Sunday, April 21, 2013

Other Names for Martial Law?

With this article, I am not going to go into every detail, there are other websites that have gone into extensive detail about Boston and I don't think I need to rehash it all. With this one, I was upset by what happened to the joggers and innocent spectators. With the sheer carnage, it took me acouple days even to collect my thoughts and sit down and watch some news and go read what they said happened.  It was tragic, it was horrible. I have been praying for Boston and hoping there are no more lives in danger. The future looks bleak in a world full of such violence, whether this was a "false flag" or not. The days where people warned that the terrorists would win if America gave up all its freedoms seem to be over. Is anyone even saying that anymore? I suppose those people all have been silenced and have given up. 

However I don't know if you  noticed one development, something "new" and never done before where an entire metro city of millions was put under "Shelter-in-place", "lock-down", all new names for what essentially was martial law with 9,000 cops. Isn't it interesting how there are Lock-downs for the schools when the shooters come to them and now a "Lock-down" for an entire metro city of millions of people?  Do you think something is wrong with that? It's like two guys held an entire city hostage. There have been other evil madmen and bombers during our history, is this now going to happen every time?

Abandoned streets [see pictures here and also see picture 39 here], everyone told to stay indoors which is actually an extra step over even traditional martial law, an entire metro area of millions of people shut down for days over one suspect. Remember your history books even London was not shut down during the Nazi Blitzkrieg but now Senator Graham and the others can call America a battlefield. Do you see where all this is going? What is the outcome of it becoming a battlefield? Has anyone thought about that?

The future I see in America seems to be one of checkpoints, closed down cities, papers please!, the TSA manning the streets and open searches and seizures.
Ever read a book about Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia? We are on the way.  Free travel will become a thing of the past as our corrupt politicians keep the immigration door wide open to endless varieties of those who hate America while locking things down on citizens here. Don't try and ask the non-thinkers how that doesn't add up, why the doors remain wide open as even this week they wish to push immigration reform that will ensure more millions coming to these shores. Odd how everyone and their brother from a wide variety of third world nations can come here and if an America wants to emigrate they better be rich or else have specialized work skills.

You know it gets scary out there

 I had one friend tell me, that I shouldn't be raising questions about martial law and you are going to "get in trouble" talking about such things and included was telling me that I was stupid and that people merely were "asked" to stay inside their homes. I pray my readers are surrounded by those who are more awake then that. I'm not. It gets lonely. You are rejected and hated for raising the most mild of questions. Some of us are used to this due to the gospel itself but it can be wearing. I had to go pray to God about this.

So I said. I said "Why is it wrong to ask questions? Why did they "lock down" a city of millions of people and we are not supposed to notice? Things weren't just closed down over a small area but the entire city!" She then retorted, "They were scared and just asked to stay home!", I replied, "You are telling me then, that the lock down/shelter in place was just a strong suggestion and that if someone wanted to get on a bicycle and go down a couple blocks even on the other side of town it would have been okay?"

Some people have gotten angry at me, for even daring to raise questions about the NDAA. You know the law they passed that named America as a battlefield? You think that language by that senator above is coincidental? You think it's by accident now that America is being turned into a battle field?

It was a very weird week, with that fertilizer company blowing up in Waco, did you know once upon a time, they were sued by Monsanto? Oh the House passed CIPSA, which was a renamed ACTA and SOPA basically. It still has to go through the Senate but is yet another attack on internet freedom.

By the way did you read the weird stuff about how with the second suspect they did not read Miranda rights?  The "lock-down" by the way didn't help capture the last suspect, a guy who went OUTSIDE saw him in his boat. Ask yourself why did they not read the Miranda rights? Why not just read them? It's quick. Could this be a use of the NDAA in action where such things are not required with "enemy combatants"? 

"What other reasons might there be for not reading a suspect's Miranda rights?
Some legislators, notably U.S. Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, want the suspect declared an "enemy combatant," a designation that allows a suspect to be questioned without a lawyer and without being informed of his Miranda rights. It applies to foreign nationals caught on an enemy battlefield, but such definitions have become murkier in the "war on terror."
Anyhow these are just some things I am thinking about recently. Tell me what you think.

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.


Anonymous said...

I had a family member travel to Boston on Wed. for business. I'll ask about the lock-down to get more details.

