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Are There Less Christians Among the Young?

Why millennials are leaving the church

Are there less Christians among the young? I would say yes, that biblical worldviews are rare among the young. Feel free to disagree. I'm talking true bible believing Christians. I know the mega-churches have their numbers of young people but they have been led into false doctrine and a false "christianity" [think of the defenders of the Whosoevers]. Of course there are the numbers of people now young and old who are out of the church system, the so called scattered sheep, and/or home churching it.

Tell me what you think.

One thing I am noticing is that young people seem to be growing more liberal, more unbelieving. One thing I often think about is as they especially come into a world in America where there is far less economic and other opportunities, how this seems to not be changing them for the better, where the "school of hard knocks" so to speak may serve as a wake-up call. Too many still believe what they are told and what the media has to say. There are times when I have witnessed to younger people, and while I write this with the risk of offending some of my younger readers, I am seeing more conformity of thought among their numbers.

The world views have gone completely different. When I meet people in their 20s, almost the majority seem to have the same liberal politics, and are far more embracing of homosexuality.It is strange how a claimed 2% of the population is mentioned at every turn now.

Most do not believe in God whatsoever. Yes there are young who go through an exploratory period, hopefully looking for truth, I went through this myself, but have you seen how the numbers of Christians seems far lower? The New World Order has targeted the young. Even with myself, I often befriended people 20-30 years older because they held to more old fashioned ideals and different ways of looking at life. Problem is, now that I am older, I lost some of those friends to the march of time. I was more apt to find fellow Christians there even more then within my own generation.

Remember Generation X is now in its 40s. The millennials are the folks in their 20s. I have seen a big difference even between those generations.

This is a sad article. You can see how the growing unbelief, and negative influences out there have grown.

She writes:
"Armed with the latest surveys, along with personal testimonies from friends and readers, I explain how young adults perceive evangelical Christianity to be too political, too exclusive, old-fashioned, unconcerned with social justice and hostile to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people."
You can see right there what some of those influences have been.  When she says they have tired of the culture wars and in this paragraph the politics, I find myself saying that is what they were designed to do. Instead of preaching the gospel, the dominionists joined with the politicians on their "make people be good" campaigns that were doomed for failure. Of course now they present this idea of "globalist social justice", and well, that has been the message for years and years!

It looks like the Emergents have succeeded in their road to Rome campaigns. The mega churches that made it all about fads and trends, and as she writes "consumerism" helped herd many back into the liturgical camps.
"Many of us, myself included, are finding ourselves increasingly drawn to high church traditions – Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, the Episcopal Church, etc. – precisely because the ancient forms of liturgy seem so unpretentious, so unconcerned with being “cool,” and we find that refreshingly authentic."
One thing she is correct about is those who aren't finding Jesus in the churches.

"None's On the Rise"

If you are 20 something and reading this blog and agreeing with it [well even disagreeing with it but a regular reader], let me know if you are out there.


Anonymous said...

Church attendance is as high as ever, in all age groups. I would say that the level of Bible literacy is very low, so there is a harvest field to enter.

And of course the so-called "Christian Post" is not Christian at all, but is a jesuit catholic vehicle to push people to accept catholicism and the heretical roads to catholicism like calvinism, emergent, and purpose driven.

Bible Believer said...

I agree the church attendance, is still running high. 40% in America I think is the prevailing number of people, but the false church system means nothing as far as who is truly born again, and yes you are right about the level of biblical literacy. This is why they can sell the pro-homosexuality, globalist social justice stuff to the young so easily. Christian Post which advances Rick Warren and other false religionists definitely is a news source with an agenda. While I may use the links for information, I remain aware of what they are about.

jayhawkfan3602 said...

I am 29 (a month away from being 30, but I digress)and agree with you wholeheartedly. I was raised in the "charismatic" movement and churches, but it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I really began examining (not just reading) The Bible and the church. So much deception has crept in, while the flock (read: herd) are too busy drinking the Jesus-ccinos and looking through the "Jesus Junk" that they bought at the church coffee shop and change table (I mean bookstore. All of this crammed into the time before the 1 of 5 service times that all happen between 10am and 1pm, to know what is really going on. Sad really.

Thesauros said...

I don't know that we need to get all excited about what is happening. Yes it's tragic that souls are lost, but we knew this was coming. We knew that people would not put up with sound doctrine and that they would gather around themselves teachers who tell them what they want to hear. It's going to happen.

