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I found out about Common Core very recently. So this is an article where I am also exploring too at the same time as my readers.

Let me just tell you there is no way I would want to teach under a stream lining of education where there is basically a "national curriculum" for all schools. One thing I have noticed is it seems to do away with all vocational education and other career tracks and points every child regardless of family income or aptitude into the college [future student loan debt] track. Of course this is a plan to dumb down education even more, and shove every child into a one size fits all box and indoctrinate them in my opinion for the new world order. Imagine a scenario where teachers no longer decide what they are going to teach or how or when, looking at the needs of their own students, but according to an already scripted formula! Could it be taken to the extreme that every fourth grader on Sept 20th, learns the same history or math lesson? I believe so. After all they have standardized all the testing nationwide, why not the lessons themselves?

There are parent's groups out there protesting. Good for them. Their only solution may be removing their children from the public school system if they can manage it.

Notice in this video, Bill Gates's influence and money financing Common Core. Bill Gates's money is invested in many globalist agendas and education is not left out. Of course this is all linked to global elites as well. I plan to watch the other 4 videos in this series and may post them later.


This video is long but goes into the Common Core ties with sustainable development. He makes a good point about how this is a new system to retro-fit young people into a future they are predicting instead of a broad based education to prepare for an unknown future. Here too he focuses on some of the nonsense such as having students write a "bill of rights" for animals. One leftist platform is animal rights and equalizing humans to animals. Warning video includes Michele Bachmann in a positive fashion but overall warns of many truths.


Common Core is linked to the International Baccalaureate a group that is a NGO and headquartered in Geneva Switzerland.

This shows more of the focus on their goals and aims to educate students into being globally-minded.

Only 5 states have refused Common Core, though a few others who adopted it are pushing back or only have done partially adoption of the standards.

With the "Parents Have Rights" website, check out where they talk about GLOBAL CITIZENS on the one video.

Common Core is Agenda 21
"Common Core is an integral part of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: globalization is the standardization of systems. Whether the system is law enforcement or land use or government, the standardization, harmonization, and integration of all international methods of management is essential for total control. Education is the flash point for embedding system acceptance in all sectors of the population. Standardized propaganda is developed for pre-kindergarten to post graduate school; this is what is meant by 'Life Long Learning.' Breaking down traditional methods of learning in order to re-socialize the populace is the goal. Obedient, dependent people who are constantly being propagandized will provide the 'human capital' to fully implement UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development."
I know a lot of Christian parents are homeschooling, though not all are able to due to economic demands and other circumstances, but they definitely are focusing on the youth. I taught some in the early 90s, and remember the vast array of anti-Christian agendas and messages. I was not yet a Christian but some lessons they expected me to teach as a substitute teacher and in another job, were pretty obvious, like having first graders color their "WORLD CITIZEN" badges!. I was an independent enough thinker even back then already reading books like NO LOGO by Naomi Klein knowing globalism wasn't such a great thing. Of course too, I have shared with you, my time in the Roman Catholic church when I was volunteering to be a religious ed teacher and they demanded I stick to script, and I noticed within their religious textbooks for seventh graders endless praise for the United Nations and other "social justice" and liberal agendas

One thing I noticed during my years in education, that they seemed to want us to focus on many non-practicals, and social agendas rather then the true intake of knowledge, exploration or critical thinking skills.
In fact, many people feel like even the tens of thousands they have paid out for college was wasted money, which instead of teaching them actual skills in class taught them a pile of leftist mush instead. The IB group has links to the UN and desires to fulfill UN millennial goals and other UNESCO mandates.

In this video they show some of the lesson plans that will come with these programs. I have seen lesson plans like this even 20 years ago. Notice when they talk about turning first graders into would be social activists, how silly, but this is lifelong programming as you can see. Notice when he talks about the fill-ins that basically teach them to marginalize their parents and more subtle indoctrinations! They don't let up on the programming in this lesson, not at all.


One thing about the education world, the overt leftists just don't predominate in the colleges, they predominate at least at policy levels for the younger set. My college professors at a medium sized teaching and state college were all extreme leftists, with the exception of a few--and those I had for general science classes and from within a special honors program. They do indoctrinate young teachers. I was almost totally weeded out as a trouble-maker and flunked in one class even with As and Bs on the tests for questioning outcome based education. Later, I kept my mouth shut and got an A with the retake and a second professor. If you want to see one of the most overt liberal organizations in this county, the National Education Association which many teachers belong to or pay union dues to is one.  Check out their magazine here, right on their front page, there is praise for immigration amnesty and progressivism! This isn't to say the right wing of the NWO is  not evil too, but you can see the overt agendas and leftism.

The New World Order wants all schools in a row influencing children to embrace globalism, and other agendas. No free thinking here, no creative teaching allowed either. Even the idea of  dependence on work books bothers me as I believe a teacher shouldn't just follow a script in getting ideas across to students but bring some of themselves and their own experiences into it and teach lessons according to student's individual needs. That definitely will be gone as they standardize education, and we know how wonderfully that worked with other areas of society such as restaurants--we got McDonalds which barely resembles real food and now we will have education that is not about learning but total indoctrination.  They don't want thinkers out there, they want future blind followers who all have been taught the same things. 

Post script on this article, I have read the writings of JOHN TAYLOR GATTO who is a writer who has questioned the entire educational system. If you are a parent or interested in these areas of life, check out his writings especially on the history of education in America and why he left the classroom himself. I'll leave you with one of his best quotes....

“I've noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty years of teaching: schools and schooling are increasingly irrelevant to the great enterprises of the planet. No one believes anymore that scientists are trained in science classes or politicians in civics classes or poets in English classes. The truth is that schools don't really teach anything except how to obey orders. This is a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions. Although teachers to care and do work very, very hard, the institution is psychopathic -- it has no conscience. It rings a bell and the young man in the middle of writing a poem must close his notebook and move to a different cell where he must memorize that humans and monkeys derive from a common ancestor.” 
 ― John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education"


news4themasses said...

