Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Picture I Questioned

This picture below I saw it MYSELF on CNN first while watching news coverage of Boston and was in shock. I tend to be kind of a details person and even said to a family member as I was watching it, "How could your clothes be shredded and not your skin"? They told me well a bomb could do that to your clothes. Is that true?  I told him it still didn't make sense to me.  I once spilled a simple cup of soup on a leg bringing me third degree burns, and a ER hospital visit, how could a bomb be strong enough to rip your clothes into shreds and blow open your pants and leave your skin with what looks like a few abrasions intact? You know the blast would be "hot". I am not a scientist so if anyone wants to weigh in, I am just pondering these things.

 It was so weird to me I scoured the web to find a copy of what I saw and found one from the Well Aware conspiracy website. I don't endorse that website which probably is correct about some of the funny business and "doppleganger" craziness out there, but seems to be a mixture of truth and lies.   I posted about this in comments, see the comments under the Boston Martial Law article. Right when I saw this picture I asked "How could this man have his clothes shredded and not his skin? Did he rip his shirt up into those neat little strips for tourniquets? How did the skin on his legs survive having the pants cut and torn wide open?" Anyone want to respond?

I have an aversion to blood, fake or real which brings on feelings of unwellness, so can't go post or study on this matter as intently as I could have, but I did my own google of "Boston Marathon Victims" took a few glances, be careful if you follow this lead because it can get VERY GRAPHIC and well, what can I tell you but a lot of things looked  "funny" to me. Maybe they will look "funny" to you too. A couple of websites {WARNING VERY GRAPHIC} show pictures that are really extreme they claim were used with one I asked was this picture shown of some guy STILL alive and conscious with no blood from a newly amputated leg with a bone sticking out shown anywhere in mainstream news websites?  It seems to me anyone with the smallest thimble of medical knowledge would question this picture. You don't even need to go visit the "extreme conspiracy websites", but use your own mind and brain. I'm not going to say I know everything that happened but I know when pictures look funny to me. The guy with the "blown up clothes" definitely did. The minute I saw it, it made no sense.


Anonymous said...

There is also this picture. Another man with shredded clothing but no inuries.

From this link

Anonymous said...

I also found this, somebody asking a question about explosions and torn clothes. It seems it may be possible to have torn clothes but no injury.

Anonymous said...

This may not be exactly on subject, but speaking of dopplegangers, I have always had the opinion that the current Paul MacCarthy was not the one from the 60's. I just find it interesting.

Apparently, some scientists in Italy sought to disprove this conspiracy theory, but after their forensic study they came to the conclusion that there are two different Pauls. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I should also add about the link to the McCarthy stuff. I do not endorse the whole site. There is alot of anti-jew stuff on there. I was only using it for reference to the Paul McCarthy issue, nothing else. I have never been to the site before. Found it on google when looking for McCarthy information.

Just to make that clear.

Anonymous said...

I think they're going to have to hire some new actors. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I've seen pictures of the "actors" around Don. That is uncanny.

Thanks for the links to others. I did want to know if explosions can rip clothes and not skin. I may look into that more too.

Still doesn't explain the guy in the wheelchair with the bone hanging out or the weird color and patterns of the spilled blood in other pictures.

Re: doppelganger stuff, I think they could have put a new guy in for McCarthy too.

Anonymous said...

The Huffington Post ran lots of pictures. The top section is video, but the next section is a picture gallery of 200 pictures. Pictures 10 and 32 are two different angles of the guy in the wheelchair.
Warning - very graphic

news4themasses said...

Hi there BibleBeliever, N4TM here. I did post a very graphic picture on my blog and became a target by a troll online who set up a few proxy sites and demanded I remove/edit the picture. I found it hard to believe that the one-sole- picture that I used could cause that much controversy. I saw many, literally hundreds of sites with variations of pictures from the Boston Bombing. What are the odds that I would pick the one picture that turned out to be one of the victims who died? I had originally seen the picture on Twitter, and RT'd it. Later I wanted to use that same picture for my blog, but I was on a lil netbook and just google image searched for it, remembering that it was a "Boston Globe" image. I was able to find it, save it, and upload it to my post. Before the day ended April 15th I had discerned that the Boston Bombing was a false flag, I edited my post with updated information conveying my theory. The image didn't become an issue until days later. The hit job was almost exactly a week to the day. In the time passed since the 'hit' job on me I delved into a deep reconnaissance mode. Turns out there's more to the picture I had than I knew. You are correct in your questions about why all the victims had their clothes shredded. Most of them were only shredded from the waist down. However, we were told this was a pressure cooker bomb and the trajectory of the objects go out indiscriminately. Then why only shred the waist down? Because that was a huge mistake by the staggers. Another note I'll leave you with is that the vast majority of reporting was from the Boston Globe. Ironically they were supplying stills, and videos that the MSM were using in their playbacks. Another reason for the FBI to "request" all photos be turned in for searching for the "terrorists." I bid your readers and mine as well to, "not believe everything you see." Times are to the point when we truly need the Holy Spirit to give us discernment in EVERYTHING.

