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The Latest on The Whosoevers

Read these articles for context if you have not:

The Whosoevers: A "Christian" Band and Their Interesting Graphics

Fans of The Whosoevers are not happy with this blog

I noticed this some time ago having a commenter inform me on some of the latest happenings but haven't had time to post about it yet. The Whosoevers were promoting a tattoo shop Vatican studios and artists who drew these crosses with overt satanic imagery that were sold off for charity at an art show.  If you want to go to the Whosoevers blog and see them promoting these crosses, it's right on their blog. Google Whosoevers blog and Vatican Studios. One couldn't find a collection of more satanic images if they tried: [from the Whosoevers blog]

Check out the video, there is far more to see here. So many Eye of Horuses, I lost count.......


I found this video on line where these crosses were being promoted via Vatican Studios. This show was done for charity for the City of Hope Children's Fund. Warning--satanic art, some language, and endless flashing of the "sign of the horns" hand sign.

If one was to take this lets say from the secular view, and there was no one claiming to be Christian in the room, some of these crosses are really bad and overtly satanic even for sincere but deceived lost hispanic Catholics, cultural Catholics and even secularists to have even drawn them. Remember I'm an ex-Catholic, I know what the church art looked like. Maybe some of the artists simply do not know the true meaning of the symbols they have drawn but you can see with many they are so blatant, you ask why are they drawing these things? One can see even mind control/voodoo/Illuminati and other symbols tossed in, moving things beyond the motorcycle, heavy metal or even "Sacred Heart" Catholic iconography. They didn't miss the pyramid in this one.

The tattoo world does celebrate that which is evil. There is influence there for certain styles of art.  They want what is rebellious, shocking, and what will draw attention, sadly this means many wicked things of this world to draw in the eyes and bring in the customers. Ever see people who have tattooed pictures of demons on their arms? I have. I understand someone who has tattoos and later got saved, but I do not believe tattooing is okay by God's standards. There are edicts in the Bible against it.

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.
Leviticus 19:28

Tattoos and The Bible

Tattoos and Rebellion

Speaking of rebellion and that which is Satanic, with this cross, they took things all the way....

Why did they name it Vatican studios? What is amazing is the overt ignorance about the Catholic church and the promotion of its symbols and connected names. Google Vatican Studios and Facebook.

I don't know what religion Franco Vescovi, the owner of Vatican Studios is or not. He had this to say on an Inked article, including the fact he has done tattooing for Dennis Rodhman---ever notice how all these celebrities intermingle?
"As someone who uses religious iconography in his pieces, do you always stick with symbols of your own faith? 
I’ll still do other religious iconography, because everyone should be able to express themselves. If someone is Buddhist and comes to me, even though I believe in Jesus Christ, I don’t judge. But when it comes to evil tattoos—negative subject matter or violence, that’s not really the imagery I like to create. Sometimes I like to look at them because the artists are good, but I can’t create those kinds of tattoos because it’s just not in me."
He does love Catholic iconography though. Would a born again Christian use the papal keys and mitres on his art? Ryan Ries, had the Vatican Studios event promoted on his Facebook page too.

 How can you say you are a born again Christian, and think any of this art is okay?
Christian martial arts? Huh? Well that is a subject for another post.

Others are noticing the truth about the Whosoevers and asking questions, why is the art so satanic? Why are they so invested in the appearance of evil?

 The Fruit of Brian Welch

The Whosoevers . . . Evangelists With Unsettling Occult Imagery

Message Board Post: Whosoevers and Occult Imagery [not an endorsement of this message board]

"If anyone doesn't like them, they are called "old wineskins" or not in touch with the youth. I am only 35 and I came out of the world and the occult--and you know what? I HATE IT. It bothers me that they don't change. That they don't hate it, after all these years.
I wanted to share this blog entry that I saw today. It bothered me to no end. Do you also see the satanic images in this artwork? Upside down crosses, all seeing eyes, images of Lucifer, demon wings, blasphemous statements about Christ.
 Am I wrong? Too judgmental? I mean if you go to their events you will see some young tattooed ex-something or other talking about Jesus. But I see Illuminati all over this. Please look at these pics and see if you see the enemy too!!!"

What they are doing is so blatant it can't be ignored by any discerning Christian.

Supposedly Brian Welch is rejoining Korn.

"Korn‘s reconciliation with guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has been taken to the next level, as the band just revealed a video depicting Welch in the studio with Korn. The team of Jonathan Davis, James ‘Munky’ Shaffer, Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu and Brian ‘Head’ Welch have gathered to record their first album together in 10 years.
Along with drummer Ray Luzier, the classic Korn members have welcomed Welch back into the recording studio to create the follow-up to the group’s 2011 dubstep-infused album, ‘The Path of Totality.’ The new video of Korn, which was released via Rolling Stone, paints the reunion in black and white while ominous music surrounds the story. Words such as “Money, fame, fortune” and “Addiction, depression, separation” pop onto the screen before triumphantly revealing footage of Korn’s full lineup, including Welch, writing music together.
“We knew we would have a blast playing together, because we love each other so much, but we really wanted to make sure the music felt right before we committed to making a whole album together,” Welch tells Rolling Stone. “But since we got in the studio, everything just started pouring out, now I can’t wait until our fans hear this stuff!”

