Thursday, April 11, 2013

The American Economy Continues It's Downward Slide

It's good these folks came together, and it looks like they have a chapel where they pray.

Very few of the churches are talking about what is really happening with the American economy. If anything unless its a small independent that looks out for it's congregation or has some charity-minded individual souls, most of them go with the status quo and the false news, that centers on a rising stock market and profits for corporations while more grow unemployed. They just don't want to know. If anything most remain centered on their third world money give-aways where the poor of the world will never see the money, to their middle class and upper class members. You'll hear about the wealthy elite sports coach selling his vacation home, but then find yourself wondering how is the average person supposed to even relate to that?

It's odd to me how Americans can remain so immune to their crumbling infrastructure or refuse to pay attention to even the decaying landscape and boarded up stores around them, perhaps this is cognitive dissonance for the still employed ones to say this isn't really happening! The dominoes have been set up for the economy to worsen. One can see the fraying threads all around them if they are paying attention. One thing I am noticing too, is on the right, they have so many lined up, for their own demise. When you know of a town you used to live in, with higher property taxes that are never lowered signing up for their police force to possibly be done away with as well as a myriad of other services, what next the public library? You know Americans in general are taking the bait.

I have remained in shock that as things continue in their downward slide, that so little is being said. The real numbers for unemployment are immense, this isn't even counting those who are underemployed or only with part time work. In many communities now one can see the closed storefronts, the dying malls, and lives growing more utilitarian and austere. Obama wants to go after the little people, his focus on the old and disabled remains while he continues to send millions over seas. Hey whats that about three quarters of a billion dollars sent to a Russian company? Or endless Hollywood parties that the tax payers pay for? The left side of the NWO divide isn't even pretending to care about the poor anymore. They were just used.

If you know anyone that works at food banks, you know that times are growing very troubled, supplies and need are ever growing.

More Than 101 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job

Homeless people living in tunnels.

The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets of America

There's many people out there who can barely afford the used ones. Even Ford despite his faults, knew the importance of paying workers well enough so they could be potential customers. One marvels at the stupidity of modern-mega corporations who don't seem to mind as they turn to slave labor to produce their goods that there will be no one left to afford them.

Americans can't afford new cars anymore.

Just Keep Dancing: Introducing The 97-Month Auto Loan

Did you all know the banks STILL get bail-outs?

Think of all the trillions of wasted tax-payer money that has gone to these guys. By the way the right will have you blame the unemployed supposedly "lazy" poor rather then seeing all our money flying out the door to enrich the central banks who are now pillaging the globe, with Cyprus as the latest example. By the way the latest news was that they cleaned out SIXTY PERCENT of the bank accounts. I believe this could be coming for Americans. There is some benefit in having little because you don't have to worry about having anything to lose. They'll post things against the "moochers" ignoring the biggest MOOCHERS of all.

The Banks Show No Mercy: 10 Foreclosure Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Top Economic Adviser Forecast War and Unrest. 

What is sad is I have seen the rhetoric against the poor growing worse and worse. I wrote about this some time ago...


Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,


Anonymous said...

I agree with most points in this post. However Americans aren't really poor by the world's standard. Not being able to afford a car means being poor? Don't make me laugh.I would gladly live in a trailer and be a "poor" american rather than a middle class citizen in my own country. Really, all the paranoia about everything happening in the USA- the economy, politician involvement in the NWO etc just shows how much trust you americans have put in your country in the past. For me personally, it's a real testament to how GOOD your country has always been to you compared to pretty much any other country in the world. You have it so good over there, you are afraid to lose it and startle at any piece of news. You've grown so pessimistic about the future, you fail to recognize what you STILL have.

Anonymous said...

I agree. People do not want to know. I try to discuss with my husband and others and they are not interested. I sat in church a number of months ago and listened in disbelief as the assistant pastor talked about how great things are - look at the restaurants - so many people at restaurants - how could we be in a recession!!
While our downtown has many closed down shops. The windows are painted and decorated so you can't tell they're empty. Even my friend who got laid off - I encouraged her to apply for a city job so she'd get good benefits, but she just didn't seem interested. There's a kind of apathy it seems. The California Chamber of Commerce just listed 32 'job killer' bills in the works, too.

