Friday, April 26, 2013

For Those Who Are Lonely

Psalm 102:7

I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the housetop

LOL I love this verse, how many of you have felt like a sparrow alone upon a housetop?

I've touched on this topic before in my social disconnection articles.

Social Disconnection Vs. Loving One Another

 Loneliness is a growing problem in our society. The disconnection with the moving, the fast pace of life, the technology, many are finding themselves separated from family and friends. Many are finding themselves in absolute solitude.  Many feel alone. Some may have lost people to death too. Still others may be far away from everyone.  Even if one finds circles of friends, often these circles can be vaporized via other events, economic displacement, being forced to move, or watching others move.  As we age too, making friends can be far harder for the middle aged and above as responsibilities and other burdens press down on people with time. One may be a caretaker, or facing health problems that restrict socializing or may even dealing with other things that isolate. As I write this article, I've had past periods myself in life of intense loneliness and know what it is like to be totally alone and abandoned in this world except by God.

Psalm 27:10 Though my mother and father forsake me then the Lord will take me up. 

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While too many churches and society remains focused on families, there are many without families, the childless, those who never married or those who outlived their spouse or saw their children depart. This also includes those who have been set apart via religious beliefs, and standing up for God. Remember Jesus Himself warns about family members turning against each other over matters of faith and the division between believers and non-believers. As I have written before, family focused churches trouble me, as it leaves many on the outside in the cold. They seem to dictate a false "Christian" world that only includes picture perfect nuclear families.  In a wicked world, love and connection between relatives is not a given. Today since many values have been thrown out the door, families have in some cases have been thrown far flung with each household moving for a job every few years. Over a 25 year period, where everyone has been required to move so much just to survive, the family is no longer intact. Many do not have money to even visit relatives who live far away and are resigned to the occasional phone call.

Psalm 68:6

6 God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

For a sole Christian within their family, it can be a lonely feeling. This verse to me definitely is one God's promises within His Word for those facing this particular issue. Some of us may be the only Christians in our entire families where the only saved person from parents to cousins is just yourself.
They may be a religion that rejects the truth and where if you are not part of that religion you are left out. I am the only Christian in my family, and well, as you can tell I am not interested in attending Catholic ceremonies. Many of you may have those who have cut you off for what you believe or who you have left, this can be partial or even complete.

Sometimes someone may have gone through a divorce or other things that left no people standing there. Why do we have a society where there are so many that live alone? That is a new trend now. So many people alone in small apartments with no one to talk to. It's scary. I've talked to people who have moved to America from other countries, one cried to me in tears, telling me she couldn't believe how alone everyone was and how hard it was to meet anyone. So many people have talked to me about how lonely their lives get.

Psalm 142:4

4 I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.

Many people who have been hurt, and who have been told they do not belong in a society that marginalizes so many are often alone. Many are told they do not fit in and treated accordingly. In this list may include the very old who I see cut off all the time and I personally have a heart for in befriending, the disabled-the physically and mentally ill, the poor, the homeless, and others who do not fit the mainstream. The demands for conformity in America are growing while at the same time they push a false message of "unity in diversity". One can see a society being formed where a thin sliver are deemed "acceptable" and granted a place to be, while the numbers of throw-away people grow higher in number. The sad thing is so many are scrambling to be who the media is telling them to be. Poor people know that their status is growing lower in society. Many who face poverty enter a world of trying to hide it as much as you can. While people in our rotten media do full confessionals about their wicked sex lives, notice how invisible the poor and other groups have become. That has gotten worse. Jesus of course calls to us to reach out to those we can. He reached out to the poor, and disenfranchised.

Think the wrong thoughts in American society even if you are careful and discerning about where you share certain things, that is enough to be ostracized. The American people especially have been trained and brainwashed to label anyone who is asking ANY questions as a tin-hat wearing weirdo and nut, that is not to be taken seriously. As I wrote on the martial law thread, I have taken some mighty heat lately for even the most mild of warnings. One doesn't even have to mention the phrase "new world order" but just ask some questions and many fellow citizens will look on you with a jaundiced eye. Even the most timid questioning of what is going on in America, will get you some shocked looks. These are times where I miss the more independent thinking rural types I used to live around. Most only had bits and pieces of the truth, and there were Christians who understood something was WRONG, but here among so many unbelievers the blind obedience and acceptance of the system is tough.  Preaching the gospel has lost me friends but so has questioning the status quo. I find myself lately wishing I could find some people who are on the same page IN PERSON! Any of you feel that way?

Perhaps I have a big mouth. I openly witness the gospel but then I am open about some other things, that people say I should not be open about. Sometimes this depends on what area of the country you are in, those surrounded by more independent rural types, who may still be deceived by some things on the right may face less then those surrounded by pro-gay rights Obama worshippers. One doesn't have to be a 9-11 truther anymore to feel alone in a society where most are successfully having their minds influenced. Christians know this world is sliding more and more into an abyss as long held morals and ideals are eroded away.

For a Christian believer to be around those who are not Christian, persecution is a given, it is worse in other places then America but definitely part of the landscape.  You will be told that you are crazy, a weirdo etc. Hey it's happened to me. Other odd events have happened to me, such as when I was warning people about the Catholic church and told them, one thing that woke me up to get out was the one world religion stuff {Assisi}, and they responded in kind, that what I saw had to be made-up and photo shopped and that the internet was full of lies! To be a thinker among the blind and deluded can be very tough. This doesn't mean you hate anyone for being blinded remembering your own days in deception but it is a strange place to be. Do know God warned us of this. This verse is very interesting to me. Life being awake among all the sleeping can get lonely.

Romans 11:8-10

King James Version (KJV)

8 (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day.

9 And David saith, Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, and a stumblingblock, and a recompence unto them:

10 Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, and bow down their back alway.

Understanding spiritually where these people sit is important. There was one person in that crowd  that was listening and why God directed me to say what I said, there was even one point, I was having a back and forth in my mind, "but they will think I am crazy" but went and did it anyway. This is where obedience to God comes in. There are times I've been called to warn even among those in "the real world" and it's not always easy. I had preached the gospel too with this group, saying works and sacraments don't save but Jesus does.