If you were truly born again why would you rejoin that what you left?

Another thing I found out too, is seeing this video of John Crowder and Brian Welch together.

Remember John Crowder?

New Mystics, John Crowder and the "Drunken Glory Tour"

Warning for this video-false religious delusion and total evil....

One thing to remember about this article, is remember what I say about the "network". Their favorite tattoo artist tattoos Dennis Rodman. You know Mr. Appointed messenger to North Korea? Think about that and what it means. You think it's an accident that now Crowder pops up? Mr. Mesmerize Them? I was having a thought about Crowder, that in his ability to "work" the crowd and have people suspend all good sense, that he definitely has to be having outward demonic help in having it happen.

Some bloggers will give the Whosoevers more benefit of the doubt. They will say they are "unseasoned" Christians, don't know what they are doing, or giving in to much to culture. They mean well, but I am done with that. One thing I noticed is when calling out this occultic imagery, is that there was no conviction only mocking and excuses. I believe they are selling another "jesus", the false "jesus" of the antichrist church, where satanic imagery is part of the plan and the "indoctrination", meant as rebellion against the true God of the Bible and to lead young people into the rebellion and deception while claiming they are Christians. The company that they keep regarding the above also speaks more volumes then I ever could.

Isa 1:16    Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;


Anonymous said...

I used to get into this stuff with the tattoos and the symbols and the darkness they surround themselves with, and I left it behind when I found Jesus. It's religion, and they are religious. For all their posturing about being "against religion", they're more religious and judgmental than anyone you will ever meet, with their icons, and symbols, and rituals. They're among the most religious people you will find anywhere.

And their religion is universalism, not Christian. The tattoo maker will do "buddhist" tattoos but not the "really violent stuff", 'cause that's just not in him. Well buddhism is satanic, and that's okay for him apparently. Buddhism has caused as many souls to be in hellfire as any religion.

Whoever (no pun intended) said that they count everyone as "old wineskins" for finding their ways stupid, hit the nail on the head. They're religious and judgmental against anyone that doesn't see things their religious way.

Anonymous said...

P.S. When a group endorses catholicism/the vatican, you have a false group. Catholicism is the world's biggest cult. If they endorse it, then they're false.

Anonymous said...

Will these guys still be dressing like this when they're in their 80's? I mean, they don't want to become "old wineskins". So will they look like this at that age too? It just looks stupid, and faith doesn't come by looking stupid. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).

Anonymous said...

One other thing, did you ever consider the possibility that this is all done just to sell stuff? I mean, these are products. They're not handed out for free. They're bought with money. There is an image for sale.

Anonymous said...

And yes, all these guys all know each other and they know tons of people in the "establishment" of Hollywood and government and so on. These are not "rebels against the religious system". This is a product of the religious system. They're conformists.

Bible Believer said...

Hey first anon, I remember my non-believer days when I was into the "dark" stuff too including goth music. They will claim the Christians calling them out are all fuddy-duddies who aren't hip or cool to "what's happening", but many of us were in that world or part of it, and after we were saved GOT OUT and now HATE and LOATHE it to the core of our beings because when you are born again, you leave that stuff behind.

I agree this is false religion, and well Universalism fits the bill, you are right about that. Remember the false "jesus" of the apostate antichrist churches is the "cosmic christ" where all religions are welcome!

I thought too so what if he won't do really violent stuff but some of those crosses looked pretty "violent" to me so looks like some of his friends sure have no problem with it.

I agree anyone who is willing to tattoo the symbols of other religions and gods on the body of others definitely is not someone who shows the fruits of believing in Jesus Christ exclusively. That's not even getting started with the neglect in reading what the Bible has to say about tattooing. [Tattooing has its spiritual roots as well in pagan religions]

This is like saying, "I believe in jesus but since I am a sculptor and the Buddhist temple has the cash, I have no problem making a big Buddha statute for them!" Buddhism yes does send many to hell. Same with the Catholicism.

Bible Believer said...

At this point if Brian Welch and the Whosoevers made a visit to the Vatican itself and posted photos all over their blog of kissing the Pope's ring it wouldn't shock me. I mean think about this they claim they are a Christian group and ministry and they advocate a place that named itself AFTER THE VATICAN?

Hmm guess all the ex-Catholics who actually got born again and then went to Calvary Chapel probably already have left.

There wasn't one guy in that room, that said Vatican huh? Harlot? Remember Revelation 17?

Bible Believer said...

Hey in the heavy metal world and elsewhere, they are clinging to these things including their way of dress [well that tattoos are permanent unless they get them lasered off] until they are quite old. Some of these guys are already in their 40s, so the 20 something days are long gone.