I find reassurance in the fact that the Bible is one against proven accurate. And I suppose that I smile at the irony of atheists fulfilling prophecy.

Nevertheless, God Bless.
See you There!

Christina said...

I've been reading for blog for about almost 2 years now, I'm 24.

I've just spent the last month in Nepal, volunteering with orphaned children. As part of that experience, I went up into the mountains to learn shamanism from a witch doctor. While the scenery was peaceful, watching him do a ritual gave me chills and nightmares. I felt a true spirit of evil try to reach into me.

I then had a series of dreams and I felt the Holy Spirit tugging on my heart to reach out and help the led astray youth back home. I recently came to Jesus Christ after dabbling in the occult and other new age practices.

It's hard to walk the path of a new christian being a university student, and not having transportation to church. I'm slowly beginning to see the evil in this world and the deceptions at hand.

I thank you so much for your blog, as I follow it along side my bible and try to discern the truth. I'm marching for Christ... it's all I can do.

Anonymous said...

The church & public school systems have been corrupted. Our three are millennials and we do realize that we should have taken all of their education upon ourselves at home. Now we have a granddaughter and little input, but we use the two days a week we have her. - Don

Anonymous said...

I have but one question..."Are most church goers truly born again of the Spirit of God, or are they religious zealots who have used by satan in setting up their own doctrines, methods, and laws in deceiving the masses, taking our eyes off of and leading our hearts away from our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ?"

I have to be perfectly honest here.....I have encountered more wolves in church buildings than I have at the grocery store...and yes, one can fellowship with another born again believer in Jesus Christ at the grocery store, as His ekklesia, or called out ones, worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. In Christ, there are no walls made with human hands.

FaithGuy3 said...

A few comments...

1) Looks like the fruits of this "prosperity" gospel(which all but started when the NIV was put out on the market in 1978) has reaped its ugly rotten head now. All Joel Osteen did, quite frankly, was put the final nail in its coffin. No wonder why the average church building pastor never exposed him.

And no wonder why the Millennial generation feels hopeless - all of these years churches preaching to them the promises of being prosperous if they give tithes, be good to their communities, etc. Ultimately, they weren't pointed to the word of God to fall back on. Believe me, I was in this same boat once upon a time ago, until the Lord showed me the KJV.

2) Yes, the culture wars that started since Reagan became President all but wore out the Gen X, Millennial, and even the Baby-Boomer crowd(Millennials were born from the BBs, pretty much).

If anything, the straw that broke the camel's back was when the Ted Haggard scandal got exposed right before the 2006 midterms(which was when the "Democrat" party started making big inroads for the first time in years on Capitol Hill). It was right then when the "evangelical" crowd started complaining how their faith was shaken.

Seriously - they really put their trust in these wicked men, and NOT our Lord Jesus Christ and his word?

3) Ultimately, the Emergents ended up playing the role of "good cop" when all was said and done - when people like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen started hitting the airwaves, their attitudes were like, "Yeah, we vote Republican, but we don't get political"(and remember Warren invited Sam Brownback AND Obama to his church simultaneously in 2004).

This was when the big Emergent, megachurch, etc movement really started to hit full swing.

Ultimately, the Baby Boomer generation(which pretty much raised a lot of the Millennials) has to share the blame too b/c remember they got on the religious right/Republican establishment bandwagon in the 1980's. Reagan and the Bushes did so many abominations during their time(yes, that includes pushing abortion, the homosexual agenda, gun control, big government, etc), but en yet the "religious right" folks as well as their "evangelical" voting base did nothing. IMHO, Millennials noticed these abominations, but were pretty much asked to keep quiet b/c otherwise they would be "judging". I dunno, but it may have planted the seeds for rebellion.

No, I'm not defending the Millennial crowd(Being a Gen Xer, I was in this same boat too, but the Lord brought me out, Praise Jesus!), but nonetheless the rotten seeds were planted some time ago, and not 5 years ago when Obama became President.

Anonymous said...

FaithGuy has some interesting points. I'd say the bottom line point is, attention being taken away from the Word of God, and being put on the words of man.

If people are given solid Bible teaching, they will respond correctly.

But solid Bible teaching is not the predominant thing in "churches". We've now seen decades of Warren/Osteen/new calvinism garbage and those that favor these things, and the country is going down fast.

