Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alex Jones: New Age Deceiver

Even Alex Jones is on the Global Synthesis team too as I wrote about here...

I post this video without full endorsement, think the author of it could be in Hebrew Roots, but he is correct about Alex Jones's New Age beliefs.

What I found interesting is how David Icke says the universe is a hologram and Alex Jones promotes this. Hmmm who else always said that....

When I was in the UU there were many teachers who spoke of the holographic universe. The UUs like Alex Jones in the video above, would say "we were part of the universe", one repeated mantra I heard in several UU churches was that "human beings were made from the stars", and were "star dust".

One thing I know I have been emphasizing on this blog recently is how those they have chosen to WARN about the NWO, are bringing in the same Luciferian NWO concepts. 


Anonymous said...

Yep, Alex is just another cog in the wheel. Most if not all nationally recognized persons are, in whatever field they are planted to indoctrinate the masses.

Anonymous said...

I like what you have said in the past about using the catholic church as a litmus test to sort a person or organization out quickly, works great with this phoney! - Don

Anonymous said...

Missler is in a fraternal brotherhood.

And like most 'brothers', they are well intentioned, generous, humanitarians and hard workers.

Their spiritual words, however, are poison to your soul.

To the non-elect, they are the epitome of "good Christians". To those with eyes to see, they are deceivers controlled by the will of their great architect, lucifer.

Most do not know that their "god" is satan. They believe their architect is the God of the Bible.

How to sniff out a fraternal organization? Look for company logos (symbols) representing an Eye, A pyramid, or sun beams.

Koinonia House's symbol, as an example, resembles a pyramid with a 'light' at the top. It also has sun beams coming off it.

Fraternities are very into their geometry & symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones does fail the "catholic organization" test. He fails to recognize that the jesuits are super powerful. How can someone be a "conspiracy expert" and not include the jesuits?

He is controlled opposition. The powers know that certain people will wake up, so they provide Alex Jones to put them back to sleep, and to also round up names.

All the while Alex Jones rants and screams and looking crazy, thus making others think that those in the know of these things, are all crazy.

One of the goals of the new world order, is to convince people that it is all the "bankers", while they usher people into the new age, which is the real new world order. And yes, the "bankers" are evil. But they are tools. The new age movement (read: satanism) is far more evil.

news4themasses said...

I don't see what the big deal is he sounds just like Glenn Beck. the video reminds me of the last time I listened to Alex Jones he said " I am praying to all the fractals of the universe," it was the day I knew without a doubt that Mr Jones was no Christian nor ever would be a Christian. He is very clearly a NWO agent and Illuminati himself. He is controlled opposition and a waste of time. If anyone has ever heard him for any amount of time they should be able to understand that he's not a Christian, so for any Christian to be listening to him and give him any kind of credence it's counter intuitive; and, you would do better to watch the Today Show which is ridiculous garbage, because that's what Alex Jones is. he's not revealing any truth ever he's always guiding and misleading you down paths that lead to nowhere. That is his purpose, that is his goal, and he does a very good job at it.

Anonymous said...

My thought on him is that he is a fear-mongerer. There are many of them out there causing many to be so afraid of the future, when Jesus said to not be afraid Buying books, products to protect and inform - it is big business for these guys.

I've always been more unsteady and fearful after listening to Beck, Jones, etc, and I've come to a conclusion. It is that Satan is working hard and does not know when the end will come for him, but he is watching for the signs as well. He knows what they are. That does not mean that what Jones, et al says will happen will happen. Satan just may not get his way with all the plans he is putting out there through his "agents". I think their sole purpose is to cause such fear that people will just think it is all inevitable and will just roll over. It's all about fear, and that paralyzes.


FaithGuy3 said...

AJ also doesn't tell you the whole truth - he rarely ever talks about the Vatican/Jesuits roles pushing for the OWG/OWR systems. No surprise b/c he himself is Jesuit trained from what I understand.

