Monday, April 8, 2013

What is going on with North Korea?

Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

Make sure to check out this newer video too:

Keep praying. I am concerned about some of these latest developments. How is North Korea being used? A proxy for China? An introduction of sorts to war with Iran? Where is Russia in all this?

The NWO's way to spark off WWIII?

Just meaningless bluster by the new kid on the block in North Korea?

One wonders how crazed dictators who hold such tight-fisted control over their populaces, are left in power. Ever find it interesting how we invaded Iraq on far far less and now this guy threatens to directly nuke bomb America and there they sit still making more threats? What is odd is one week before this all started I read a book about North Korea from the library called "Escaping North Korea" The author is UN-NGO connected but I found some of the stories of interest about the levels of starvation, brainwashing of the populace and how so many try to escape into China to leave their oppressive life behind. He does bring up some being witnessed to which is a positive. Those poor people in that dictatorship rarely hear the gospel. It is known that the nation is extremely poor, and run under cult-worship for it's leaders. The state is their religion. They have the fourth largest military in the world!

Also ask yourself why North Korea is focusing so much on America? It makes you wonder. Why are they wanting to attack when as news4themasses comments, when our own government is going "communist" and with the present "leftist" in the White House, where long held American freedoms are being wiped away. What is weird is they have this extremely poor country where the people are literally starving including the soldiers if I am to believe the book "Escaping North Korea" where everyone is living off bowls of corn gruel and where rice is a luxury. Why are they so invested NOW in threatening the US? Something isn't adding up. Is Kim Jong-un a puppet of sorts being used by the NWO?

Any of you ever see giant pyramid which was an abandoned hotel with construction now back in action in Ryugyong? Why build something like that when your populace is starving? Was it built as a marker? This thing is definitely a marker for the Illuminati if there ever was one. North Korea is marked as well any of the rest.

What was the weird stuff about Dennis Rodman visiting Kim Jong-Un very recently? I used to read on "conspiracy" websites that celebrities and others were used to "pass messages", who knows? The whole thing seems so weird. Here is a guy threatening the US populace with nuclear annihilation and there goes a basketball star on his merry way hugging him and "just hanging out". Why was this allowed? Does that make any sense to you? Wouldn't this have been considered as an act of traitorship just some years ago? This happened the beginning of March.

Keep praying for peace and for America. The world seems to become far more of a tinderbox day by day.

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Anonymous said...

Did you happen to catch Kim Jon's "hidden hand" sign in the first video when he & military leaders were standing at attention. Intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Oh 2:14 into the vid

Kathy said...

Start at 5:55 on this video about Rodman in Korea. Interesting.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I saw that Anon--hand in the jacket, masonic sign.

I wonder if there are others. Thanks for giving us the time.

I saw this about Rodman, yeah sure...

"London, Mar 19 (ANI): Former American basketball player Dennis Rodman has described North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as a 'fun-loving kid' who would rather listen to pop music than start a nuclear war.

According to the former NBA star instead of dreaming up ways to annihilate the West, Kim Jong-un spends most of his free time watching American sports and listening to 1980s disco tracks."

Kathy The video is very interesting, The video has the markings of eclipse in intro. To me that is always a sign of an infiltrated place. Hebrew Roots too?? I did go to the website they advertise, it is BAD NEWS. Channeled stuff. He is adding to the Word of God.

"VE LETTERS FROM YHWH (Ketuvim Ahavah YHWH) is a compilation of messages I have received over the period of 1 year, beginning January 2011. My hope in presenting these epistiles to the Body of CHRIST is that they might serve to edify, strengthen and give hope to those who are waiting anxiously for CHRIST's return from Heaven. May these words be a light to the world, to help guide those seeking a deeper understanding of the RAPTURE, HARPAZO or CATCHING AWAY of the BRIDE of CHRIST; and how it is a vital component in the promises of our salvation and deliverance."

Pro-Rapture too.