I do think marketing and money has a lot to do with it. I do not think that is the only reason though.

Bible Believer said...

I agree it's all conformist. Manufactured rebellion, words, actions, logos, etc. Seen one, and you seen them all. I wrote elsewhere recently most 'sub-cultures' have been produced, and are not true grassroots. That includes the so called "counter-culture". Yeah I noticed how its like a giant spider web, where yes they do know each other.

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Marion said...

Those have got to be some of the creepiest videos I've EVER seen!...couldn't even watch but a few minutes of each. Lord have mercy on our youth!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! After being in that world and then being born again - you do not want that darkness!! You have been changed. I hate it. Anything to do with the occult is repulsive. How can a Christian look at this stuff and not have red flags go up? How can a Christian look at this stuff and say, "they glorify Jesus!"

Yes, I agree they are promoting the system of the anti-Christ. This is not the Jesus of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Seriously - how can Welch go back to Korn and sing their lyrics?
You are born again and you can sing those lyrics? Really?

I agree. Lord have mercy on our youth. The Whosoevers seem to teach them that profanity is a part of being a born again Christian, but it's not.

Anonymous said...

This is so weird. Very striking fact - Ryan Ries is the son of Raul Ries, a Calvary Chapel pastor, right (someone correct me if I am wrong)? And is it no coincidence that Calvary Chapel has been intermingling (as in, research what is happening on the campus of the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murietta Hot Springs and all the Jesuit goings-on...) with Catholicism for some time now? What is going on???!!! This is so nuts. If I had any doubts about Calvary being in bed with the Catholic church before, this sealed the deal.

Kayfabe said...

Ryan Ries and the Whosoevers came to my old Calvary in Montebello Cali and right away I knew that these guys were in love woth their testimonies and not the testimony of Jesus. They talked about being against religion and being radical and all I thought was "gimmie a break". These guys are so System and Religion friendly and that's why the institution is good with them. These guys are FAKE rebels! I mean come on Ryan, you know that your just a little preppy boy from Diamond Bar, get real. Speaking of christian martial arts, Raul Ries runs a dojo where many Calvaryites have gone or do go. I have a friend that went for years. Seems like its just another outlet for Rauls aggressiveness. I mean Calvary Golden springs even has a boot camp I heard where they do DNC (basically marching) so Raul loves him some Military. He even called them his brothers in his documentry. Some of these Calvary Pastors are rumored to still be connected to their former gang world. Believe me it has been used as a subtle form of intimidation In the past.

Anonymous said...

"They talked about being against religion and being radical and all I thought was "gimmie a break". These guys are so System and Religion friendly and that's why the institution is good with them. These guys are FAKE rebels!"

Bingo. They're more religious than those they denounce for being religious.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a repeat - I didn't think my last post went through.

Are they justifying their use of profanity by saying they are 'raw for Christ'?

There's nothing in the Bible about being 'raw for Christ'. The Bible says to stop using profanity and course speech, to turn from wickedness and every appearance of evil.

So when Ryan says in the video above that they are about the pure word of God, that's just not true.

In this review of Welch's book

of course there is lots of profanity which is excused by saying Welch is a new Christian. But he also says in the book that all that's needed is to say a sinner's prayer and you are saved.

That's not true, either.

It is heart breaking because people don't read their Bible, they just take these guys word for it what the gospel is about and they are being told a lie.

Reis said they are walking the walk Jesus walked. But Jesus didn't walk around cursing being raw for himself.

In Matthew 15 Jesus talks about how the people honor him with their lips but their hearts are far from him. They worship him in vain because they are following man-made commandments.

He goes on to say that what defiles a man is what comes out of his mouth. What is in the heart comes out of the mouth.

Being 'raw for Christ' is a man-made thing.

Many people love the world. They want to be in the world and they want to be told they can be in the world and God condones it. This seems to be mission of the Whosos.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are conformists. I found a picture of Welch where he has his right hand covering his right eye. He's wearing a wrist band that says Be Different. But he's making the same eye covering gesture as every other celebrity/model /musician n Hollywood!

I've been reading where people are saying bringing the world into the church is good if it saves one person .

But what about the people who fall away back into the world and choose going back to their old ways because of it? The Bible says it's better for a man to have never known The Lord than to know The Lord and then turn back. What about those people?

Very Concerned said...

Brian "Head" Welch appears to be in a more dangerous place now than ever.

First Brian Welch got used and abused by the world, then he came into the apostate church and got used and abused even worse because they have given him a false sense of salvation as Calvary Chapel does a great job at.

Now Brian is going back into the world as he is re-uniting with Korn and the Whosoever website is promoting this as a good thing! (See the whosoever blog that has the Korn reunion YouTube video)

Ryan Ries... So great Brian Welch is going back to Korn and do music? right??? Did you ever think about how he is taking all his "christian" teenage whosoever followers of the last 8 years back with him to listen and be deceived by Korn's old lyrics as well as their new? But seriously, what do you care about these kids enough to warn them and tell them the entire truth, you already got their $20 bucks they spent on your whosoever t-shirt.

