Friday, June 7, 2013

Amish Outcast For Witnessing the Gospel.

"Ephraim Stoltzfus, raised in the Amish culture, was disfellowshipped from his community for having the audacity to share the gospel with the lost, conducting Bible studies with his family, and for reading the Bible in English. As he studied the Word, he realized that that his leaders’ traditions didn’t exactly line up with Scripture."

I saw this show the other week, this Amish man and his family were born again, and later would leave the Amish church. Before then they were shunned for their more evangelical beliefs and for witnessing the gospel. It is a few years old but I found the story interesting, even if he does not know about Ray Comfort yet, I think this man's heart is in the right place. I have talked about how the Amish religion before on here and how they teach a false gospel, they do not believe in witnessing to the lost. There are other Amish who do become born again, and end up having to leave the Amish

Born Again: 37 Years of Darkness Among the Amish

Former Amish Christian Testimonies

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Anonymous said...

Amish is a false religion that leads to hell, like all works-based religion does. They might look quaint, but they are in a cult, doctrinally speaking.

Anonymous said...

If 'being saved' is an exclusive club that humans decide who is 'in or out' then I don't want to be saved.

If however, the club includes those whom God chooses in His perfect timing. And if however, God will use whatever instrument He deems fit to deliver His truth (even a donkey), then I would like to remain saved.

If God is not sovereign (Peter indeed does have the keys to salvation) than I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

The second anonymous doesn't like the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven (John 14:6), and that it must be by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, without works (Romans 4:5).

Jesus said that the way is narrow, and that it is open to everybody. Whether the person is saved or not, is up to that person, they chose for themselves if they will be in heaven or hell.

Jesus is God, and God is so sovereign, that He created an absolute free will in every person. So that every person has a free will choice (John 3:16).

Peter doesn't have the keys to salvation.

Anonymous said...

3rd anonymous (6/11 5:19am):

Unfortunately you have poor reading comprehension because my post fully agrees with you.

Blessings from the 2nd anonymous.

Anonymous said...

There is poor reading comprehension, and then there is poor communication and expression skills. :) I think the blame here is 50-50.

TattooedSnakeLady said...

Of COURSE they knew about Ray Comfort. After watching "Trouble in Amish Paradise" and hearing Ephraim's 'witnessing' methods (have you ever lied? yes? What do we call people that have lied? liars., etc) and seeing the one million dollar bills... I KNEW it was Ray Comfort. I just hope Ephraim wasn't stupid enough to give his entire life savings to that charlatan Ray Comfort. I am really kinda sick now thinking about it. That he would have given his life savings to Ray Comfort, and his child getting sick just after that... And you know Ray Comfort NEEDS your money to continue 'preaching the word' through his multi-million dollar scam of 'Living Waters'.

Bible Believer said...

Is he just using the tracts or involved with Ray Comfort or is he involved with the fellow? If anything real Christians would be helping him and his sick child. did he give his life savings away to Comfort. I do think someone coming out of the Amish so removed from the world could be very naïve, not even being familiar with our media, in how many false preachers there are out there making merchandise of people.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully ? (i think) I'm glad I don't know r*y &&mfort ... and likewise pray with all
who truthfully abide in the Creator's WORD
that Ephraim and his family and others with him did not get sucked into that sort of thing in spite of what it looks like. Way too many people get deceived by that.

But I came to comment on an even bigger deception. As it is written in the Creator's WORD, In Revelation - "ph*****" will deceive the whole world . ((look it up in greek, although Hebrew is even better IF you can find it ((it is very very hard to find and rare)) )) .... a proper english would be sufficient, but I haven't seen an english version that's accurate.

It cost the ones who left the Amish as they found the Truth still $3000 per day because of the even worse deception..... ((This is considered routine in the usa))...
instead of $30.00 total ((yes, for real))... ((thoroughly research vitamin A and its deficiency)) )) i.e. vitamin A has no negative side effects and no one loses their hair taking it, and they ReCOVER very well thank the Creator !