Hey there BB, I did a post on CC too a while back. There are dissenters out there and growing since a few tests show hard evidence that CC doesn't work-doesn't produce smarter kids. I Re-tweeted a few of those articles this weekend. I am a homeschooler and I must tell you as a Christian who homeschools, even the "Christian" curriculum is Common Core. All online charter schools are CC. State standard tests here in AZ are on their last leg. This will be the last year for AIMS, next year students will be tested fully for CC. I don't think homeschoolers realize that the CC web affects them yet. SAT and ACT tests will test for CC knowledge. So, even if you managed to educate your child at home away from the liberal Nationalized Communist Education system, if your child had any dreams of getting into a college, they still have to know and pass CC. It's a trap. If you spend time on Christian curriculum sites or Christian Schools from k-12 you'll see exactly what I mean. The 501(c)'s have to cow tow to the NWO, it just has to. The only difference between a public school and a private Christian College is a bible class or a prayer or chapel meeting, and the way the Christian apostate church is going how much of Christ are those kids really getting in the "Private Christian School?" It won't be long before Christians are forbidden to augment and utilize the freedom to teach Christian morals, scripture, and Christ in these private institutions. Common Core isn't purely "liberal" not even "Nationalistic" it is ANTI-Christ and Anti-Christianity. Some ultra super patriots are upset because the "founding fathers" script in History is being rewritten by this curriculum. (ergo that means the Mormons are upset and all Christians brainwashed by David Barton) These people are making a stink. But the politicans are already bought and paid for. Governor Brewer in AZ sold her soul for federal dollars, she is getting kick backs for allowing Obama to pass this CC and also Amnesty. Notice McCain is at the helm of that. Never mind he represents a border state where his constituents don't want sweeping Amnesty-he just rolls over and does what the NWO tells him to do. IDk BB, it's looking really gnarly out there. It's hard to point my children to a hopeful future when I see such evil and darkness enveloping this nation and the world. I have to trust in the Lord, that He knows the plans He has for my kids, and it's for a future and a hope, not for calamity. He has to take care of them, protect them, and use them for His glory. All parents need to be praying for their kids. All grandparents need to be praying for their grandkids. We need to pray and trust in the Lord. thx for the post pointing others to this dilemma.

Steve said...

Sad as it is to say...I think the real answer is not to end CC (or whatever the popular indoctrination curriculum of the day is) but to teach our children to not trust men: Jeremiah 17:5

Teaching them proper thinking skills (critical thought, question everything until you find the truth) also helps.

Winning against CC is a minor battle. Framing your children's mindsets to think logically & critically is how you win the war.

Add 1 part logic, 1 part critical thought, generous amounts of scripture, mix and let bake for 18 years.

Anonymous said...

My mother retired from the public school system and left because of Outcome-Based Education. Now my little sister is a teacher who is strongly against Common Core. She can not retire as she is 48. I told them that Robert Muller, formerly of the U.N., is creator of both and a follower of Alice Bailey's new age thought. This is the NWO AntiChrist format for education and no, we do not get to vote on it. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Hi News4themasses, I'll have to check out your article somehow I missed it. I just found out about this recently by reading online, it wasn't something on my radar. I am not surprised they have infused these things into homeschool places either. Liberalized National Communist Education System sums it up well. Yes with the colleges, they will have a hard time getting in if they don't know it but I believe the college bubble like the housing bubble will be bursting in America very soon. College for most is not paying off as the economy collapses. This is a time for parents to teach their children to be very resourceful and creative in making a future living. So the privates are all hooked in too? I guess I am not surprised, bet the Catholic schools are too. Yes the David Barton and Tea Party types are upset but don't see the big picture. They don't get that their cherished right wing politicians support the same United Nations, police state antichrist globalist system. I warned about Michele Bachman being positively portrayed in one video. As a member of the CNP she isn't going to raise too much of a fuss just help with a little bit of the showtime for the right wingers. Yes McCain is one of the worse. I will pray for you and your family, everyone including young people will have to depend on the Lord and this includes prayer and leading on education matters and making a living. I hope parents reading this article will realize the deep level they plan to indoctrinate children even at very SUBTLE levels. Thanks N4TM.

Bible Believer said...

Anon I agree about training children with scripture and teaching them to think for themselves. These things will be even more important. Even if a parent is totally unable to homeschool they can at least provide an alternative for their children, and show them how these things are wrong. Many people cannot think critically anymore. One can see in the younger generations the amount of conformity has grown as I talked about last week. With them locking down even further, how will the next generation be? God of course can lead anyone to truth. I was fully indoctrinated when young though I got in trouble for too many questions and independent thinking. My family of origin did not honor independent thinkers and found this to be a wholly negative trait within my personality. God probably used this difficulty for good, or I would like to think so. :)

But I believe one can prepare and influence children by offering them a positive example. I think of a history teacher I had in 8th grade and one in high school, history was a favorite subject of mine and how these two emphasized freedom and critical thinking. One had us study 1984--writings by George Orwell and the Russian Revolution very much in depth. I can expect that certain historical events will be massively understudied under Common Core.

Add scripture and spiritual eyes via biblical training and a worldview and hopefully a relationship with God, your children will be okay.

Bible Believer said...

Don, I am glad your mother is retired out just in time. Teachers are growing more strained and the admins and global elites just dump more regulations on them. The children coming in are being poorly parented and not even prepared for school. I am sorry for your sister. Yes she is still too young to retire but even then she may decide to leave. Many teachers are leaving education and are not happy. They are so bogged down in paperwork

One thing I didn't mention in the article is how Common Core will serve to lower things down to a lowest common denominator too.

Oh this is totally Satanic, you are right about that.