Ryan Ries, you have done a great job PIMPING Brian Welch's popularity to build your Whosoever Brand Empire and sell baseball caps, t-shirts, jackets, and stickers and bookings while doing it in the name of Jesus.

And NO, I'm not judging your motives, I'm just calling it how I see it, if I am seeing it wrong please correct me. I don't doubt your sincerity that you want to reach kids but I am saying that telling someone the whole truth can make for a unpopular and unprofitable "Movement."

(Yes, the lead singer from P.O.D. is in on the deal somehow too, he came out with his Jefe Clothing line a couple years back, I remember vividly he had a shirt with a print rendition of a false jesus on it, so he likes to merchandise to the church too.)

I don't want to forget to give credit to Skip Heitzig, he was the first to PIMP Brian Welch when he was featured in the Calvary Chapel Magazine baptizing Welch in the Jordan River on an Israel tour.

What a great way for Calvary Chapel to promote Chuck Smith's "Inspired Travel" tour company and their trips to Israel to all the Calvary Chapels who receive their Free Calvary Chapel Magazine Newsletter. That edition must have been the most highly printed CC Magazine edition of all time... Hardcore rocker, Brian "Head" Welch now a Christian, I remember it quite well, I had to get a copy to see it myself!

Ryan Ries you have all business savoy needed to be a great Calvary Chapel Pastor... In fact, you are one of the smartest of them all, going after the teenage kids who has their parents money... their are so many kids that are lost and searching for an identity in this sinful world. You make it "cool" to follow Jesus, which biblically is an oxymoron. Then you set the trends in place so in order to follow Jesus and be accepted by their peers, all the whosoevers have to dress a certain way wearing all-black christian gang-banger whosoever t-shirts, get tattoos with the whosoever "W" logo and/or the whosoever "Pray Hard" slogan, and listen to the music that the whosoevers are promoting at that time.

Seeing all this Christian merchandizing is sickening. Ryan, go read about how Jesus feels about making merchandise of the people of God. He doesn't like!

Please repent.

Brian "Head" Welch, if you are reading this, please understand what has happened to you and how they made merchandise out of you and held back the entire truth from you. (You have been duped just like myself and most of the people who read this blog by the wolves in sheeps clothing) Please repent in faith and be born again of the Word of God and guard yourself for the next time being as wise as a serpant and as harmless as a dove.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ be strong and very courageous!

Anonymous said...

I think the Whosoevers are part of the anti-Christ system. They have people following them instead of the word of God. And now they are bringing Christian kids and adults to Korn concerts where profanity and wicked lyrics are the norm. And Christians defend this! What a strategy.

Bible Believer said...

I agree how could you go back to the darkness. That is not a fruit of someone who is born again! The occult is repulsive. I was thinking why wouldn't the Antichrist have plenty of false "christian" music that overtly worships Satan. It's so overt isn't it? They don't even try to hide it, but the spiritual blind just can't see it.

I agree how can he go back and sing Korn lyrics? They do have cuss words through them etc. This isn't pop music which can be bad enough in itself.

I agree God help the young people, there is so much evil now and confusion being dished out to them. Sigh....

Next anon, I wonder about the Calvary Chapel connections here and Ryan Ries too. Remember the Whosoevers have made the tour in Calvary Chapel churches all over. They are endorsed there and have plenty of their shows within Calvary Chapel churches:

Warning on this one, extreme shouting, couldn't hear the content but sounded bad enough.

Knowing about Calvary Chapels Catholic connections, [think Boykin, Greg Laurie being at a festival with a Catholic bishop, so forth and so on] I guess it should not surprise us that one of their favorite "Christian" heavy rock bands doesn't mind promoting a place called "Vatican Studios" with art that doesn't just have satanic and illumanti symbols but plenty of Catholic iconography as well.

What gets me is are all those Calvary Chapel pastors that clueless when they see the dark symbols and allow this band to come to their churches, or are they part of the whole scene?

I of course believe Calvary Chapel is in bed with Rome, another daughter, even via the Pente movement, but it goes deeper then that.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe I am glad you could see through them. Hey they know how to invert things to deceive, telling the young people we are "new radicals" and "cool"! If they weren't inherently establishment would Calvary Chapel invite them so easily to their stages or programs? Lets not forget that Calvary Chapel has invited even the prime minister of Israel to one of its pulpits and the pastors have hobnobbed with politicians at conferences.

No they aren't preaching anything that is "rebellious" except the rebelliousness of the world against God, they are manufactured rebellion for the youth, if they said anything that was really threatening to the "system", they wouldn't be allowed within 10 feet of the place. FAKE REBELS sums it up. Hey the music and other world, most of them are fake too. Watch out when a Hollywood celebrity or rock star warns about the Illuminati or NWO, they usually have some sort of other lie to sell, like Roseanne and her New Age goddess worship. You won't see these REBELS protest the Middle Eastern "crusades" or ask why Boykin is invited to Calvary Chapels. You won't see them call out the harlot or the one world religion but will promote those who honor Rome and luciferian lies as we saw in those crosses.

