Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope on homosexuality: who am I to judge?

I think we knew with the last one resigning and this Pope coming in, they were planning to go into a new direction. They have swung this pendulum before, from "conservative" to "liberal" depending on the times and their agendas. We know homosexuality is being promoted even more world-wide so why wouldn't they have their false antichrist Pope get on board with it?

With his flippant remark, "Who I am to judge?", more people who are in bondage to the sin of homosexuality and who are lost, are led even more astray by the false harlot RCC.

 Is Francis the most liberal pope ever?


Anonymous said...

When you say false antichrist pope are you saying that they want us to believe that he is the antichrist?

Anonymous said...

"Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all." - Daniel 11:37

Sodomites have been in the Catholic Church for years and it looks like they have won out. The current Pope no longer wants to investigate the Vatican's homosexual officials since they have more power over the church then he does.

Bible Believer said...

All Popes are antichrist.

I wrote this about the Pope being the antichrist a long time ago.


Some theorize the pope would serve more of a false prophet role. Well you'll see in that article what I say.

Bible Believer said...

This is from Irish news, I've seen it mentioned elsewhere as REAL and not SATIRE, remember they are a Catholic dominant country.


"Dating website for ‘homosensible’ Catholic priests being run out of the Vatican
Gay priests finding each other over anonymity of the internet?

A dating website for closeted gay priests has been operating out of the Vatican for a number of months now. Described as a service for 'homosensible Roman Catholic priests' it's a development that seems designed to enrage conservative members of the church.

Although it contains no pornographic content, critics are claiming that the site, named Venerabilis, could certainly provide an opportunity for gay priests to arrange sexual contact.

According to Pink News the site reportedly contains chatrooms in five languages, where face-to-face meetings have been publicly arranged in a number of locations.

The site is reportedly run 'by a fraternity of Homo-Sensitive Roman Catholic Priests' for those seeking to find 'like-minded priests' using chatrooms and 'missed connections' posts.

Some commentators have suggested the use of unusual buzzwords like 'homosensible' and 'homo-sensitive' suggest the website is satirical and not a real hook up venue for lonely gay priests.

Others have suggested that if it encourages two gay priests to forge a relationship with each other and leave the priesthood it will provide a worthwhile service."

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Pope Francis is just more of the same:


Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that a man who takes on the title "vicar of Christ", "holy father", and "god under a veil of human flesh" would say "who am I to judge"...James