I haven't had time to investigate the actual common core lessons on religion, but am sure they would be quite interesting.

The antichrist wants control over every facet of society, education included.

Bible Believer said...

From the Missouri link above:
"When the new Common Core Standards—a “nation-wide” set of standards—was introduced into Georgia Public Schools last year, I was a high school English teacher at a metro Atlanta area school. I left the profession in September due to stress-related heart problems, and I am sure that the Common Core was the final straw which made the career intolerable for me.

These standards are a dangerous leap forward for tyranny in the United States, and it is no accident that they have been introduced at a time in this nation’s history when the influence of tyranny and repression are transforming the U.S. into a totalitarian state. This is by design, and the design is to destroy whatever is left of freedom in this country. Common Core plays its part in this process in two ways: by destroying any semblance of freedom in education; and by destroying the minds and critical thinking abilities of students and instructors, making them ever more susceptible to state indoctrination and control.

From the very first training session for Common Core, I knew that something was wrong. They were similar to the Georgia Performance Standards which were already in place, but were much more rigorous and detailed for each grade level. The stated goal was to prepare students to enter any university anywhere in the country with the same basic educational background. The student would be able to attend college in any State and be assured that he/she would fit into the program with maximum efficiency…all so he/she could be a productive part of “the global economy.” The red alert began to sound when it was mentioned that all States would eventually be brought under the Common Core program.

In other words, American education will be controlled by a central authority—the same centralized, authoritarian mechanism used in the former Soviet Union, and anywhere else that tyranny has crushed the freedom of individuals en masse. Standards today—lesson plans tomorrow. Soon it will not matter what individual states, communities, schools, or teachers wish to teach, or what students wish to learn. All will be controlled and enforced by powerful bureaucrats. Imagine the “principles” of Obamacare applied to education.

Even worse, the Common Core Standards are designed to destroy the minds of those subject to it. I make the following observations strictly from the viewpoint of an English teacher observing the effects of the English standards.

The primary goal of these standards is to destroy the ability to read, including higher-level thinking. First of all, literary works of high quality and attractiveness, such as the Odyssey, are to be disposed of in favor of useless “informational texts,” such as local government policy initiatives (an actual example from the training). Who cares about that? How does that form the character or nourish the soul? Second, students will read only selections from the literary works that still remain in the curriculum instead of the entire work, thus giving Big Brother the ability to suppress all content that does not fit the government agenda, while further weakening the desire and ability to read by giving an incomplete and erroneous context to the student. Finally, students have their reading and thinking abilities fragmented by incessant requirements to identify the “elements” of literature and argument rather than just reading and allowing the “elements” to perform the function for which they exist: to produce meaning for the reader. It’s like trying to teach someone to drive a car by demanding that they memorize and regurgitate each part of the engine or chassis.

That’s it in a nutshell. The situation in American education is worse than you would ever believe, Dear Reader. This just scratches the surface. Most likely, it is already too late to remedy the situation. "

Anonymous said...

In the mid to late 1800's, when MANDATORY public schooling was being forced on people, people would take up arms to defend against it. But given enough time, it becomes the "new normal", and now everybody accepts public schooling.

But in those early days, the reason they took up arms is, what gives another person the right to (supposedly) educate MY child? Today, nobody thinks like that very much. They figure, free babysitting and someone else can teach my child, fine by me. Sad but true.

You will notice that, not coincidentally, mandatory public schooling came into force the same time as the lie of "evolution", so that the Bible would be undermined. Everything done by satan, is done to undermine the Bible. Period.

Anonymous said...

And when a person can not read, that includes God's Word. Another plus for the One World Religion RCC. Shall we call it the PreReformation agenda. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Yes they protested mandatory public schooling, though I supposed today's homeschoolers are doing the same. You are right it became the "new normal" and for most decades of the last 100 years if you didn't send your child to a school they could arrest you or them for "truancy". You are right very few question the system. Even homeschoolers are a very small percentage of the general public though their numbers are growing. I think the public school system is used as "free babysitting", sometimes I wonder if they plan to turn college into a mandatory requirement where "everyone" must go to keep young people out of the work force even longer. The degrees and education will become even more useless.

Yes you are right this all came at the same time as evolution, well the changes were starting at the start of this century and evolution came right in.

Last Anon, with the reading, they departed from PHONETICS to SIGHT reading. In fact when I was in teacher's college, I was still allowed to choose phonetics, for my teaching of reading class, but back then, they were pushing SIGHT techniques instead and they are FAR LESS EFFECTIVE.

Phonetics, children can figure out the words by the sounds, and learn NEW WORDS ON THEIR OWN.

SIGHT READING, they have to learn each individual word on IT'S OWN, and the process is far slower and literacy is affected.

"While knowing basic phonetic rules helps students sound out words, other very common "outlaw words" still need to be memorized as sight words because they don't follow any but the most complicated rules. It is estimated about half the words in the English language cannot be pronounced correctly using commonly taught phonic rules. Other problems with phonics include the differing size of students' vocabularies and differing dialects of English that vary in their pronunciation rules

Phonics is considered a "bottom up" approach where students "decode" the meaning of a text. The advantage of phonics, especially for students who come to schools with large vocabularies, is that once students get the basics down, they can go to the library and read a wide variety of children's literature.

Whole language is a currently controversial approach to teaching reading that is based on constructivist learning theory and ethnographic studies of students in classrooms. It is particularly associated with the work of Ken and Yetta Goodman at the University of Arizona. With whole language, teachers are expected to provide a literacy rich environment for their students and to combine speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Whole language teachers emphasize the meaning of texts over the sounds of letters, and phonics instruction becomes just one component of the whole language classroom."

They don't want people who can read that well, or where it is limited. They report in the news that reading is declining. I suppose some is required for those who use the Internet but that is mostly for short sound bites, like Twitter and Texting.

