband likes D Dynasty. I guess they own a church. It was weird to me that at Christmas time they had one of the guys dress as santa, and santa gave out a bag of presents to all these kids. Inside the sanctuary of the church. It was just wrong to me santa being enjoyed in a church.

Anonymous said...

Duck Dynasty is more garbage from the world, with their false gospel primarily.

Anonymous said...

I think Duck Dynasty should be shown some understanding, Mark 9:40. They are not perfect, just like us. They are trying to love God, just like us. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_0XS1vaX-M (poor audio)
Let God change them as they will let Him, just like us. - Don

Anonymous said...

I guess it makes sense, then, that Duck Dynasty members would visit Saddleback church.

Bible Believer said...

It's hard to know how OWNED or KNOWING minor celebrities are, though I usually follow my own advice in not trusting celebrities. There is ample evidence some of the major ones are sold out to Satan in various guises, some of them even come out and admit they "sold their souls to the devil" overtly and directly. See the red and black outfit? When this one "warns" about mind control, she is still being "used".


Certainly they suck many into that world and deceive them. I would hope even these Duck Dynasty people would be born again one day and come into truth, but one thing we have to realize they do pick and choose religious celebrities too, to deceive, and sure we won't know in all cases whose duped or being duped, but pray that all come to salvation.

The fact they are making the false religious circuit tour tells you something already.

Bible Believer said...

correction whose being duped or duping others while knowing...

Anonymous said...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KwrmlTPI8w - Don

Anonymous said...

I'm not giving Duck Dynasty any "understanding". They belong to a group that teaches that you must be water baptized to be saved, and that is a false gospel, and all false gospels are anathema (Galatians 1:6-9). There is no "understanding" to be given to those that are leading people to hell.

Anonymous said...

Do not take me wrong. If I spoke with Phil Robertson about the Gospel, asking him point blank if a believer had to be baptized in order to be saved and he responded "yes", then I would show him Luke 23:39-43. If he disagreed with the Bible, I would shake the dust off of my feet and move on. - Don

Anonymous said...

Phil Robertson has already said time and again, that water baptism is required to be saved. So, he's a false teacher. Doesn't matter how charismatic and funny he might be. He leads people to hell.

Anonymous said...

You might be right, but have provided no proof. Here is the difference in you and me, I am not going to lump people into a group and assume everyone of them have every belief in common calling them a cult or anathema. As the Lord puts us together, I will question their false beliefs in love and use God's Word for correction. Anything less is just letting them go to hell. - Don

Anonymous said...

Well Robertson isn't available to talk to me personally, so I can't help him to avoid going to hell. True love tells the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6), thus, I am loving everybody by saying that Duck Dynasty's doctrine leads them to hell. I can't contact Robertson to warn him, but I can warn those that take spiritual advice from them, that taking spiritual advice from them, will lead to hell. Because Robertson believes in the false gospel of water baptism regeneration, which leads to hell.

Anonymous said...

Here you go. www.facebook.com/pages/Phil-Robertson-The-Duck-Commander/101877489873438 I would say you just ran out of excuses.- Don

Bible Believer said...

They said the ducks on the comments were with Greg Laurie.

Well here it is...

Video at address too..


Bible Believer said...

Who are warhawks for Christ?

Hmm Church of Christ campus reach out it looks like...

Bible Believer said...

Hey Don, they could be duped, by "Christiandom TM" no one is saying that the Ducks are all knowing deceivers here. But they are 1. Stuck in a false church, and 2. Already being ushered in with the famous false preachers all over the place. Of course if anyone knew them the best thing to be would be to WARN THEM!

We can really like someone as a person but if they are following a false gospel that's a problem.

Greg Laurie isn't going to warn them about the Church of Christ.

Anonymous said...

BB, I agree with your comments. I have never watched an episode of Duck Commander, as we do not have cable. I do not follow or worship the Robertson family, I follow and worship Jesus Christ. Yes, they are being used by shills like Greg Laurie because of their current notoriety and I have already stated that baptism is not a sacrament. My point is people deserve to be treated as individuals, as that is how God will judge each of us. - Don

Anonymous said...

BB, on that Laurie link you posted it said in the remarks that the "Ducks" booking fee is $25K. I think I smell spoiled duck. - Don

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Don's obsession with defending someone that believes a false gospel that leads to hell. I went to the facebook page that he gave the link to, it's a mess of pictures, text, links, and asking for money for this and that. Nothing about whether they teach water baptism regeneration or not. It just looks like a money-making page, and trying to get more people to watch their TV show.

He's been confronted by many about the water baptism regeneration issue, and he dances around it. He doesn't come out clearly and say "No, water baptism is not required to get into heaven, and the Church of Christ is wrong about this issue". If he were a minister of the Gospel, he would say that clearly.

But he was at Saddleback with Rick Warren not long ago (Warren being a false teacher himself) and was again unclear on the issue.

This is a no-brainer here. If he believes in water baptism for salvation, then he is not saved, and he teaches others to be not saved. Why the defense of a guy that hangs out with Rick Warren, Greg Laurie, and belongs to a cult? I just don't get it.

If the point is that "God will judge each of us", then Robertson is in huge trouble for believing and preaching a false gospel, and hanging out with false teachers.

Bible Believer said...

Glad you see through them Don.

I know how it is to "like" someone that is out there, and then you find stuff out about them that is not so good. With celebrities, I am following my don't trust rule. This world does hold out money and many others things to get people to sell out. That is one thing think about those preachers and such, who all charge incredible amounts of money just to come and do a 2 hour speech. $25,000, there are endless people in America who live on less then that a year!

Anonymous said...

More than likely the Robertson's do agree with the CoC doctrine of baptismal salvation. More than likely they would not be where they are unless they are approved by the god of this world. We need to be careful with souls! I have met Mormons who have told me they are Christian because that is what their church told them. In love, I pointed out the facts of beliefs in many Gods and following a false prophet. To me there is a big difference in making blanket statements about a denomination or group and a person. Just my take, I'll get off my soapbox now. - Don