Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"The Poor Will Always Be With You"

Why did Jesus say this?

Mark 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

I care about the poor and want them helped. I pray that one day I can be put in the position to help others more though there is "help" that goes beyond financial.  But often I have thought about why did Jesus remind us that we would always have poor people on earth? Why did he say this to us along with all the other commands to help the poor? To warn about what was coming? Perhaps this was to erase the illusions about the world "Utopia's" so many would want to build. That poverty like disease was the outcome of a sinful world with many of the poor suffering even for the sins of others.

Make sure you read this article if you have not:

 Liberation Theology: Exploiting the Poor For Power and The Globalist UN Driven "Church"

Since I have written this article, I have noticed this message growing stronger. It's everywhere now, and not just relegated to the "liberal churches". They obviously do not believe what Jesus taught,  in their spiritual blindness and pride, they think "poverty can be eradicated". Throwing giant amounts of money at the problems is not going to solve the problems of human sin and wickedness. In societies where corruption rules, the wicked strong and powerful simply scoop it up and deny it to others.

Here is one of the latest gather more funds for the global elites program, with World Vision as one of it's partners. This group has other NGOs as partners.

One Days Wages

Funny they call it that, when there are so many without any wages planet wide. Even the fact this man could still survive and take care of his family donating an entire year's salary means his financial means does not fit the norm whatsoever. The video is very emotional and one can see that drawing people in. Definitely. But we have to look at the bigger picture.

We can see that most of the apostate church which is amounting to a "global community center" [one of my commenters coined this term] helping the incursion of elite controllers into the third world under the guise of "ending poverty".

All we have to do is watch the behavior of the bankers in Cyprus and what is happening even in more developed nations like Greece, with more "bail-ins" for the bankers to the point of cleaning out bank accounts to know these United Nations and connected groups mutterings about ending "extreme world poverty" are just phony window dressing. After all you don't see the UN directed World Bank, telling the bankers not to empty out bank accounts do you?  You don't see the central banking system being questioned.

The other day I read this book, it is written by a liberal, but sometimes I do read other things to help put the puzzle pieces together. This man seemed sincere in wanting to help the people of Haiti, but believed in the "system" so to speak but here he questioned a lot of what he saw. This was a distressing book to read considering the amounts of human suffering, but one could see how the root of corruption made for a society that was failed from top to bottom.  It was interesting to me that years later after billions in donations, and endless NGOS on the ground, Haiti is still as worse off as ever. Where did all the money go?

It astonishes me how many Christians are fooled by the United Nations "war on poverty" rhetoric.

UN’s $5.7B anti-poverty agency doesn’t do much to reduce poverty, according to its own assessment


Bible Believer said...

Please no racist comments about Haiti.

Make sure you realize the NWO is using the races against each other, division, and more. That is definitely a volatile subject in todays world. Any blogger willing to tackle that one has their work cut out for them.

And remember your Bible:

Act 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

There are going to be all races with us in heaven!

I am not a multiculturalist, there ARE DIFFERENCES between cultures. One can even look at cultures that are more tribal and note the differences. Even tribal cultures in New Guinea, Eskimos etc, operate much differently then traditional Western Civilization.
Perhaps one of the things you mentioned, has some truth in that the cultural more's do not match effective Western governance.

They are cultures sadly that celebrate violence and other sins. We see this happening in America. The whole "gangster culture" is a poison. I wonder how much the NWO had to do with that one, with all the music and more influencing it among the young from the 1980s on.

HAITI's BIGGEST problem IMO is the VOODOO. The enslavement to demons and the seeking of possession. This means wickedness is rife!

There are other massive "cultural" problems there as well.

Sin and evil is the problem when it's stripped down not the color of anyone's skin.

So please no racist comments. We are to love all people in this world. I know the left will call anyone a racist who is not a multiculturalist, but be wary of what "right" says too. You got the types out there claiming that people of certain races are "sub-human" and other Satanic garbage from the depths of hell. There are entire websites where they are playing BLAME {NAME THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE}

Maybe you don't take things that far, but I am sure I have readers of other races on this blog and many are my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

Bible Believer said...

To my peristent commenter, take it to Amren. [the right side of the NWO who will focus on one race as the cause of all problems instead of the bankers-luciferians etc.]

This isn't going to become the new Eric Phelps headquarters even if you think I am being too PC for your tastes. Yes I believe not every group is the same and that there are differences. These are cultural as well. I think when it comes to race, the liberals are controlled by the NWO when they tell kids to wear "white priviledge" bracelets. I know they are hiding immense crimes and growing violence in the inner cities such as the 500 teens attacking people in the Magnificient Mile and other growing crimes and unrest. The NWO desires to build as much hatred and resentment between people. Even the liberal "blame the white oppressors" garbage is of their doing!But then they are formenting on the right, BLAME THE OTHER RACES! [funny how they always do that]

I question myself the "dysfunction" which I saw first hand extreme violence working/living in one huge city. However I am not going to let that lead me to hate everyone of a certain group. That is what Satan wants. You never have met people of other races who have treated you well, or saved your life in the medical field [yes mine was], or a FELLOW BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN EVER?