And while he exposes that false left/right Dem vs Repub paradigm, he has a subtle way of promoting it as the average listener will think he's doing so(ie-it sounds like most of the time he's calling out Obama more than anyone else, like he did with George W when he was President).

I've been a member of his Prison Planet forum for almost 5 years, and pretty much they get POLITICAL more than anything else, AND NOT call out the system in its entirety(ie-it feels like a GOP establishment forum most of the time).

And another thing, I believe Jones is also a Ronald Reagan admirer(as is Ron Paul, whom he promoted quite a bit since 2007).

You see a connection with all of these conservative/alternative media outlets? If they have anything in common, it's that their intent is to put Reagan on a pedestial like he's the "father of conservatism", hence blinding everyone's eyes to the real truth - otherwise this whole fake left/right paradigm would blow up into 1000 pieces as Reagan's socialist agendas would be exposed.

And these conservative/alternative media outlets almost never expose the Papacy either.

FaithGuy3 said...

Alex Jones does fail the "catholic organization" test. He fails to recognize that the jesuits are super powerful. How can someone be a "conspiracy expert" and not include the jesuits?

And look at some of his guests - "Pastor" Lindsey Williams who supposedly has close contacts with some oil company execs in Alaska. He himself denied the Jesuits are part of the Illuminati. That right there says ALOT. Williams got like a couple of predictions right, one of them being the sharp rise, then the sharp fall of gas prices in 2008, which all of a sudden gave him "credibility".

Never mind how his "contacts" told him the "elite" wanted John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

Labby - yes, not only you're seeing a lot of fear being spread by the Illuminati "agents", albeit in a subtle way, but we're also hearing MANY KINDS of disinfo from all of them, which has only created confusion. For example, Jones and others in the alternative media kept saying how the 2012 election was going to be rigged for Romney.

Anyone with a 1/2 of a brain would know Romney was "appointed" by the GOP establishment to hand Obama his 2nd term, b/c he made an incredibly weak opponent.

Luca said... what do you think?

Bible Believer said...

Yes Alex Jones is another cog in the wheel definitely. I have a rule of they are nationally recognized, don't trust them. Celebrity-hood doesn't go along with truth, including on the religious front.
Thanks Don, one thing with Alex Jones on his website, I used to see an ad for the Dimond brothers website for extreme Trad Catholics, always thought that was kind of strange, but hey the NWO aware Catholics who are not born again often stray over the Trad/Sedevancantist ditch.

Agree about Missler, these types will appear "good" and be anything but. Hidden wolves in sheep's clothing. How could any one write the reams of material on that website of his while doing the constant conferences?

The Koinoia House symbol has the pyramid aspect but also the TORCH. The TORCH is a marker for the NWO. Think Cato etc, it appears on endless religious logos too. I take it as a warning...I really need to do an article on that...
Hey I've read about Alex Jones, hanging up on callers who bring up the Jesuits, one can see the absence of the Vatican/Catholic church/Jesuits even on websites like Newswithviews. I think he knows but since he is controlled opp, they remain the "untouchables".

If one thinks about something with Alex Jones, this is something I've been noticing...they want to push people into rebelling against the "old order" to "institute the new"

You see leftists going on about REVOLUTION

You see leftists praising the phony engineered revolutions in the Middle East.

And you got the right types [extreme right for Alex Jones--militias, New World Order aware, preppers, etc] now being steered into the same path too.

World unity is being sold as the solution to the corrupt bankers, mega corporations.....


So you are right, it is a look over "here" lie while they don't realize what the other hand is doing.

Glenn Beck and Alex Jones are basically the same type of thing--though Glenn Beck doesn't go as heavy into the conspiracy and has the more mainstream duped Tea Party types following him.

I've heard Alex Jones say weird things, hey he tosses all sorts of New Age Occultism into this videos and lectures.

