Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never trust a celebrity!

As I have said before, never trust a celebrity! [see discussions here]

They are in their positions of power and influence by plan. Those with any non-establishment opinions or any truly born again Christians are not going to get exposure on our owned media. Isn't it odd that now Robert Downey Jr. is promoting Missler? Is Robert Downey Jr even a self confessing Christian?

Is Robert Downey Jr. Tracking End Times Prophecy by Chuck Missler?

"The Hollywood Prayer Network, a ministry for the entertainment industry, states in a post about Downey that the actor says he has been drug-free since July 2003, "thanks to his family, therapy, meditation, twelve-step recovery programs, yoga and the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu." He has described his religious beliefs as "Jewish-Buddhist," HPN says, "although he has been interested in the past in Christianity and the Hare Krishna ideology."
See posts warning about Chuck Missler


Bible Believer said...

Saw this just now...

business and entertainment connections...

[not an endorsement but very interesting]

Hey you know how the media connections with Obama's administration are being exposed too...they got them with the RELIGIOUS CELEBRITIES too, the spider web applies there as well.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a poster boy for the one world religion.

I don't believe that anyone in Hollywood is a true born again Christian.

Anonymous said...

Robert Downey Jr. likes Chuck Missler as he is one of his favorite Kabbalah teachers, notice the red Pura Vida bracelet Downey is wearing on his left wrist. - Don

news4themasses said...

It's not like Robert Downey and Missler are friends! He simply said,"I love Chuck Missler." He said it in one of those Hollywood mannerisms as though he was referring to his favorite kind of pasta dish. Or, just maybe Robert Downey Jr so kindly outed Chuck Missler as a fellow Illuminati member? ;-) Bravo Robert Downey Jr. Encore! I hadn't heard about this story till just now and I googled it thereafter. Boy the whole enchilada of false prophets are giddy over Robert Downey's homage to Missler. They're happy that all the years of acting lessons and speech therapy for Missler paid off and he's a useful Illuminati agent bringing the "Christian" full circle to believe that Robert Downey Jr (born again Illuminati) refrenced Missler. Iron Man's character is a "Savior" type character. He was 'dead' virtually and brought back to life, picture Uberman (Missler loves to reference Overman and man becoming machine). Missler is always postulating about Avatars and aliens so why not have a sit down conversation with Downey on the matter. Perhaps they crossed paths in Palm Desert at Tim LaHaye's house. Isn't Timothy LaHaye like 120 years old like Stan Lee? Stan Lee knows New Ager William Welty? That's funny stuff really. But nope, those in total delusion that Chuck Missler is a "prophet" wouldn't believe he was Illuminati if he came out of the closet himself saying "Nanu Nanu" throwing up Klingon gang signs and denying Jesus Christ. The Christian wants to believe in Missler and Downey too. Ridiculousness I tell you.

FaithGuy3 said...

Chuck Norris is another example - for years he's been a professing Christian. However, his 90's tv series "Walker, Texas Ranger" had a lot of NWO agendas in their plots.

Or how about Jessica Simpson's dad being a pastor - when I used to watch MTV in my unsaved years, it was as if he had no problems coming on MTV giving interviews during Simpson's shows.

[I]John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. [/I]

Yeah, if Norris and Simpson's family were really Christians, I doubt they would have this high status in the entertainment industry, much less be in it.

Bible Believer said...

I don't believe that anyone in Hollywood is a true born again Christian either. I do think there are those who are normal people who just don't know and aren't high level insiders, but to be a born again Christian in Hollywood, you would be forced to exit to obey God, and from the other end they wouldn't be giving you work anymore. They don't want a discerning Christian achieving high status. How could the two go together. The world does not love the Christian?
Sure there are wealthy Christians out there who are true, but I am talking about high status and fame in the entertainment and other "owned" arenas.

Thanks for telling us about the Kabblah wristband. I found it strange this non-Christian, is going on about Missler, like a shout-out but guess Ephesians 5:11 went into more of possible reasons for that. What next Madonna singing the praises of Tim Lahaye?

LOL News4themasses

I haven't kept track of what the latest films are, kind of "out of it", been in a movie theatre only 3 times in 10 years, but that would make sense with Ironman having something to do with this. They want to draw some of the "Christian" crowd in.

