Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Court Martial for Getting "Too Pushy" With Your Faith?

What will they consider "too pushy"?

There are a lot of those who reject God, who would consider one Bible tract and a smile as being "too pushy" and "offensive" and who would go complain to the command.

This is a scary development in that now if a Christian witnesses their faith in the military a bit too strongly they can be court martialed.

How many times have you witnessed to someone who didn't want to hear it and even if you followed biblical precepts of leaving the dust of your sandals if they refused, maybe got a few complaints? ONE tract had someone cut me off for good. A few shared Bible verses, people will complain. Many Christians have faced this in the office and other places in the secular world.

This is not a good development.

Pentagon: OK to talk about faith, but not to push beliefs on others
WASHINGTON — It’s OK to evangelize. But it’s not OK to proselytize.
That’s what the Pentagon said Thursday, attempting to clarify its position on religious speech in uniform as controversy swirled up around press reports over possible prosecutions of troops for sharing their faith.
What it comes down to, officials said, is that discussing matters of faith and religious practice with a willing audience is allowed, but pushing religious beliefs on those who don’t want to hear it is a form of harassment forbidden under Defense Department policies.
See: Troops inclined to proselytize may face court martial


Joe Krohn said...

Where does the Bible say Jesus drags us kicking and screaming to salvation? Where does the Bible say we should do said same? Render unto Caesar...render unto God...separation of church and state. Period. Right hand/left hand kingdoms. Read Romans 13.

Anonymous said...

You just have to love those non definitive legal terms "too pushy" and "a bit too strongly", which leaves calling the line to each individual. I believe this is exactly where the 501 c3 church system is headed shortly. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Joe, I don't think anyone is to be dragged. I am not a Dominionist. However I've spent time around enough non-believers to know that a simple tract and a smile, is enough for a few of them to report you to 'governmental" authorities to silence you. What about freedom of speech? When I was interacting with Catholics on messages boards, they constantly would write how proselytizing was WRONG but if you share your "faith" it was OKAY. This actually makes things OK for the fellow false religionists to share things but weeds out the biblical Christian who warns that false religions lead to hell. In other words the world doesn't care about Hindus, Buddhists and a few Wiccans sharing their religious beliefs but they sure do a born again Christian. I believe in full separation of church and state. But then what happens when the state wants to control speech?

Bible Believer said...

anon I agree, they are left muddy on purpose.

So it's up to each complataint I suppose who goes and does a report, as to where that actual LINE is.

Sure the 501 c3 churches are already there. I have heard false preachers give the anti-proselytizing speeches already.

Bible Believer said...

An example of where they already are...

"I was talking about branding, perception, and similar issues, and I had mentioned that in a media-driven culture we’ve discovered that there are multiple steps people take toward becoming a believer. Therefore, not everything has to have an invitation for salvation, or an “altar call moment.” We also discussed that sometimes, it’s just important to “be” a Christian rather than “proclaim” your faith. Let your “deeds” draw people – not just your words. As Rick Warren said, “We live in an age of “deeds” not just “creeds.”

I used to hear that quote from St. Francis from lost people all the time.

You know the one where it says ". “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”

Kathy said...

This makes me think of this verse:
Amos 8:11 KJV
Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD

We are the salt, the silent work of influence; and the light, the visible manifestation of God in people’s lives. We will have to use Salt and Light Witnessing

Kayfabe said...


I was in the Army for 8 years, some full time and most reserve time. When I arrived at reception prior to starting my boot camp they made us take classes on ARMY law. One of the laws was that it you were caught in adultery or Homosexaultiy then were going to be court martialed. Now they are embracing homosexuals with open arms. Never once when I was in did I hear anyone get chastised for preaching the gospel. It just shows how things have rapidly changed in the military over the last several years. I don't Romans 13 means for us to curl up in a little ball and stay closed mouth in a corner. The wording is way too loose and knowing how people are in this ultra politically correct society the vagueness will be used to shut Christians up.