I remember having debates with people on message boards years ago too, saying that Alex Jones was no born again Christian.
Even the truths that Alex Jones may reveal are just part of his agenda to mislead. I do believe he uses fear to bring in the lies too. Remember what I wrote a long time ago about how the NWO loves to use that trauma based programming. I used to watch Alex Jone's videos and remember the effect they had on me. They were not edifying and usually one felt hopeless against the overweening power of the NWO and despairing of the future. Of course with no BIble taught and no hope and protection via God, the picture is very dark.

I saw the Alex Jones video where he infiltrates Bildenberger, you know the camp with the big Moloch statue of the concrete owl or whatever that thing is, and even then kept thinking, that place keeps out thousands of protesters, and Alex Jones can "sneak" in? Give me a break. I thought that was the biggest scam going. He was only allowed there because he was invited in.

One thing with the NWO is they do want to use fear and lots of it to get people to obey and in desperation go in the paths set out for them. Manufactured rebellions, false grassroots movements, fear underlies the whole control grid of the "war on terrorism matrix. But then one thing, remember they always got a NWO solution for every problem they have imposed and created themselves.

I agree the fear paralyzes. One thing remember Satan will make use of fear. This is a battle that many of us can face. The Bible warns us about fear.

2 Timothy 1:7

King James Version (KJV)

7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Bible Believer said...

Faith Guy you are right about Alex Jones too.

Also Alex Jones invites the Jesuit Sheens onto his show and Pat Buchanan Knights of Malta.

By the way Pat Buchanan gets around.

Hmm there is a reason TAKI MAGAZINE in their logo has ONE EYE WINK.

Pat Buchanan writes there with the likes of Jim Goad.

Libertarian magazine...

Jim Goad was a writer in the 90s that sold some of the most filthy writings known to man. He had a few truths with his Redneck Manfiesto book, but that is one where more deception was unloaded.

The other day I saw them PRAISING the CATHOLIC CHURCH. They always promote the RCC as a good among the liberals, it is enough to make you throw up.

"Maybe it’s time for the Catholic Church to cease turning the other cheek and to come out swinging instead. The problem may not be that it’s covered up its wrongdoing so much as it’s allowed the media to ignore all the good it’s done. It should definitely punish its wrongdoers, but it should also publicize its good deeds, because obviously no one else is willing to do it for them. If the Church continues operating in a mode of passive appeasement, it risks becoming the dodo bird of religions and apologizing itself into extinction."

Laurence Auster was a contributer too.

By the way Catholic to the core as well.

Hey the whole "libertarian" right is "controlled" too.

The whole prepper, NWO aware right and left too.

I know many times I have said being NWO aware is no guarantee of anything they got plenty of pits and layers of deception for those folks too.

So sure Alex Jones calls out the false right and left paradigm but with a little more emphasis on Obama and Bush yes when he was president.
I was on the Prison Planet Forums [a different format then] a very long time ago, and then I remember the presence of many occultists, they are more political if anything, you are right about that.

Sure when you see people waving the Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul flags be forewarned. Ron Paul IMO is an "insider" too.

They always praise Reagan when Reagan instituted plenty of NWO friendly legislation and started us in the 80s to where we are now.
They never expose the Papacy nope. Sure on extremely rare occasion you may see an article about the Vatican but it's never "too strong".

That is interesting Lindsey Williams is a guest. Hey I don't trust most of the exposure crowd. Even someone just being a guest on Alex Jones is enough for me to ask questions. I read some of Lindsey Williams books they read weird. That's the best way I can explain it. Nothing about Rome in the ones I have.

Labby, I believe Kerry handed it to Bush...they pick one weak candidate to make sure the other wins. They already know who they have "chosen" and will put in place. I believe the elections are out and out shams. They had all those Republican politicians praising rape to enrage women to vote Democrat, and they had Romney going on in praise of big money ON PURPOSE.

Bible Believer said...

