Friday, June 14, 2013

Big Lies: "Unite The Planet to Defeat the NWO!" and "World Revolution"!

There are two major lies out there, they are selling, and they have every false group converging together. The false UN loving Christians who want to "change the world" will be easily led into the whole trap, along with the other groups below. This  is the Hegelian dialectic in action to the max. It basically amounts to this stripped down....

"Hate the NWO? Hate the bankers? Hate the wars? Hate the financial and other oppression? Hate the enslavement of mankind? "We have the solution for that too!"

The solution will be the control, power, and one world religion and government they desire. 

Here are some of your more obvious culprits....

The New Agers are now jumping on the GLOBAL AWAKENING bandwagon. This is something new in the New Age movement. [Well the New Age movement is not new in general, it is Satan's lies]

Warning: false New Age video advancing global Awakening. This video goes into how mankind should work together as a COLLECTIVE for peace and harmony and about those with self serving interests--[which of course you must set aside for that collective]. There are occult markings in it, including the Horus Eye-[light and dark colorations of the eyes of the figure at 5:54]. One reason I want to show this, because it helps put the puzzle pieces together how they are using evil and turmoil in the world to present their false "solutions" and the advancement of "new consciousness" that served as a foundation in the New Age movement whose message is spreading way beyond those confines. The video near the end says "We are awakening as one". One verse that will come up to your mind over and over as you watch this is:

1:Thess 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape

Notice the message there...UNIFY!

and when you see the word REVOLUTION, also be wary....Remember a long time ago when I talked about liberation theology? where often in South America the main word for the communists was revolution? Rome has used that to it's advantage for decades, what about a set up for the entire planet?

Here's a video from Greece, it focuses on the revolutionary aspects. The latest revolution is in Turkey. [Warning: foul language at the start, short snippet of heavy metal music--I turned off sound and pro-revolutionary rhetoric] I decided to show this because I do want my readers to know the truth about the revolutions sweeping the Middle East and now Turkey that they are based in lies. This can also help one see through those who celebrate revolutions which are often violent.  The powers that be in this world always have used revolutions past and present for their own agendas.  The revolutions sweeping this planet in various countries ARE a set up! The video is titled "World Revolution 2011. Fight the NWO" and it ends saying "Real democracy, direct democracy, coming soon, in a square near you".

Here is another video, titled "Uprising Revolution Against the New World Order". The most insidious thing about this one, is they mention truths about the corruption, the materialism, the sins of the bankers, the following a carrot on a stick, the decay of community and family but add in their deceptions and lies. Notice how everyone is crossing their arms making an X in that crowd at around 4:50 mark? They advance the cause of world-wide protests and "a worldwide effort executed in unison to defeat the powers that stand in the way of true freedom" and goes on about ending injustice, corruption and oppression.

World Revolution has been advanced by the Marxists always as the final plan, well...consider what you think of this. They desire it to "FIGHT THE NWO" supposedly but it will install their "new world order".

and there's Mr. Jesuit V-For Vendetta right there.

Appearing still in multiple places:

Remember my warning about MANUFACTURED REVOLUTIONS?

[cite for quote and poster above]
"The first sparks started to fly in the Arabic countries, where thousands of people took over streets and squares, reminding their governments where the real power lies. The Icelanders followed, taking to the streets to speak their mind and decide their future. And it wasn’t long before Spaniards occupied squares in neighborhoods, towns and cities. Now the flame is swiftly spreading through France, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Turkey, and the cries of peaceful demonstrators echo across America and Asia, where new movements are cropping up everywhere. Only a global revolution can confront global problems. The time has come for the woman and man in the street to take back their public spaces to debate and build a new future together.
This is a call to the #Globalrevolution on 19 June. We're calling on people everywhere to peacefully occupy public squares and create spaces for debate, assembly and reflection. It's our duty to reclaim the public arena and together forge the kind of world we want to live in.
Take the square!!! Take the streets!!! #Globalrevolution"
People of the World, rise up!!!


From the World Gathering website:

 "'Something Extraordinary Is Happening'
 "We are talking about the emergence of a different world view in our time. This is a phenomenon that is happening during your generation. It's the most curious, the most extraordinary thing. This is not somebody's thought out idea; this is not an intellectually conceived hope of improving society or anything like that. Something extraordinary is actually happening inside our thinking. There has really been a turn-about in the centre of human consciousness." ~ Sir George Trevelyan

Lest you think its just Alex Jones, David Icke followers, Occupy types, liberals and New Agers, the UNIFY the planet to DEFEAT the New World Order message appears in some other interesting places...

"Together We Can Tip The World" by Dave Hodges ["conservative" and NewswithViews columnist]

As I have said before plenty of "Christians" in this net.

See where all this is going?

2 Thessalonians 2:11

King James Version (KJV)

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:


Anonymous said...

This is right. A Bible teacher a few years ago, stated that the antichrist will not come in through the "evil bankers". But that the antichrist will come in under the unity of those fighting against the "evil bankers". It's all a set-up.

But if you listen to Alex Jones and certain other guys, you'd think it's only the "evil bankers" that cause everything.

