Monday, August 19, 2013

Check Out These Articles on The Whosoevers and Brian Welch

Here is more exposing of the Whosoevers, Brian "Head" Welch and their use of occult symbols and poor fruits. This blogger did a good job exploring many of the areas including the connections with David Crowder.

The fruit of Brian "Head" Welch

The Fruit of Brian Welch Pt 2


Anonymous said...

Those two articles on Welch, are very telling. I don't consider Welch a believer. There are certain doctrinal tests that exist for determining who is a believer (Acts 17:11). Welch and his ilk hate doctrine, but the Bible loves doctrine (2 Timothy 3:16). So that tells you all you need to know about Welch and his crew.

Bible Believer said...

I don't consider Welch a believer either, just a "religious" show man and we have plenty of those. You are right those like him hate doctrine.

Anonymous said...

And the people who hate doctrine are the ones saying, "Don't judge!"

I have yet to hear a true bible believer say, "Don't judge me!"

Anonymous said...

Welch is a nwo plant and a fake Christian. Check out the whosoevers website home page:
Notice all of the band members faces are shaded so that only their left eye is showing... Dead give away

I also find it telling that Welch has re-joined Korn and they are set to release an album called "Paradigm Shift" on oct. 1st. This is terminology used by Rick Joyner follower Larry Randolph and the new age book "Aquarian Conspiracy". Check out these links (not an endorsement):

Anonymous said...

Yeah, half their faces in the shadows kinda says it all, doesn't it. The paradigm shift - total new age lingo.
I saw on the Korn website and other metal websites Jonathan Davis talking about their new album with the usual profanity.
Sarah did a nice job on those articles. The Whosoevers preach the world, not the Word. The false Christians can't discern that.
Thanks for posting, Bible Believer.

Bible Believer said...

Paradigm shift, yep, new age lingo, goes with the global awakening stuff too. Never can come up with anything creative, just the same Satanic stuff all over the place. I agree Welch is a NWO plant and fake Christian, this group is marked all over the place and yes anon you are right about the darkened out left eyes in the photo.

Last anon you are right the false Christians can't discern they do indeed preach the world.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,
When I was young and I was partying, into the heavy metal scene, had a foul mouth, etc., I did not want to go to church. I did not belong there. I chose the world over Jesus. I knew I was choosing the world and that I couldn't have both. I knew I had to give up a sinful lifestyle to follow Jesus and no longer hang out with the same people doing the same thing. But I wanted what the world had to offer at the time.

It just amazes me that people can praise Jesus one minute but then spew profanity and praise people in the world, praise people who love to portray an evil image the next minute, and people think it's such a great thing.

False Christians mix righteousness with evil and then say, "Don't judge me!"