Bible Believer said...

First anon, What country do you live in?

This blog has a lot of foreign readership.

What is poor by the "world's standards" and why should we went everyone sunk down to the lowest common denominator? Hate to tell you but the central banks and corporations like Monsanto are making the third world person's life worse too.

Add to that manipulation of food prices, what happened to Cyprus, and many countries are feeling the brunt, not just the "rich" ones.

and what about all the endless wars now being imported where third world people are the ones who are dying under all the bombs and destruction of their towns and villages?

Maybe you have believed propaganda about America. The whole world believes America is "rich", and thinks everyone lives the lives shown on TV where everyone is shown as wealthy. One place I lived before had a TON of new immigrants, some would tell me that America shocked them and it was NOT like they expected it to be. This was in the 90s and the economy has only worsened.

This is not what America looks like, sometimes it is shocking for me to watch TV because it displays a level of life I do not relate to at all. This applies I would say to 80% of Americans where perhaps the life represented reflects 20% or so.

The reality is things are getting tougher here. You are right this country was far richer for a long time. Life here was VERY prosperous. The problem is this world is run by wicked people and well, if one is not vigilant freedom goes down the tube along with prosperity.

The NWO is taking the third world for a ride. I mean it's the megacorporations buying all that cheap labor outsourcing everything turning everyone into neo-slaves.

Don't fall for that liberation theology garbage and redistribute the wealth--strip down the wealthy countries nonsense--basically an elite rip-off to Equalize everything.

Hmm a trailer is for the working classes in America. Usually a rent of at least 500 dollars unless you can buy it right out and maybe even 700 and above in richer areas. There's a level of poverty below that and below that one too.

I am not afraid to lose anything, I have been VERY POOR by American standards. I probably got close to third world status though I had heat and running water-well when it worked, and some food. I lived without a car for many years.

I agree about being content for what one does have, I do not take a roof over my head for granted at all. I pray to God to provide and He has.

They are trying to strip away what america has enjoyed. America did get materialistic and foolish and this is one reason things are going down the tubes as well. Some still are doing well, but many do not. This country because of the decimation of the manufacturing base and more is turning into a third world country. Our fall from first world status is happening now.

Maybe this makes you upset, that people would even complain about this especially if you are from a country that is war-torn, or where even the middle class can barely survive. You may be thinking hey you Americans have got it so good! I can see where you are coming from that angle, but remember the same people I warn of on this board, the NWO, they do not care about the third world, though they pretend to, and they do not care about the USA either.

A lot of people have bought into this notion that wealth has to be redistributed by knocking American other "wealthy"nations of their pedestals. I am not saying that is what you believe, but understand that they are not playing more hope and goodness for other countries of the world but more enslavement.

Bible Believer said...

Want to add a caveat I probably should not have put the new car link. That one does sound a bit "whiny". I have never bought a new car in my entire life, but one wonders at America were car companies stop selling and what the outcome of that will be.

Bible Believer said...

Oops meant PLANNNING instead of PLAYING. Typing too fast.

Yes I actually do not even talk about these issues anymore IRL, because it just seems to upset people unless the other party is suffering too, and we need to pray or comfort one another. A lot do not want to talk about it. Sorry your assistant pastor is one that isn't paying attention. I am seeing empty stores here and of course it happened in other places I lived too and they cover some of the windows with paper or paint over them. You wonder how many give up on the job search out there. I think there are many problems with the American life style in general. One thing, thinking of third world countries, some immigrants who came here, told me they were depressed because Americans just seemed to work all the time [this was years ago when unemployment wasn't so bad] and they said there wasn't the same level of social connection in America as in their old countries.

I do tend to think there has been a decimation of our communities and what some academics have called "social capital" in the quest for all the materialism. Makes me wonder how the third world is faring on that account, seems powers that be have done what they can to unseat people there as even multitudes of Chinese left their villages to work in the sweat shop factories. With the politicians they seem focused on doing things to destroy the economy here. California is one of the worse culprits.