Stan Lee is weird one. Wouldn't doubt major NWO connections with that one.

The super-heros genre is about bringing in some falsehoods too. All that Nephilim stuff is STRONG in Super-hero comics, books and movies. Super-men with SUPER-POWERS, more strong then an average man. Demonic powers? Space stuff too, they come from "other planets" {stars}

A reimagining of the "gods" of yesterday--demons? Greek gods were like more POWERFUL HUMANS, etc.

Probably a field day with symbols to be had there. The Secret Sun guy who is NOT a Christian goes to town with that stuff.

Hey I agree, Missler could come out wearing a devil costume and it wouldn't matter. I used to say the same about the Pope that he could draw a Pentagram right on the wall in front of the world on National TV, and it would matter not to spiritually blind followers.
I agree about Chuck Norris, how could you be in those movies? At the very least you would be protesting the scripts. Simpson's Dad same thing there.

FaithGuy3 said...

And let's not forget about Ronald Reagan - he did a lot of things communist in nature when he was in the oval office, albeit right under everyone's noses.

Yeah, I agree Obama is a Muslim and should be exposed for, but where were all these people exposing Reagan's black magic worship, which scripture calls an abomination?

Never mind Reagan pushing gun control THREE times in his political career AND he supported universal background checks. Never mind Reagan raising taxes 11 times and expanding government. Never mind Reagan funding Islamic extremists. Never mind Reagan appointing 2 pro-abortion, pro-sodomy USSC justices. Never mind Reagan pushing for Amnesty.

I dunno, but I'm shocked some of these "Christian ministries" view him as some freedom fighter. He sure wouldn't be accepted even in today's Obama-lead Democratic Party with these views!

Bible Believer said...

Agree about Ronald Reagan. Even Ron Paul is an "insider" today IMO used to defuse some unhappiness on the right or for the few that are getting something is wrong. With Obama being a Muslim, that is a "surface" thing for them to expose.
Reagan definitely from the right side helped out with the earlier days of tyranny and the police state. The 80s was really when the new drive to give more power to the bankers got started. All the talk of deregulation, sure too many rules are bad, especially on small business but really they didn't help the little guys, they just rewrote the rules for the top to empty out the trough.
Yep Reagan too signed on to amnesty and all those others things you mentioned. It is the false NWO right that praises Reagan but sadly we have the Reagan's of today they remain blind about, there is a reason Johnson and Ron Paul support GLOBAL FREE TRADE, hey tell a few truths but converge at the behest of the globalists.

GP said...

So why is it in the New World Orders interest to support Chuck Missler? What does Chuck Missler support? Missler supports the Angel view versus the Sethite view concerning Genesis 6:4. Why on earth is it in the NWOs interest to support the Sethite View? It seems to me that if UFO Disclosure happens you don't want 90% of your churches believing these beings are fallen angels. The NWO should be encouraging the view that the catholics have positioned themselves into recently. Extraterrestials have a soul, can be baptized and so on.

If Chuck Missler is NWO, then shouldn't the NWO be encouraging more pastors and denominations towards the Angel View? However, the angel view is mocked and laughed at by mainstream Christianity today.

Most Christians today never look outside their Bible and accept whatever interpretation of Genesis 6:4 is handed to them.

Those Christians who have taken the time to look into the worlds pagen religions and UFO conspiracies are faced with a new set of challenges. The Sethite view is extremely weak and makes absolutely no sense in light of the evidence suggesting extraterrestrial interactions with ancient cultures going back thousands of years.

It seems more logical to me that the NWO should be happy with the Sethite view. If flying discs were to land and little green men came out, I have to imagine most pastors and their Sethite view are going to look as stupid and Miller, Haze and Rutherford. Especially when these beings will claim they are responsible for every religion on the planet including Jesus Christ.

Once the pastors drop their Sethite view and turn to the Angel view to explain UFO disclosure they will look like idiots and I have to imagine many of their followers will leave.....i.e..."The Great Falling Away"

Chuck Missler's view on the Angel Theory seems to contradict everything else you see and hear on television and radio about aliens.....i.e..Discovery Channel, SCI-FI, Coast to Coast AM, Ground Zero Radio and so on.