"Raw for Christ" is a slogan they have come up with based on lies. Just like "Radical" this and that.

He wrote a book about being a new Christian and filled it with cuss words?

Hey I am not perfect but when a Christian does cuss, you are to go and repent, not fill a book with it or make excuses for it. Yeah the easy believism is some of what keeps this false show doesn't matter what you act like if you said a sinner's prayer or if you never show one Christian fruit according to these deceptions.

It is sad that so few read the Bible and ignore what is in there. Some are so immersed in the darkness of this world, they have no problem with a faux "Christian" religion that promotes the same darkness and is no different from the world nor its music. When I heard these folks screeching and yelling their lyrics from a few stages, I thought wow they have outdistanced even the secular heavy metal bands of the 80s who called themselves "hardcore", how hardcore do they all want to be? It's all about honoring Satan, via the love and desire of coarseness, roughness, loudness, auditory violence on people's ears.

Bible Believer said...

Think about how they advance hardness, sullenness--just look at Relevant magazine sometime and notice the surly looks on 99% of the banks pictured even the preppy type ones without tattoos, will be staring straight ahead, with either blank looks or frowns. The whole look, they walk around with is about being "TOUGH".

Hey as I have admitted here, nonbeliever days I listened to the "bad stuff", I have people around me who aren't Christians who love the music world. They find me strange because I have no favorite bands anymore. Why would I? Even the ones who don't cuss every minute or sing overt homages to Satan, all praise promiscuity, death, despair, and conformity to the world. I wore the black clothes and knew the styles[no tattoos for me at least] so know what the thinking is like but how on earth could you adhere to it all, once you have become a Christian? This tells me the main goal is DECEPTION. What is scary is to watch is people that are far too old to be dressing like "youth culture" even stay within it. Isn't there a verse warning about how mature people will act like children?

1 Cor 14:20 Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

If you are 40 years old plus and still dressing like a "rebel" to shock your elders, something is off with that.

I agree Jesus warns us about those who say they are Christians and are NOT multiple times, who say his name but have no Love or relationship for Him.

Being "raw for Christ" is man made and another Satanic lie. Trying to marry Christianity to world rebellion. Ever notice how all the rebellious and supposedly non-conformist types all look, act, and dress the EXACT same ways?

I agree many do not want to give up the world so this is why these groups that tell young people you can have "jesus" and still stay with the world sell so well.

Bible Believer said...

Once you know the symbols, realizing the banality of evil, yes they are repeated everywhere. Even the symbols in these crosses and in the band pictures, it's the same stuff over and over and I am guess I am not surprised there is Horus Eye signaling which one can see all over the place from the fashion world to music, and entertainment. That is a fruit of someone "in the know". Hey the Horus Eye symbols are all over, and on those Vatican crosses too. Once one knows the hand signs and more, they know who is part of the "system".

Even on the cover of this Korn album...
I agree with you about what the BIble says concerning those who turn back!

Bible Believer said...

I would love for any of them to repent. Can you imagine if one even broke away from "the system" for real. I suppose that would mean hightailing it away from Calvary Chapels too.

I dare say is is "rare" but impossible? Probably in those cases those who truly repent then drop into obscurity. The wicked world does not want their message out. That is why I would like to say, always take public conversions in the entertainment world with a grain of salt, especially if said convert still gathers as much attention and publicity as before. We do not know who is a knowing deceiver excactly or who has been influenced, they have a way of selling the most evil symbols to people telling them, they are good, such as the people on that Vatican Studios show speaking of the "eye of providence" saying the Horus Eye represented "god". For some of these people mind control could play a part--always thought that with Lonnie Frisbee.

True brothers in Jesus Christ, would tell another Christian not to return to the things of this world or as the Bible states as a dog to his vomit.

So yes they are promoting it as a good thing.

Those are good questions for Ries.
Thanks for your post. Very good points!

Anonymous said...

"If you are 40 years old plus and still dressing like a "rebel" to shock your elders, something is off with that."

Yes, and then if Welch is 80 sitting in a nursing home with the rest of his disciples still being "Korn" and "raging against the machine", who are they really rebelling against?

Korn and "Rage Against the Machine" are fully accepted on commercial radio, commercial MTV, commercial late nite shows to play on, commercial vendors that sell their materials. They are rebels against nothing. They're conformists. They are part of the establishment. They're message and content is controlled by the establishment.

But those that are true rebels truly against the establishment, are painted as crazy people by the establishment.

Our fellowship with Jesus is outside the gate (Hebrews 13:13).

Welch and Ries are fully inside the gate.

Bible Believer said...

