Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Homosexual "Marriage" is About the Destruction of Marriage

Poll: Support for gay marriage hits high after ruling

Now this may be an unusual theory, just thinking off the top of my head---I believe homosexual marriage is going to be a backdoor way to destroy marriage in general. This is just a theory even beyond the obvious already known sin destruction.

One question I raised with someone is how will they know the two parties marrying are even having a sexual relationship? What will prevent platonic friends or roommates marrying each other for benefits or tax benefits? Someone's uninsured friend gets cancer and they have wonderful private insurance and they want to help them-- see where I am going with this? The NWO's agendas are always about destruction of personal relationships and affection, marriage itself will be rendered meaningless over the long haul, and the pressure to set aside this "special relationship" will be put out there. Count on that.

One thing Satan's bean counters could come up with is short term marriages or contractual ones. What does marriage mean if anyone can marry? The Mormon polygamists are going to be next in line, count on it. There is a reason Sister Wives is on TV. Then the other polyamorous types will join the party.

God determines who is "married" not the state though obviously the state has developed legal parameters. Homosexuals can call themselves married all they want, God does not define it as actual marriage.

(1 Corinthians 7:2-4 KJV)
(2) Nevertheless, {to avoid} fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. (3) Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. (4) The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.

This nation marches on unhindered into Sodom and Gomorrah.

Romans 1:26-27 - For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

Did you read too about how Obama is pushing homosexuality even in Africa?

Obama Urges Gay Rights in Africa During Trip to Senegal


Anonymous said...

John the Baptist lost his head for making one moral statement. Is this country headed in that direction?

Sexual depravity always leads to violence. Remember Sodom, where the homosexual lusts of the men led them to violent outbursts.

And realize how Lot's daughters, though they were married to men, were still virgins according to Scripture! At least up until the incest with Lot. Marriage meant nothing in Sodom at that time either.

Bible Believer said...

I think this country is headed in that direction. Just wait til they get the "hate crime" laws more up and running. Already in England, if you say that homosexuality is a sin, they will fine you or arrest you. I agree about sexual depravity and violence, cross that one moral line, others fall by the wayside. The world sees the homosexual world in this false way too, the reality is bathhouses, promiscuity where they have multiple partners, and "hook-ups" and there they show "Bert and Ernie" snuggling on the couch, like they live lives like Harriet and Ozzie.

One thing I have thought about this too, do even most homosexuals [males especially] even WANT TO MARRY? Sure there are those who want partner rights and benefits, but that would be an interesting study, how many even desire actual marriage. Also what will happen when the family court system, gets bogged down with homosexual divorces?
I believe the NWO is pushing homosexual marriage, more then the gays themselves, to destroy marriage altogether. Ever notice in all those dystopian sci-fi novels, that marriage and other non-state relationships are wiped away?

That's interesting about Lot and his daughters, did not realize that. They definitely did not care about marriage either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephan here (Germany)
I held the same position as BB (and many other) very long (that maryage is just between a man and a woman) until about two weeks ago the Lord gave me a revelation.
Marriage isn´t the paper where the church (historical) or the state (present) grants you a special status. Or any other worldly institution.
It´s the sexual act in it self that combines the man and the women to ONE flesh. See Genesis 3
And because its the act, a man and a man can become one flesh too. (Or women and women.)
This is why god forbids this (homosexuality).
He has made the rule this way, and he don´t want it misused in this bad way.
But he is bind to it. This is why he over and over forbid gay interrelationship. This is why it is an abbortion in the eys of god. When Man misuses this rule. He sees that the bonding between the opposite sexes is the same as the bonding between the same sexes. And it should NOT be so.(That there are homosexual bondings at all)

We are maried before God. (Not church or state)

Because of this rule you are supposed to have one partner only. When you sleep whith more than one, you are married whith all of them!
And only Jesus can depart this bondings. (Pray for your past)

By the way. The social engeneering is way more advansed here. It isn´t a real problem at all here when you are homosexual openly. The natural opposition to homosexuality has been suppressed to such a extend that only in very rural and old of age part of society it is partly opposed, but little resistance. (Because of what you are supposed to be according to the media)

BUT it is not as it where in the days of Lot, not yet.

Kayfabe said...

I work with the courts here in lala land and they already had to lay off 500 workers due to the State budget cuts. The court system is already at a snails pace here in the Golden State. California can marry homosexuals now I guess so the courts will eventually be even slower than they already are.

Anonymous said...

Stephan of Germany is right, Biblically speaking: Sex = Marriage. See Genesis 24:67 and 1 Corinthians 6:15.

That totally redefines marriage and sex. The sex has, built into it, a commitment to be with them in the committed marriage context.

Nothing wrong with ceremonies. The marriage supper of the Lamb is a spiritual version of a ceremony. But in the temporal physical sense, sex is what defines it, which is why satan has sought so strongly to redefine sex and marriage.