So the more illiterate people are the happier the NWO will be, and then they can make even more claims about the KJV Bible being "too hard" to read.

Bible Believer said...

Link for above quote...

Anonymous said...

Public schools are useless.

Nothing but government indoctrination camps.

They are either teaching kids evolution, or that homosexuality is normal, Or how evil white people are. And ofcourse, never ever say a word about Jesus or the bible.

Plus, they have these silly zero tolerance rules. Where the slightest perceived wrong can get you expelled or suspended. Not to mention arrested. That is ofcourse if you don't end up getting beat up by school staff or security.

And if somebody attacks you, you better not defend yourself, or you will be punished also. Sounds like England's self defense laws. They talk about "bullying" but heaven help you if you actually defend yourself from one.

Ofcourse, they will also hand out condoms and talk about "safe sex", but won't mention waiting till marriage.

Schools teach kids how to be sheeple, who obey whatever the government tells them, and teaches them to never question authority, even if said authority is immoral.

And all this so that you can go to a leftist college that attacks moral tradition, christianity, white people, and common sense.

God Bless Amurrika.

Anonymous said...

"You can run, but you cannot hide."

I recently had a visit with a Bible college graduate who became "offended" when I shared with her that we did not sent our child to a private religious college for many reasons. One of which was this; when we asked the admission's counselor what they believed concerning evolution, she responded "We, here at this institution believe in an interfaith scientific approach to creation. We believe that god used science in the form of billions of years to create the world and universe."

That was it. No more conversation was needed and we peacefully left, with God, the Holy Spirit, reaffirming our decision to send our born again children to a state college.

I want to repeat, this young lady became "offended" when I shared this story with her by becoming angry, then the tears came (manipulation) as she told me that her "professor" said that "to god, a day is as a thousand years" and that he could have used millions and billions of years to create because he is outside of time."

I told her this is not what is says in the Bible, to which she responded by stating, "Am I supposed to believe you over my professor?"

Repeat: She graduated from a Bible college which also has a seminary where they graduate pastors who preach/manipulate/indoctrinate, whatever we choose to call it nowdays, the pew sitters in the churches who do not read, study, and meditate on the very Word of God.

So we can upset ourselves over the direction our public schools are pointing our children, but we must be equally disturbed over the products our so called Bible colleges and seminaries are producing.....rotten fruit to the core.

Coupled with years of James Dobson's self esteem/patriotism movement (what happens when you don't stand and salute the flag or sing the national anthem? Answer: Persecution), our country has mass produced a younger cultural generation who has no conscience, nor can discern between right and wrong.

And the people love it so.

Forgive us Jesus, for we have fallen short over and over again.

Bible Believer said...

I agree public schools are useless and GETTING WORSE. I saw enough bad things even in the late 80s and early 90s and had to undo my own leftist brainwashing via the state college. My professors save for a few, were so extremely liberal, of course then I was UU {I became UU at the age of 17 when I started college}, so I was able to "fit" in quite well but even then thought they were extreme to a point.

Evolution is taught as a given, don't you dare question, homosexuality, etc. They do focus on a total attack on Western Civilization in every shape and form. They advance false multi-culturalism.

As I have written the left focuses on race to create more division and hate between people, I heard enough of that stuff when I was still UU. They create more hate and resentment among people with this nonsense. The NWO is using race to the EXTREME, as I posted on the Trayvon Martin case. Racism from any direction is wrong.

One thing you will notice is they single ONE RACE out all the time now. When whites discriminated it was wrong, but why is it RIGHT for the other side to discriminate? Whatever happened to being judged on character?

Obama signed this new African American Education Bill. I don't understand why continually they have to single out ONE RACE but that is what the NWO does for more division. Education seems to be one giant money pit where nothing ever changes for the better. Ever notice how they want more and more money and the public schools get worse. Even with Common Core, I kept thinking about how many billions this would cost and the various overpaid admins that would be part of that bill. Supposedly some are saying Obama's new bill means racial quotas for school discipline, I am not sure if that is true.

Why do they have to constantly divide people among racial lines? Well we know the NWO is using all this stuff. Obama seems to have increased all the racial tensions focusing on it so much. Everything is about race with that guy. One thing I remember about the leftist professors is that race seemed to define everything. Here too they teach people only to look at surface factors and not people as PEOPLE. Satan wins with that one too.

Guess they can ignore the economy imploding for ALL races, while they advance their phony social engineering programs. The education world is totally out of touch with the failing economy, but that is a story for another day. They certainly aren't going to tell students about the harm globalism has done and that is why their Mom and Dad don't have a job or that their neighborhood and town are collapsing and the tax base is obliterated because all the factories have been closed and sent overseas. Everything is to train and indoctrinate for the one world order.


Bible Believer said...

The Zero Tolerance rules are so stupid. I have written about them here before...[hmm guess I wrote about John Taylor Gatto there a bit too]

I believe they are about teaching blind obedience to authority. Often now, they are writing the rules so the teachers can't even use common sense, and sadly many follow the rules without thinking for themselves. One wonders about a teacher who turns a kid in for having a plastic butter knife in their lunch box for cutting an apple. I mean why don't they just ignore it, have the kid throw their lunch away and move on with the day? Well many don't, and it's all about blind obedience to authority and people incapable of thinking for themselves and even doing what is RIGHT. This way they can break down self integrity and people making wise decisions. Aren't ZERO TOLERANCE rules written so, no decisions ever have to be made, just toss the kid in the "BAD" bin and get them expelled for the most minor of offenses?

Also too agree abut the not being able to fight back, and kids who are being bullied to avoid being beat up are punished. One too can ask why is bullying so severe in the public schools? Has the discipline broken down? Are they busy focusing on stupid things? They certainly aren't teaching the students to treat each other with respect. One wonders about the stories of cruelty. I saw enough of the bullying working in them too. One thing I'll say if your child has any difference [disabilities, gifts etc] where they would be attacked among peers please do them a favor and protect them! Too many parents seem to turn a blind eye to bullying when it can have life long repercussions. I sometimes wonder if the bullying comes out of a system where CONFORMITY is honored above all else. The training for the police state definitely is in our schools. No mercy there either when the place is run like an armed camp.