Also, I have heard that the younger brother had become an american citizen on 9/11/12. Would like to understand the Miranda situation better also.


Anonymous said...

Also, I'll add, how big a part social media played as well as Google setting up a special site for locating people. It was a service to find loved ones, but I suspected right away that it could be a test to be a people finder of the future.

Anonymous said...

Apparently these people have not heard the song by Lee greenwood, "God Bless the USA", "where atleast I know i'm free".

Welcome to the USSA. Land of the enslaved home of the fearful. 1984 was just a few decades off.

Bible Believer said...

Labby, tell me what you find out. Ask them if there were house to house searches in their area. I am sure they could not search EVERY house but the entire city was on lock-down from what I know. Yes they started reporting they hadn't read him miranda rights, I thought that was strange why not just read them to cover all bases and then I thought of the NDAA where such a thing will not be required.

I wouldn't doubt they could have People Finders. People allow themselves to be tracked via Foursquare and places like that via cellphones.

I agree last Anon, home of the fearful and enslaved. It was sad to watch this. 1984 is here today.

Anonymous said...

BB, it sounds like your associate has the "lucifer effect syndrome"


Kathy said...

What? Is that 6-12 "officials," enter each house for inspection, with or without owner authorization?

I think the time is here - say goodbye to our former "rights." Sadly, it appears freedom is a thing of the past.

Kayfabe said...

I was jus telling my family the same thing today at my uncles birthday that its 1984. I almost made a comment in the locker room at my gym as the tv was covering this and saying what a great job the police did in capturing the 2nd suspect. I was gonna say yeah great job it only took thousands of cops and shutting the whole city down. Of course I refrained because I didnt wanna get beat up in there u know how not going along with the program upsets people. What made me sick about the whole thing was the constant back slapping about how heroic everyone was and the hyper patriotism that resulted from this. Things like this keep happening and still people's hearts arent turning to God but they are turning to the government for their hope. They could hold hands all day long and sing cumbaya and talk about heroes but without the Lord it amounts to nothing. The media turns every terrorist event into this sappy hero worshipping story. I guess im frustrated because things lime this should get people to look to Jesus. Maybe some are and I hope so. I grew up in L.A. wherr we had horrible gang violence in the 70s, 80s and 90s and the media for the most part didnt bat an eye until it started hitting the west side yet the media jumps on this and is using it to further push the NWO agenda.

Anonymous said...

Okay, checked with my sister about her husband flying into Boston and she said he was not going into the city, but to Danvers and had no problems that she knew of.

Anonymous said...

I hear you...Bible Believer!

It is all unbelievable can people accept this.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bible Believer,

What happened to Fanatic for Jesus blog, the link not says it has been removed, very strange?
Do you know? I liked her stuff too! :-(


FaithGuy3 said...

It's only a matter of time before Caesar collects his chips - the 501c3 corporate church will ultimately go in lockstep with the government when everything really starts to go down.

Anonymous said...

I don' t know if anyone has watched Fox TV/'s Family Guy on UTube, my granddaughter made me aware of it. Family Guy ran over Boston Marathoners if they got in his way. Then in another episode he is in a restaurant dialing his cell and a bomb goes off, he dials again and another bomb goes off, etc. I have never watched this program but, it got me to thinking when riddles were spoken, such as The Three Blind Mice. It was to keep the people from knowing what was going on within the government. Just a thought.

Bible Believer said...

I thought that too Kathy, why did they need so many people to go in each house? It wasn't just one or two. 6-12 I suppose is a show of "force". Think about this, these are INNOCENT people just sitting there eating dinner, doing whatever they were doing, and someone pounds on the door and not only do they come in and search the house, they make you like a common criminal put your arms up in the air walk out to the sidewalk to be frisked. Why was that even necessary? Yes freedom is gone.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I thought the same thing, great job, sending NINE THOUSAND COPS after 2 suspects. How much did that cost? There are communities in America getting rid of their police due to low money, and we got the multi-million dollar militarized folks. Yeah it's a good thing you were cautious. Trust me the brainwashed populace is getting worse, I am having to measure words with teaspoons and even the mild stuff, is losing me friends. [Preaching the gospel of course will too]
This may sound odd but I think things have been upped another level in the Gestapo like air to society. I already am having people tell me don't talk about certain things as I talked about in this article. It doesn't matter that I am a peaceful person. Scary huh? I never thought America would change in this way year ago.