Be careful where some of these Amren types are leading you. They will tell you things like "They are all the same" blah blah blah. It's genetic which always segues into their crazy DNA theories and debating whose a "real human" and whose not. Why go running to that side-- but what have I said on this blog many many times, they set up MANY MANY TRAPS FOR YOU!

There is a growing culture in America where violence and crime are honored and promoted. No, not every person of a certain persuasion belongs to it, that is where you run off the rails and why I am not posting your comments. I already had to deal with the anti-semites when warning about Christian Zionism, I don't need the KKK-racist crowd here too.

The NWO uses so much race stuff it's sick. On BOTH sides.

Fact is the matter is the NWO is using races against one another. They set up the situation in the ghettos. They controlled the economics, where certain groups felt the destruction of the manufacturing base FIRST. But it's coming for many others. You think family life will hold up when a white man can't make a living either? Even in my old rural town, my elderly friends are telling me the young people are NOT marrying and turning to drugs.

They influenced for the "gangster" culture, there is a reason all the famous rap stars now like Jay_Z, Beyonce make their homage to the Illumanti overt and known. You think that's not by plan? It is.

Hey one thing I noticed, I remark about how the global elites used Haiti as a money clean out, and already the attention is diverted from THEM!

See how that works?

Mother 2 Sons said...

I thank the author of this blog for not allowing the comments section to become like Stormfront.

I realize we all have worldviews that are shaped by our experiences, but I really would like to know how does one get a worldview were it is rare to encounter a black person that is worthy of respect as a human being?

I am black. I read sites like this, the conservative freedom sites, the prep sites, and they sadden me sometimes because somehow race always comes into the picture and it turns into a "black people are less than" situation. It just blows my mind.

I've been black all of my life. And I personally do not know anyone who is a thug, on drugs, on welfare, or any of the other stereotypes. I am not saying that these people do not exist. They do. Yet to assert that ALL or even MOST black people fall into these categories is shocking to me. It just seems ridiculous based upon
my life experiences.

Do those who feel this way, actually encounter these situations frequently; or
is this attitude coming from television mixed with a one-time experience?

If you do encounter this frequently and it is the ONLY image you have of black people- I would pray that you are able
to move to a safer area. I wouldn't want to live in an unsafe area full of angry people of any race,so if that is the case, you have my sympathies.

These attitudes don't really get under my skin because I am used to it, but it hurts me for another reason.

How do I explain this to my sons? I thank the Lord that they are young enough to enjoy life and have innocence. They aren't old enough to understand racial tensions and I DREAD the
day I will have to explain it. I dread the day that I will have to look at them, and tell them that God loves them, but in this world you will always be a black
man. It doesn't matter what you accomplish, what is in
your heart- when it comes down it it- there will be a lot of people who think you are disgusting and a low form of life, simply because of your outer appearance.

There will be places that you have to avoid simply because of your outer appearance. Life isn't fair and it never will be. Sometimes it will just be unfair- other times either subtly or overtly the unfairness will be because of your skin color. My sons, you need to be prepared to deal with that.

I don't want to have that conversation because it is hurtful to a child. I remember learning this myself, and the confusion/pain of wondering why.

But perhaps when the time comes, it won't matter because we'll all be running from the Antichrist and then maybe something will *click* and people will realize when it comes to sin and savior- we are all the same.

Satan wants you- Satan wants your kids, he doesn't care what color you are.

Jesus died for you. Jesus can be your savior- He does not have a color requirement. May the spirit of the Lord bring peace to all who struggle with these issues.

Anonymous said...

The "let's unite the world to fight poverty!" message is another false gospel. Yes we should help the hungry, so, fill a bag with food and hand it to your local homeless person. There, you fought poverty.

Joining with false teachers and globalist-leaning "churches" is not the way to fight poverty. That's the way to fight against true doctrine.

Kayfabe said...

Yes this pressure to help the poor in far away places is strong. Even at the check out line in the grocery store, the clerk will ask me with a full line behind me waiting if I want to donate to whatever charity they are repping. In my head I'm like "Thanks for putting me on the spot andlooking like a jerk when i say no". I only give to people in person and I avoid the charities like a plague.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Kayfabe said the same thing I did, which is to just give food to a hungry person. Much better than feeding the organization that will leave them spiritually hungry (and still probably physically hungry too anyway).

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Mother 2 sons. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints here. Yes one has to be careful of those who will come on and try to steer things a certain way. I have seen that stuff on the conservative freedom, prepper, etc websites too. With your sons, I would try to explain as much as you can as they get older and ready for it. Definitely you are right it will be not an easy conversation to have. I will pray for you and them.