I agree about the handing out of condoms, they never teach any morality or waiting for marriage. I've seen that stuff first hand in their so called sex-ed classes.

You are right the schools are teaching the kids to be total sheeple, obey what they are told, never question anything, never explore or learn--even the teaching is now more and more ROTE and especially with the mandated testing going that way even more. They are told to never question authority and not to develop any type of moral guidance or code. Of course mentioning God in school or the Bible gets you in trouble.

And yes add in the leftist college...[well even the NWO few right ones will teach globalism and what the jesuits desire] but the majority by far are LEFTIST to the max. Academia is one area of life where if you are a born again Christian watch out. Independence of thought definitely is waning in that world. Maybe the STEM folks can retain a little bit, but the liberal arts, and more, one can tell they all think alike, and they weed out the ones who question the system. Sometimes I read their books, and it's like all the same person wrote them.

Bible Believer said...

correction above...wrote bill, meant program....

Bible Believer said...

The Bible colleges are no safe place anymore. One even thinks about the more "conservative" ones like Hyles-Anderson, and Bob Jones and their inclusion with the right side of the NWO, and other weird going-ons, but most have grown more liberal and "INTERFAITH", they definitely are going to praise evolution now and often will use the excuse 1 day to God is a million or billion years. I laughed at her saying "God used science" just reading that now thinking, why on earth would God have to use science? It's ludicrous. God MADE SCIENCE. In some ways, in the state college, at least you know what your child would be dealing with, they know would know the majority are lost people rather then people who say they are "Christians" and advance every ungodly belief and teachings.
One would think she would go to the Bible to check things out instead of arguing with you. What is the use of a Bible college if they don't even impart the importance of the Bible?

The seminaries are rotten. I have done a few articles, where I have shown many that are linked directly to jesuits, and much more. Acouple years ago, I went and looked at the lists of classes at places like Biola and Fuller, if you get time, all that information is right on line, it's quite a learning lesson, everything liberal, globalism, etc.

Even if you look at the "conservative" Bible colleges though who may avoid the extreme liberal trappings, often times there are still problems there. Dominionism, elevation of men, extreme patriotism, blind obedience, running the place where the young people aren't even treated like adults, top-down control.

I agree about the rotten core and bad fruits in the seminaries, and bible colleges. James Dobson definitely was a bad are right about that. I agree we have a generation now where many have no conscience and cannot discern between right and wrong, and sadly it's going to grow worse with the influence of the schools public and many others too such as the seminaries and Bible colleges. Obviously we see what the seminary and bible colleges have produced in students, today's pastors and the picture is not good.

I agree about praying for forgiveness!

See this article I wrote some time ago on the seminaries if you have not yet...

news4themasses said...

To Anon Aug 13,"you can run but you cannot hide,"

That teaching you wrote about at the Private Christian College regarding "evolution" that a thousand years is as one day to the Lord, that is also in Mormon theology!
It is also a doctrine that Calvary Chapels hold-IDK if you're a Calvary Chapelite or was referring to their college in California (doesn't matter) but Chuck Smith also believes in the Gap Theory.
Science is a biggie, especially when it comes to Creation. I recently took my older child off a public school science course (online) and bought Apologia Science for this year. My younger one is just starting science this yr with Apologia. I'm sure there are going to be issues in Apologia, but as far as I see they believe and teach in 6day creation, with last day of rest. Yes, this is the 'new normal,' for kids to believe a professor/anyone before actually believing the bible. When I had a lengthy interchange with a Mormon recently and he expounded on their creation doctrine my stomach churned inside as I heard him describe the very false doctrines that are enveloping Christian circles. No wonder so many Christians have taken Glenn Beck unto their bosom! There is definitely a mixing of occult and cult teachings in the Christian churches and schools. It's pandemic and the only thing to wash one of the filth is the pure word of God. That college grad you spoke of who became angry and cried, good! She should be crying if she has the Holy Spirit in her, then there is truth still able to find a crevice to seep into and convict her heart that she was believing a lie. It's ok for her to be upset if she is drawn back to a conviction and repents for putting others above God's holy word. We should all be so confronted with false teaching. Good job on not backing down and leading her to truth.

Bible Believer said...

Hey N4THM I didn't know that about being Mormon Theology. I considered the gap theory for a time but have moved away from it, especially realizing WHO WAS TEACHING IT! Also many of them claim the world is million/billion years old and the world got destroyed but "existed" and was a hunk of rock before God came and replaced animals and plants, but then since Genesis says God said let there be light, how could any previous planet exist, without any light? Some of this stuff can make your head hurt.

Yes I would just be careful of any homeschool program. Go with the science but watch out for any Dominionism or David Barton inspired America is a Christian nation stuff. I would teach children the other theories so they know how to answer them, but say they are not proven and this is what God says. Throw in some pictures of special animals in nature, butterflies with transparent wings, ducks with blue feet etc, where the DESIGN shows for itself, and the idea that these animals would be made this way via EVOLUTION is nonsense.

One thing with this world is everyone has gotten to dependent on the self assured experts, who are wrong about so much it's not funny. Look at "science" 50 years ago and how they believed them about a wide variety of things THAT WERE WRONG and we are in the same place today.

That would be an interesting article exploring the Mormon tales about creation and how they are infusing into mainstream Christianity. By the way the Mormons have the Nephites/Nephi [Nephilim] running around in the book of Mormon. One thing to remember about Satan's lies is they are the same across the board.

Wonder what the Masons preach about creationism, suspect a mixture of evolution, and the occult stuff.