One thing is there are so many infiltrated videos out there, but thanks for posting, I do think some of the truths they show, are TRUE about the occult markings, they definitely sprinkle those all over the place!

I believe that music star PSY with his HARLEM SHAKE dance


I mean they named the guy pretty direct.

and has anyone ever noticed how much he looks like Kim Jung-un.

Bible Believer said...

correction above Kim Jong-Un

christian cerna said...

I agree with you about the whole Dennis Rodman story. The moment I saw that story on the news, I knew that it was some bizarre joke. How in the world does someone just fly into North Korea by himself and hang out with Kim Jung? You would think that it would be illegal for Americans to travel into that country, the way it's illegal for Americans to travel into Cuba. Why would our government even allow such a thing to take place? And how is Dennis Rodman not being considered a communist spy when he is friends with a communist dictator?

But then again, I wonder if Rodman even went to North Korea in the first place. Maybe the whole thing was staged. I think everything we see on TV is just a show being put on, in order to get us into a mindset- preparing us for more war and more economic turmoil. The whole purpose being to completely demoralize us and bring us to poverty, so that we will be more willing to accept a police state government.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Rodman also went to Vatican before the current Pope was elected and predicted a Black Pope. Someone should of told him there already is one. He has called himself "World Peace Guy". Good luck with that! - Don

Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it with the Illuminati Courier label. The hat with 33, the scarfs and notice the back of his left hand. Not to mention what he says. - Don

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"You would think that it would be illegal for Americans to travel into that country, the way it's illegal for Americans to travel into Cuba."

Well, Rodman is black. And as far as cuba, there is the JAY Z and Beyonce trip. They are black also. Now , I think that Stevie wonder wants to visit North Korea.

Bible Believer said...

I thought the Dennis Rodman thing was bizzare too. He is marked one with even eye of Horus tattoos. [not an endorsement of link but check out pictures]

No one can just elect to fly to North Korea. it's not like any average person can go to the airport and get a flight there. So yes this was set up. I actually think IT IS ILLEGAL for AMERICANS to fly in there, maybe not from our end but definitely from THEIRS.
So how did he get there. There are some celebs going to Cuba, wonder what is up with that? How did they get permission?
I think he was definitely used as a "spy" of some sort or used to pass on messages.

They are slowing warming up the frogs here, more poverty and worse. With the poverty thing, so many seem absolutely clueless as to what so many of their fellow Americans are going through its awe inspiring. They do not want to know until it hits home I guess. But look how brainwashing the media is.

Don Dennis Rodman went to the Vatican too? I guess that guy gets around. Weird how some old defunct basketball player is getting in the news so much isn't it?

Hmm maybe there were communiques to be made there too. :/

Thanks for that other link Don.

I posted the cable foreign policy link did it in a hurry so wasn't signed in. But read that one if you all get a chance.

I don't think them being black matters, they are celebrities, they have chosen to send over, but Stevie Wonder too? Weird.

Jeff said...

Kim-Jong-un is signaling "hidden hand" all over the place. The entire thing is orchestrated. What isn't these days? Rodman is a Monarch courier.

Anonymous said...

at anon who said the celebrities are black...we got to be VERY careful about pointing out a person skin color. In God eyes, there are only the saints and unbelievers. Therefore, Rodman and Jay Z are unbelievers, who are ok with being friends with oppressive dictators and cruel leaders who kill christians. Remember, Angelina Jolie is an ambassador. Sean Penn and Madonna also visit oppressive governments. When the mark of the beast comes, these same celebs will be flaunting that too, making it seem like the cool thing to do.


Bible Believer said...

I agree about Kim Jon-UN signaling the hidden hand stuff all over the place. Monarch courier makes sense too. Agree with anon, saying being careful about focusing on skin color. They have sent "couriers" of all races, white, black, Asian, mixed race. This has nothing to do with it. Sean Pean, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie, yes have gone all over the place as well. Agree these celebrities will take the mark of the beast getting others to follow. Throw in the so called "religious celebrities" too.