Maybe that was the plan, the whole time.

Anonymous said...

You want an example of what the young are being force-fed? Just look at this "church" statement of faith:

It's long, and tedious, and boring as can be. But take the time to read it all. And see what you have there: emergent, social "gospel", relativism, humanistic, "save the world" nonsense to the max.

That's what the false teachers are coming to get your youth, with.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks to the younger people who have responded here. I am glad to hear there are younger readers of this blog. God bless all of you.

Jayhawkfan, I am glad you were able to leave the charismatic movement. Reading God's Word definitely is what will help everyone along with help of the Holy Spirit to see through the deception. I actually am VERY against the concept of FOR PROFIT bookstores well make that all bookstores in churches, I have walked out of churches with bookstores. Libraries is how a church should be running that, not having money changers right at the front of the church. I have seen those churches with all the junk for sale, and the books, and it's like a big business and amusement park. One even had a park/camp for kids with rides and games. It makes me wonder about those kids who will grow up after all that over-commericalization of Christianity as a BRAND. What will they think?

Thesauros You are right we were TOLD this would happen, the itching ears are winning out definitely now.

Christina, how was Nepal? That would be very interesting trip. Yes shamanism is total evil. I am actually familar with it, because it became a fad in the UU church in the late 80s and early 90s, everyone was going to shamans or in this case probably self proclaimed ones though I knew a few richer UUs who went to India and places like that. I wouldn't doubt they are still in it. All those witchdoctors and more consort with demons, WORLDWIDE. native, animist religions are all centered around demons. I am sure some would say that is not politically correct but it is the truth. Even the American Indians had their witchdoctors and vision quests where they consorted with demons. If you have read my testimony here, you know I basically came out of the occult, and was in the UU church.{ex catholic too} praise God that you have too!

I know in today's universities it would be hard to be a Christian. Be careful of what they may teach you if you are in a state school, you probably already know this, but I realize how seriously indoctrinated I was as a young then nonbelieving college student. I even got As in various classes for writing things based on UU teachings for very liberal professors.
I am glad my blog has been of help for you. Keep continuing forward for Jesus Christ, that is all we can do.

I agree Don, the churches and public school systems are corrupt. I worked in public schools for a time, and well, trust me the deep NWO agendas are being pushed. I guess you are seeing the results of what your adult children were taught. I am glad you have input with your granddaughter.

Anon, most people in the churches are NOT born again. Now I have met born again people in false churches, hopefully on the way out, but its more the exception then the rule. Sadly church traditions, teachings etc, serve to blind them. Even some who seem to have a heart for the Holy Spirit and who are saved, definitely it seems hard to have them take a look at the church system. Of course with some decent churches out there the numbers of the saved would be higher, but those are rare today. I believe the churches have more wolves. I don't trust preachers after what I have seen and I had a decent preacher I still have contact with, when I was a good IFB after being saved. Given this blog, many in my opinion are even knowing deceivers or in the "religious game" for money. I have realized the good ones are rare. We are not limited to the brick and morter churches. The ekklesia is outside of all that.

Bible Believer said...

Faithguy did you ever see this article?

This is like the guide to brainwashing the youth.

I wrote that a year ago, and now I am seeing the MESSAGES INCREASING and being made mainstream!

1) Yes the prosperity gospel served them. Add in the collapsing USA economy and well, all the false promises now work for more lost of faith in the young. The materialism of the 80s definitely was used on Generation X to have them focus on the things of this world instead of God's Word and a true spiritual foundation. Osteen definitely served as a conduit to turn more people AWAY from Christianity. Even when I was UU, I remember thinking of TV preachers when I didn't believe in Christianity.

2) The culture wars have failed. Hey I have written they will fail. They have worked for the NWO in a divide and conquer way, so they could clean out the tills while the "conservatives' and "liberals" went head to head. People are worn out. They are sick of hearing about abortion, gay marriage etc. We know the Republican party never really planned to "do" anything about abortion and now in the days of Ru-486, they can pass laws til the cows come home and it won't matter. I hear weird stuff about abortion like the prolifers actually have influenced abortion to be more widely accepted especially since they have no care for the babies once they are here and abortion is seen as this extremist issue [all prolifers are seen as extremists]--hey they wanted it that way!