Bible Believer said...

I saw that picture on your blog and the trolls that came after you. It was actually one of the least graphic pictures. With that picture they said she was "dead" but her color [well both girls] said to me they were still alive. I remember thinking why are they saying she is dead in that picture when both of them look alive?]

The weird WE WANT TO COLLECT the PHOTOS thing creeped me out too and that should be a massive red flag. I remember mentioning with Sandy Hook that they told all the parents it would be "too traumatizing" to show them pictures of their dead children or their bodies. I saw that in a news article and I thought what on earth, any parent would be screaming to see their own child to find out what happened! Sure it may be traumatic, but very few would walk away with a shrug of the shoulders. They would want to know they really had died!

They were going so against you I wondered what was going on?

Did you find out more about that picture? I guess I am not surprised.

The guy's clothes even in this picture especially the shirt looks like they took scissors and cut strips, it looks too orderly and why no marks or problems on the upper torso or face, you are telling me no shrapnel or firey bits hit the TOP of his shirt or face? So good point.

If you were facing a pressure cooker bomb, I don't think it would stop right above your waist for convenience. :/

So most pictures came from ONE SOURCE?

I agree these are times not to believe what we are seeing. They are rewriting history and manipulating it. Think 1984. Where Winston was rewriting news and altering pictures. Best way to explain it. So very wicked. Yes one needs the Holy Spirit to know what is true.

news4themasses said...

I did look more into the picture I had. There is a site that has more images of her from different angles a little earlier than the photo I have of her. Those other pictures put in perspective give clear indication that she was alive during the photo shoot. And her resulting death doesn't seem to fit with her "injuries." I still can't find one source that gives the cause of death. How does she die and the guy with two legs blown off survive? Was he an amputee already, placed there? Did she die from a gun shot wound? Was she and the other "college student" who really worked for a Chinese Super group assassinated? Why the young boy then? I heard his father on the day of the bombing say his son was not next to him and his daughter but was a few feet away, then that story changed. I saw images of Michelle and Obama shaking hands with the victims while they were in the hospital. Why weren't those pictures released to MSM. I had to dig to find those. Sandy Hook never made sense either, neither did Tucson. I believe some of these had targeted people in the group and then the rest were collateral damage. Why did we hear countless rants and raves from the "mother" of the bombers? We never heard from Adam Lanza's dad or brother. We never heard from Loughner's family, or from James Holmes' family after they killed many more people. Ultimately three people died, that's horrible, and tragic, there were some injured, but Boston Marathon was far from the "most tragic" "Terror attack" on American soil which some pundits kept saying repeatedly like a mantra. NO- I would say 9-11 and Oklahoma city would take the cake there, not Boston. And finally it makes no sense AT ALL that two Russian/Chechen "Muslim" radicalized extremists would target America. "IF," and that is a giant <<< "IF" >>>>, we were truly attacked by Russians, why are we not at war? When the Saudi Arabian CIA trained "terrorists" hit the US we quickly went to war in Iraq (cause Iraqi's were not involved). Why would the MSM dare call this Al Qaeda linked when John Kerry and his bro John McCain are constantly trying to pitch to Congress why we should arm and fund Syrian AQ rebels? Makes no sense huh. But then again that's because they have really poor script writers in the CIA. ;-P

Bible Believer said...