On those shows the message is clear. Aliens are good, aliens created you and I, aliens will bring the world into a new age of enlightenment, peace and prosperity.
How on earth is Chuck Missler in line with those teachings? Hes not.

If fallen angels came down to earth and wanted to deceive man, how would they go about bout "UFO disclosure".

If a great deception in the end were to lead the world under one religion, one government and one currency what would that be, consider UFO Disclosure.

If fallen angels came down and were mistaken for gods how would the real God warn us? Try reading the 1st Commandment again.

In conclusion, I believe there are two groups of Aliens. The first group that comes to deceive the world into following them and the second group that comes to destroy the first group.

America and the rest of the world will soon have a decision to make concerning UFO disclosure. China, Russia along with most countries in the world will have no problem with UFO Disclosure. However, once the majority of Christians in America remove their head from their rectal cavity concerning Genesis 6:4, were going to have a major problem in this country.......i.e. Civil War.

GP said...

There is only one theory that may suggest Chuck Missler is NWO. William Cooper among others warned us about a fake alien invasion sometime in the future. If the Angel View is wrong and the Sethite view is right then you will still need to create an alien race with DNA manipulation. Once that occurs, the NWO brings out Chuck Missler to warn churches about Genesis 6:4 and fallen angels. Churches slowly change their Sethite views to the Angel view and after UFO Disclosure happens, all the churches flip out and say they are all from Satan. Now the NWO has a complete manufactured mess on their hands and will definetly need FEMA camps now to contain the civil unrest and religious protests.

One problem with this theory is I didn't look into Chuck Missler to believe in Chuck Missler. I simply did the same research he did and came to the same conclusions he did. Aliens are real and Genesis 6:4 simply explains how they came into existence.

Chuck Misslers message is mocked and not well received by mainstream Christianity. If Chuck Missler is NWO, their plan isn't working very well and the message is not getting out.

What is getting out is Ancient Aliens on discovery channel and so on. That message is loud and clear and spreading all the way down to the Disney Channel. Chuck Missler is opposed to the Ancient Alien theory.

Research the Angel and Sethite view for yourself. The answer to that question will lead you to the truth. Once you understand those two sides to the argument you will have a better understanding on motives and who may or may not be involved with the New World Order.

William Cooper, listen to everyone, trust no one, research the work yourself.

Bible Believer said...

Have you read about Chuck Missler's involvement with Swansat.

This website [not an endorsement] goes even FAR more into depth...

Make sure to watch these videos too, that I posted about.

"If Chuck Missler is NWO, then shouldn't the NWO be encouraging more pastors and denominations towards the Angel View? However, the angel view is mocked and laughed at by mainstream Christianity today."

What difference does it make if they say the aliens are evil or good?

Just the fact of their existence will lead to the development of claiming that all religions were "wrong" for the unity in diversity thing, and that the world needs to come together for global "awakening" [either to "fight" the aliens or if they are promoted as good and wise beings and those who will lead humanity into "new consciousness", which is basically what many in the New age and false disinformation fields teach now--like David Icke.

You have to remember I used to be a UU Theosphist, who read books on the occult. All this Nephilim nonsense is connected to things I read that came out of false pagan "traditions" and esoteric magic--Watchers, etc. Even Alice Bailey's Ascended Masters from OTHER STARS FITS. You know Alice Baily the one all Theosophist read. The first day I started seeing the Christian "alternative media" pushing Nephilim nonsense, I starting thinking something was very wrong.


"The Masters

Who are the Ascended Masters?

These are highly evolved beings who have mastered the lessons of their planet or universe and have ascended. Many of those known to us have mastered the spiritual laws of this plane of existence and become Ascended Masters on Earth.

However more Masters are approaching our planet now to assist with our ascension who have never incarnated here but have evolved in other Universes. One of these is Kumeka, my guide, who originally assisted in the inner planes with the setting up of Golden Atlantis. Another is Fekorm, Master of Music, who has come here now to help us, having studied every form of music and sound there has ever been.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

There have been new appointments and changes in the spiritual hierarchy. Those that have been announced to us on the Earth are included below. More information can be found in New Light on Ascension. Here is the team, which is leading the planet forward into the Golden Age of Aquarius."

So tell me now how the Nephilim stuff doesn't fit in with this?

You may say to me, but Raiders News, and Missler says they are EVIL.