LOL somehow it seems this rebellion and tattoo set may not grow out of this stuff even after they reach the nursing home. I have noticed that, while 20-30 years ago people grew up out of the head-banging music, today they stick with it, at least into their 50s. It's weird--probably another sign of the moral decay of society, men acting like children--youths forever, never growing beyond these things. Yes the commercial world welcomes them with open arms! The message and symbols are all establishment. I agree regarding Hebrews 13:13. Thanks for that verse. That may be one to do a post on later. Yes they are fully inside.

Anonymous said...

The Whosoevers relate better to James 4:4 than John 3:16.

James 4:4
Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Brian Welch is asking for help for title of a new song about critical judgmental people.

Which is interesting since he's been pretty critical, judgmental and mean towards his fans who ask him questions about his actions.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for that verse.

Hmm I am not surprised there will be a song now about critical judgmental people, wonder if he will focus on Christians in it.

[you know the "trouble-making" kind not the deceived kind]

This is just more recycling of the SCRIPT.

The "hater" script I talked about.

Hmm speaking of the CONFORMITY some of us discussed, it's the same old, same old isn't it?

Those who don't examine themselves, that is not a positive fruit.

Anonymous said...

On Welch's Facebook there's some pictures of him wearing a white shirt and white pants. They are taking pictures of him outside rubbing dirt all over himself. He's wearing this dirty shirt and pants during his Korn concert. Just interesting.
In one picture he's crossing his arms in the x fashion giving devil horns with both hands.
It's like,how can people be so blind - he can't get much clearer about who he is glorifying and it's not Jesus. He is showing you right to your face what it's really about. He didn't used to flash the devil horns in pictures, but now he is.
It is interesting to see the progression of things.

Anonymous said...

Things just get weirder. Since Welch is back in Korn, not only is he singing their lyrics but singing them from the mic stand Korn uses - shaped like a naked woman. Jonathan Davis, the lead singer, also has a you tube video about his alter ego J Devil. He's sitting next to an inverted pentagram and talks about his fascination with darkness and the devil. He seems to like these black contacts that make his eyes look black. If you google Jonathan Davis introduces J Devil you will find the 3 minute you tube video.

What's crazy is I have a hunch that Whosoever fans will be ok with this? Will they say God put Welch there to help Davis come to Christ and justify it that way?

Anonymous said...

When you start messing with kid's souls you are under Christ's judgment. I would stay far away from these Whosoevers.

"If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea."

Sarah said...

Years ago, probably as far back as 2003, there was an article in a magazine about Korn. I remember very vividly, Jonathan Davis sporting his new tattoos at that time of : 1.Jesus getting shot in the head and 2.Jesus getting beat up by a priest beating Jesus with a crucifix.

I cannot judge whether Welch's conversion was legit or not (considering there are TONS of false conversions that have no repentance-and ironically he hardly ever ever speaks on repenting) but I think it's obvious to say now that his affiliations with that FAKE worldly "christian" ministry The Whosevers and his affiliations with false teacher John Crowder and NOW him back with Korn..."you shall know them by their fruits..."

Very Concerned said...

In the "I am Second" youtube video above Welch says he came to "Christ" for his daughters sake of her having a father. In the entire 7 minute testimony he doesn't mention that he came to Yeshua to have his sins forgiven and to no longer be under God's wrath and to have to burn for eternity. In fact he doesn't mention the word sin or repentance. Welch appears to have come in the sheep fold not through the Gate but over the fence by a incomplete false gospel that is preached in most calvary chapels. Brian, receive the fear of God and repent. You appear to be in some serious danger. "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

Anonymous said...

Very Concerned, you bring up a good point. I've listened to Reis' testimony a number of times and read/watched interviews with Welch.
You don't hear them talk about sin and repentance. I did hear Reis talk a little bit about sin in one video where he was speaking in a church, but for the most part that doesn't seem to be part of their testimony.

They tell their fans God accepts them just as they are.

Welch said in the interview with Nicki Sixx that it's about doing what you want to do; it's not about pleasing God - just be yourself. He did it all for us so lighten up.

So I take it they are saying God did it all for us so we don't have to do anything. Just be yourself. God accepts you just as your are.

Which, of course, totally goes against what the Bible says.

They make it all about you. Not Jesus Christ. Like someone said in the prior post about the Whosoevers - they say you can live in the world - just tack on Jesus.

I think of Hebrews 10:29
Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?

Bible Believer said...

Wow on welch's website, they are saying God Bless for him to go tour with Korn...

One telling comment "God is so proud of his child"

{ugh, that is so wrong!}

I went to go look up the Jonathan Davis, guy and saw the video where he talks about being J Devil, the logo is full of Satanic symbols and well overt in that it says DEVIL and there he sits right next to a Pentagram, a little gargoyle with one ear snapped off, and a few other items in that room. Yes he talks about how much he loves darkness. I guess he wants to look "possessed" with the black contacts. That is how they make him "look". He very well could be given the love of Satanic things.

From what I can tell the Welch's fans don't care. I don't know which ones are part of Whosoevers but there is a lot of "God bless you"s, and other comments like Welch is going on a mission trip instead of going to play with an overtly satanic heavy metal rock band.

