Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bono and Celebrities Mock "Conspiracy Theorists".

"Clearly for some of you we've struck a nerve with this video, and if we've offended you we're sorry. The Strike is simply a comedic effort to bring attention to a crisis that affects billions of people every day. We're grateful for the thousands of people who have generously taken positive action towards solving this crisis. For more than 20 years we have been working to get people get safe water to drink and toilets to improve their lives. That's all. No politics, no religion, no conspiracies."

 I've posted about Bono many times on this blog. Pope-loving lackey and boot-licker for the New World Order and G-8 and Economic Forum attendee. They know word is getting out there. The comments are mind-boggling. Warning-language on video-British curse word, and in the comments,  most are NWO-aware types telling them off.

 Clean water for the entire planet? Sure...this is more about giving the mega-corporations and future world government control of all the world's water. I don't recognize the blonde lady--the female celebrities especially all kind of blur together to me since they all look so much a like and do not know what she is famous for but her name is Olivia Wilde. I really am removed more and more from the entertainment world for obvious reasons being a Christian.

"Android from the future?"

Hmmm she may give people on the David Icke forums something to talk about.

One thing to realize about many celebrities they are tools out there. They have achieved their positions via being CHOSEN for them. They often repeat what they are told to say and given agendas to promote. I believe Bono given the history of U2 was chosen even at the very start.

I missed this from some years ago.

Bono Calls for a United States of Africa. Wonder if Swansat found that of interest? LOL

Saw this conspiracy cartoon too. I bleeped out a curse word, but it say's it all...

Job 12:4    I am [as] one mocked of his neighbour, who calleth upon God, and he answereth him: the just upright [man is] laughed to scorn.  


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when celebrities with "tons" of money are telling us what issues we should be focused on and then to top it off, they expose their real agenda. This post verifies your "Never trust a Celebrity" post. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, yes this goes along with the "never trust a celebrity" post. Bono the multimillionaire yes instructing everyone else what to do with their money, helping with the wealth redistribution of the NWO and further enslavement of the world including the third world. Get this Bono has partnered with Monsanto too. [back in 2012] Not surprised with that either. Positively sickening. I am glad I threw all the U2 music in the trash after I was born again, and knew what the song "One" was all about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an interesting post.

A quote from a video you posted , “All world servers form one group in consciousness” David Icke and many more push the same idea.

But even more intriguing is the fact that they push androgyny. A person on “truth forum” posted an article about androgyny. In fact, they push shamanic healing.

"The indigenous thought about the Other World, the realm of the Gods, is that it is a realm of ONENESS. The Gods or spirits are both masculine and feminine in one. Though a certain spirit might manifest before a human in either a masculine or feminine character, it is---at it's core---BOTH genders.
The Berdache are special in the fact that they carry this androgynous energy---the energy of the Gods. It is what makes them able to exist both in physical form and also "journey" into the other realms as well. Hermes Trismegastrus and the Egyptian God THOTH were both examples of this propensity for androgyny."

Well, Hermes and Tooth were not androgynous. Hermes had a child with Aphrodite (Venus) that was androgynous. But there is something more interesting about shamanic healing.

"The priestesses in the Temples of the Goddess were often Berdache. Though they often lived "normal" lives---having husbands and families---they would choose, at key times to go and live at the Temple, devoting many hours, days, weeks to worship of the Goddess.
Temple worship was often sexual in nature. Many times, children were born of the connections made there. These children were raised in the Temple and were called "Children of the Goddess." "