One thing life is changing drastically here. That can be traumatizing for people who have lived one way and then be forced into another way of life, they are not used to or prepared for. The standard of living here is not going to be the same anymore for many. One thing I worry about for the young people is so many are given false expectations and of course there are many with no biblical training and it is a set up for misery when reality hits.

Bible Believer said...

Some interesting charts...

There are many who have done writing on how America is becoming a third world nation. [not endorsement of websites]

Anonymous said...


I'm the first poster. I'm not anti-American. Quite the opposite. However I do get irritated sometimes. It is covetousness maybe, maybe partly from the americanocentric point of view most Christian bloggers express. I do not wish the US or any nation any evil. However, I do feel your nation have gone downhill fast. Especially in the faith department. The thing with God is that when something becomes an object of idolatry it will be destroyed. Hence Americans love their guns too much (another type of deception - "we want to take your guns, better hold onto them tighter") and of course the rampant materialism and moral decay - I tend to agree with historians with the "decaying empire" kind of analogy for the USA. The economy has to suffer, but I find hard to decide whether this is a part of the artifical global crisis that precedes the new age of the Isis worship that is imminent(2017? 100years Fatima, global feminism strike etc) or they want the USA done soon. I can't know and as we are approaching the end times, I find it harder to predict things. One thing is for certain though, with the new pope things now will start to happen much quicker much sooner.
God bless and sorry if my remarks offended you.

Anonymous said...

This is 2nd anon: in addition to many stores closed we also had more and more homeless encampments along the freeway I drive every day. And under the freeway. They were getting bigger and bigger and then one day they had all been razed. It was an eerie sight. I think the people in charge want us to think everything is fine when it's not. I keep thinking of my Econ class where we learned about bread and circuses.

Where I work the surrounding areas are poor. The kids at the high school are very wild. I know a teacher there and she's been punched twice by kids. A neighbor said the kids rule the school. As we get poorer I can only imagine the violence increasing.

Anonymous said...

"What is poor by the "world's standards" and why should we want everyone sunk down to the lowest common denominator?"

Well put.

I tire of the argument that we must experience real "poverty" in order to get "perspective" in the USA.

At what point will I have "perspective"? When I'm lying on the ground unable to move with flies flying around my mouth and my abdomen distended?

Such an existence doesn't make a person any more or less potentially spiritual. Abraham was quite well-off for his particular time of history, and he is called the father of faith.

The fact is that the new world order is seeking to make everyone dependent upon it, and that will mean different things for different nations, but the end goal is the same: total dependence. That's what the mark of the beast ultimately becomes, a banking system using electronics that will make everyone fully dependent (not to mention eternally damned for taking it)

Kayfabe said...

The Pastors here in America don't want to tell the truth about the economy because they know that their congregants will start giving less. It's $$$ that has these guys teaching soft and wonderful things. If they tell people that we are in for some rough financial times then they know that Christians who are good stewards will not give as much and maybe not even tithe which they shouldn't be doing anyways.

Anonymous said...

"At what point will I have "perspective"? When I'm lying on the ground unable to move with flies flying around my mouth and my abdomen distended?

Such an existence doesn't make a person any more or less potentially spiritual. Abraham was quite well-off for his particular time of history, and he is called the father of faith."

First anon here again
At no point did I say something of the kind. I'm not anti-american. You have no idea how rampant anti-americanism is everywhere I go. I have spent much energy and time trying to defend the USA. Do you realise how hard your government is working at giving you a bad image? I was trying to say that it is saddening to see decreased buying power as a marker of poverty. Especially with people around me starving to death. So don't try to twist around my words. I'm pretty sure most people here haven't been through or seen real poverty. Satan is smart and knows how to bring people to his lies - liberation theology, communism. Poor people are in desperate need of the gospel, but they will get none where I live. Do you know how that makes me feel? Instead they will get the pagan orthodox (satanic) church lies day and night coupled with antiamericanism - echoes from soviet propaganda.