Did any of you see this...

Bible Believer said...


Wonder if this is a cover story for one of the blasphemous tattoos?

"We will start by looking at Jonathan Davis’ arm tattoos. He has a sleeve of colourful tattoos running from his right shoulder all the way down to his right wrist. The sleeve started off with the tattoo of an evil bishop figure who almost appears clown-like. The image depicts the bishop ripping up Jonathan’s arm and, as he rips away the skin, he reveals Jesus Christ. Many view this tattoo as extremely controversial and insulting to those who believe in Christianity, but to Jonathan, it symbolizes all of the corruption that he sees throughout the religion, especially televangelists who, he feels, do not give all of the money they collect to charity but rather keep it for themselves. Today, the sleeve has many other images incorporated into it, including figures of people, but they are not coloured in and are difficult to make out."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the picture, Bible Believer. I see the usual one eye-symbolism. I guess it never gets old. I found a link for more In Name and Blood photos by Jon Hall.

Like all the artwork the Whosos endorse it looks pretty dark for the most part. All this dark artwork they promote all looks the same to me. It almost looks like the same person could have drawn all these evil-looking images.

Number 56 is one of many that look depressing. A woman has a rose covering her mouth. What's with all the roses everywhere? Heavy metal always has pictures of skulls and roses (Brett Michaels from Poison, he and his dog apparel use lots of skulls and roses), then there's Guns N Roses, the list goes on and on. Does this refer to the Rosicurians?

And then there's Tim Lambesis from the christian heavy metal band, As I Lay Dying, who recently got arrested for hiring an undercover to kill his wife. And then there's articles on the web about his side project band Pyrithion and how it is not satanic. One article said Tim says they are just lyrics. Just because you say them doesn't mean you believe them:

"Tim's been facing some accusations as of late that Pyrithion's lyrical concepts are satanic, to which Tim essentially has to say "they're just lyrics, who cares." The art of lyrics is just to tell a story; it doesn't mean you believe in what you're singing.

Here's the link:

How much more bizarre can things get? Or should I ask.

It is so sad that Welch fans are so happy he's with Korn. They can't see that going back to the decadent lifestyle he left, going back to participate in singing profanity, etc., they can't see the problem. They can't see how they are being so deeply deceived.

Sarah said...

@Bible Believer I believe that is one of them perhaps. I vividly remember two blasphemous ones of Jesus though...maybe he has them covered I dunno. But I vividly remember seeing them photographed in that magazine, one of Jesus getting shot in the head and the other of Jesus getting beaten with a crucifix (perhaps maybe it wasn't a priest beating Jesus but it was someone in a uniform of sorts). And the memory rings clear because I remember those images bothered for a long time after that...I totally lost respect for Davis after that. I at one time emphasized with his troubled childhood, and in ways I still feel for the guy, but to have pain turn to hatred towards God, no, I am gonna side with God.

Sarah said...

@Bible Believer check your email, I found some of those tattoos.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Psalm 119 lately. It struck me how you have King David - known as being a man after God's own heart - talking to God in the longest chapter in the bible. He tells God how wonderful His precepts are, his principles, his decrees - David believes strongly in obeying God, doing God's will. David says that he loves God's word. Through the word and obeying God, David says he obtains comfort, wisdom, his life is revived, he has hope, strength, joy, great peace. David loves God so much and loves God's word that he asks God for understanding so he can fully grasp it. David says he loves God's law more than pure gold. David delights in God's commands. Because David knows God's precepts are right, he hates every wrong path.

Now that, to me, is the pure word of God. What an amazing chapter to read and dwell on.

David says God's statutes are wonderful, that's why he obeys them - he knows they are just, fair and trustworthy. They will keep you from stumbling. You can sense David's urgency in seeking after God, pleasing God, because he loves Him so much. David doesn't have to do any of those things - he wants to because he loves God. David doesn't do those things to be saved - he does them because he is saved.

Compare that with today. Do people in these Christian movements talk about God's wonderful decrees, the joy in obeying his commands - the peace, joy, comfort, strength and wisdom to be gained by loving and putting into practice God's word, doing God's will, living to glorify God by not using profanity? Showing by your actions that you belong to God and not the world?

No - instead, they seem to have a contempt for these things.

What's glorified is looking like demons and zombies, looking like you are going to punch someone out, looking hard, defiant, and using profanity and occult symbolism saying they represent the pure word of God.

David is telling us the truth in Psalm 119 - what it's really about. What a man after God's own heart looks like.

Sarah said...

I am working on a follow up entry on Welch, and was wanting your permission if I could use one of your photos in this entry (the one of Ryan Ries promoting Stations of the cross on Facebook. And was wanting to see if I could link your blog to my entry on Welch.

Anonymous said...

What is up with Fieldy and the white circle around his eye?