Yes it may be a good sign that college student did cry, she was getting convicted but too proud and angry to face the facts. You are right maybe she will draw back.

Bible Believer said...

Hey N4THM I didn't know that about being Mormon Theology. I considered the gap theory for a time but have moved away from it, especially realizing WHO WAS TEACHING IT! Also many of them claim the world is million/billion years old and the world got destroyed but "existed" and was a hunk of rock before God came and replaced animals and plants, but then since Genesis says God said let there be light, how could any previous planet exist, without any light? Some of this stuff can make your head hurt.

Yes I would just be careful of any homeschool program. Go with the science but watch out for any Dominionism or David Barton inspired America is a Christian nation stuff. I would teach children the other theories so they know how to answer them, but say they are not proven and this is what God says. Throw in some pictures of special animals in nature, butterflies with transparent wings, ducks with blue feet etc, where the DESIGN shows for itself, and the idea that these animals would be made this way via EVOLUTION is nonsense.

One thing with this world is everyone has gotten to dependent on the self assured experts, who are wrong about so much it's not funny. Look at "science" 50 years ago and how they believed them about a wide variety of things THAT WERE WRONG and we are in the same place today.

That would be an interesting article exploring the Mormon tales about creation and how they are infusing into mainstream Christianity. By the way the Mormons have the Nephites/Nephi [Nephilim] running around in the book of Mormon. One thing to remember about Satan's lies is they are the same across the board.

Wonder what the Masons preach about creationism, suspect a mixture of evolution, and the occult stuff.

Yes it may be a good sign that college student did cry, she was getting convicted but too proud and angry to face the facts. You are right maybe she will draw back.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't have a problem with the gap theory. I use to not believe in it until I researched it more.

If there was no gap then Lucifer and the angels would have been created on the first day. And then sometime before the Fall of Adam, Satan rebelled and the angels followed him. Doesn't make sense.

I think Satan and the angels already existed before the creation week, and Satan already rebelled before that.

The bible makes Satan seem older. That there is a history with Satan. He is called that "old serpent".

And remember, light was not created until the fourth day. And God himself is light.

Perhaps the former world was only inhabited by angels. God created many worlds that have no life on them.

Anonymous said...

"By the way the Mormons have the Nephites/Nephi [Nephilim] running around in the book of Mormon. One thing to remember about Satan's lies is they are the same across the board."

They also have Jesus running around in that book. So, I don't see your point.

Bible Believer said...

Last anon, plenty of false religions have a "false" jesus.

Bible Believer said...

I don't know I used to consider the gap theory but seems a new way to bring evolution in and an OLD EARTH. [their best claim is probably 2 Peter 3 but I have heard some really weird stuff out of that world.....Some of the gap theorists even say that the Bible is for THIS EARTH and there has been MANY EARTHS with people that destroyed themselves and the world before hand where God came up and brought the world "back to life" , kind of like a repeating cycle.

I have to look in the Bible about where or when it says God created the angels. Not sure...

They seem to think that they were around before too,but angels and Satan, etc all existed outside of time.

Anonymous said...

"Last anon, plenty of false religions have a "false" jesus."

But that is the point, just because the mormons talk about a false Jesus, that doesn't mean that we reject the real biblical Jesus, and say that He is false. No, we simply reject mormonism as false.

Just as if the mormons talk about "Nephilim" that does not make it a false doctrine.

That is the point I am making.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know I used to consider the gap theory but seems a new way to bring evolution in and an OLD EARTH"

Some might. But you do not have to accept evolution to accept a gap. I believe that our present creation was created around 6000 years ago just as the bible says. And this all happened in a literal 24 hour day week. And that Humans were fully human from the get go, not connected at all with animals. I fully reject molecules to man evolution.

But, believing in a gap does not mean that you must believe in some theistic evolution.

Here is some information about the gap.

Anonymous said...

Mormon teachings on creation. Confusing at best. - Don

Anonymous said...

So the Bill Gates Foundation and George Soros are behind Common Core. I read that they also contributed huge amounts to Monsanto. They are giving us poison education and poison food, it looks like.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking into common core.
Sent a video to a friend of a teacher saying 3x4=11 is ok as long as you can explain how you got the answer. It was just craziness to me.

Then I pick up my kid, and her day care provider is telling a kid, "You got it wrong, but it's OK!"
I'm like what? You are doing common core stuff? If it's wrong why not just do it again until you get it right?

He said they are doing this in Norway and the kids go to school 4 hours and day and have no homework. He said Japan is doing this and they are way ahead of us, too. We are so far behind, we have to do something!! Really?

I got in the car and I'm thinking, so if my chemo chemist mixes my chemo drugs wrong and I die - that's OK - he tried? If the bridge is not built to proper specs and falls apart - that's OK - they tried?

My friend asked how are they going to balance their check books? I told her they won't have to worry about it. There won't be any money to balance because the gov will have it all.

Yesterday he gave them a critical thinking exercise - write down what your food would say if your food could talk.

He told a kid, use your imagination - that's critical thinking!

I'm all, what? I asked, isn't critical thinking more like using data, evidence, facts and being able to analyze, evaluate, discern, reason to come to a conclusion or problem solve? He said, Oh I am starting them out easy.


I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. It was just the weirdest thing.

Earlier today I watched a you tube video of a school teacher of 30 years who also worked for the fed gov in grants. She went over common core and how Bill Gates put in 100 million for the data system to test the kids and track the kids. He owns Microsoft - we see where this is going. How they are wanting basic math to be understood by end of 3rd grade (talk about dumbing down), how the tracking of students also means mining financial info, etc. Of course they tell you its anonymous, but it's not.

Kathy said...
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Bible Believer said...

