Friday, June 7, 2013

Chinese Excited to Get Bibles

Let's pray this was a true Bible in their language equivalent to KJV and not any censored ones. Look how excited they are for God's Word!

 John 6:63 - It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, [they] are spirit, and [they] are life.


Anonymous said...

This was so deeply moving. I watched it several times. I too hope they got KJVs or close to that.

Luca said...

Bible Believer,what do you think of the television program A Haunting?

Luca said...

But televission program like A Haunting,are produtcs of Rome?What do you think of my hypothesis?

Bible Believer said...

I would say yes they are indirectly. I have not seen any of these shows recently, avoid that subject matter on TV but I saw one of them think it was a haunting in Conneticut

"In 1986, Ed and Karen Parker with their four children: Bobby, Paul, Connie, and Mark move into an old Connecticut home to be near the hospital where their teenage son Paul receives cancer treatment. Soon after learning that their residence was once a funeral home, sons Paul and Bobby start seeing ghosts. Paul begins seeing evil entities, including four dark men and a demon called the "Man in the Suit", and his mental health worsens while his physical health begins to improve. Paul begins to spend more time alone and his behavior becomes violent and unpredictable. He writes dark, sinister poetry and even physically attacks his favorite cousin, Theresa. With his behavior becoming increasingly erratic, his parents have him committed to a mental hospital. Before his departure, Paul warns his family that once he is out of the house, the evil will begin to attack everyone else. Sure enough, once Paul is gone, the evil forces inhabiting the house turn on the rest of the family. In desperation, the Parkers contact psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for help."

but this would be years and years ago, and remember saying to someone regarding that show, how come they always show Catholics getting the ghosts in their house. I used to joke it's never Betty Baptist but the Catholics contacting the priest with crucifixes all over the house.

The Warrens were always on these ghost shows: promoting EXORCISM. They never would tell anyone how to be born again on TV and how to cast out demons the biblical way.

The Warrens were Catholics

"People have said, “Ed Warren hides behind his beliefs of Catholicism,” but he claims he uses them, he doesn't hide behind anything. “And I know that [Biblical beliefs] are fact because I've seen and I've heard and I've felt all the things that it talks about."

"Ed and Lorraine Warren were staunch Catholics who saw their faith as protection from demonic elements, as do many ghost hunters in the twenty-first century. Even non-Catholics will sometimes carry holy water. If it works, it works."

All those shows on TV promote the false idea that you need a Catholic priest.

Exorcism is a lie and will ensure even worse demonic oppression.

Anonymous said...

As for casting out demons the biblical way, I'm sure your referring to 1 John 4, "In the name of Jesus Christ who is come in the flesh, leave this place/person and do not return". I think that a post on spiritual warfare would be excellent. - Don

Luca said... what do you think of this?

Luca said...

What do you think of the Gagoyles on the medieval catholic churches?

Anonymous said...

Equivalent to kjv, hah I suppose you kjv only types think they should learn Middle English to "get Gods word".