Luca, That video is creepy since it names dates, 2054--world unity, 2020 WWIII {decided to post some of what was said, see below transcript}

a New World Order
is born today
the 14 August 2054
Racial conflicts
ideological conflicts
religious conflicts
territorial conflicts
belong to the past
Every man is a world citizen
subject to the same law
The Internet has driven
spreading communication
and organization at a planetary level
The Pyramids of Egypt
the Colosseum of Rome
the Church of the Holy Wisdom
are demonstrations of power
The Roman Empire lasts for centuries
because of its road network
the “cursus publicus”
Genghis Khan creates a network of horsemen
to have real time information
from everywhere in his empire
the greatest of all times
and to be able to concentrate
in a few days
all its military force on a single point
a monk from Ferrara
that anticipated Martin Luther
and John Calvin
invents the “open letters”
printed in thousand of copies
and distributed to the citizens of Florence
The French Revolution walks on the legs of the ideas
of the Diderot and D’Alembert’s Enciclopèdie
and of the Voltaire’s Dictionnarie Philosophique
Benito Mussolini
uses the radio to communicate with the people
who gather together in all the squares of Italy
The movies of Leni Riefenstahl
give a great popularity to Adolf Hitler
The first live transmission
of the sessions of the House of Commons
in the United Kingdom
is broadcast by BBC radio in 1975
At the beginning of the 21st century
the fate of the world is still determined
by masonic, religious and financial groups
130 of the most influential personalities of the world
the Bildeberg group
have a private meeeting every year
to discuss the future of the world economy
Before the Net
and organization
belonged to the power
With the Net
they belong to all the people


2018: The World is divided into two main areas
The West with direct democracy
and free access to Internet
and the Middle East with orwellian dictatorship
and controlled access to the Internet
2020: Beginning of the Third world War
that lasts 20 years


2040: The West wins
Net democracies triumph
2043: Grassroots movements
emerge all over the world
to manage local problems
related to energy



linked by the Net
2047: Everyone has his identity
in a world social network
created by Google
called Earthlink
To be
you must be in Earthlink
or be not
No passport is required anymore

2050: BrainTrust
a collective social intelligence
allows people to solve complex problems
in a matter of days
sharing any kind of information and data on line
2051: A world referendum is held on the Net
to abolish the death penalty
2054: First world elections on the Net
A World Government
called Gaia


In Gaia
Man is the only owner
of his destiny
Collective knowledge
is the new politics

[Sounds like the Borg on that one Star Trek show]

Bible Believer said...

I went to go look up this group

Some E-commerce company? I don't know Italian...

Gianroberto Casaleggio
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Gianroberto Casaleggio

Gianroberto Casaleggio (Italian pronunciation: [dʒanroˈbɛrto kasaˈleddʒo]; born in Milan, 14 August 1954) is an Italian entrepreneur. He is partner-founder and president of Casaleggio Associati srl, a computer and publishing company that advises on network strategies, and editor of Beppe Grillo's blog ( He is also co-founder, with Beppe Grillo, of the Five Star Movement, of which he is sometimes called "guru".[1][2]

weird stuff...

The Five Star MoVement (MoVimento 5 Stelle, M5S) is a political party in Italy launched by Beppe Grillo, a popular activist, comedian and blogger, and Gianroberto Casaleggio, a web strategist, on 4 October 2009.[2][3][4] The party is populist,[5][6][7] anti-corruption,[8] environmentalist,[8][9] and partially Eurosceptic.[10][11] It also advocates participatory democracy,[8] direct democracy,[12][13] E-democracy, free access to the Internet,[14] and degrowth.[15] The M5S's programme also contains elements of right-wing populism and American-style libertarianism. Party members stress that the M5S is not a party but a "movement" and it may not be included in the traditional left right paradigm. The "five stars" are a reference to five key issues: public water, sustainable transport, development, connectivity, and environmentalism.

[Hey guess they have their Alex Joneses for other nations]

FaithGuy3 said...

Yes, these elections are pre-determined years in advance, I agree. From what I understand, Obama was groomed since his Harvard days in the 1980's. Clinton was groomed by Bush Sr in the 1980's.