Fellow bible-believing Christians may be rare where you live and there too one can have the loneliness that can come with being around no like-minded people. I witness to who I can, but have had the sadness of so many immersed in world views I do not relate to whatsoever. Being around mainstream church people who are unsaved can be just as lonely as milling around the atheists and pagans. Spiritual delusion whatever the flavor is, still leads people to the same place.

I am at the point now where I just want to be in a room in person with another born again Christian. It's been so long! Sometimes this is painful. I do wonder what lesson God has to impart through this. Maybe I was set aside for various reasons. I do hope that God can send me some fellow born again Christians. I do know some who live long distance and of course the folks I talk to here online.

Maybe some others reading this blog lack family members who are Christians and others who are around them.  I may be traveling a far distance to go to an small rural independent church if God wills it,  knowing my visits will have to be rare due to cost in traveling hoping I find a sincere and discerning group of people, after so many disappointments. It either will give me something to write about on my blog or I'll find a few fellow Christians.  There were a few times over the years I made plans to go somewhere far flung but then God said No.  Many of my past church members who I have contact with are understanding about why I have been on my own.  That said, what God tells me to do will have to come first, alone or not. I've talked about the solitary Christian here many times. Many of us are in that boat now. If you are hungry for fellowship yourself, I understand.

God understands our need for other people.

Genesis 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

So humans have social needs. Some personalities may have a greater need for people then others. Also one has to take into account these differences with the understanding that an introvert may not need to socialize as much as an extrovert.

Sin can lead to loneliness, that of yourself or of others! We see how a sinful society is leading to break downs in relationships but this goes deeper.  People who have been abused often are more fearful of social engagements, they may not trust people readily and may build walls to close people out. They were told they were a black sheep too many times and tell themselves they will never fit in. Often times people's confidence is destroyed by the wickedness of others. Some people due to ill treatment may think they are "not good enough" or "different" to other people. Some may be right about their rejection in a society that demands so much conformity but others may be allowing themselves to be deluded. In a world of wicked narcissists and con men, people after encountering evil so many times start avoiding people just to not be hurt again.

American society stresses achievement, and "busyness" to the detriment of the quality and longevity of relationships. Some people run around so much you wonder what they are running from. For those with the money to do so, this can include compulsive shopping to fill the hours. Others may turn to drugs. Many deal with that alone in the crowd feeling too. Satan definitely uses loneliness in his bag of tricks to steer people wrong.

One's own sin can lead to loneliness too at times. Not being aware of other people's needs or following God's leading in reaching out to others can lead to it. Selfishness can be an ever present danger. Listening to society instead of God in regards to who you should associate with.  I had this happen to me as I befriended homeless people in my old town--people I am still in contact with, when people said to me, "Why are you friends with THEM?

Loneliness can lead to temptations for sexual sin, fornication that set up for more future rejection and disconnection from others. It has resulted from our wicked society teaching people to treat others and relationships especially like disposable Kleenex. How many single people out there even self-confessing Christians say they can't hold sex off for marriage because they would be too lonely? They actually assure themselves more future loneliness. Marriage in itself is not a cure of loneliness either. One person is not going to fill every empty hole or if a person is estranged from God, fix that main problem either. Self-pride keeps many alone. Of course the greatest sin is estrangement from God, and rejecting His gospel!

Psalm 4:3 But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the Lord will hear when I call unto him.

Christians may feel the pain of loneliness in the temporal world but I hope and pray that your relationship with God is a refuge where you can go talk to God about being lonely or other things you face. One aspect of being lonely is that it can force one to turn to God, and work on your relationship with Him. With time, you will not just turn to God while in need but will desire that time alone with Him.  Solitude can allow for a more time in reading His Word and pray and being outside the mainstream of society. I often think that part of the loneliness I faced in life, was what brought me to God in the first place. There are times where in my aloneness, I called out for God.  If you are stuck alone in the house due to illness or finding yourself a single person with a weekend alone and no plans, worrying about staring at the empty walls with no one to talk to for hours and hours, use that time for God. For me even to write this blog, I need time alone and to think and pray about this stuff.

God may use your alone time for ministries, and to strengthen your relationship with Him. Many may be tested to stand alone one day as well in preparation for what is coming.  Solitude is necessary for prayer and to take time with God. Now one may be not be lonely in solitude but perhaps being able to face that as a gift to be had, can help you deal better with feeling alone. The Bible even says in the verse above, that God sets some people aside for Himself. Remember God always cares even if you are alone in the world, or have times where you feel you are alone. While many of us have people we love very much, here too you have to remember people are fallible, they can disappoint, die, leave, even things happen beyond their control where they are taken away from you.  God must always be first in your life. Remember His promises:

Psalm 72:12

For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth: the poor also, him that hath no helper. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! It is as if you could peek into my life today. I don't EVER have a single soul to talk to in person, face to face regarding things of the Lord.

My husband has both feet firmly planted in the world. He grew up in the church of Christ but has never opened the Bible for personal study in all of the many years we have been married. His music is his god and so off he goes! When he isn't travelling for his music, he is travelling for the company he works for.

When he is home, I am tormented by the trash on the TV --sitcoms and movies that he watches, so I have to go to another room in the house to get away from the filth.

Today is a lonely, weepy day. I don't have those days very often, but they do come around from time to time and today is one of those days.

Your article was very timely and a message straight to the heart from God. Thank you for your obedience in writing this piece.

Yes, I also wonder why God has me alone. What is so ironic is that all through school, I was always voted the friendliest person in my class. Now I find myself totally friendless because of my stand for God.

As I grow closer to God and take a firm stand against things God hates, the distance grows between me and my husband. He doesn't ALLOW me to speak at all. He shuts me up! He has called me a conspiracy theorist. He has been totally illuminized at work through the multi-cultural stuff. He has changed and I have changed, but we are going in different directions. It is very scary. We used to have such a peaceful marriage.

Anonymous said...

This is speaking to me so much tonight.

I am not totally alone, but I feel I am living with the enemy and my children are off at college. So I'm sort of alone.

Over the last few years, I have become a more devoted Christian and spend a lot of time reading scripture and learning about spiritual things, but always being careful not to get mixed up with the Emergent, Contemplative or Prophetic stuff that is so pervasive. I'm not above being deceived - just so I make that clear!I want to be there for others and serve Christ Jesus with my life in some way.