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of what Aaron Russo was told by Nick Rockefeller about the real purpose behind Women's Liberation, www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gwcQjDhZtI @ 9:09 Same end goal, the destruction of the family. - Don

Leahlive said...

I live in Canada and just heard this very thing 2 days ago. I was having a conversation with my cousin and she was telling me about a friend of hers, who's girlfriend is in a "lesbian marriage of convenience" Say what? Did you just say that so and so's girlfriend is posing as a lesbian and married a girl so that she could get in this country? Seriously? Wow.

Such is the demise of our Country, our tax dollars our ... but most of all as you have pointed out, The Sanctity of Marriage! Welcome to Canada, where our National Anthem says "God keep our land, Glorious and free" ....

Just sick about it!

Bible Believer said...

Hi Stephan, welcome to the blog. I hold the same position too, it is not the church or state or the piece of paper that determines a marriage, but God determines it, and you are right Genesis 3 lays it out. People forget that for most of human history many villages and other places lived too remote for there to be pieces of paper granted for a marriage. American pioneers were hundreds of miles from any preachers or courthouses to file papers at when they "married". The piece of paper or ceremony does not make people "married" in other words it just marks the relationship that already exists.

I believe God forbids homosexuality definitely and this has many reasons from the spreading of disease, to promoting family life and more.

Mankind is wrong in thinking the bonding between homosexuals is the same as between a man and wife. It just does not happen that way. This is why our NWO media advances the homosexuals as living EXACTLY like traditional "married" couples it is a lie.

God determines who is married and who is not. I agree about the fact that those who sleep with multiple partners are "married" to all of them and this is a main reason fornication is outlawed in the Bible.

Yes here, they have suppressed the natural opposition to homosexuality. Among the young it is basically gone. It is only Christians and older people now mostly in rural areas who remain against it. In America they push homosexuality so much, you would think the homosexuals were 30% of the population instead of the admitted 2%.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Don, thanks for the video, hmmm now they can tax the other half of the population and indoctrinate the kids at a younger age.

"In a recent interview with The New American (June 12, 2006), Aaron Russo, currently of America: Freedom to Fascism fame, reports how he once defended his sympathy with the women’s movement and with equal opportunity to an unnamed member of the Rockefeller clan. Russo describes the chilling response: “He looked at me and said, ‘You know, you’re such an idiot in some ways. We … created the women’s movement, and we promote it. And it’s not about equal opportunity. It’s designed to get both parents out of the home and into the workforce, where they will pay taxes. And then we can decide how the children will be raised and educated.’”

Women's Liberation didn't free any women, they just became slaves to the corporations instead. The whole two for one deal I talk about. While I am glad there is help for women with shelters etc, the patriarchy crowd has it's own errors, women's liberation set up women for more enslavement. It occurs to me that in my youth, {I was still unmarried at the time} but I was taking care of other people's children for money instead of any of my own.

Women who are elderly would tell me in my old very rural town, that women today have far harder lives, too much work not enough time for family etc. It did destroy family connections and community.

They have destroyed family connections via the sexual promiscuity, taught women to be more like men--I noted myself in my own young life that I was judged according to career only.

What gets me is they told women for years that careers would bring "self empowerment". Which is interesting given that most people work lower level jobs. That is the biggest lie especially in a world where economic collapse is a reality and people are fired on a whim. Workers are replaceable, cogs in the wheel.

Any of you notice how they present men as all dopes on TV commercials? There is a reason for that.

Bible Believer said...

Makow is wrong about a lot--soft on Rome, blames the Jews [they say they are Jews and are not] instead of Luciferians but has some truths about the feminist stuff.

"Wage Slaves: Women Ponder Feminist Betrayal

September 9, 2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

More than ever, women have a sense of frustration and betrayal because their "leaders" sold them on careers and "being independent."

A new poll of nearly 4000 working women conducted by Women's Day and AOL, found that a stunning 57% dream of quitting their jobs to stay home with their kids and 63% viewed their work as "just a paycheck."

Two-thirds said they would "change what they do in a heartbeat." Four-fifth would NOT want their daughters to follow in their footsteps. Nevertheless two-thirds are worried about losing their jobs and would work longer hours just to keep them. (Talk about a wage slave.)

In 1950, less than 30% of the workforce were women. Today that number approaches 50%.
In 1956, 35% of all women worked. Today 60% or 72 million do. If the 1956 level had been maintained, 30 million American women would not be in the workforce today. They would be looking after their families, their homes and themselves.

In spite of the obvious dissatisfaction of female working stiffs, their cultural caretakers are loath to admit that feminism was a trap. Their jobs depend on it. (More on this below) "Everyone hates to work," they rationalize.

My mother had a business importing watchstraps in the 1950's. My father asked her to give it up and concentrate on being a homemaker. He was able to support a young family on the salary of an engineer. My family reaped the benefit of a full-time mom.

