Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's With the Partial Pentagram on Stage?

A reader sent me these pictures,supposedly this is Love and Death, Brian Welch's band. What is with the partial pentagram on stage missing "two points"?

Pictures that say it all here too..

Satanic rocker-Marilyn Manson [notice the hand over the eye]


Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious to any discerning Christian that these people are not promoting the Bible. Those that don't want to see that, probably also aren't much interested in what the Bible says anyway.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, they are not promoting the Bible whatsoever. The fans sticking by them certainly just do not even want to face the facts that this group is but Christian. They obviously do not care what the Bible says, you are right about that!

Anonymous said...

Worldly christians don't want the bible. They want rock stars and multimillion dollar word faith/new agers to tell them they can do their will and not God's, and go to heaven.

I have been told by a couple people that they believe the bible - it's all about the bible, but when I ask them if they read it, they say no / it's too boring/they don't understand it. It's crazy.

They point out John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 and say all they have to do is say they believe. But they're neglecting a whole lot of other verses. :-(

Bible Believer said...

Yes they want rock concerts and excitement and ear tickling. Experiences in other words. I've run into some of those shallow types too, false conversions, no love or conviction regarding God's Word. They have told me too the Bible is boring and quote the POPULAR VERSES.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is going to university and she has shared with me details about a class she took on the holocaust. Her research paper was amazing - it was about how Hitler used music to torture people.

She is not a Christian. But I brought up how the christian ministry the Whosoevers use the Nazi eagle, and other occult symbolism and she got so upset right away. She asked, "What do those symbols have to do with Jesus Christ? What a bunch of hypocrites. They are using those symbols to attract a wider demographic to make money off of them."

Making merchandise out of you is certainly part of it, but deception, I believe, is the main objective.

But anyway, it's amazing how a non-Christian can see through them, can see a problem right away.

But you are right - it's all about excitement, experience and feeling something. How deceptive is that?There is no love for God's Word. There is no fear of God. Deceived christians are telling God how it's going to be, how He is going to accept them as they are, instead of people seeking Him, seeking His will and finding out what pleases Him; finding what really makes you acceptable to God; loving Jesus so much that you want to obey his commandments, strive to be separate from the world, be a peculiar people; becoming a new creature and hating your old life - not going back to it.

And when you are truly born again, these things are not difficult to do - they just naturally happen. You are not doing it on your own power - you are walking in the spirit, being controlled by the Holy Spirit. I John 5

The deceived christian will say, "I never heard that!"

But they haven't heart that because it's the Bible that they don't read, and the false teachers are not going to tell you that.

The Bible is full of verses that tell you if you love God you will obey Him. If you obey God, you belong to Him. Jesus said when you obey Him then He and the Father will make their home with you.

Welch's message is do what you want, it's all about you, be yourself.

No, they do not teach the Bible.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things you can do for your soul is to stay far away from masons and any other fraternities under the Jesuit umbrella.

They are 'decent men' and in the eyes of the world, they are "God's chosen" because of their good deeds...but they are nevertheless poison to your soul.

They will 'love you' to hell. Anyone else's ears itchy?

Anonymous said...

On the TV show Storage Wars, a couple found some Freemason bobble heads and goblets. They took them to a lodge to see if they were worth anything. The goblets were worth something and the Shriners/Freemasons said a few times it seemed that they'd buy them and the proceeds would go to their hospital. I want to say it was a children's hospital. Anyway, I just remember thinking how they wanted us to know the proceeds were going to their hospital. Yes, they are known for their 'good deeds'.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at google images of the Whosoevers and found out that the partial pentagram may be related to the heavy metal band Oh, Sleeper. One of the symbols they use is a partial pentagram like that although this one is sideways. Love and Death played with Oh Sleeper and P.O.D. somewhere in the past. This picture may be from that concert - who knows.

There was a picture from Deviant Art that said God Bless the Whosoevers with the partial pentagram and it said Oh, Sleeper. Googling Oh, Sleeper - there was the partial pentagram.
Evidently the pentagram has two horns cut off representing the horns of satan cut off referring to Psalm 25:10. They have an album called When I am God
Lyrics are the usual dark stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Psalm 75:10. I will cut off the horns of the wicked...