The backslapping would make me sick too. I was out in public too and had this woman say, "I am so glad we have been made safe from the terrorists!"--I bit my tongue there. If you think being a 9-11 truther type made you hated, these folks do not want to know. They buy the whole official story. I agree everyone is turning to government for hope and protection instead of God. Haven't any of these people read any history books and know what has happened to people? They certainly have not read the Bible. I tire of the sappy hero worship stuff too in the media, well that is more propaganda to brainwash the masses. You wonder if any of those cops if any asked, why are we searching these houses of innocent citizens? I guess we wouldn't hear about it if one spoke out. What happened to the Oath Keepers aren't there any of them in Boston?

I hope more look to Jesus too. This world is going so nuts, that is the only hope anyone has. Yes there is a lot of violence the media neglects and then starts reporting on so not surprised about what happened in LA. There are things they leave out of the media all the time like the wildings that are happening in larger cities.

Bible Believer said...

Oh with Oath Keepers I don't know much about that organization but saw someone elsewhere writing WHERE WERE the OATH KEEPERS why weren't they protesting the martial law. That is a group where the cops, etc, are supposed to sign oaths, not to go against freedoms and lives of American people.

Bible Believer said...

Labby looks like your sister's husband was far enough out. That's good. I read some surrounding communities were under the lockdowns, but don't know which ones or how many.

I agree Lina, I don't know how they can just accept it all or think it is okay.

Bible Believer said...

I went over to the Fanatic for Jesus blog and yes it is gone. :( I hope her blog was not taken down if you all get my drift. I try to back this one up, in case that happens which reminds me I have some months to save. But that was very alarming. Maybe I will try and write her to see what happened. I think I have her email address. I can see the changed climate out there having people leave the blog business behind. We don't know what may be going on with someone.

I believe God still wants me on here. Taking it down though that surprised me, there was a lot of good information there. I liked her blog as well.

Bible Believer said...

I agree the 501c3s will be going along with the NWO plan. I can see the day when the false pastors implore their flocks to take their RFID chips/tattoos, and preach that it is not the mark of the beast and they must obey the government according to Romans 13.

Don't forget the articles about the pastors and Fema

Not an endorsement of INFOWARS, but I met one of these false pastors in my old town who was getting disaster training and who was totally indoctrinated by the NWO.

Bible Believer said...

I watched a video on Youtube about that family guy thing. Yeah in the video, he is running over the marathoners. Hard to know if that was just chance, but then we know with the NWO, they love to announce what they have planned. They are doing predictive programming in the TV shows, most definitely.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank God for the 4th amendment. Oh wait..........

It's funny, Americans will still wave their flags, say the pledge with the words "Under God", HA. They will stand for the national anthem with the words "land of the free and home of the brave" in it. All the while the government uses the constitution as toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

There are thoughts that we, Americans, have been duped from the beginning. We do really have only one hope, the Blessed Hope. - Don

Anonymous said...

A most excellent article! The comments here are also good. I have just linked to this article from my blog.

My blog is very hard hitting and the last couple of days I have had a couple of messages pop up on my computer while viewing You Tube videos. The messages were "you are being watched" and then the next day it said "two people are watching you right now." I realize the danger but know we must stand against evil and get the Word of God out to people around the world. I keep praying to God to be filled with FAITH and not FEAR during these last days.

Anonymous said...

To BB,

Thank you, for providing a resource and a home for "solitary Christians" as myself, and so many others. This is my first comment, however, I've been reading and following along for awhile. I believe we are in for some hard times. We need to remain awake, to the tribulations of the world that our Lord warned us about, and at the same time let the Holy Spirit guide each one of us in spirit and in truth. We certainly have our work cut out for us! The Lord guides each one of us to our path in life, if we have the faith to follow here I am.



Anonymous said...

What happened to the fanaticforjesus blog? Did you contact her- was it Dianne? She had a fantastic blog, lots of awesome research.

Bible Believer said...

The constitution is gone. I find it funny they even mention the admendments because they have been eviscerated. Only God's Word stands in this wicked world.
Thanks for the video Don. That's interesting about British rule.

