Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pat Robertson Defends Sex Changes

I'm not surprised given that Pat Robertson has marked himself as a false teacher for a long time including flashing of masonic signs. Have you noticed while all this "transgender" stuff impacts only a very small percentage of the population, how it is being promoted and pushed all the time?

When I look at someone like Chaz Bono who signed up, you see so much deception there. She is not happy and is in bondage to this world.  Here Satan gets a win where people focus on their bodies too instead of God. Transgenderism is something being pushed by the NWO, in variety of places. It is another way to sell homosexuality and foster more confusion between the sexes.

Another way to push eunuchs? After all in ancient cultures when they produced eunuchs, it was to change men in this case into "women" in a wicked evil way. That basically was a "sex change" back then. Not to get too graphic but when the various ancient kings and such had eunuchs produced to be servants to them, working in the women's harems or as chamberlains, they did the same thing to them that is done in the radical male to female sex change operations done today.

2Ki 20:17 Behold, the days come, that all that [is] in thine house, and that which thy fathers have laid up in store unto this day, shall be carried into Babylon: nothing shall be left, saith the LORD.

2Ki 20:18 And of thy sons that shall issue from thee, which thou shalt beget, shall they take away; and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.

People sign up to have their bodies mutilated, thinking that becoming the "other sex" will solve their problems, indoctrinated by this world. There are some rare cases of extreme hormonal and other problems where people are born as hermaphrodites, etc, but then doctors usually test them genetically to see what sex they are. In that case, those people have a true medical problem that needs to be addressed, but that is not the majority of sex changes being pushed.

Matt 19:12 refers to the eunuchs born from the womb and made of men, it is supposed to be about those who remain UNMARRIED for the sake of the gospel. 

Pat Robertson's odd pronouncements have increased.


Anonymous said...

Pat Robertson was always a jesuit catholic plant.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. Most definitely. Masonic too. He is softening even previously held stances, part of the PLAN.

Rena said...

This is just disgusting. He is a blatant false prophet. Very ironic there at the end when he told the person ask the question "not to judge" yet how many times has he been quick to declare some natural catastrophe or terrorist attack a judgment of God?

Kathy said...

The LORD Jesus Christ recently delivered me out of a church built by man, who promoted such men as these, Pat Robertson, Focus on the Family-James Dobson, Oral Roberts, and all of the Trinity Broadcasting Network personalities. God, the Holy Spirit, is alive and working in His people today, giving us His discernment in calling out these wolves in sheep's clothing....Praise Him. Many of the churched desire man's opinions, philosophies, and works above that which Jesus has done for us....they desire to make followers after themselves, merchandising their wares and tares above the cross of which they, like all of us, will have to give an answer before our Risen LORD one day.

And in the church system, these people who promote these false teachers and preachers are exactly like them...clones if you they desire those of us who are labeled as "less spiritual" to follow them instead of Jesus Christ....I believe they have a sophisticated name for's called "accountability" them/man....not accountability to the Word of God.

May God have mercy on us in this day and age as we have made idols out of so called teachers and preachers who preach another Gospel.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of transgender stuff - there is also the Bathroom Bill that allows boys to use girls bathrooms if they they identify with being a girl in K-12 grades in California.

Kathy said...

I have found it best to just leave the TV off. I do not believe there is even one faith based program that I would recommend. They all seem to be laced with lies and deception.

FaithGuy3 said...

Even these long-time "religious right" leaders are steering toward the left, slowly but surely.

And he's not the only one - Charles Stanley is another example. No, he hasn't endorsed the homosexual agenda(at least not yet), but nonetheless when I used to listen to his preaching years ago, they were pretty decently sound. But now? When I listened to one of his sermons either last year or 2 years ago, it sounded VERY Carl Jungian. It felt like I was hearing a psychology professor in college lecturing.

Not that I ever endorsed the modern-day church, but to give them credit, it wasn't too long ago(maybe around 2004) when they were fervent in taking a stand against abortion and gay marriage. No, I'm not saying they were doing good by supporting these wolf Republican candidates like George W. Bush, but nonetheless at least they had some morals to take a stand against these abominations.

But now, especially since the Ted Haggard scandal in 2006? They've slowly but surely become indifferent. And in some cases these same church buildings act like everything's getting better and better, and how we shouldn't listen to bible prophecy. And pretty much the "religious right" establishment(as well as the GOP establishment) have followed right along with the liberalism crowd. This seems to have been the NWO plan all along - deception and manipulation, and wearing everyone out through their "culture wars".

Matthew 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
Mat 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Anonymous said...

Charles Stanley - I received his monthly devotional magazine for years. Then he added stuff about being still, Celtic spirituality and then in the Feb 2013 devotional he said that you can be saved and live in rebellion towards God. He said, "Salvation doesn’t guarantee a godly or fruitful life here on earth."

If you are truly saved, of course you will live a godly/fruitful life!