My husband has called me a hyprocrite, Pharisee, tells me my life amounts to nothing because I "do" nothing. The church we attended for 18 years has gone emergent, and I am uncomfortable going there so I go with my sister-in-law to a baptist church when I can. That is very, very good with much Bible teaching, hymns and not a lot of fluff. I am fed when I go there. He refuses to leave our church, and I have not asked him to, however, I don't continue to attend on a regular basis. He tells me he won't leave, because then I would "get my way". I told him it has nothing to do with each of us being selfish and getting our own way, but what is best for us as a marriage and that we would seek a place where we would both be happy. I agreed now to go with him to the original church so our marriage would have more harmony. He doesn't seem to be happy with that decision either.

He doesn't like that I study things, discuss things, go online, etc. He hates that I am researching Augustine right now and how he changed the church and was very Roman Catholic. I want to know more about Calvinism and Original Sin. (not that I agree with them) He says he is sick of religion and talking about it.

He also wants to stop going to our small group Bible study because he feels that it is going no good. We are studying Acts and only using the Bible and praying for each other. I asked him what does he think it should be doing? Shouldn't Christians get together to learn and to fellowship? He says we're not "doing" anything or getting anywhere. (truthfully I think he likes a more charismatic setting)

I feel very alone and I know this is a rant, but I feel like he is criticizing me and mocking me. I just want to be with others who enjoy studying the Bible and trying to follow Christ while avoiding all the wrong doctrines out there and learning from each other. Everyone I know seems to be reading mystics, the new apostles, word faith, or are into the Warrenism Purpose-driven stuff. I don't expect to be perfect or be around others who are perfect, but I do want to be with others who try. Try to understand things in light of what's going on in this country, in the world and just taking time to be Bereans.

I am so desperate that I once posted something on Craigs List about having a local Bible study. Got no responses.

Maybe I too need to start befriending the older or homeless, although I don't quite know how to go about doing that.

thank you for sharing BB.

FaithGuy3 said...

You are not alone - yeah, whenever I try to warn others, in particular professing Christians, about the abominations of the Catholic Church, I'm met with "You hate them!" comments many times. And this despite telling them how they endorse evolution, ecumenism, works-based nonsense, Mary-worship, etc. They're like, "But that's OK!".

Ditto when I try to warn about heretics like Rick Warren, despite all of the hard evidence proving him to be a false prophet.

Yeah, the modern-day church is incredibly spiritually corrupt, it seems. For one, you can't even remotely criticize the pastor, b/c supposedly it was God that put them there, so therefore "We can't touch God's anointed", no matter all false preachings they put out. And two, there's just ZERO discernment in their buildings. For example, it seems to be the new norm now for Freemasons to be members of these churches.

Ultimately, honestly, I'm not worried, because the Lord Jesus Christ says we should be unspotted from the world. If being unspotted from the world means having to be lonely for long periods and separated from the modern-day church system, then Amen.

Also on a side note - this is why I feel the recent discernment ministry network has become popular online - Mike Hoggard, Joe Schimmel, Chris Pinto, Constance Cumbey, Chuck Baldwin, Chuck Missler, Chris Roseborough, Brannon House, etc(most of whom you have covered on your blog). They are just merely playing GOOD COP to those like me and others, acting like they're providing a voice for us.

Bible Believer said...

First anon, sorry you do not have a single person to talk to in person about the things of the Lord. Yes there are many facing the unequally yoked thing. My husband is not saved. This may surprise some of my readers, I think I admitted this one other time. I am not sure if I have admitted this or not on the blog, God has blessed me in that mine is respectful of my beliefs, even reads this blog! and supports my endeavors but sadly as far as Christian salvation goes while he seems open about some things he has not made the steps to salvation. I think the past false influences of the Lutheran church[which he does not attend] he grew up in even have him thinking differently about what it means to be born again etc. Sometimes he tells me, "Yes I do believe in Jesus but just not in the same way". I know I have him thinking but I pray he is born again all the time. We have had these discussions where he questions ideas such as salvation, etc.

We married before I was saved, I was still UU. Music does seem to be a hold on some and the things of this world most definitely. It can get tough, because you want someone to talk and pray with who understands, mine I openly talk about everything on this blog, and he will listen respectfully at least I can do that, but if they are not in the same place it can get tough. I have to leave the room too when there are bad TV shows on. I relate to that. Mine listens to music via headphones, so is good about that, so I do not have to hear it. I will pray for you, I know it can get lonely. When one is a Christian alone even though you may have a few friendly souls around you cannot connect with them in the same way as you would a fellow Christian. I am sorry distance is growing between you and your husband, keep praying he is saved. LOL yes I've heard the you are a conspiracy theories too! Though mine seems to have more the attitude of "That's Bible believer!"

Yes there are false influences via work, and they do workshops and more to train workers. Keep praying for him. One thing don't fight about matters of religion and belief as much as you can. [think of bible verse, live in peace] Do stand up against what is false and always obey God first of course. With mine I do openly witness and say don't you fear hell, but we have the type of relationship where he won't take umbrage against it. I know that sounds odd because I know most women with unbelieving husband are NOT supportive of their religious and other beliefs. Remember God's promises about those with unbelieving spouses.

1 Cor. 7:14

or the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

I will pray for you and your husband.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry you are facing things too Labby.
I am glad you have spent time studying scripture, and more. That is one good use to put one's time. I had the years of study, and well God's Word woke me up to get me out of the RCC right before I was saved and served as a warning for the other false churches as well. I agree we always never want to see ourselves as beyond deception and need to pray to God to always show us the truth. When people get the idea "it can't happen to them" that is when they get in trouble. Sometimes I have worried about being a "bad witness" to husband during times I've lost my temper or sinned and things like that. I think all Christians may face that, but he should not call you a hypocrite. Sometimes unbelievers get this idea that all Christians are hypocrites, and that is one that can be lobbed over the wall. "You all think you are perfect!" That is partially the conviction they are ignoring talking! I am sorry your church has gone Emergent. So your husband is unwilling to leave it, that is good you found a decent church to go to from time to time. My husband is okay about even taking me to churches [he went with me to my old IFB many times] and agreed to take me to a far away one, though this weekend I am ill and may have to postpone. I am sorry he sees your desire to leave a false church as you "getting your way". I would just at this point, let him go to that church and not argue or belabor the point once you have communicated what you thought about it and go to church with your SIL. Some of the best advice I got was when I was a new Christian, they said don't argue with your unsaved husband. Do what you need to do. Witness to him of course but avoid as much friction as possible. I know it's not easy, and I am perhaps spoiled in that mine is respectful and is the type even willing to drive me 50 miles to a far flung church possibility, but I know I have to remind myself not to argue or get upset when we see so many things so differently. I don't know what I would do if he was an active participant in a false church, that would be very hard!