Did you see this article? (warning: graphic) "Pedophilia, Incest, and Graphic Sex: Excerpts from a Common Core Reading List Book for 11th Graders That Will Make You Blush"

Kathy, I'm posting your comment without the link. I know you meant well posting it, but it was so graphic, I decided NOT to post the link here though readers can do a search using the title. I actually read that book years ago, and they were talking about Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye". The book has political agendas too...[nwo racial divisions, racial envy, disgusting sexual plots etc] I don't support the whole book banning thing, will only make teens more interested but they choose certain books on purpose!

"The Bluest Eye is a 1970 novel by American author Toni Morrison. It is Morrison's first novel and was written while Morrison was teaching at Howard University and raising her two sons on her own.[1] The story is about a year in the life of a young black girl, named Pecola, who develops an inferiority complex due to her eye and skin appearance in Lorain, Ohio, against the backdrop of America's Midwest as well as in the years following the Great Depression. It is told from the perspective of Claudia MacTeer as a child and an adult, as well as from a third-person, omniscient viewpoint. Because of the controversial nature of the book, which deals with racism, incest, and child molestation, there have been numerous attempts to ban it from schools and libraries.[2]"
Contents [hide]

"The novel is alternately narrated in first-person by Claudia MacTeer and in third-person omniscient, focusing on various other characters. 9-year-old Claudia and her 10-year-old sister, Frieda, live in Lorain, Ohio with their parents, who take two other people into their home: Mr. Henry, a tenant, and Pecola Breedlove, a temporary foster child whose house has been burned down by her wildly unstable father, who is widely gossiped about in the community. Pecola is a quiet, passive young girl with a hard life, and whose parents are constantly fighting, both verbally and physically. Pecola is continually being told and reminded of what an "ugly" girl she is, thus fueling her desire to be white with blue eyes."


Bible Believer said...

"Pecola appears to have thoughts contrary to Claudia, who is given a white baby doll to play with and, though frequently told how lovely it is, despises and spitefully dismantles it. Unlike Pecola, Claudia resists the white racial standard in her society, is aggressive and determined, and has a strict but ultimately stable family. While living in the MacTeer household, Pecola experiences menarche, bringing up the first of the book's many themes of sexuality and adulthood. Likewise, ideas of beauty, particularly those relating to racial and class characteristics, are a major theme in this book.[3] Insults or praises toward physical appearance are often given in racial terms. For example, a high yellow student named Maureen Peal is shown favoritism at school. Claudia and Frieda initially feel a confusing mixture of both hatred and attraction toward Maureen. They finally befriend her after they all stumble upon Pecola being bullied by a group of boys and are able to dissolve the confrontation. However, Maureen herself immediately then insults Pecola regarding rumors about her father and the MacTeer girls furiously chase Maureen away in Pecola's defense."


"Another motif is a contrast in the novel between the world shown through cinema and the one in which Pauline is a servant, as well as the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant society and the existence the main characters live in. Most chapters' titles are extracts from the Dick and Jane paragraph in the novel's prologue, presenting a white family that may be contrasted with Pecola's; perhaps to incite discomfort, the chapter titles contain much sudden repetition of words or phrases, many cut-off words, and no interword separations."


"One day while Pecola is doing dishes, her intoxicated father rapes her. His motives are unclear, seemingly a combination of both love and hate. Cholly flees after the second time he rapes Pecola, leaving her pregnant. Claudia and Frieda are the only two in the community that hope for Pecola's child to survive. Consequently, they give up money they had been saving to buy and plant marigold seeds with the superstitious belief that if the flowers bloom, Pecola's baby will live. The marigolds never bloom and Pecola's child, who is born prematurely, dies. Near the novel's end, a dialogue is presented between two sides of Pecola's own imagination, in which she indicates at strangely positive feelings about her rape by her father. In this internal conversation, Pecola speaks as though her wish has been granted: she believes that she now has blue eyes. Claudia, as narrator a final time, describes the recent phenomenon of Pecola's insanity and suggests that Cholly (who has since died) may have shown Pecola the only love he could by raping her. Claudia lastly laments on her belief that the whole community, herself included, have used Pecola as a sort of scapegoat to make themselves feel prettier and happier."

The last paragraph shows how sick this book is.

Bible Believer said...

So if you are wrong and can explain your wrong answer? You can pass? They are changing ON PURPOSE in my opinion how the young people think, and if the concept of ABSOLUTE TRUTH is gone in the religious and moral realm I suppose why NOT in MATH TOO.

It's mind boggling.
Telling kids you got it wrong but that's ok is nonsense. The world is a harsh task master and if that child is one day out in the world, their boss isn't going to pat them on the head and tell them as the project they are working on collapses, "oh you tried!"

I have seen "newer" schools where the children get no homework and every lesson is political ideology.

Agree about the chemo and the bridge. I do wonder at times where any new engineers or scientists are going to come from. Idiocracy in America, with dumbed down to the max education, some people may scoff, but this is the type of stuff that collapses civilizations. I realize even my own "practical" skills were low coming out of school, and that was years and years ago, I am sure things are worse now. One thing, children are not learning the same practical things they once did, like how to "build", or "grow" or "do" things, like they did on the farm.

They won't be able to balance their checkbooks. You are right there will be no money, or all of this will be done for them electronically with debit cards. Actually I was never taught and follow my own system I came up with. When I was 18, I had to ask a friend how to write a check. The schools are not teaching anything in terms of practical living.

The food project was dumb. They call that critical thinking? I could MAYBE see that in a creative writing class. There too you have a political agenda, a back door imposition, of vegetarian diets, the children will picture the cows and chicken, yelling, "please don't kill and eat me!" and then go home and beg their mothers for tofu.
That is one thing with all these lessons, ask what is the political or other ideological motive? They had years of training in Maoist China and Russia how to brainwash via education.

They don't want real critical thinkers! NO way, those types may question the system and whistle blow and cause trouble, and not line up and blindly follow. I believe the only people for the last 30 years who became critical and independent thinkers were those led by God and people who do their own learning outside of a school system.