Where is your blog Anonymous?

You don't want to know the crazy messages I've gotten over the years for this blog. Sorry you had to deal with some people writing that they were watching you. I agree about being filled with faith and not fear.

Arvis I agree, some hard times are coming and we need to spiritually prepare. I do ask God a lot What do you want me to do? Or allow Him to direct my paths. We must do this especially in these times.

I did contact the fanatic for jesus blogger, she is okay. She is taking a break for now.

Bible Believer said...

I am seeing some weird pictures coming out of Boson. I am curious have any of you looked at the or some of the pictures and wondered about them? I am not sure if I am going to post on this. I have a personal reason why I can't explore this topic, see below. However I know what my own mind is telling me.

I do not have the ability to examine pictures of gore, even the movie set version makes me feel faint. In fact even looking at some of these websites was very difficult. So I am kind of limited regarding one theory I see being held out there.

I saw a man on CNN while watching the Boston Marthon with clothes all ripped to shreds, and his skin was intact, can this happen with a bomb?
I dropped a boiling cup of soup on me once and got a third degree burn with skin peeling off--sorry to gross everyone out, but wouldn't a bomb that was hot and strong enough to shred your pants, wouldn't it hurt your skin? His skin is intact. At least that is a non-bloody photo I can look at without getting ill.

I originally saw this picture on CNN, and had to scour the web and found it on the Well Aware website. I do not trust the Well Aware website so this is not an endorsement just a source of the picture.

NOT an endorsement for Zen Gardner either, the original article is from a website where they took it down,



{i had to try not to look at the pictures as I skimmed really fast}

Did any of you see the picture of the guy in the wheelchair with his bone and leg hanging out like that ALIVE? I WANT TO KNOW IF ANYONE HAS SEEN THIS PICTURE SHOWN ON ANY MAINSTREAM SOURCES.

It wouldn't happen, they'd be bleeding out and they'd be dead.

I find myself weirded out by all of the above.

I went and google Boston Marathon victims [limited in what I looked at--sorry] and even the blood looked like a weird color to me.

I was watching CNN the other day and yelling to husband, how could your clothes be shredded to pieces and NOT YOU?

From comment at one of the links

" agree. I wuz an EMT for nearly 28 years, and for six of those I wuz a EMT-P, a paramedic, working on ambulances on my days off from the Fire Department, a career FD, working 24 hour shifts.
Loved my job, so most of the time at the FD I volunteered to be staffed at busy stations, where we were first responders and saw my share and then some of blood and gore. Horrific vehicle accidents, shootings, knife wounds and industrial accidents and NEVER have I seen blood the color in those pics."

Anonymous said...

You wanted to know the name of my blog -- discerning-this-time dot blogspot dot com. (don't forget the dashes)

I am still growing and learning.

I have been to a zillion different kinds of churches through the years and my blog reflects this -- all of the apostasy I have seen.

I feature a lot of videos and some by Calvinists though I am NOT a Calvinist -- just a Christian. I know all about John Calvin and some bad things he did. I also like some of Dave Hunt's (Berean Call) material. LOL! A little different perspective from the Calvinists.

Most of the stuff I feature comes from stuff I have witnessed up close and personal mainly coming from a Southern Baptist upbringing, then the Charismatic mess, Assembly of God, Calvary Chapel, Independent Baptist, -- you name it -- I've just about seen it all!

I hope some of the stuff at my blog can help some people even though we may not agree on every single point. If you see something amiss, pray for me.

Anonymous said...

Many were asking about Fanatic for Jesus blogger. I have exchanged a couple of emails with her yesterday and today. She said it was okay to let you guys know the reason why she took the blog down.

It was because of serious financial problems that she feels is the result of her blogging. Her husband hasn't worked in over a year, and that coincides with the time she started becoming a more established writer with nearly 1000 hits a day. She would like for you to know that Christian bloggers are open to spiritual attack.

She also said that she felt that if she were willing to die for Christ, then she thought financial burdens should be a walk in the park. However, when there are children involved, this is another issue. I think she has about 5 children. Don't know how many are still at home.

She is currently working on several new blogs and one of them is already up. It is called The Communitarian Trap. It's very good! Check it out!