Bible Believer said...

I know it's hard because he won't listen to your warnings. Pray about what God wants you to do too. I am sorry going with him did not help but he probably knows you reject what they are teaching. I tend to be one that thinks one should put loyalty to God first, some make the argument that a wife should attend a false church with a husband, but in my case, I could not do it. Here we want to seek the direction of God and obey Him first.

I am sorry he doesn't want to hear the truth about Augustine or Calvinism. One thing if you want to ponder this if he is not saved, he is not going to want to seek the things of the Lord. For the sake of household peace probably you should continue with the Bible studies and your own church going and go on your own. I know this is not easy. His view of God's Word will not be the same. His desire to leave that Bible study for "more" means he probably is seeking after charismatic experiences. [you know people who want their ears tickled, who desire the whole experiential thing] Realize the Holy Spirit is going to have to change his heart. I know I have to hold back sometimes myself and remember it is up to God to lead him to salvation.

Everyone I am around too, is either part of liturgical Lutheran churches, atheist-agnostic liberals, or part of Warren influenced megachurches. Most are no where near the same page. I know moving away from old IFB and a more rural "old fashioned" community was tough for me. Sure many of those folks were deceived by the right arm of the NWO, but some were Christians who knew something was wrong even if they could not put their finger on it and sincerely sought after the things of God. I don't relate to the world view of many around me either.
I want to be around people who "try" too. I think our final desire is to be around those who are not blinded by the things of this world and who seek after truth. I do not expect people to know everything thing I know, I put years of study into what I have shared on this blog and had circumstances in life where I had more time for this study. Of course there are some who know far more then me who are further along in their Christian walk, but I think what sums it up is we want those around us who have a love of truth. Those who reject the love of truth it can be lonely. LOL I posted on Craigslist looking for home churches and local bible studies with no results too. This area seems so devoid of Bible believers, it's scary.

With befriending the homeless be careful. I had a different situation, you don't want to get mixed up with some who are toxic and that is a world you do have to protect yourself in, but God will do the leading there. My homeless friends were the rural homeless living in campers. They aren't homeless now, and found new situations to be in. The urban environment one does have to be very careful.

With elderly people God led me to friendships with those in their 70s and 80s. This can be difficult as you do lose many friends with the passage of time, and is something I am going through since acouple friends died over the last few years.

I do believe in seeking out to other lonely people and those to minister too.

Thanks Labby

Bible Believer said...


Oh you are so right, warn about the Catholic church even if YOU WERE ONE yourself in my case, and you are deemed a hater. I could tell the women I was talking to about that were very angry and outraged with me. The Catholic church can serve as this weird litmus test for the deceived. When you see eyes bug out when you say, "I believe the Catholic church is false", it tells you what you are dealing with. Remember that article I did Odd Conversations with pastors, when I was making phone calls for a new church, I used the Catholic church kind of a litmus. If they were upset about me talking about leaving the RCC when I was born again, I knew I was wasting my time. Sadly that was the MAJORITY!

Yes they will defend everything and if there is something they can't defend they will say it didn't happen such as what happened with me being told THEY HAD TO PHOTOSHOP IT! LOL

These are not fellow lovers of truth. And yes it goes the same with Rick Warren.

The modern-day churches in most of them the people do not want to know. I was fortunate I had a sincere pastor and a otherwise decent IFB. The IFB churches do have some major problems Ive warned about on here, with the Dominionism and false preachers, but I was fortunate that mine was sincere. I have some contact with him and even have openly talked to him about the NWO. He hasn't agreed on everything but He agreed that martial law was called in Boston. But most they do not want to know and the congregations support the false preachers saying Touch Not God's Anointed. They are spoon fed and never go study God's Word for themselves or ask God to show them the truth. Yes many are infiltrated with Freemasons. if you have a masonic lodge in town, many of them are all church goers and there is never any conviction or preaching from the pulpits that freemasonry is wrong.

I agree too that Jesus Christ says we are to be unspotted from the world. With this will come lonely times. I know that I must always keep God first. Many give in and put God last putting their social needs first. I know people who are in false churches that even KNOW they are false and stick around because they do not want to be alone.

I agree about the GOOD COP contingent of the false discernment ministries. Think about how they manage to deceive so many warning about the BAD COPS. Finding sincere discernment ministries, one is safer with an unknown though that is not a guarantee either.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of good cop, bad cop and false discernment ministries -- does anyone know anything about Doc Marquis? He seems to have some credible information but also some weird stuff that makes me smell a rat. Also, his "history" doesn't sound believable to me. I had never heard of him until someone recently told me about him and wanted to send me his videos. Go to future congress dot com and take a look at his picture. Anything wrong with those hand signals? You tell me, I don't know. Just looks strange to me!

Bible Believer I do read your website but haven't read everything. Looks like I need to catch up! I have things on my blog that may need to be taken down. I didn't know about Caryl Matrisciana's connection to CNP (wow, that hurts!) until this morning (reading your blog) and have featured a couple of her videos on my blog. Just recently I was about to post another one of her videos but decided it best to delete it due to her connections with others on the video that I knew to stay away from.

I have also featured Hoggard's videos and Eric Barger's stuff. Seems like I have some catching up to do!

I do believe Bill Schnoebelen is a phony. What a weirdo! Chuck Missler and Tim LaHaye I know are false. Tim LaHaye came (guest speaker) to a baptist church I used to attend many years ago (also Oliver North) and they both creeped me out!

I have a lot of house cleaning to do on my blog at discerning-this-time. Who can we trust? Not very many!

My sister get's angry with me when I warn her about the enemies in the camp. She said, "You don't like anybody!" Well,it is a hard task to sound the alarm and people will think you are a "hater" but we must earnestly contend for the faith.