So what.....

As I wrote on my Nephilim article claiming they are FLESH Serves a purpose for the NWO!

No spiritual warfare.

I believe aliens are demons.

NOT FLESH. Not monsters in the flesh. DEMONS.

Even the UFOS that "disappear" are part of the demonic showtime.

Read about "the visitors" pick up a book, um what's his name wrote...Whitley Streiber....had to think of it, and all the visits from aliens match demonic possession exactly.

They never tell their victims, Jesus Christ is Lord but all sorts of luciferian goobley gook.

Demons have made contact with man for thousands of years, and shape-shifted into a variety of guises.
How many times have I talked about how good cop/bad cop shows and false dichotomies are used to fool you.

Good aliens

Bad aliens

And there you sit fooled.

Not realizing what "aliens" really are.

Remember how Revelation warns in Chapter 9 about how demons will be unloosed upon the earth.

Bible Believer said...

What I wrote on that article...

"I believe deliverance applies to now as ever before, this doesn't mean there are not false ministries out there that fool people but it is a gift of the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare that is still intact. Here is my idea, think about the incredible deception in telling people, these creatures are BIOLOGICAL with DNA, like you and me even if they are part "angel", where does that leave spiritual warfare? They will be deceived in thinking they have no spiritual tools at their disposal.

This promotion of Nephilim as "fleshly" beings is then quite disturbing to me. Now this Nephilim stuff is quite complex, I do not lay willful deception at the foot of all of the Nephilim researchers and writers profiled above, but this is something I wish more would think about.

The world is already being brainwashed with science fiction and UFOs galore, with even spirals being seen in the sky [man made or not] being blamed on UFOS and "aliens". Many Christians already discern the link between UFOs and demons, some have even spoken about how books like "Contact" with alien visitors work along the same lines of demonic possession. Just be mindful of how all this stuff could be used for deception.

I believe aliens are the modern man's demonic shapeshift, where people of earlier times, saw water sprites, fairies, ghosts and other creatures. Demons can deceive in many different guises, why not aliens? They are just a new way Satan has come up with to deceive modern man. There is no evidence that a biological Nephilim exists, even if the Bible warns of stars and "gods" that easily could refer to evil spirits [ie: fallen angels]

Act 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon."

Bible Believer said...

I've read William Cooper in fact reading it now. {too slowly online, need a paper copy} There are things that bother me about much of what he writes! In fact if I ever get enough time, that is a POSSIBLE subject of a future post if God leads me to do it. There are a lot of Christians who take him for granted like Alex Jones.

Be careful of those they point to as truth tellers. One can FIND BITS OF THE TRUTH a la ALEX JONES....

Why is there a goddess occult symbol on the banner of his old "truth" newspaper...

Veritas and William Cooper

"By William Cooper - Panacea-BOCAF‎

William Cooper founded Harvest Trust, the CAJI News Service, VERITAS newspaper, The Intelligence Service, and Harvest Publications. Under his leadership ..."

I mean if I am going to complain about a certain Calvary Chapel seminary using the name Veritas, why not him?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer. I don't go to the movies much anymore, either, with all the garbage Hollywood puts out. But being on vacation we went to see Superman. It was interesting to me because some of the same visual effects were used that were used in The Matrix with the robotic tentacle type things. The darkness and look of the movie at times reminded me of The Matrix, too. And then it was funny because Laurence Fishborne (who asked red pill or blue pill? in The Matrix) played the editor of the Daily Planet. Coincidence? Or am I just imagining things. Also, like the Matrix, the planet Krypton had people artificially made in 'pods' - like the Matrix. I thought, what's up with that? There was no cussing but lots of gratuitous violence in Superman. Just like the previews we were shown! Two movies were about war (don't remember the names of the movies) and there were lots of swords and huge axes slashing around. The first movie had a man like he was coming at you with a huge axe-like weapon like he was cutting off your head. And then the same move was in the other war movie preview. Another guy like he's coming at you slashing the weapon like he's slashing your head off. Why are all these movies, like, the same?
And then, I don't remember Superman ever being really referred to as an alien before - I could be wrong - but in this movie they referred to him as an alien a lot it seemed. Like the good alien that came to save us from the bad aliens. Just wondering if it is part of the conditioning we seem to be going through for a possible fake alien invasion deception or something.