They focused on the force of law more then changes in hearts via the Holy Spirit. Like Ted Haggard, many of the culture warriors have been outed as hypocrites. Hey they elevate these men so people put their trust in them and instead of God which is wrong, and if their faith is shaken because of man that shows they had no relationship with God. Haggard and the rest of them, I'd put as knowing deceivers.


Bible Believer said...

I don't even think that some arranged exposures are beyond the pale, like they arranged for that to happen to destroy people's faith. That is not beyond the NWO to make happen. Ever notice how these guys sink to the bottom and rise to the top and are provided for? You never see any of them ending up on skid road but like bad pennies always turning up with some new public role. I think that is BY PLAN.

What is creepy is Haggard would preach against homosexuality constantly. I remember seeing the guy before the scandal and knowing something was wrong with him.

The culture wars with their focus on the force of law, actually have turned MORE people AGAINST Christians. You can't FORCE people to be good. So it created a backlash, that is now serving Satan's purposes. All the Dominionists they definitely are setting up things for more backlash against Christians. The whole theocracy crowd is basically grossing even the unbelieving world out with their lust for power, war and evil. Hey that serves Satan too.

3. Yes you are right about Emergents playing "good cop", hey they had the Jim Willis out there saying "good Christians" are "liberals" and care about "social justice", be done with those culture warrior right wing guys, serving as a new ditch for young people to fall into. They offer themselves as the kind and nice alternative to the "mean" theocrats and Dominionists who want to outlaw abortion and homosexuality. But they are another iron fist in a velvet glove with their support of the globalist elites and NWO agendas.

Notice how they sell "freedom" as all about SEX or pertaining to sexual matters. Something I have noticed as freedom implodes in America. The navel gazing liberals who rally for homosexuals to get married don't care about imprisonment with no trial, etc etc.


Bible Believer said...

Hey if one traces back through history you can see the right/left pendelum swinging back and forth. Fight the Commmies, Fight the Fascists, on and on ad nauseum.

Yes they swing the pendelum back and forth from false left to false right. The hippie and liberal Baby Boomers later went "conservative" [talking generally and supported these right wing guys] and now their children have been prepped to go even MORE to the LEFT in response. They slowly move everyone over decade by decade to where they want them.

I agree they share the blame too. I read once in a book in the early 90s where the author predicted that the formerly liberal Baby Boom generation would become the most fascist generation ever. [looking at the destruction of the Constitution, etc, interesting theory that has COME TRUE]
The boho types as they focus on sexual "freedoms" could care less that America has become a police state. The right wing Dominionist types all lust for the day too. See how they are all converged to the same evil place?

All those Republicans too yes pushed everything "liberal" too and one thing they did was turn what was formerly the stuff of liberalism into the right wing camp too. With the so called RINOS. This helped join the agenda of both parties so you see BOTH SIDES VOTING TO TAKE FREEDOMS AWAY, and for worldwide wars for the globalists, gun control, big government.

If none of you have seen this article check it out. I went into all the political machinations and how politics married to faith is destructive.

All world politics will fail. It's nonsense. I got someone mad at me the other day, saying both left and right are a joke. She lives for world revolution and leftist dreams that failed long ago with Mao and pals. Left and right are married. Even the world's history of Communism vs. Fascism-right wing, is all Rome directed.

I agree focusing on God's Word is the only answer.

I think the plan was to bring the country down eventually, America served as a set up for globalism even CENTURIES ago. I am sure saying that alone will get the David Barton crowd a bit offended but its TRUE! They always start things with a mico-cosm and build up. The UU church for me as seeing the church of the future.

Thanks last anon for showing us that church statement, yes it has it all. So many young people are being so deceived with these lies.

Kayfabe said...

Where I live- Los Angeles metro area, I go to the gym in downtown LA and I have been hit on by so many men, guys that look macho and buff. I do engage with them but onnce I share the word they want nothing to do with me. These are young guys who are practicing homosexuality and they are bold and numerous. So many youth are influenced by live and let live liberalism

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you witness to those folks Kayfabe. I believe homosexuality is increasing in number because it is advanced as cool, hip and different. Most of the world is deceived by the idea they are "born that way" but with the advancement of homosexuality and its culture more have joined up, you are right that many of the young people are influenced by live and let live liberalism. Many don't even have the same ideas/values when it comes to heterosexual relationships anymore about monogamy, etc.