Bible Believer, keep standing for the truth!

Bible Believer said...

Doc Marquis pals around with Misser. Just google the names together. I don't trust him as a teacher either.

Right now if they go to conferences with Missler or have connections to him, I don't trust them.

Yeah he had weird history too, isn't that another one who claimed he grew up in the Illuminati or was a Satanist?

Do research everyone that is hooked into the CNP, I am glad I was able to tell you about Caryl M. I have gone and looked at what lists there are online and studied who goes to whose conferences for a long time. The numbers of phony discernment types is so great!

Not an endorsement of this website, but CNP list, usually I take info like this and try to find other information that backs it up.

Hey we all have to go through that process of removing links and cleaning things up as we discover things. I've had to do the same. Before I figured out Roger Oakland I even linked to his articles and had to remove those and everything that wasn't about exposing.

I agree Bill Schnoebelen is phony, I was a new Christian and he read wrong immediately. Still marks himself. Misser and La Haye among the worse and seem to be leaders of the other phonies.
I am sure if many of us met these guys IRL, we'd be creeped out!

Yes there are very few we can trust. One thing to watch out for is there are trojan horse friends and even those who seem in agreement but then with those types they will TURN on you if they are unable to influence you on one point. If you see this article, you'll see how I am talking about an example of that.

Yeah I have heard the "you hate everyone" or as one person jokes to me, "Moscow is going soft on capitalism" when I talk about all the myriad of deceivers. Many unless they are in a relationship with God and have read the warnings in His Word cannot even conceive of the depths of deception that are out there. They do get angry at those who question.

Thanks for your encouragement Anon. :)

Anonymous said...

It is hard but true, the closer we become with Jesus Christ - the farther we are removed from this world system and others. I thank Father everyday for my Godly loving wife. I do pray for you BB and the others. You have touched my heart. James 1:27 - Don

Kathy said...

BB, I wish you had a forum where we could all chat. Would you consider it? You could make it "private," (like for your blog followers) or public. If private, no one else can see it either, only your members. is a great FREE forum host! I would be happy to help with the forum details if you would be interested.

Anonymous said...

I second the motion for a forum creation

FaithGuy3 said...

Also, Chris Pinto is starting to feel uneasy with me. Yes, I still listen to him from time to time, but nonetheless since last year, just some things didn't sit well with me.

1) He's admitted numerous times that he feels Daniel 9:27 has already been fulfilled, BUT he refuses to elaborate why. It's as if he's trying to play mind games with everyone.

2) He kept teasing everyone last year that Mitt Romney would keep Christians safe and help the country's economy prosper, so therefore we should vote for him. Uhm...has he bothered to see Romney's record in MA?

3) Even though he's a staunch defender of the KJV, at times he plays word games like "I'm not KJV-only, but I believe the KJV is the best bible", and then refer to previous ones like the Geneva Bible. No, he doesn't endorse those Vatican versions like the NIV, but nonetheless you can see his word games.

4) Despite him being a defender of the KJV, he supports other ministries like Joe Schimmel, John MacArthur, Brannon House, Chris Rosebrough, Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron that either supports other versions or have outright attacked the KJV.

As for others...

Brannon House - from time to time, I still listen to him and like what he says on his shows. But nonetheless some things don't sit well with me with him...1) He seems to have a lot of financial resources to hold those "Worldview Weekend Rallies" and run training courses, and 2) He's a talent agent for one of Michael Reagan's(Ronald's foul-mouth adopted son) books. It's as if this guy puts a lot of investments in filthy lucre.

And while he's exposed David Barton, at the same time he still sells his products on his site.

And some of these other discernment ministries like Ingrid Shulster/VCY even get a tad bit political(instead of exposing the entire NWO system) - for example, they high esteem Ronald Reagan. To be frank, it pains me when I see the "conservatism" crowd do this b/c remember Reagan appointed pro-abortion/anti-family believers Sandra Day O'Conner and Anthony Kennedy to the high court. Come to think of it, Roe V Wade was upheld b/c of GOP Appointees!

Yeah, now may be a good time to just stop listening to the audios of the discernment ministry network. No, I'm not calling you out Bible Believer(I think you're doing an excellent job), but in particular the ones that are popular.

Anonymous said...

Labby, 1st Anonymous, Bible Believer, thank you all for sharing. I have seen God use my husband to lead our family, and I have a good relationship with my husband, but I too am not sure where he stands spiritually. He came from a bad background, and was a new christian, very on fire when we met and married young. But he was led to Christ through a very charismatic group, and those who witnessed to him have their own lives such a mess, that it was like the seed fell on rocky soil, and as years have gone by, I do not see him read the bible or pray. He did help me to see the problems in church, and having him become more cynical drew me closer to Christ. He has enabled me to stay home and homeschool our 4 young children, and he encourages me to read the bible to our kids and pray before dinner. But he does not. And it has been worse in the past than it is now, used to get a lot of problems when I wanted to attend bible study. My biggest problem is still the movies he gets for the kids to watch, and what he wants to watch with me. He just wants to relax and spend time with me, but I have seen much that I would rather not. I wish I had a better plan on how to handle that - sometimes if it is bad, I fall asleep on the couch or go check e-mail. I tell him I will not watch ghosts or supernatural stuff, but all the genres have such bad stuff. Comedy - horrible jokes that go way way too far, and obscenities and sleeping around. Sci Fi seem to be the world the NWO would like to have. Action and Western shows no regard for human life. I keep encouraging my husband to get back into music because I think that practicing and making music would be better than the movies we watch. I do not really no how to reject the movies without it being communicated that I am rejecting him.


Anonymous said...

