Saturday, May 11, 2013

EU Wants to Control Seeds

This is coming here too in my opinion under the UN driven Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto.

BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government [Link posted for information not an endorsement]

(NaturalNews) A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to "grow, reproduce or trade" any vegetable seeds that have not been "tested, approved and accepted" by a new EU bureaucracy named the "EU Plant Variety Agency."
It's called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.
The draft text of the law, which has already been amended several times due to a huge backlash from gardeners, is viewable here.
"This law will immediately stop the professional development of vegetable varieties for home gardeners, organic growers, and small-scale market farmers," said Ben Gabel, vegetable breeder and director of The Real Seed Catalogue. "Home gardeners have really different needs - for example they grow by hand, not machine, and can't or don't want to use such powerful chemical sprays. There's no way to register the varieties suitable for home use as they don't meet the strict criteria of the Plant Variety Agency, which is only concerned about approving the sort of seed used by industrial farmers."
Virtually all plants, vegetable seeds and gardeners to eventually be registered by government
All governments are, of course, infatuated with the idea of registering everybody and everything. Under Title IV of the proposed EU law:
Title IV Registration of varieties in national and Union registers
The varieties, in order to be made available on the market throughout the Union, shall be included in a national register or in the Union register via direct application procedure to the CVPO.

[mild language warning on the video]

This video goes into the details of this law, showing various links to the law itself. He is right this is about total domination of the planet and control of the food. As I have warned on here, ever wonder about all that famine predicted in the Bible? They are setting up controls now for the antichrist.

Lest you think this is just for Europe, it's coming here too, and being put in practice via Monsanto.

Seeds were given by God to mankind to grow their food, not to be controlled by governments. The depth of evil they plan is shown definitely with this law.

Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.


Anonymous said...

Time to buy seeds from non-monsanto non-modified sources, and store them, just as the elite did some time ago.

And c'mon already people, plant a garden. Put a little effort into it. The masses wouldn't be under the thumbs of these guys, if the masses weren't too lazy to grow their own food. Most people have access to a patch of dirt. Grow some food, it's free! Free food! Just the way God made it. Stop going to the government for everything.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article; especially the investors and the part about GMO as a weapon of biowarfare. - Don

Bible Believer said...

I agree if you have access to land, grow some of your own food. Many sadly do not and live in apartments or other places. Even if you live in apartment and have a few extra dollars, I would go and order some heirlhoom seeds to store. They are trying to control the seeds to take away the good ones.

Last anon, I think they want to destroy the food via Monsanto--Population control agendas, and then store up the "good stuff" for themsevles. Researching what is being done in the third world via Monsanto is scary business.

All those Bible predictions about famines, one sees how that is going to play out.

Anonymous said...

I believe even if you have a garden it will not set well with the government. When it comes down to them taking full control, your garden will be theirs. Also if you have a well.

Bible Believer said...

They are attacking people with gardens NOW.Telling them they are against the rules--know about a front yard garden closed down by authorities in a Midwestern state, rules about seeds and more. They are already working on taking control of the gardens. Agree about the wells.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might want to hear this 11 yr. olds take on Mansanto