No man is worth listening to at this point in time - only the bible will give us the truth.

Bible Believer said...

Rena I think it's disgusting too. you are right about his hypocritical "do not judge" when he tells the world various disasters are judgments, that stuff is meant to turn people away from God in anger.

Kathy I am glad you got out of a church that advances the TBN crew and their associated false teachers. I believe many of us Christians are being warned, which is why we are seeing through the church system, and about the CLONES, sure, I have written that before, how they ARE ALIKE. ["one mind of the beast" eh?]

They are always ranting about accountability to them. Hey even when people come here to get upset at me for calling out false teachers, they always act like you criticized "god" himself, these false teachers get their followers to see them as their "gods".

Too many are being trained to idolize and elevate man. God is no respecter of persons, and those even brainwashed by the celebrity culture are more ripe for the picking by false religious celebrities.

Oh I know about that transgender stuff. You know all they are doing is confusing kids. Some of those little boys, where the mothers really wanted a girl are definitely going to be messed up by a very young age. And having the "play pretend" girls share bathrooms is disgusting. Hey I can understand those who are hermaprodites, or have hormonal problems but remember they are taking otherwise NORMAL little boys and girls and telling them they are the OTHER GENDER. So nowadays a girl who is a tomboy will be indoctrinated that she is a lesbian and a man trapped in a woman's body. It is endless foolishness and evil.
Kathy, my TV watching is limited. I don't watch any religious shows, just documentaries, cooking and their adulterated news to post on here. All the religion ones are false there isn't one good one.

Yeah you can tell the so called "religious" right and political right has veered to the "left", its really about propping up the same NWO agendas.

Did any of you hear about Exodus, that group for homosexuals to free them from that lifestyle closing down, and APOLOGIZING saying WE ARE SORRY, HOMOSEXUALITY ISN'T FIXABLE, that was a SET-UP if there was ever one!

Charles Stanley he is another one. Ecumeical, modern psychology, etc.

They never planned to end abortion or gay marriage, just used the culture wars, to help move people to where they wanted to be, but yeah I agree, you can see all that stuff softening and I think that was by plan too. The culture wars were meant to wear everyone out, you are right.

Charles Stanley preaches your basic "easy believism", reminds me of the guy who told me that someone who was born again could murder a bunch of people and still go to heaven. I remember saying that doesn't exactly show the fruit of salvation does it?

Agree about clinging to God's Word.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer, I found this video of Tommy Green of the Christian heavy metal band Sleeping Giant speaking to a group of Biola students. He shared an encounter with jesus. He said this is not a new age experience - the new age cannot produce this!!

I believe that is exactly where it came from.

If you google Tommy Green Heavenlies it will come up.

He said you can command the demonic because Jesus is hot. (Around 3:30 mark)

He said Jesus will give everything to people who will not choose him, and that scares him. (16:00 mark)

I've never read that in the bible.

His encounter reminds me iof Jesus Culture Kim Walker Smith and her 'encounter with Jesus' because he was laughing and giggling as he told this story.

He used the verses where Jesus says I go and prepare a place for you. So Tommy is in Starbucks and tells the Holy Spirit he wants to see his room. He has a vision of Jesus coming out to meet him with two glasses of wine. Tommy says Oh my G-d it's you! And Jesus says, Oh my it's me. Around the 23 minute mark.

The whole thing is just really bizarre. People are in serious danger when they prefer to get their teaching from rock stars and millionaires instead of the bible.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a trend occurring that most religious figures who have 'alternative allegiances' (such as jesuit and all her sister fraternities, including masons) are waxing worse.

What I cannot decide, is if God is forcing them to expose themselves...or if the order has been given by the "great architect" to start 'reeling in' the religions toward a single cause at a quicker pace.

I say this because, these wolves used to 'hide in plain sight' and say all the right Christian things to get a huge they aren't even bothering anymore.

Kathy said...

Hello Bible Believer,

I began reading your blog several months ago and have been in agreement with most of what you have analyzed and researched, writing your blogs in common language for us "common folk" to understand. I Praise our Living God for you in waking up His sheep.

As I study the Word of God, particularly the Gospels at this time, penned through inspiration of His Holy Spirit, we can be reminded of the Pharisee and the Saducees, in their self righteousness, and in their cowardice, using the Roman system of government to kill our Savior, it is easy to compare the hearts of men in that the hearts of men (our culture) to today. The LORD Jesus Christ has literally delivered me out of an idolatry called politics and putting my hope and trust in man/government, and believe me when I say this....I could debate politics with the best of them, believing in my heart that America is a Christian nation. Nothing could be further from the truth as I believed the lies, especially those spoken from politicians and those political zealots within my "conservative" church that promoted the hypocrites. Through research of my own, I have discovered that Hitler was a self professed "Christian," speaking the name of god often to reassure his nation of his form of religion. He was also a "conservative" and made many "good" decisions in the areas of economic policy to build up his struggling nation. Anotherwards, he did many good works, and yet his heart was far from Jesus, and household of wickedness lived in his heart, carefully hidden, until the opportune time arrived, after the brainwashing of a nation was near completion, including the church/religious system, to carry out the true intent of his heart.