So he starts them out easy, never challenging them.
It is like the Twilight Zone. You are right about that.

Hmm so Bill Gates has his finger in this pie too? Suppose I am not surprised. Mr. New World Order himself with his vaccinations and promotion of GMOs. They want to track the kids, suppose they can weed out any early on who they see as a "problem" who will not conform. Math they have done a lot to destroy math education. I was taught "new math" and even some years ago saw my old textbooks, and I was confused today... {I can do basic math, but they made what should be simple, into something more complex} Education has become far more about control then any real learning. Thanks for the video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer,
Yes, I believe education is about control and dumbing down the kids to be easier to control. Do this data mining to find out who the 'difficult' people will be. The 'ignorant' ones who - may need a re-education camp?

Yesterday when I picked up my daughter I asked her day care provider how will kids be able to balance their checkbook, or how will a chemist do their job, if they are being told a wrong answer is right. He said that is real math. I asked why isn't my kid being taught 'real' math? He said they are making the kids think critically, outside the box. They are giving them things that are over their head on purpose. He had put an algebra problem on the board and none of the kids could do it!!! They were coming up to him freaking out because they didn't know what to do! he said. (is that insane, or what?) I said that's because no one has taught them how to do it.
It was an algebraic equation with multiplication and division - it was a simple one, but still, if no one has showed you how to do it you are going to be lost. My daughter did addition and subtraction of equations last year.
There's just something really, really weird going on. A couple days ago I told him that I'd been reading a lot about Common Core and I don't think it's going to foster critical thinking. He smiled and said, "No, it's not." (so he really knows what the deal is). Creepy.
I wonder if he's getting paid to teach this stuff. Maybe a grant? I wonder if grants are a matter of public record.

I guess it's a good thing that he's doing this Common Core stuff so I can see it in action.
Basically they teach that - critical thinking is using your imagination, and teaching kids fake math helps them think outside the box and think critically.
It's all backwards!!!!
Strange that they'd take something that's an absolute and make it fake. But then, not really - like you said - it teaches them there's no absolute truth!

I was already feeling queasy about all this and then reading the excerpts from that book really made me want to throw up. So those are the values of the common core. Got it.

Bible Believer said...

Sure they will collect data and know who the difficult ones are. There is some weird stuff that goes on out there. I still remember when I was in the Catholic church at a youth group and they did PERSONALITY TESTS [DART personality] on all of us, and the priest gave us our results all individually and made sure to tell me I was a FOLLOWER. Anyone who knows me, would laugh. I follow Jesus Christ but I am an independent thinking type and when I look back on that, I think they were manipulating me. So realize they will manipulate the young people on various levels. They will focus on the independent thinkers making sure to shame, guilt, or lie them into conformity. Maybe one day it will be out and out re-education camps. The whole public school has become that.

He is wrong, that is not real math, more like confused math, even the high level math folks wouldn't go for that. One does not do math via "intuition". Even if you are the type pondering reality and physics and math, in STEM fields you have to prove your theory with actually answers, not just announce to the world oh 2+2 equals 5 because I say so. That is not thinking critically. If one thinks about it, the whole idea that there is no absolute truth upsets endless amounts of fields. When people have multiple realities and they are all "true", we are talking about civilization collapsing stuff. The guy telling us he can fix the power plant with gum and tape because he thinks he is a great guy and has good self esteem isn't going to fix the power plant.

Also all this focus ON WHY? They don't teach kids how to DO.

Isn't that the worse part of the school system?


I had to teach myself how to do math, but guess I am old enough, I later got some teachers who taught me it the right way. They are messing the kids up teaching them one by one word reading where its all based on memorization instead of the phonetics code where a child can figure out a word on their own.

Common Core will make people more dumbed down, more confused, more awash in a bunch of theories, even more unable to do anything. Hey if a math teachers blathers on about "theory" and doesn't teach application, like how to add things up and get an average or how much money you need to buy groceries, what good is it all? It's not.

Foundations do finance some weird programs, I wonder that too. I did have my teaching days where I was told to teach "feelings" based stuff.

I think all the focus on the imagination is messed up too. Think about what Disney world does. It has a place, but they want most people to live in the DREAM WORLD and not deal with reality. It's easier to fill heads with delusions then.

I feel queasy too about all this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for so much good info. I had commented above that my daughters day care provider told me in Norway they are doing common core and are in class less hours. Well, I could not find info on Norwsy but Finland is right next door. They are having great results with education and they are in the classroom less hours but they do not use common core - in fact they do no agree with Obama's system here!! It takes the human element out. They do not like all the standardized testing. This from an article in Smithsonian magazine titled why are Finlands schools successful?
The article says the teachers are allowed to do whatever it takes to help the children. So I feel like I was fed a big line.
Ive asked a few parents what they think about common core and no one has heard of it.
Our city news paper said Obama has nothing to do with this, he is not instituting group speak in the kids.
But a PBS video says Obama paid 362 million dollars to Smarter Balance and PARCC to work with states to develop the tests!
My sister in law looked at some of this common core stuff and said, oh, this is communism!

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles unified school district has a billion dollar effort to get every kid an ipad for common core. They supplied a couple schools according to the LA Times for $678 an ipad using construction bond money that is not marked for ipads.
A billion dollar effort for one school district. LA is the largest school district in the nation, but still, how are the hundreds of other school districts going to misappropriate, I mean , raise funds for ipads - that will be obsolete in 3 years.
I think how staff has been cut, programs cut, parents are asked to supply the classroom with paper and all kinds of supplies, but a billion dollars will be spent on ipads?

Kathy said...

Parent arrested for asking questions about Common Core. See video,0,7127220.story

Anonymous said...

Somehow I linked to Herescope's articles in 2005 on Robert Muller in the UN and his work on new age elementary school education called World Core Curriculum

I wonder if World Core and Common Core are related somehow?