I relate to a lot of this. I have one friend who loves God's word and we have great conversations about it. My friend who I attended church with for a lot of years has gone towards the false church. She will not read the Bible - says she doesn't like to read. Another friend says she won't read the Bible. She says it's boring. It breaks my heart to hear that. I cannot understand not having a love for God's word. I've been reading it for only a few years. But I see things so differently now. I was brought up in a Baptist church so have been exposed to the Bible in the past, also. I wanted to do things my way for a lot of years and then when it almost killed me and I was ready to change, I asked Jesus for help and he totally changed me and restored me. I understand what Paul said about being crucified to the world Galatians 6:14. I have family and friends who talk Jesus but use profanity, drink, watch R rated movies, etc. I want to say, but when you really do have Jesus, you don't want those things!! I told one friend, but she didn't listen. My husband is not saved. He has read the Bible, though. Like he said, he didn't want the Bible to change him, so it didn't. The Bible was just the only thing available to him to read for a while there. So he has the head knowledge. But I do like it when my friend posts Joyce Meyers quotes on Facebook my husband will say - for example - when Joyce Meyers says God calls us to be no one but ourselves - my husband said right away, "That's a lie - you are called to be like Christ". And he can see that the christian heavy metal bands are not Christian. He still likes heavy metal - like I used to years ago, but can't listen to it now. I don't like it anymore. Thank goodness he doesn't listen to it around me. I find it interesting how a non-Christian can spot false teachings better than a Christian sometimes. He is supportive of my going to church and teaching our daughter the Bible. Although I haven't gone much to church anymore as it's just not the same - I see the same things as everyone mentioned above - the corruption, contemplative, new age influence,don't question the pastor, etc. I think it would be a lot harder if my husband were involved in a false church than having him be a non believer. When I have pointed out false teachers to others I have been accused of being married to a non-believer so I am doing something wrong, too. Who am I to call out anyone. I have been looked down on by christians for bringing up what the Bible says. People don't want to hear it. They want to hear the false teachers who tell them that it's all about them and you can do what you want. Love yourself. Be yourself. It's about doing what YOU want, not what God wants. Think positive, etc.
And yes, the stuff on TV is so awful. We have been conditioned over the years to accept the most vile things as entertainment. It's so sad.
Thank you for an encouraging post Bible Believer.

My husband told me a while ago that I am a true Christian and I am considered a weirdo.
I am glad I am thought of as a true Christian - that's the best compliment I can receive!
Yes, to find people who try to find the truth. Who care about the truth.

Anonymous said...

So much to ponder here. Social interaction can leave us feeling alone with our beliefs, even while living with and loving others. Living alone can leave us feeling lonely at times, wondering how we can possibly reach out with love, to help others. After the loss of my beloved husband a little over a year ago, and the loss of our dog last month, my Heavenly Father has guided me, yes, guided me; and has opened up a door which I never expected. Being alone with my Creator, in prayer, has provided me with spiritual strength, and a loving relationship that I never knew before. I pray that I can extend this love to others, in however God directs me.

To all who have responded: may our Lord comfort you and guide you.

Blessings to all,


Anonymous said...

God's working on his Remnant, because I too was thinking about this the other day and many times before. We can all come together in prayer, as God's church. We are called to be seperate, and the division is becoming so much more distinct and in your face lately! I just keep praying for a true Remnant Saint to come into my life to fellowship with, and am content to wait on God's perfect timing... He is never late! love your blog btw!!!!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, I agree the closer to God we are the farther we are removed from the world. Praise God for your loving wife. Thanks for your prayers too.:)
Kathy and anon, I know a forum sounds like a good idea, I however don't have the time to manage one, I do have to say I have dealt with forums before, and well they get infiltrated right off, trust me on that one, the most little two-bit message board that departs from the beaten path they are sending their "agents" too. Read these old articles many to understand my reluctance.

I have discovered entire message boards for Christians run by phonies. Some of the phonies are even still there TEN YEARS LATER with the same lies, like its a job! Some of these message boards are even two-bit little ones, you don't think anyone would care about.

If someone is REAL, trust me they will send the non-real people.

I will always try to respond here, and allow for people to share in the comments.

Bible Believer said...

Be wary of Chris Pinto, Anon, that is another false teacher. False history, marked, etc,

Not an endorsement, but some exposure here..
1} Sounds like he is offering confusion telling people the man of perdition has already been here. Nero?

2} False right side of the NWO, they all supported Romney like a bunch of puppets. Hey why should they care if Romney did the first test Obamacare in MA?

3) Sounds like typical mithering. Remember even false preachers can use KJV and uphold it.

4) Chris Rosebrough is a Lutheran, Joe Schimmel, I don't know about, John McArthur--false preacher. Brannon House another phony with false history, Ray Comfort-ecumenical, connected with Gothard, Dominionism with Kirk Cameron as well.

Exposures on Brannon House...

If you see any NWO "connections with politicians, or Hollywood stars or celebs, be wary.

Ingrid I consider false too. I used to read her website, Dominionist to the hilt, odd defenses of liturgicalism--Holy Cross Sunday, political. I actually got into it with her, because I used to post comments on an old blog of hers and she put the pro-Catholic daughter of Walter Martin on as a moderator during a vacation. I said this lady has a Catholic running moderation on a supposedly "Christian" message board. She was not happy with me. One rule of thumb I learned is stay away from those in the Walter Martin network, [he is now deceased] but those who praise him as a teacher or are connected somehow.
One person I used to read and study what she had to say was Berit Kjos til I found out she was doing speeches with the CNP.

[Don't trust anyone in the NewswithViews network, there is a reason they have pro-Catholic Constance Cumbey on there]

The only discernment ministries I read now are the "nobodies", the people like me who started a blog as regular individuals. The ones who are not making money at it or selling books or making the "connected" conferences rounds.

It took me time to get to this point too. I mean it is awe inspiring how many phonies there are isn't it? But God's Word warns us.

Thanks for your compliments too.

Bible Believer said...

Labby, I am glad your husband has done some good leading of your family, sorry you do not know where he stands spiritually. Does he still hold to the Charismatic teachings? Do you think the seed fell on rocky soil? Have you tried talking to him about this, it does sound like he allows for some good things-homeschool and supporting you in at least reading the Bible to the children. I would maybe try to talk to him about these things. The entertainment world it seems hard for so many to let go of. This includes many Christians. A lot of people don't realize the brainwashing that can happen. I have watched shows to expose them like The Duggars in the past but a lot of TV now is an endless gauntlet of evil to influence.

I still have a TV but it is used more for news [to see what they are up too, LOL] and cooking and nature shows, the occasional clean very OLD movie, but even then the evil commercials and rest, one has to look away. My husband had a wicked movie on the other day where I had to leave the room and said, "A Christian [me] has no business watching that stuff" He is good about some shows, he told me one recent show disgusted him so much he stopped watching it.