Although the MSM did one heck of a job making it look like Clinton and Obama just came out of nowhere. And for that matter too George Jr's rise in 1999 caught me by surprise.

And you're right, notice how their campaigns are scripted - when Kerry got slandered for his Vietnam Swift boat allegations in 2004, he didn't respond well. And in response to Iraq, his messages were pretty much, "Even if there were no WMDs, I would have invaded anyways".

Another tactic they use is throwing out many candidates in these primaries - look how many "like candidates" they had in the last GOP primaries, which gave Romney the clear advantage.

Kathy said...

Did you know you can use google translate to read that Italian website...

Anonymous said...

Jones always reminds me of Rush Limbaugh. Vain,empty men the 2 of them. Jones gave this big to do about Senator Nancy Schaffer and made like he accepted her on his program. She was so naive not knowing he would lead her to her death. If you don't know anything about her google her name.

She was trying to reveal CPS (children's protective services) corruption. She had no clue how evil he was and is.

Anonymous said...

Look how he's playing the "all conspiracy theorists are crazy" role on BBC:

You can see he's enjoying it, too.

Anonymous said...

Very good. We think alike. I had always wondered why Alex Jones was not shut down with the mouth he has.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer,

Last weekend there was a History channel show on about America's Secrets and the Freemason's. It was interesting because Alex Jones was on there and he said that Albert Pike talked about Freemasons worshiping Lucifer. At the 27 minute mark

Just wondering your thoughts on this. I don't trust much on TV. I don't trust Alex Jones or the History Channel. So I was just curious why they would come out and say that the Freemason's god is Lucifer.


Christsfreeservnt said...

You said: "One thing I know I have been emphasizing on this blog recently is how those they have chosen to WARN about the NWO, are bringing in the same Luciferian NWO concepts."

I agree that those the NWO has chosen to warn against the NWO are bringing in the same...

A few years ago, I was absolutely clueless to all of this going on in the world. I didn't think I could understand the world of politics, so I didn't really pay much attention. Shame on me. Then, one day the Lord began to wake my mind up to what is truly happening in the world, and I began to sit up and pay attention to what he was showing me. Largely he spoke to me in dreams, i.e. the dreams being like allegories to help me see how the things taught in scripture are happening in our world today. He led me to so many different news stories, but then, via the dreams, and via His Word, he would reveal to me the truth behind the lies. This is how he began to awaken my mind to the reality of the types of things you are sharing here on your blog. And, he has had me share those insights via blogs and various other websites for 9 years now.

I have been following all these stories of uprisings and of takeovers of governments and of riots, etc. and I have seen an MO which I now see operating within these United States, too. The Lord had me write about that here:

Donna Swanson said...

i find it odd that comments are made about the Tea Party that sound very negative but yet I am part of the Tea Party and I am helping them fight against bad laws that are trying to be used to take away our constitutional freedoms and if as you say that presidents are groomed years in advance as if there is no hint of you saying that above else who is groomed or who is not, God is in control. The Bible clearly shows us that many things that are happening now was prophesied in God gives humans choices. it is not ALL up to the illuminati or freemasons or whoever. You are talking about Alex Jones etc using fear, but yet you are talking like there is no hope just like Alex Jones does. I believe God teaches that before Jesus comes back, the gospel will be preached to the whole world and also WW111 is talked about in the Bible in the last days and no it doesn't last 20 yrs so not sure where you got that info. Yall either believe the Bible or you don't. You either believe God is in control or you don't. You can't have it both ways. By the way, I am a Christian, saved by the grace of God and I believe we have to fight to keep our freedoms and to stand up for what is right. Many things that politically me and other Christians in the govt have been fighting for or against, we are making strides in protecting our constitutional rights for people in the USA. It can't happen by just sitting back and doing nothing. I wonder do any of you that have been or is on here, do yall fight for what is right or do yall pray for your country?