This same process is taking place here in our nation and if we are truthful with ourselves, we MUST confess that conservatives are no different than liberals. I cannot tell you how many emails I have received from conservative chrisitans, men and women to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, that have been shamefully hateful against people they disagree with. They elevate President Bush to the level of sainthood while sending absolutely disgusting emails concerning President Obama. And again, through my research, there is basically no difference between the two presidents, for both have denied Jesus Christ as their LORD, and risen Savior....and we know this by their actions/words....fruits. And of particular concern, I have personally discovered that "conservatives" use the same methods as the "liberals" in conversation and lifestyles which are hateful and the antithesis of what Jesus taught His disciples and us today.

I have tried to reason with my family, as the church system created by man is already deceived, that Jesus Christ, our Savior no less, was neither a Republican nor a Democrat...neither conservative, nor liberal.....that His Name transcends that of any man.....He is our Savior, Redeemer of all of mankind who choose to walk in humility bearing the marks of repentance only through Him.

I am grieved what man/our nation has made Jesus out to be in accordance with our definitions. We are sick and blind are in need of the Great and Mighty Physician, Jesus Christ.

Praise Jesus that many are being called out for His name. Amen.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Kathy, I agree with your post.

Hey the Roman system is alive and well isn't it?

Politics is a giant gaping TRAP.

Christians should stand up for what is right and against evil but thinking a political system is going to make things right, is a big LIE, and all the Dominionists and their pals have fallen for it. The majority of Christian America is under the Republican party as God's party deception, but the third parties are no better. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ralph Nader, etc etc, are all "insiders" too. There is a reason Gary Johnson supported globalist free trade. ALL ARE IN SERVICE at the high levels to the NWO and global elites, constitution party, communists, libertarians etc.
Hey I like to debate politics too..and I remember when I was a new Christian and how the confluence of "conservativism" [the right side of the NWO] was mixed in with Christianity. It took me time to pray through this stuff though in my case, I was voting "Constituationalist party" which is quite a jump from Democrat after I was born again, but that lasted for a very short time, as I realized how all the political parties were connected to the world system and the NWO.

Yes Hitler sold himself as a "good Christian" and "conservative". All the churches backed him up and we have seen that play out there.

The conservatives and liberals are all converging together for the NWO, the same tyranny. What is the difference? The NWO sells "freedom" as all sex based to the navel gazing liberals, and the NWO tells the right to bow before the bankers and blame the poor. It all goes to the same place!

The Revolutions that are worldwide, fooling even the most extreme liberals who wear their Guy Fawkes masks unknowingly in honor of the jesuits, is about integrating the world banking system and recalcitrant nations and drawing them in.
I had my years of disgust watching so called Christians elevate the Republican party as the definition of "Christian". I agree there is no difference between Bush and Obama. Obama has continued each and every one of Bush's programs. I remember warning the spiritually blind Republican "Christians" about the Patriot Act and Bush's wickedness as early as 2002, even saying that it would be expanded upon and used by a later president, and NDAA instituted by Obama--supported by plenty on both sides is really an advanced Patriot Act.

I agree they follow worldly way of doing things, everything about competition and winnning, lusting and worshipping power and money or those who hold it.

My family is not Christian but loves the world system. In fact I was not persecuted just for Christian beliefs, but also for warning people about some of what was going on. One of my relatives even praised NSA watching and recording all our information, now they can catch terrorists! The Kool-Aid has been drunk. No amount of reasoning, showing information, facts etc will work on these types. I believe the love of the world system and political deceptions is at the core SPIRITUAL. It is spiritual blindness.

I wonder about these pastors who go RAH-RAH AMERICA, or even say with a straight face that America is FREE. How can they be so blind? My old pastor I still have contact with, the old IFB one, and he admits now some of what is going on which I am glad for, but that is the EXCEPTION to the RULE. Most are brainwashed by the media and believing the lies!

I agree Jesus is above all these political definitions. If anything the RIGHT AND LEFT deceptions have led people away from Jesus Christ, trying to push people into man-made boxes, with political litmus tests used instead of TESTING by GOD's WORD!

Thanks Kathy! God bless.

Bible Believer said...

correction above...Constitution Party...

Becky said...

I have seen some videos on him on YouTube and I am not sure what is the truth, as for Charles Stanley I grew up with his sermons and they were really good. But I saw his stance on a homosexual being "once saved alway saved" and was bothered ever since. I still like an odd sermon or two but have ears open to be careful. Be nice to believe once saved always saved..but makes the world appealing then doesn't it? Go and do what you want're saved!