There a handful of charismatic churches that were put PURPOSEFULLY to antagonise the orthodox population to bible believing. Now when someone says american christian they picture the demon posessed charismatics, the mormons or the jehovah witnesses. When the communists came in power 1945 they killed/locked up the baptist preachers and they were the only sound pastors here. So yes, we have nothing - no money, no gospel, no hope. Trying to witness is almost impossible in this post communist society.

So forgive me when I am bitter when I see some mundane issues being treated as alarming in the US. It seems to me you have been given the scare tactis above anything else. I want you to feel better about yourselves and be thankful to the Lord. It's not your fault and will never be that the world is poor. In fact this is the main weapon they are using against you and against those that oppose the RC. With the events spiraling into the end times it will get worse. Wars, famine will have to pass. And of course the false religion of ashtaroth(Satan hiding behind a woman) hasn't reached it's full form. I expect that to happen soon. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Bible Believer said...

Anon [first anon]

I am glad you are not anti-American. Trust me Americans get tired of America being blamed for the entire globe's problems. The world seems to think America can solve every problem. One reason our economy is failing is because the globalists have made this country the "policeman" of the world, and the military vehicle in the one world government. The trillions of dollars since Bush, have cleaned this place out. As I have written before 340 million cannot solve the problems of 6 billion others. Life may be far more harsh in other places when it comes to lack of food, running water, etc, but American life has it's own limitations too, life here is growing more complex and impersonal.Some of my friends have even mulled to me, Okay it I wouldn't want to starve or go without clean water, but maybe life in a third world country would be more simple and happier in other ways.

You are right Americans can be covetous. The shop til you drop contingent I wonder if they will all have nervous breakdowns when the economy implodes. One also sees an altered religion of sorts, I have heard it called Americanism. While the Constitution is important, some put it on par with God's word. There are false preachers who preach that American is a Christian nation and it's founders were all born again Christians when they really were Deists and Masons.

You are right our nation is going down fast.

However one thing remember this about Americans. Most of us do not have skills that were needed to survive in the past, or are needed now in other countries. I count myself among this number. We do not know how to grow or forage for food, or live off the land. Our social networks are frayed. Many live thousands or hundreds of miles from relatives. Friends move, there is no village of people you know. Many Americans live as strangers and even lack community to even have people come together and help each other in hard times. Some rural people find this, but as the rural areas get more impoverished, even there the economics force the break-up of community. Many Americans are sick, the toxic high stress environment coupled with GMO food, extreme demands, etc, have not left many in good shape either. In many ways as the economy implodes here, the suffering will be far more immense in some ways. People have no tools, or resources to handle it. Americans are far more dependent on the system. The grid goes down, many of us freeze to death. The way our food system works unless we are rural or have rural farmer friends or have been prepared in other ways, once the trucks stop running outside of God's care, we will starve.

I wrote that prepper article of some time past knowing I'd have to throw myself on God's mercy completely.

Add to this the people who have lived lifestyles where they have taken immense things for granted. I am not among that number due to my experiences, but many are. Many simply do not understand how bad things can get or how simple survival can be so hard.

Bible Believer said...

So think about how America is set up. This may not be politically correct but in some ways, your average third world nation, the people are set up to bear an economic collapse far better. They are closer to the land in many cases. They have more skills to survive. Yes they may have the urban folks who are in the dangerous waters too.

America did turn money into idolatry. One reason things are going bad here, is the elite worship mammon and have broken even the basics of the social contract and social niceties. I read somewhere the Cheney made multi-millions off the war in Iraq. The bankers got trillions in bail-outs. Everyone is on a big clean-out of America and sadly this includes much of the world, which holds America responsible for the rest of the world as trained by their globalist masters.

I think with the guns stuff, I am pro-second amendment but you do have a point there, when people start depending on their guns or preps instead of God there is a problem. But let me take you to this point, Americans are very afraid. Why are they so afraid? Maybe because many know the system they are so dependent upon is collapsing? The moral decay is a part of this as well as the increasing crime and violence.

