Thursday, June 27, 2013

Josh Duggar Working For The Family Research Council

Eldest Duggar Moving to Washington For Job With Family Research Council

"Josh Duggar, who is known as a pro-life activist, fundamentalist Christian, reality show star and the eldest of 19 children, is adding another title to his public persona. On Monday, Duggar announced via Twitter that he will be joining the Family Research Council as executive director of the organization’s legislative branch, FRC Action, in Washington, D.C."

The Family Research Council has showed up on here several times especially in regards to their Dominionist  connections. Don't forget this is the place where the leader accepted a Roman Catholic award. This is the place where Boykin is the executive vice president as well.

The Family Research Council is also in "consultative status" with the United Nations. 

By the way if you go to the above link it's interesting to see who else is on it. NO truly Christian organization would be hooked into the United Nations.

Josh has been primed for politics since a young age.

Here he is pictured as a pre-teen during his father's political days with this picture next to Huckabee.

Here is one of the latest pictures off his instagram.

Sadly Josh Duggar  is caught up into the Dominionist and right side of the new world order system, thinking he will be doing good in the world but doing anything but. Pray that he wakes up and breaks away from the false religion and training of his youth.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure he ended up next to Huckabee by accident at such a young age.

Of course they are primed for "stardom". The Duggars show off their legalistic false religion, and call it "Christian" to the masses. So that those who are turned off by legalistic false religion, reject the truth.

Bible Believer said...

I think they are "primed" for stardom. "Trained" for their futures. Ever see a young person who never questioned anything Daddy had to teach? That is even unusual to the extreme. The fact they seem to have 19 children none of which have done so, is actually very statistically unlikely.

I found an article about how some in the Quiverful movement itself are calling for arranged marriages due to the failure of marrying. I was going to post on this but I lost the link and was unable to find it. It was on a SAHD blog.

I agree the Duggars show off a legalistic false religion, and that does turn a lot of people off. It's all about appearances and keeping up legalistic standards most of the populace never could keep up. They never have presented the gospel on that show either. They showed them "witnessing" one or two times with Ray Comfort, that's it. Only in the connected world could a young man who has only worked as a used car sales man could enter the political arena [starting with Santorum] so easily.

Bible Believer said...

Oh in case some didn't notice, some of those comments on his Instagram ARE SARCASTIC.

The "rainbow" of hearts and the person who wrote a "great day of civil rights". Probably some liberals unhappy with the Duggars.

Donna Martin said...

I really don't think they realize they are legalistic, since they were primed by the Gothardites. They believe they are doing right. I realize that Jim Bob may have Knights of Columbus connections, but I think they've brainwashed - just like the rest of the Christian world.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Donna, yes the Gothard cult has influenced them. I didn't post on this yet but the Duggars are fully ecumenical, Billy Graham is a hero to them and they recently visited the BGEA headquarters.

Many deem the Duggars as "fundamentalist" due to the legalism, but when it comes to biblical separation they are anything but!

I have seen the Duggars right out with the Knights of Columbus together.

Did you see this...

There Jim Bob stands holding a Knights of Columbus poster.

They sadly are brainwashed and being used to brainwash people.

Rena said...

I don't know if they were given this format on TLC by God as a venue to spread the gospel and then went off on their own path, or if this has been a ruse from Satan all along. I think that they
are sincere. But as my husband says, " you can sincerely want to go to New York, but if you are on a plane to Seattle, you are sincerely going in the wrong direction." I believe that a majority of our "religious right" leaders are included within the circle of the NWO just like many of the elite. I hope that God will reveal himself to Josh & the rest of his family.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Rena,

Given TLC's other shows I believe it was a ruse from Satan all along. My husband had the TV on and they showed them "smelling" various objects and I turned and said to husband, "Do those people realize they are being mocked right out for the world to see?". I see programming in that show Honey Honey Boo--mock working class people. Never forget the Duggars share their programming schedule with such shows INCLUDING the POLYGAMOUS SISTER WIVES.

Now the Duggars could be duped and not realize how they are being used rather then knowing deceivers [believe this of the children/adult children and even Josh], but definitely I always have believed the Duggars was put on TV to serve a purpose.

I believe just about all of the "religious right" is knowing insiders, deceivers and those with connections to the NWO. I pray too that God reveals himself to Josh and his family. Maybe his work with the FRC will be a wake-up call.