Alex Jones and certain other guys like him, are working for the other side, to bring in antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Yup, a fake revival is coming. Maybe it got something to do with a bogus revolution against the Nwo. Check out link:

Anonymous said...

I think you hit the nail on the head, using a world revolution to bring in world control. I wonder what will be the outcome with countries like Iceland, should they choose to remain soverign as they are out of the red and into the black? Although I do not think they will be able to sustain theirselves without export. - Don

Anonymous said...

That's simply the other side of the same coin. In fraternal terms, the "eye of light" vs "eye of darkness".

Know what is interesting about eyes? They are usually attached to the same head.

Rise up against the illumnati = orchestrated chaos to construct the new order from the ashes.

Both sides are controlled by the same people.

FaithGuy3 said...

Remember all the conditioning in 2008 when the MSM and other conservative/alternative media outlets, as well as some of these mainstream "discernment" networks painted Obama as the next Hitler, Mao, and even the Rev 13 Antichrist during his 1st election year?

Point being that Obama has been set up to be THE PERFECT puppet in all of this global revolution deceptions...potentially Civil War(both nationally and worldwide) and Martial Law(which seems to be their end game in America).

Look at this big "culture wars" fight over gun control they're having now. Look at a growing number of states passing anti-abortion laws.

No, not saying any of this is bad or anything, but remember Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, and Mitt Romney PUSHED through these SAME agendas during their political careers, but NOT a chirp from the same people that are holding Obama accountable now.

Where were they when W. Bush funded million$ to Planned Parenthood? Where were they when Reagan passed a big abortion bill as governor of California? Where were they when strict gun control measures were passed in the 1980's under Reagan AND HW Bush? Where were they when W Bush celebrated Ramada(sp) at the White House AND gave up the Golan Heights to the Palestinians? Where were they when W Bush appointed 2 pro-abortion USSC justices? Where were they when Amnesty got off the ground in the 1980's?

Why didn't any of these Republican governors pass anti-abortion and gun rights laws when George W was President?

And now these same people say Obama is coming up with ALL of these *new* agendas? Again, it's all a big setup to build up anger all across the world. It's not just the GOP establishment, but even the alternative media wolves like Alex Jones are craftily pointing fingers at Obama.

No, not defending Obama, but like scripture says, "Try the spirits..." and "Prove all things".

Luca said... what dou think their logo?

Bible Believer said...

First anon, that Bible teacher was right, the evil bankers are part of the game, but hey one reason for all the deregulation and more was to set up for the economic collapse for the world wide currency and more. And yes order out of chaos, remember that is the formula, bring in the antichrist for world unity, peace and harmony. I agree about Alex Jones. When I figured out who had had on his show and who he teamed up with it said everything. It all follows the same lie of providing a little bit of truth [such as about the NWO, bankers, 9-11 being an inside job] and mixing it with lies and deceptions.

2nd Anon I believe every teacher that goes on about revival is false, and aren't reading the Bible. Be careful of that website, why isn't God's Word good enough for that guy where he has to rewrite things? It almost seems like one of those Virgin Mary websites, where they have her issuing prophecies except this guy says it is God talking. Why do they always call people "little children"?

Bible Believer said...

Yes they are using a world revolution for world control, looks like they got almost every group in on it now too. With Iceland, I've had some odd thoughts about them, I always think no place is so small that the NWO will overlook it. I always think payback probably will be coming for Iceland, they will punish them somehow, but maybe even that could be part of "the game", have one tiny inconsequential nation, "fight" back against the bankers, it ups the revolutionary spirit? Is that too cynical? Of course I think Snowden, was giving out news, they want people to KNOW THEY ARE BEING WATCHED.
Sure they have the eye of darkness and light, black and white magic, it always works that way...LOL about eyes on the same head...all orchestrated chaos.

The revolutions too!

Anyone who praises revolutions, violence, death etc, has lost the plot, sadly they got just about every liberal praising revolution and even on the extreme right some seem eager for Civil War II to get started.

People don't realize that every revolution on this planet has been orchestrated by the luciferians, powers that be, to bring in their agendas, from the French Revolution and more.

Yes all the sides are got that right.

Yeah I remember the anti-Obama stuff, you still see websites calling him out as the antichrist, Barak means lightening etc, I wonder how much psych-op was in the two names OSAMA and OBAMA being so similar. Oh I agree he is a puppet, definitely. I am not sure exactly how they will use him, but we can see. I believe they WANT chaos, civil war and martial law in America, maybe even to break us up like Russia was once, to serve the globalist agenda. It seems all the choices are being made to make this happen including Amnesty for Illegals and more.

They have right and left fighting like cats and dogs serving the SAME OVER ALL AGENDA. What is sick is watching both false parties falling over themselves to defend and praise the NSA surveillance. Sure the same people crying and whining about Obama and NSA, didn't care at all when the Patriot Act was passed. It is sickening to see Reagan and W Bush praised by the right like they were gods, when they passed just as many false agendas. So its a lie when they same it is all "new" you are right about that. The set up has been in the work for CENTURIES, don't forget that.


5 star, named after the Pentagram.

They got the "V" for victory, goddess sign...not good.