Like you state: we're being brainwashed with science fiction and UFOs - that's what I felt like watching this movie. That there was brainwashing going on.

I'm with you - UFOs are demonic activity.

Anonymous said...

Anon here again. The movies were Rise of an Empire - coming out March 2014, and the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Another weird thing about Superman - the evil aliens had 2 ships that were going to change Earth's gravity/topography and I felt like I was looking at the Monster energy drink logo. Three long jagged spindly legs hung down from the ship. Just interesting. Maybe I read too much into stuff, but it seems like they want certain images/symbols burned into our brains. I see the monster logo everywhere I go. It's on clothes, stickers - there's no getting away from it! Lol

Bible Believer said...

I go to movies very rarely too, think the last one was the King's Speech but I can count on one hand the number of movies I've seen in a movie theatre in the last 10 years though I have watched documentaries etc at home. As the years go by I enjoy them less and less because I can see how I am indoctrinated and too many are evil. I saw all the old Superman's seeing the trailers for this one, can you see how everything is so much darker?

Yeah that weird "grow humans in pods" thing seems to be a recurring theme in a variety of movies. The Matrix was so evil, it was years ago when I saw it and never saw the other two, but it was NWO enslavement being pushed and this false idea that one could get superpowers and conquer the world via escaping the "matrix". I always have written for years, that was the elite mocking the little guy and then you see the dark dank, horrible world, of the "freedom fighters" with Morpheus and pals and it looks like a worse prison but they keep saying how great it is. That movie was sick and had mind control and other occult and satanic themes.
Both red and blue pills are poison. I have told a few people that and that goes whooshing over most people's heads. What do you mean? Sigh...
You know all this interstellar travel junk, too they push, and other planets and "aliens:--there are warnings about stars in the Bible, that would be a hard article but consider it at times--described in this verse...

"But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun [another name for REMPHAN] your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves."

I had a wicked relative you know sheepdipped in science fiction and such that told me they believed God was an alien. Sigh. So yes they will push that theme. It is also a theme in the occult. While Star Trek goes on with their indoctrinating you overtly on the UNITED NATIONS {UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS} they have far more themes then that. So you are right about the alien condition.

I find most movies boring and very much the same. Most of them have satanic and dark themes and are depressing. It is astounding to even watch a few movies from decades ago and the far brighter and happier attitudes, not everything of course, they had Mildred Pierce, etc, but they had happy endings. You don't see that any more.

The Monster Drink logo, is based on 666. I dont think I've ever posted on it but have seen it elsewhere.

[Not an endorsement of this link they are very pro-Rapture but here is an example]

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you - I've seen that about Monster. What a clever way to have everyone run around with a big neon green 666 on their person!

Speaking of Superman, I just saw where Warner Brothers was aggressively marketing the movie to pastors trying sell it's 'Christian' message, or its 'faith friendly angles'.

When I saw the movie I did not see any faith friendly angles. It was quite the opposite! I saw a dark, depressing, extremely violent movie. Here we go again, pedaling evil as a wonderful christian message.

Anonymous said...

Watched The Avengers on Netflex yesterday. The usual fighting off demons/aliens. Robert Downey Jr. gave the hand over the eye salute for a second.

He was standing at the command post of the Avenger ship asking how the head guy could see everything and as he turned around he put his hand over his eye.

Anonymous said...

I saw this link. I don't follow the Blaze since I believe Glen Beck to be crazy. But found it interesting who the Blaze thinks are Christians.

Jane Fonda is seriously deluded. She says:

“I think feminism is about the spirit. I think feminism is another way of teaching what Jesus taught, that we are all full human beings with the right to have our humanity seen and respected. That is what feminism is, and that’s what Jesus taught."

And then Brian Welch is after Jane Fonda.

Saying that these people are bible believers, and then you the mega church pastors and other emerging/new age churches that teach Jesus loves you so much he's saving you no matter what you do - the world's impression of bible believing christianity is pretty warped.

Anonymous said...

Saw an ad for a new show that's going to be on Lifetime. My husband was watching something and the ad for this new show came on. I'm glad my daughter didn't see it. It's called Witches of East End. They make a pentagram in a circle walking around with their dresses on fire. Looks like lots of sex. I hate TV