I believe this is an artificial global crisis set up. They want a one world economy and government. They are setting up collapses world wide. Isis worship? Yes I agree the one world religion will perhaps center around the Daughter of Chaldea. Maybe some worship of Mary as "Co-Redemptrix will be tossed in along with all the false religions that worship their 'goddesses" under many different names

I agree with the new Pope especially their focus on the NEW WORLD message with him some things will be happening.

Think about what I said about Americans and what place they are in.

Bible Believer said...

I have seen more homeless here too. In my old rural town, there was an entire park, known to be where all the homeless especially homeless youth lived. I used to be horrified with all the churches there, that there was so little help for the homeless, I wish I could have done more for them. I did have homeless friends well "near homeless" who lived couch surfing or in RVs. I would invite some in--the few I knew, but they would stick to their present "shelters". There are many hidden homeless especially in rural areas, in bigger places, there is more help but I know of homeless here, who live in people's garages and other "alternative" set ups.

I've almost been homeless myself, I just escaped it once by the skin of my teeth, making a huge move in my 20s, to a giant city alone for work. At other times it loomed but I was able to rent myself a cheap room. In this community they have more helps for the homeless and shelters, the population is higher.

By the highways you do see the people with the cardboard signs. Sure there are some who do beg who do it as scam but I do not think it is the majority. I have even seen women out there now with their cardboard signs. That is scary. One thing if someone begs, I do believe one is supposed to help if they can, because the Bible does says this. There are many on the right who will tell people do not help beggars, they are all drunks or they all are being "enabled". That is not what the Bible says.

Luke 6:9 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also.

30 Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.

31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

I am sure there are more homeless encampments now too though here they probably would be more likely in hidden away spots and in the woods. The horrible thing is they will destroy people's homeless encampments. They will wipe them away even if they are away from their place and destroy all their property. This is some of the worse cruelties.
Other things about the homeless--many avoid shelters because they can be violent especially in big cities. Many homeless fear having their children taken away if it is a homeless family.

Yes there are many poor areas. I've seen poor schools for myself. There can be violence against teachers and other caretakers. Some of that work can be very difficult in that way.

I do see America becoming a more violent place too as the economy goes downhill too.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon, I also tire of the message that Americans must experience real poverty to get perspective.

As I wrote above, Americans are dependent on the system. The dollar goes down, the grid goes down, people here are in *lethal* danger. The third world actually can survive better. They are not as "dependent" on the system. They have social networks, and skills to survive.

I do see the world kind of on a tear to have America "get theirs". That is one thing about the evils in the world. America was prosperous and people resent that, and now as it goes downward there is that air, of you people deserve what you get. Of course I can understand some of anger towards America, especially given the endless wars, and the megacorporations who in our name and who have no loyalty to the average American person rape and pillage the land and take advantage of the cheap labor elsewhere in the world.

One thing I noticed during Katrina, is America races to help the most remote third world nation whose had an earthquake etc {yes I know some of this stuff is exploited for globalism} but where was our help when Katrina got so out of control? Its weird to me how the world community expects America to take care of everything while China and other bigger and "now" richer countries are never called upon.

A world where Americans are covered in flies and with distended bellies, is going to be a very scary one indeed, given that this country probably gave the most help for many years.

Many have been indoctrinated into the formula--make the rich poor and it will supposedly make everyone better off. Hey we have that happening now with the proto-Communists and Occupy crowd. People are ignorant of how in Maoist China that led to millions starving. So why will making America poor help anyone? Well our false leaders are doing that anyway.
I agree about Abraham. The NWO does want everyone more poor and desperate. I believe community PURPOSEFULLY was broken up in America. They want dependent people, who are all alone. The churches even push the nonsense as I have exposed on this blog-this redistribute the wealth lies like the Catholic church, where its daughters all share those messages.