I hate Sci Fi, my husband had an old Star Trek from the 60s on, those shows were more clean but I have told him straight out, they promoted world government and other NWO agendas via Star Trek. I always have folks telling me to read Sci Fi books but they creep me out and the future is always dark and seems to be via Satan's planning.

Maybe explain the messages they are putting forth in the movies. I have done this with husband. Some may think we are nuts but I do think I woke mine up to the moral degeneracy angle in a lot of the shows.

I know so many are still attached to the "entertainment" world so trust me I understand.

I'll pray for you both.

Bible Believer said...

Joy, I am glad you have a friend who loves God's Word that is very important. I am sorry about the friend who rejects the Bible, sadly many false churches lead their people to do so and tell them to depend on the pastors so they "don't do a false interpretation" If someone thinks God's Word is boring or rejects it, this to me is fruit of non-salvation. I would start from square one, with them, and speak of salvation matters. I have one friend who seems open to things, and love for God, but sadly so influenced by a false church system. [conservative Lutheran-they deny ecumenical movement but still are connected to Rome via false rituals] I was warning her about how sacraments were wrong, and quoting scripture.

I can't understand the non-love for God's Word either. I started reading it as a non-believer and of course became a Christian. I have seen some self confessing Christians, who have wanted to watch that filthy movie something Max, about male strippers, who still listen to heavy metal, who want to read books like that gross Shades of Grey stuff. I am not saying I am perfect, and sure I have made my own errors-I know I even have to be more careful and cautious with fiction books and the way they want to pollute people's minds but some of these things make you go hmmmm. If a self confessing Christian is wanting to go see a zombie movie...WHY?
I was a BIG Stephen King fan during my unsaved days. I sometimes want to study his NWO connections and how all that came to be, one odd fact his lesbian daughter is married to a UU minister 20 years older then her, but I don't read the books anymore. Two paragraphs and I'd want to throw up. I realized one book I read in the past was promoting the Nephilim 'seriously'. Once someone too realizes the luciferian connections of the entertainment world, and the mk ultras, and that someone like Roseanne Barr who warns about mind control is actually mind controlled HERSELF [just took 10 minutes reading her blog reading the praise of the goddess and other weird stuff, to figure this out] then you will know it for what it all is.

Knowing how the "networks" work, and how the exposers are often part of the system, like seeing masonic signs on the Jesse Ventura show that is supposed to expose conspiracies, really is some of those things that help wake you up.

One Bible warning is about how Satan is prince of the air, and that would include the "airwaves". I believe the media and entertainment also influence on many deep levels. If you saw my comments on the Boston event, well you can see how far they are taking some of that stuff. For me much of the media is to expose it. Also if you "know" certain things, you are not going to sit there and enjoy the "fantasy," knowing HOW they are trying to steer you.

By the way one thing that makes me absolutely sick in the entertainment and media world is how many Christian parents take their children to Walt Disney World. I consider posting on that from time to time. I even saw old fellow church members do so. The place that advances MAGIC and SPELLS and you are taking your supposedly CHRISTIAN family there??? :(

Bible Believer said...

Correction Put married in quotes above "married"...[I do not support homosexual marriage]

Bible Believer said...

Arvis, so sorry for your losses, I will pray for you. I am glad you have been able to grow closer to God and seek His comfort.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

King James Version (KJV)

3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

5 For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ.

You are right social interaction can leave people feeling alone too especially when so many reject what we believe. We can face if we live alone, thinking who can I help? Who am I here for and thoughts like that. I agree about desiring to share the love of God with others. This is definitely a matter to pray on as well.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I agree God is working on His Remnant. Maybe some of us are being trained to stand alone, so that is the purpose behind us dealing with feeling alone now. Here one must seek after a dependence on God. I definitely have prayed for the local fellowship of a Remnant Saint too.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting you brought up the Shades of Grey and male stripper movie. That's exactly what my Christian friends are excited about! It's not that we think we are perfect, but the Holy Spirit gives a sensitivity to that kind of stuff. We know instinctively that we cannot pollute our minds with that. We are to think on those things that are pure and lovely, not filthy and decadent. We don't want that anymore! That's what is so awesome about our God. He gives us the desire and the strength to do his will. Our new nature. What was so weird, too, was my christian friend on Facebook posting all these f-bombs and other postings with profanity. But my pagan, new age friends on Facebook don't post that kind of stuff. It was just kinda interesting.
Yes - Disneyland! I don't care for Disneyland at all now. It's all about spells, magic, the characters all seem to have lost their mother . . . Wasn't Walt Disney a Mason? With his club 33 at Disneyland? And look at all the stars that started at Mousekateers. Look at them now and the decadent influence they have on kids. But people in the world can't see it. Disneyland creeps me out now.

Anonymous said...

Well, BB, it sounds like you picked a nice guy for a husband. He must really love you and care about you to be so respectful even when he himself doesn't always think the same way.

Sometimes in marriage it can be a power struggle even when it should be more teamwork.

Looking back with my own husband's background, I do believe he had a lot of charismatic influence as a young Christian. He told me about going to one Bible study in particular where one woman was "prophesying" about who he would marry (and it was her daughter). I think he was at services with tongues, etc and the modern music festivals where it is leaning that way. He's played in a Christian rock band.

I did not homeschool the children, but we did send them to a private Mennonite HS and they are now at a Baptist university. My husband is a Christian, but I don't understand why he so opposed to me talking about things I'm interested in. I've gone through "phases" of things like Paul and his ministry (his background is quite different from the other apostles), to the Hebrew Roots stuff like Sabbath, etc., to questioning things like the worship music at our church. I've questioned things like how and why did the "Catholic/Rome" church take over or was the early church still around but diminished, nephelim, Calvinism, 9/11, MK Ultra, etc. I've started to question everything and he can't handle it I guess. BTW, I've landed on being a very fundamental, conservative Christian who likes hymns, KJV, LOL! He doesn't much like that. Says it's boring. It's what I trust.