I am so glad that I didn't re up with them in 2001 for a 10,000 bonus they offered me. Shortly after 9/11 took place and I was so happy with the decision I made. The Military is no longer a friend of Christians. They are going to be like the Roman army to us very soon. I would advise m yson not to join if he wnated to. He has no desire to after the tihngs I have shared with him.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as "too pushy". Because the lake of fire is eternal torment.

Anonymous said...


Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well. 1 Thessalonians 2:8

From this verse, it is a given that you are sharing the gospel. But, unlike the giant alter call style, you are ALSO sharing your life - dicipling and loving.

I have always been bold in speaking out about my beliefs, but as far as clearly sharing the gospel message and how to be saved, I have been lax in recent years. Really convicted, because someone dear to me died this week, someone who knew I was a christian, I told her I prayed for her, but I never clearly presented the gospel.

It matters. We must be bold. It is the "foolishness of the cross", the part that there must be a blood sacrifice for the remmission of sins, that sounds so foolish and strange to modern ears, but is the most necessary message.

I pray that I will be bold to speak the gospel, and that all of us "Bible Believers" will be bold, filled with love and conviction in our everyday lives.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

Is Joe Krohn, listed at top, a born again believer? I can't remember on which post but I do remember when he first popped up and his revealing his "denomination" or something.


Bible Believer said...

Roy if I remember correctly, he is a Lutheran. "Luther Rocks' is a name of a website on his profile. Lutherans do not believe in "witnessing" like bible believing Christians. Sadly it is a daughter of Rome that has held to many of it's errors and witnessing and preaching the gospel are definitely downplayed. I know several Lutherans, they think I am "extreme" in my beliefs, they think witnessing is extreme and for many "offensive". Sadly they are within a false church system of sacraments. I pray they "come out of her"

Bible Believer said...

Anon I think of that verse from Amos too. They definitely want the Word of God silenced.
Thanks Kayfabe for sharing, yes the rules in the Army are different, if you cheat on a spouse you can be court martialed and they are under different rules concerning speech and more then the average citizen. So this is an even worse precept for the enlisted to know that a hammer hangs over their head should they witness the gospel to someone and be seen as "offensive" and "pushy" with their army career in trouble should one gospel rejecting nonbeliever report them to the command. Things are definitely changing in the Army embracing of homosexuals and now horribly women put into combat--can't remember if I posted on that one but think I did.

Yes the wording is loose but you are right about how things are working in this politically correct society. They can use the vagueness to their benefit. I am glad too you did not re sign up in 2001, that is when they sent everyone off to the endless perpetual wars-a la 1984 in the Middle East. Many don't realize these wars have now out-timed WWII even. I agree about it being like the Roman Army, and you have to know the indoctrination for the NWO has only grown stronger as America is used as the military arm to centralize the one world government and banks. I am glad you warned your son.

Bible Believer said...

Agree about no such thing as being "too pushy" about the gospel. I have to admit this is something I have to pray about, have I preached the gospel enough? I faced the problem of someone who rejected the gospel to me several times even stating, "Biblebeliever I am not going to become a Christian" This person liked and respected me, but I went for another attempt as they were on their deathbed. [I was far away, couldn't be there in person and this included tract and all] Sigh.

I pray I am more bold too. I fear there have been times I was not bold enough IRL. Everyone I know I usually preach the gospel to at least once, but you think of maybe other opportunities, I also fear I am not preaching and witnessing to strangers enough either well except via the Internet.

Bible Believer said...

Joy, Ill pray for you. I've faced those things too see above. Even if you preach to someone once and are refused, you may worry later, did I miss another opportunity and often people die. There was one man I knew who I witnessed to for an extended period of time, and who was not saved as far as I knew. He would die within weeks. I think about all the Catholics I've preached to and sent tracts to and nothing, the ties of the church system are so strong and by the way that goes for the Lutherans as well. There we must remember it is the work of the Holy Spirit not ourselves. I have to pray about this often enough. I fall into the place where I have some nonbelievers who love and respect me, but you always ask yourself if you are doing right by them?