The central banking cartel, led by the Rockefeller Foundation, decided to double the labor force (lowering wages) and break up the family by convincing women they ought to have careers and sex instead of husbands and children. Feminism was the vehicle for this social engineering backed by propaganda disguised as "women's lib." Gender division is part of a pattern of Illuminati subversion, which also includes inciting race, class, religious and national divisions.

Their goal in attacking marriage/family is to remove us from the sources of our humanity and identity. Men and women were willing to sacrifice. They were willing to play roles which were noble and in tune with human nature. Now people are divorced from these roles and are lost. The bankers can control us better this way.

Occasionally a truly independent woman discovers these truths and is able to convey them.".......

Bible Believer said...

Leahlive, yes they are going to have people who are really platonic friends marrying each other. There is such a thing called a "BOSTON MARRIAGE" this is where two women live together sharing bills, meals, closer then roommate relationship, they are their own family but the relationship is non-sexual. I am not sure if there is a term for a male equivalent. Yes the green card crowd and ones who are struggling for benefits, will see this as a way "OUT". Think about how hard it is for young people to get set up now to survive. Think of all the new paperwork now, and the new "divorces". The gay world they aren't staying married for 20-30-40 years.

Kayfabe, yes it will slow down the courts definitely. The family court system nation wide will become even more of mess.

Bible Believer said...

correction above, staying "married" for 20-30-40 years.

Kathy said...

I was a bit surprised to read the following article. How can they even consider themselves Christian?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephan here.

As long as I know. According to church law a couple is only married once it had their honeymoonnight.
The ceremony in the church is just one part. The declaration as man and woman from the pastor is just one part, not the final thing.
Of course today no one cares. But in the past it was a serious thing for the couple to sleep together - for the first time.
And it was controled by others. So they are realy married.

To the destruction of family, liberation of women and detach familie bonds.
Here in Germany from the first of octobre every child has the right on a place in a kindergarten.
As soon as the mother wishes to go to work again she can give her child in the care of others. And if she thiks the child is a burden and she need relief too.
You get payment of your wages 6 weeks before birth and 8 weeks after from the health insurance and you are exempt from work.
But after that a family has to determine how to get along with the child and their income.
Many stay at home. But many have to work or think they have to.
There are many regulations the employers have to observe to make it easier for the mother to go to work again.
This is nothng new. And I think it is similar in other wesren countrys. But in a couple weeks you can sue the state for the place in the daycare.
There are not enough of them in the past and even today. To get enough the communities are hard at work to build new ones. The public knew in advance the law would go in effect then. And we are bombarded whith it in the media.
And to get enough workforce they are lowering the requirements. So with the unlearned uneducated overseer they can easier use some manuals from rockefeller and co.
Tell me how to handle 15 children from 1 month to schoolage (in a ratio) with two overseers!

Thank you BB for the welcome. I´m a long time silent reader. After I discovered your blog, I read ervery article from that point in time backward and forward.
Good work. You are blessed by the lord.

Bible Believer said...

Kathy, United Methodists are so far gone, I consider them in same camp as Episcopalians, UU Lite.

Yeah they aren't Christians at all.

Hi Stephan, I agree about marriage being with the honeymoon night, the ceremony is just a part. You are right it was a serious thing for the couple to sleep together which was why for millenium before the so called "sexual revolution"-instituted by Satan, most people waited til they were with their spouse to become sexually active and premartial sex was far less common. Sure sin has always existed but what is interested is how that was condemned by society but now totally acceptable in most but Bible believing and few other circles.

Women's lib was more about enslavement of women to the corporations and more about breaking up the family. Women sure don't feel more free. I saw this ironic picture yesterday, it had a 50s housewife in it, saying "At least I know this "boss" will appreciate what I do!" The workworld did not provide the empowerment promised. That was a false lie, also led to more economic power for a certain elite when you double up on workers and reduce the number of jobs available.

It seems in Europe they do advance the daycare more. Course they did that here too but there is far less benefits, you have to pay for it yourself. I worked in daycares years and years ago, and I would see babies and work with babies, basically dropped off for an ENTIRE DAY at 7am to 7pm. It was very sad, they would not get the same attention not at all that one would be home with the mother. 1 to 6 was the baby ratio and well lets just say the directors played fast and loose with the rules.

The employers here have no regulations, to make things easier but many American families, the mothers are forced now to work so the families can survive. Sure some can make do if the husband has a good job and allow the mother to stay home but that is getting harder and harder as unemployment is so high.

Here the day cares, are growing in number, and well the workers there are underpaid and often disgruntled. Day care workers here live on the edge of severe poverty while the centers charge huge rates. I am sure we have the early education rockefeller financed stuff too.

Wow that is a high ratio. Looks worse then America, if they are babies here up to a year or 18 month so, the ratio, at least in the state I used to work in was 1-6 but I remember 20 toddlers. That was far too many at once. You just could not give personal attention as much as it was needed. Daycare for me was more a side and summer job during college, but I saw enough to know day cares aren't that great.


Thanks for your compliments regarding the blog. God bless you Stephan.

Kathy said...

I found this interesting. What do you think?