In fact, in the last three years as I have studied, prayed and grown closer to God, I have been astonished as to how people around me are changing, or at least I perceive it to be happening quickly. Either that or I didnt' notice earlier. I believe our church took on a contemplative prayer asst. pastor and I think our main pastor might lean that way and to Warren. All of our elders have children that are into the prophetic or the contemplative/mystical or were even involved themselves (one in Joyner's ministry). Our deaconesses are reading Jesus Calling and have had an ex-Catholic speaker who is into visions and speaking to Jesus in visions to our ladies banquet. We have Cleansing Stream, Alpha, Rob Bell, Francis Chan, and others like them as study materials for small groups and Wed. nights. We do 24-hour praise (Davidic) and marches for the city (dominionism). On Facebook many of my friends all post Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and various prophets and word/faith. I can't relate to many anymore and I think I must be the weird one!

Thank you for the blog. I have learned much and I check it everyday and therefore don't feel as alone. I think about visiting you sometime and how great it would be to chat with someone who actually agrees with me on things and sees things the same way. You and MattTwoFour, Mkayla, and Glenn Chatfield at Watchmans Bagpipes. You guys keep me going. God bless you for your hard work.

Bible Believer said...

Don, I sent your message on. Thanks :)

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon, I had "Christians" recommend I go read and see both, and I said NO WAY! My visits to the movie theatre are rare but even that movie, was so horrible, the idea was disgusting. I agree the Holy Spirit warns us about those things. There is no happiness or "entertainment" to be found in debauched things. I tossed away horror books and a lot of other things when I was saved. One's mind is changed via a relationship with God.

I know sometimes I see the "Christians" posting more profanity too rather then the nonbelievers, pagans and new agers.

I loathe Disneyland. I always have and didn't know why.[I was there as a child too, and lets just say I remember the emotions of being there and they weren't all positive though I remember being excited by the castle and stuff like that] They focus all on magic, and "witchcraft" even in the commercials, where they show the "pixie dust" being sprinkled everywhere. Yeah the characters always lose their mother--maybe that is some trauma programming they have for the kids, one of their worse fears? Yes Club 33 has a lot of the Mk Ultra types make their way through it and Walt Disney was a freemason. Trust me telling people that you think Disney World is evil, they think you are nuts. I always wonder why parents who make a habit of taking their kids there, are in shock when little Sally or Brittany are interested in Wicca by the age of 15. You took them to movies, rides, shows, showing people with wands doing magic and making their "dreams" come true. What did you expect?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Labby, yes my husband is nice, he even took me to my old IFB a lot of Sundays and sat by my side and he is willing to drive me to another possible place for Christian fellowship many miles away--would be rare visits if it turns out but if it doesn't I'll write about what happened. LOL He is respectful and does show me love and care. Trust me via others I know what disrespect for one's beliefs resembles. I have been blessed in that way.
It does sound like your husband had a lot of influence with the Charismatics. False prophecies, tongues music and more. There is a lot of "mysticism" in the Charismatic world. I guess I am surprised he is upset at you talking about certain things? Do you think he is really born again? Hate to ask this question but remember the false experiential stuff and false conversions I warn about that come via Charismatic churches. It seems if he was saved, he would be interested in the things of the Lord and more open to the truth. I can understand someone getting saved despite the errors in Charismatic world but then COMING OUT OF IT ALL once they learned the trth. [That's happened to people where they themselves turned to Jesus Christ in sincerity] So his reactions are all negative when you tell him about these things and what to be wary of?
I know I wonder about people too. I don't always get what is going on--not perfect. ONe friend I always have believed was saved, she seems to truly love Jesus, but immersed in the false church system seems to have places she won't go. The warnings about Eucharist and false sacraments I gave her it was odd, even handing her a book, she just told me "I can't read this!". I didn't understand why. She likes when I talk about the Bible, salvation, witnessing, etc. But there are places she won't go. Maybe this applies to your husband. Maybe there are cases where they just do not want to face the truth. [Aggrieving the Holy Spirit?] I know it took me time to "get a few things" and learn things even Christian Zionism took some time but then there is a difference between those who want to know what is true and those who have shut down! The ones who have shut down, there are so many.

I can talk openly about deep issues with husband but he is not in agreement. I am not sure how this even works. He does respect my intelligence but I can tell those are places he "doesn't want to go" either. I know sometimes I have to be careful about what people "are ready for" but I know it gets tough.


Bible Believer said...

I am not going to talk to someone who just got saved two days ago about the complications of Christian Zionism or warn about MK ultras to them right off the bat, but you hope with time they are open to truth and learning and being shown things via the Holy Spirit.

Even the one friend took everything I was telling her to her pastors. LOL
That is tough. There is a lot of contradictory voices in this world. Sometimes you will even meet and deal with people you think are "getting it" and then they will meet the cacaphony of voices in the world and they will retreat after being told "get away from those weirdos!" or "fundamentalists" or etc etc. I've met the folks in Charismatic churches and false churches, sometimes they can be tougher to deal with them nonbelievers. "My pastor says" "How can you hate so many things" "One Bible is as good as another". I wrote this article in dealing with them

I've upset a lot of confessing Christians along the way. One big bugaboo, is when I tell them what I believe about the Catholic church, that one has lost me friends. Not the friend above, who I warned about sacraments too.
I hope and pray you can get through to your husband. I would start thinking about where he stands with God, and maybe start from beginning, regarding salvation, sharing your relationship with God. I would try not to argue with him but tell him how important it is that God has shared certain things with you.

I think people are changing too. I am seeing it. You are not imagining that. They are becoming very different. I find them hard to talk to. The meanness seems to be growing.
I am sorry your church is into the mystical stuff. Sigh. That stuff is so harmful. Jesus Calling, is that channeled stuff? Yes they are seeing false spirits saying they are "jesus". It does sound like a litany of false preachers. I guess my advice is to leave that church, don't argue with husband just let him go. Do pray to God of course about what He wants you to do in your circumstances, but I do believe we must obey Him first. Yes Davidic and Dominionist stuff is false and they do sound like your contemplative false charismatic church all influenced by false teachers. I know when I visited some false churches, I could not sit there. It oppresses you. I had feelings of extreme sadness and disappointment with many.

I know being around people on the same page would be great too. I understand. I am glad my blog has helped you not feel so alone. It helps me too to talk to others here who are in agreement and understand and "see" what is happening.

Thanks for your encouragement Labby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your openess and wise thoughts!