Please, please pray for her family!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon,

You have an interesting blog, I went there to check things out. Hey going to so many churches probably gave you first hand experience. I liked some of Hunts writings but disagreed with him on the Rapture and other things and his meetings with Missler was of some concern though I do not know how far that went or didn't go. His book warning about the Catholic church, The Woman Rides the Beast still has a lot of useful information in it. I would just tell people be careful regarding the Pre-Trib Rapture and other teachings. I know he is now deceased. I am glad to hear you are not a Calvinist. Remember Calvinism is one branch of the harlot, though some are well-studied in the Bible. It does sound like you have seen it all. There are some churches I've neglected to write about due to time and space, Assembly of God is into many of the same deceptions. I think you have a lot of good articles and warnings there, Keep up the good work. :)

Bible Believer said...

Anon, thanks for the information about Fanatic for Jesus blogger. I understand personal life matters people have to attend to especially if they have children to take care of. She is right about Christian bloggers being prone to spiritual attack. It has happened to me many times. As you know I am sensitive to those who are facing financial burdens, especially given what I have gone through myself and warning about what is happening here in America and elsewhere with the economy. Thanks for telling us about her new blog. I will be praying for her and her family.

N4TM said...

I've seen that ad too on youtube that says "2 ppl are spying on you."and u said yo myself, "That's all?" Lol. Great job here BB. I blog too, but not for $.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do understand Dave Hunt believed in pre-trib rapture. I also know that it is false and have blogged about it. Sadly, Scofield made headway into most of the churches. It was only the last couple of years that the Lord led me to the truth about the pre-trib rapture. Jesus warned us that in the world we WOULD have tribulation. We will go through persecution and tribulation but will not experience God's wrath which is reserved for the ungodly.

The pastors are not preparing the church for hard times and persecution.

I am sure I have stuff up right now on my blog that will have to come down as I grow and learn more truth.

Enjoy your blog too! Keep up the good work! I am ANONYMOUS who has the husband into music and both feet in the world.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah there's no money in it for me either News4themasses. The only bloggers that really make money save for a DONATE button and I am NOT going that way on this blog, are ones who get book publishing deals and well the big name book publishers aren't going to exactly publish things that tell the truth. :p

Hmm wondered if that was an ad. Hey more to make the populace more paranoid. Advertising really has gone down the tubes.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon, I am glad you know the truth about pre-trib. I've blogged about it here too. Scofield yes took over in too many places.

news4themasses said...

Sorry about those typos, I was trying to comment from my "smart" phone. And it was harder to do my usual sign in on wordpress via the phone so I did the name/url. But you get my point. I know for a fact that some of the comments to my site have been made from (1) a government office and (2) a fusion center. So, when the "two people are spying on you" ad came up it didn't scare me. I honestly don't care if "they" are spying on me. I'm not a threat to them. I'm not trying to change the Government I'm just trying to let a few folks know what and who is deceiving them. That's all, nothing to see here. Anyways, I don't have anything to gain from my blog. I don't get paid to do it, I don't offer ads on my blog and get any money. The ads on wordpress are because I don't pay for the ".com" they want me to pay to avoid ads and I did think about it. I was recently accused by the fusion center trolls of wanting 'hits,' really!? what does that pay off in? in Jollies? cause it sure ain't dividends I can spend at the gas station! lol. Trolls are funny people too, they type before they think a lot of times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer,
I was looking at pictures of the Boston bombing on the Huffington Post on Friday. I did see the person with torn clothes but no blood, and this amputee. I thought the pictures looked off - thanks - now I see why.

At work one of my co-workers was talking about the bombing to my boss. He asked if he'd seen the Manchurian Candidate where the guy was programmed to kill - seems like the bombing could've happened like that. Or maybe the day will come when robots will be sent out to kill people.

I was stunned because most people don't think like that from my experience. They just believe the media and don't think of anything like that. Just interesting.

Bible Believer said...

Update on Fanatic for Jesus blogger. She has put her blog back up and explains more on a recent post.

Please pray for her husband to get a job and for stable finances and for her, her family and health and well-being. Those spiritual attacks she describes are the real deal. I have faced some of that stuff myself too in the past. God bless her for the hard work she has done in the things she has exposed and in serving Him.