LOL about the script writers. I wondered about what was her name Gifford, how does anyone get shot in the head and walk away so intact? Unless they were just grazed and it just hit the scalp none of it made any sense to me. Anyhow those girls they said were dead looked alive. I had a relative drop dead from heart problems, and the human body when someone is deceased even right away does not look that way. The color changes as the blood stops pumping. So I bet seeing those pictures from other angles was of interest. She had a pool of blood under her but did they say she was shot? or was it a piece of shrapnel from the bomb? This idea that all these people could live having their legs blown off too was insane, 90% would bleed out, especially since not everyone knows first aid, about tourniquets. That is weird about the hospital pictures. Yes we never saw even cleaned up photos of victims of Sandy Hook, and yeah you think of Tucson too. I got confused by all the various relatives who all lived here.I am confused too by who are the enemies and why would two "Russians" attack as well. Someone told me they were Muslim Chechens and that changes the formula but who knows? I am confused by all the funding of various groups that are supposed to "hate us" as well. I think they want us confused. That is the only conclusion I can draw. The news is now being "manufactured" to various ends.

news4themasses said...

to quote the last Secretary of State, "What difference does it make?!" We won't be allowed to know what really happened or why. What we can walk away with is that we are getting better at discerning when they are lying to us. We are learning their MO and recognizing their mistakes. We may be a small group of people who recognize the deceit but we are growing. At times I wonder why bother telling anyone that "they" are lying and trying to trick us, so many (the masses) desire the lie and prefer the lie to the truth. I know my blog is chasing wind, it's vanity, to bring anything to light especially when dealing with "worldly" news. Frankly the Worldly news is easier to digest than the rank politics of the apostate church. The apostate church is another area filled with masses preferring the delusion also. It hurts to look at all the lies within the church and see people led to the slaughter within the church system. All I have to do is look at the sick and twisted circumstance of the body of Christ and then the daily news looks like a children's story.

Bible Believer said...

Remember how the Bible predicts all things done in darkness will be brought out into the light, I think we are in those days now.

The people who are open to the truth are the ones discerning rather then closing their ears and eyes. Of course we know New world order awareness does not guarantee that a person is saved and they have deceptions waiting for those folks too, but definitely those who love and who are interested in truth are asking more questions.

I think there is a small group getting better at seeing through their games too. Definitely. There are more in the know. I remember the old days warning about 9-11, there were very few questioners and now there are more. Still rare and not the majority, but far more numerous. I do wish more that questioned the government would take a closer look at their churches though.

I know I face that too why bother telling anyone? You do get told you are "crazy" and "no good", I have faced this often enough IRL but for those of us where it is God's Will to warn and edify, we have no other choice. I know you are in that place too and it's not always easy, news4themasses.

There's been many times I've wanted to just go ignore what is happening somewhere, and not put myself out there. Especially nowadays where everyone who is trying to warn of the truth is being labeled. I know our time of free speech is going to be shorter and shorter.

I agree with you about the "worldly" news via the "apostate" churches.

Strange how you can get people to examine the governments of the world and the machinations of the new world order elite but then when it comes to their preachers and the church system, they refuse to "go there".

Even trying to warn people against false rituals and sacraments, it has been like shouting into the wind.

I know it worries me too. It is hard to watch. Very hard.

I agree the churches are far worse. And getting people to see the truth about the false churches is far harder then getting them to see the truth about the political powers in this world.

news4themasses said...

If only one other soul is helped by my insignificant blog than it would have all been worth it. That's why I started my blog, that's why I continue my blog. I know for a fact you've helped more than that G4! Keep contending. ;-)

Bible Believer said...

I noticed they have an article starring the guy in the picture I questioned.

Does this mean others wondered about that guy?

Otherwise why the need for an entire article on how injured he REALLY was...

Reading the comments there were interesting, I saw these two--they probably will take them down..


"I agree with Tyrone. At first I thought anyone who questioned the bombing was deluded--until I saw forensic analyses of the photos--


--or here:

Once you learn about "MOULAGE" (an entire industry of making traumatic injuries appear real for movies, trainings and reenactments--and its common use by the military and government agencies -- -- ), it's obvious that the photos we've been shown are moulage, and that the event was staged. The question is, why?

I don't know if Mr. Costello's injuries were sustained in the Boston bombing or some other time or place, or even if they're real, but I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for better medical proof before we give him our sympathy--or our money.

Tyrone Sandalphon wrote:
5/13/2013 5:50 AM GMT-0400
What an absolute fake and a fibber!

The boston marathon was another False Flag Terrorist Attack on America. They used crisis actors with fake plastic injuries. We even have photos of them spraying fake blood on the ground and attacking fake wounded limbs to "victims"

this man was so close to the bomb yet he was left virtually unhurt yet others who were further from the blast were torn limb from limb?

What a joke..who writes this stuff?

..and yes we have many more suspects with matching back-packs other than the two patsy brothers."

Bible Believer said...

Thanks news4themasses. :) Hey keep up good work on your blog too. Remember your article WOE got me started researching Calvary Chapel too. You have helped a lot of others too. God bless.