With the third world, Monsanto is there trying to destroy their food too. The NGOs and others pushing them into the globalist corral. The enforced proto-slave labor of the mega corporations destroying communities and long held traditional societies. They want those folks dependent as well, and their leaders are often part of the same corrupt NWO globalist network. The whole global collapse and endless organizations, is all geared for the mark of the beast. They are busy integrating the nations into the central banking system. Strip down the wars, that is really what they are all about. You can even predict who we go to war with next. I am serious. There is a reason Obama sent troops to 35 African nations.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, My decent IFB pastor did warn that the economy was going to collapse. I didn't realize how very rare that was. Of course the collapse for us was all around us in a rural town growing more impoverished. That church was extraordinarily rare in that it helped the poor in it's own congregation.

The pastors though the majority, they do not care. They do not want the money flow to end. As I have written on this blog, many poor people are leaving the churches. If you barely have money to pay your light bill, do you want to hear the money-beg-a-thon, to the false tune of 10% on a weekly basis?

Of course the false pastors often live a far different lifestyle then the people they guilt into paying up. Yes they tickle the ears too to keep the pews filled and more money flowing in. Telling the people what they want to hear. Yes they know if they warn of what is really going to happen, many may choose to put money into other things.

Bible Believer said...

So #1 Anon, you see anti-Americanism everywhere?

What is your take on why everyone focuses on America as the one to blame?

China has more money now and a higher population. Very few know this but they are "colonizing" different areas of the world.

Sure our gov't is giving us a bad image. The whole "policeman" of the world thing is not good for PR, when your countries military is being exploited for globalists and they have brainwashed the populace into thinking the dropping bombs means we are taking "democracy" all around the world. The world also knows America is turning into a police state. It's scary when you see the Russian Pravda newspaper--and Russia obviously has its own problems and evils regarding totalitarianism, writing articles about how America has lost it's freedoms. Well NDAA is pretty obvious to most of the world but not to a populace that is brainwashed in most cases by a false media. One aspect of all that "wealth" too and lack of resources, is the control grid is so much stronger here, and that includes the media that influences one's thoughts.

I am sorry you have people starving to death around you. Will pray. I know there are areas of the world where they have people starving. There the machinations with the food, raised prices and human evils more then even crop failures lead to the hunger and starvation. What is real poverty? Americans do miss meals here too. We do not have people starving here, but certain systems were removed-some on the right seemed more focused on that rather then offering any real solutions, people would starve. Our bread lines are "hidden" except for very few. If America does get to the point where the American people are going hungry, especially in areas blessed with good agricultural foundations, then this world is going to really be in trouble. They are on a tear to destroy the food here. But that is a topic for another post. This is being imported world wide.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you realize liberation theology and communism are lies. I agree the poor need the gospel, and I am sorry they are not getting it where you are. Yes the Orthodox church is false, and sadly like the Catholic church it controls far too many countries. Are you in Russia or an old Russian Federation country? I guess you are since you mention Soviet Propaganda. I have warned against the Orthodox church on this blog.

I have read that there is suppression of "Protestants", I am not a Protestant but can take the meaning here to mean that includes banning bible believers.

I can see the Charismatic churches being used DEFINITELY. Antagonize and then innoculate against the gospel so people go back to the Orthodox church. I have noted in Latin America even the huge influx of false Charismatic and Pente churches that focus on the prosperity gospel and false tongues. I have warned against tongues on this blog and the Pente church many many times. Sadly even Korea, has been infiltrated by one of those huge false Charismatic churches. I can see how the people there do picture "American Christians" as the demon possessed charismatics. That is very sad. That too takes them away from the true gospel.
I am not surprised the Communists oppressed the only sound preachers who preached the gospel. I agree witnessing there has to be very hard. I think us Americans do take for granted the freedom of religion thing we have here, though one day that is something that may be gone, it is something to be thankful for everyday. The gospel may be obscured here via an endless number of hirelings and false churches but it is still preached. I agree about the NWO installing fear. You do have a good warning about that.
"It's not your fault and will never be that the world is poor. In fact this is the main weapon they are using against you and against those that oppose the RC."

I definitely agree with this statement, I am glad you agree with some of what I have warned about.

I agree we were warned that things will get worse. We must have faith and hold on no matter what happens and not cling to the things of this world.

1 Thessalonians 2:19

For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming?