Agree we all will be running from the antichrist, and Satan wants everyone no matter what color they are.

I am praying that more are not deceived by that "hate" from the right either. They need to realize we have Christian brothers and sisters of all colors.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, I know the pressure is hard. I know I've said no and have gotten some weird looks. Why not help the poor you see right in front of you. They got people indoctrinated into writing checks to send FAR AWAY and not to help or even make those who are less fortunate part of their lives. I avoid charities, especially after I found out what kind of salaries the bigwhig ones make. I try to give who I can, people I know IN PERSON.

Bible Believer said...

Agree feed the hungry you see. With the charities who knows where the money is going?

Bible Believer said...

One thing I forgot to mention above, is all the racism via the NWO [left and right] and turning the races on each other in America is part of the Jesuit plan.

Anonymous said...

When one reads the sermon on the mount, our Lord did not give a solution to the tribulations of mankind. He simply stated that he knew we would go through hard times, and tribulations. For those who suffer on earth, in Christ, our reward is great in Heaven. That was his promise. There is no government on earth, which can solve the ills of men. We are humble humans, but whatever we can do to help one of our brothers, we have done it unto Christ.

Unknown said...

I grew up in a denomination which is extremely 'missions' oriented. I remember as a child, seeing films of mission work being done in leper colonies of Africa, of hearing of missionaries giving their lives in China and seeing little to no fruit for their labor. As time has passed, thousands of dollars layered year upon year has became millions spent with very little fruit.
I am now a grandmother and the very same countries that were so needy 50+ years ago are still needy. Occasionally, a new 'poverty du jour', such as Haiti, will be introduced, with exactly the same results, truck/boat loads of financial aid, food, etc., with little or no change. The problem is not the skin color, but rather the darkness of the hearts. I have seen the problem firsthand. it is the integration of 'Christianity' with whatever devil is the object of worship in that country.
God will not bless a people who try to add Him to their list of deities, not thousands of years ago with the Hebrew people, not now.
This is the root of poverty in every nation or people group on the earth.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Anon, no government is going to solve our problems. The lie of the United Nations is formed around this edict that supposedly they will end poverty, and solve the world's problems. A world Utopia, well they advertise that but the main goal is to centralize power for the Antichrist. I agree about helping the poor...

Proverbs 19:17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Bible Believer said...

Unknown my other commenter posted some more, he is right about the violence in the ghettos, the genocide against whites in South Africa where they are killing white farmers but I'm not going to let anyone on who makes it about color of the skin. Also as I said he needs to leave the lies of the extreme right and see how the NWO is playing all groups of people like a fiddle. They will tell people on the right "blame the Mexicans", when really it is those exploiting them. The elites want their cheap labor, but you won't see that mentioned on VDare or by Pat Buchanan. They are just trying to survive.

Evil goes all ways. I say the main problem is SPIRITUAL. Those who reject God, of ANY color who follow the devil's ways, one is going to see the results in lives, there will be misery, violence and other horrors. Even for violence in our ghettos, these are people who have chosen SIN.

Add in religions that bring in the demons--witchdoctors, "santo muerte" in Latin America, the SEEKING OUT of possession. Those who wax poetic about world "native" religions and I am talking about EVERY CONTINENT, need to wake up. Even white pagan Celts of history and their modern copy cats are bringing up demons. Native American Indians, what do you think those vision quests are about where they have their totem. [a spirit actually a demon that appears to them in animal form] I study some odd things not everyone gets to hear about but have read a lot of Anthropology in my time and all these native animist religions are totally in with demons, and this is the main reason the people suffer so. Voodoo is Haiti's biggest problem!

If one goes to an area where the people are practicing these religions and you are a Christian, you will FEEL IT. I know those who have flown into these countries gotten of the plane and have attested to this.

I am old enough to know the same places are still doing very badly. Why is that? Some have had money poured into them. If a place is full of demons and there is no notion of "fair deals" or historical bible based morality [America is growing more corrupt now as it rejects God] and your religion/cultural imperatives are different, why do they expect any success? As I wrote from that book from Haiti, very little of the poor saw any of the money. All the money in the world isn't going to solve HUMAN SIN, corruption and evil, and you are right they do introduce a "poverty du jour' all the time picking one area to focus on. Sometimes its a place the NWO chooses to otherwise profit from or grab resources from

And you are right, some of these people have followed "mix and blend" religions mixing the pagan religions, false gods with a veneer of Christianity. Catholicism definitely has advanced that in many ways, Santeria, Columbre, etc. Voodoo, itself one will meet those who go to Voodoo ceremonies at night and Catholic Mass during the day. Is it by accident so many of these people live in misery? No it's not.

You nailed it, God will not bless such people, those involved with demons and worshipping false gods, poverty, misery is the price. I agree with you this is the root of poverty and misery world-wide.