I wrote about them somewhere on here

Oh in comments here...

FaithGuy3 said...

Speaking of movements - is it me, or does anyone else think this AZ Sheriff Joe "America's Toughest Sheriff" Arpaio is a plant?

For one, he's Catholic - someone in a higher leadership position like this that's affiliated with Catholicism raises a red flag for obvious reasons.

Two, for someone that's a big public enemy of the NWO, he sure gets a lot of MSM coverage(meaning a lot of interviews granted et al). Not that I endorse Bill Cooper, but remember public enemies of the NWO like Cooper have been either killed or thrown in jail.

Three, he waits until 2011 to start this "birther" movement against Obama? It wasn't like he was the first one to expose it - I believe Jerome Corsi and others exposed Obama's fake birth certificate in 2008(Corsi is a plant too, but that's another story). And despite this, he tells Mitt Romney before the debates to not even bring it up.

Four, again - despite his tough crackdowns on illegal immigration in his area, he IS Catholic. The Vatican has been pushing Amnesty for a long time, but en yet a Catholic in power is fighting against it? It doesn't make sense.

Here's his bio - His resume looks stained, to say the least...

Anyhow - with this "birther" movement Arpaio was leading - looks like yet another example of controlled opposition. Ultimately, people need to think for themselves instead of trusting in men to lead them.

Anonymous said...

BB, I agree with your response to 2nd Anon about that website. How does his gospel coincide with 1 John 1:8 or Paul talking about sin at the end of Romans 7? It doesn't and Paul told us about people with another gospel in Galatians 1:6-12. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, that definitely is a false website. Always hate when they have ONE truth--false revivals but on that one the false made up or "channeled" message and Christians know the voice of God and that's not it. I could go rename that website, Marian Apparition Prophecies change a few of the pronouns and it'd be no different.

Bible Believer said...

Arpaio is a plant IMO.

Wicked too, cruel to prisoners. Liberals even used to put documentaries up about how they fed green bologna to the prisoners and made them stay outside in 120 degree heat in tents. I saw one of these shows years ago, one woman who was pregnant says she miscarried because the food and heat was so bad, and she got very sick, they had arrested her for unpaid parking tickets. This guy Arpaio was like the poster boy for being tough in jails, and all he did was help expand the heartlessness and cruelty in the justice system as a whole.

Making food as gross as possible for prisoners:

Suspicious deaths in the jail

I think he is one who has been used to make Americans merciless and uncaring about prisoners and to advance the police state.

People don't realize how rotten our prisons have gotten, bad food, lack of medical, abusive etc. I know people who have gone into COUNTY JAILS and been denied medicine for days, one told me they were afraid they were going to die being denied their heart medicine.

Hmm he's Catholic, well since he is a "right wing" star even the Baptists are inviting as a speaker...

"Honored to be speaker at 107th Nat'l Baptist Congress at Phx Convention Ctr; thanks to host pastor Dr. Bernard Black
Yeah he joined the birther movement, which I just see as more deflection. I mean after all this, is anything actually going to be "DONE"? He may have hopped on that bandwagon to win more of the right wing into his favor.
Yeah that is a contradiction, the Catholic church supports illegal immigration and Amnesty. Course there are many "Republican" Catholics who seem almost willfully ignorant of the social agendas their own church pushes.

More on Arpaio here...

Bible Believer said...

I posted this comment there..

Ah Joe Arpaio,
Scary guy, promoter of the police state. Ever since I saw a documentary years and years ago of them strapping inmates to a chair for the slightest infractions and having them wear pink I guess for humiliation purposes among the men, and feed them green bologna, and house them in extreme heat, that actually could lead to people’s deaths from heat exhaustion in 120 degree heat, I knew this guy was bad bad news.
The inhumane treatment of women alone is disgusting. There are pregnant ones who have sued over losing babies over inhumane conditions in the jail.

“She’s not the only inmate to say so. Four other inmates or their family members have contacted New Times this year, describing miscarriages, stillbirths, or harsh conditions for pregnant women in Arpaio’s jails.

They blame poor medical care or, at times, no medical care. They also say that rotten food, potentially contaminated water, a lack of prenatal vitamins, and careless detention officers contribute to the problems.

Records show the claims may not be groundless. For example, the water well in the facility where pregnant women are jailed has been infested with mice and mice feces since 2005, Maricopa County Environmental Health Services Records show.”

People have died in that jail…[liberal link...but these stories are all over the web] Here they refused a diabetic person medicine and just let them die instead. Now think of that someone in that case would take hours to die and they sit there, and DO NOTHING.

People don’t know it, but this sort of thing is happening in the jails. I know someone personally who was denied heart medicine in another state for 5 days, that they needed while in county jail, and they told me they feared for their life.

On the right side of the NWO divide, there is a sickening lack of compassion and hatred for prisoners, and while people do need protected against violent criminals, these things are pure evil. That Arpaio guy is scary. I guess I am not surprised he has been granted the media ‘be famous” circuit. Absolutely sickening.

See this one too.

One thing to remember about Arpaio’s jail, THIS IS COUNTY JAIL, not STATE PRISON. Many people in there, have not even had trials yet, and treated brutally.