Jumping on the transhumanism bandwagon:

If you scroll down there is a picture of the cover of Metal Hammer with Jonathan Davis. The pictures in bottom left hand corner cover up his tattoo, though. Welch posted a picture of the Metal Hammer magazine cover of Jonathan Davis on his Facebook page and you can see his tattoo pretty good on his right arm. I tried to link to his twitter picture but when I tested it out it wouldn't come up.

Anonymous said...

Anon -wow I love your post on psalm 119!Thanks!Really true!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this post from Brian Head Welch's Facebook

Very Christian!

Within His Word said...

"Take a look at this post from Brian Head Welch's Facebook

Very Christian!"

This deserves a blog post, Bible Believer.

You wonder how could it be that in the last days, we will be hated by all men for His Name's sake? Because those that claim to come in His Name (Welch) will instigate our being killed through this supposed "frustrated humor".

A sick and twisted mind of the fallen world system establishment, is what is in Welch.

Within His Word said...

"Take a look at this post from Brian Head Welch's Facebook

Very Christian!"

This deserves a blog post, Bible Believer.

You wonder how could it be that in the last days, we will be hated by all men for His Name's sake? Because those that claim to come in His Name (Welch) will instigate our being killed through this supposed "frustrated humor".

A sick and twisted mind of the fallen world system establishment, is what is in Welch.

Bible Believer said...

That is SICK!

That is a sick and twisted mind.

Thanks for showing me that, I'll post on it later...

thelasthiker said...

You wrote, "Some bloggers will give the Whosoevers more benefit of the doubt. They will say they are "unseasoned" Christians, don't know what they are doing, or giving in to much to culture. They mean well, but I am done with that. One thing I noticed is when calling out this occultic imagery, is that there was no conviction only mocking and excuses. I believe they are selling another "jesus", the false "jesus" of the antichrist church, where satanic imagery is part of the plan and the "indoctrination", meant as rebellion against the true God of the Bible and to lead young people into the rebellion and deception while claiming they are Christians. The company that they keep regarding the above also speaks more volumes then I ever could." And YES. I mean more and more, I keep getting the SAME whosoever defenders trying to leave comments. They make no apology for these bad choices. They continue to insult me and act like jerks on my blog post about the Whosoevers that I wrote last year. There is NO conviction, only mocking and insults. And that stations of the cross even also had pornographic satanic images. It was horrible. The Whosoevers should have had NOTHING to do with it. What fellowship does light have with darkness. Expose evil. Thanks for this blog. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Wish to share with you a passage from Jerry Lee Lewis's wikipedia: "...His mother enrolled him in Southwest Bible Institute in Waxahachie, Texas, so that her son would be exclusively singing his evangelical songs. But Lewis daringly played a boogie woogie rendition of "My God Is Real" at a church assembly that sent him packing the same night. Pearry Green, then president of the student body, related how during a talent show, Lewis played some "worldly" music. The next morning, the dean of the school called Lewis and Green into his office to expel them. Lewis said that Green should not be expelled because "he didn't know what I was going to do." Years later Green asked Lewis: "Are you still playing the devil's music?" Lewis replied "Yes, I am. But you know it's strange, the same music that they kicked me out of school for is the same kind of music they play in their churches today. The difference is, I know I am playing for the devil and they don't."

Many are ignorant of satan's schemes but there are those who choose to walk hand in hand with the devil or his servants, and go in with their eyes wide open.

John Doe said...

Here's a video exposing the spirituality of Brian Welch and all the false teachers he runs with.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video above with Brian Welsh ,,it was extremely disturbing because it was obvious that they were worshipping Satan .,the music in the background if you listen it's almost hypnotic yes the lady is singing with a guitar ,and she keeps saying the blood is the wine the bread is the body we will feast on you ...I watch the whole video and listen very closely and that's obvious demons laughing uncontrollably there's a huge demonic forces and it's making me wonder ,or I should say 99.9 percent sure that saying is using Brian Welsh to get into the Christian community he went back into Korn ,,after professing that he was a Christian and I watched his testimony and it was very amazing at first ,,but the thing is he left the band to say he was Christian now he's back in drawing young kids into that type of music people can say what they want there is a reason behind the madness ,I used to listen to heavy metal and I used to be a big Korn fan back in the day ,,it is demonic no matter what they are trying to sell people on the beats and everything from the music there's a place that come from its comes from satanic
ritual beats that they put into the music to draw in people ,go to specially children . God will be not mocked ,don't let them trick you ,demons I'm very sneaky and extremely intelligent but also annoying that they are the enemy God is glorious and more intelligent and God is the God of the universe and creates all he already knew this was going to happen and he needs people to start speaking of the truth identifying these people as doctrines of demons ,if anybody watch is the video above and really can't see what's going on please pray for discernment cuz it's very obvious and blatant what's really going on here .may our Lord Jesus Christ he is our king he will reign forever and ever he is just too righteous and full of truth ,please Lord have mercy .

Anonymous said...

repent Brian...repent repent repent ...the time is drawing near