Thanks for sharing. I am glad to have someone share a perspective from elsewhere in the world. God bless yo

Anonymous said...

First anon here


I agree that trying to turn Christianity into a cultural thing has led to many becoming blind to the realities of these days. Of course the "teachings of men" will pervert the gospel, be they religious or ideological. It is perversion any way you look at it and I can't help but wonder how some pastors use scripture to justify their war mongering, their lifestyle or just about anything they like. This has also been a big turn off for me in terms of bible study, hearing about the legal system, money and war too much in bible lessons. In the (pagan) orthodox church this fetishism or idolatry has the same kind of disgusting practices like blessings of political figures, sanctification of places, blessing of the army etc. The orthodox church recently donated a few bibles to the government ministers which, for me, means we are in a new age of blasphemy. I think what you could find interesting is that my country, despite being small is one of the occult capitals of the world. There is a resurgence of paganism along the new age beliefs and the orthodox church is growing in numbers too. I live in Bulgaria. Our capital is Sofia - "god's wisdom" which according to the orthodox is a female spiritual being. The tripple goddess from paganism has its equivalent in the daughters of Sophia - Faith,Hope,Love. It is pure gnosticism/goddess "mary" worship.
Gnosticism has a history here. The orthodox teaching for the condition of man is that we have fallen away from the image of God, but we can get back to being godlike through our works/contemplation. It is the same satanic doctrine from the time of Paul.

Now what else is interesting there is a large statue of Sofia with the owl of wisdom (lilith) downtown, with the catholic church behind its back and the orthodox church and the mosque to the front of each of her spread arms. Talk about occult architechture.

There are a few clairvoyances(false prophets of course-very famous in the eastern block) that have predicted some scary stuff happening to the world 2017-2032. Most notably the appearance of a woman-savior and worldwide cataclysms in the 3rd decade. Naturally, they say the jews will have to suffer for what they've done to the arabs. Of course that being exactly 2000 years from the ministry of Christ, one has to wonder. Also this year UNHollywood has pumped more post-apocalyptic movies than ever. It seems to me the Satanists believe in the millenium. Just look at movies like "The demolition man" or "Monsters vs Aliens". The good/bad aliens card will play a role too with the good aliens(workers of iniquity+antichrist) warning us about the bad aliens (second coming) Hollywood scripts are almost always actually their version of the end times. Just look for the antichrist + goddess reunion and the triple female goddesses. The illuminati symbols everyone is looking for(eyes, triangles etc) are a layer for the masses of conspiracy seekers.

I'm not a date setter, but it is interesting speculation nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

First anon here

China is still weak, however the sum of america hating world is enough opposition. Moral victory is total victory as the chinese manual of war (sun tzu) teaches - also translated bu jesuits... But the point of all this might just be to tame OR split America and not destroy it. After all even if the gospel is mostly preached there, the jews are far more hated. I agree with you, the Zionists are baad, talmudic judaism is satan's poison in the old testament judaism like the global "christian churches" is leavened with HIS leaven. But that might just be endgame now.Think about this- Satan hates the jews so much he wants to make them as evil as possible(cabbala, Hollywood, porn industry etc?) so that God doesn't intervene when the antichrist tries to wipe them off the face of the earth. Israel falsely gathered to be destroyed and when the Antichrist goes there to finish them off.

Just my take on this

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"However, I do feel your nation have gone downhill fast. Especially in the faith department."

What country hasn't? But you would be hard pressed to find a nation on earth with more christian activity than America, even as fallen as America is. Most of the world is pagan or secular.

"The thing with God is that when something becomes an object of idolatry it will be destroyed. Hence Americans love their guns too much (another type of deception - "we want to take your guns, better hold onto them tighter") and of course the rampant materialism and moral decay"

To be an idol, something must be loved MORE than God, or worshiped as a God. But there is nothing sinful about christians owning guns, as the disciples owned swords. Self defense is perfectly moral.

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As far as the economy, well, we started the decline in 1913 with the federal reserve( nothing federal about it). We also got off of the the gold standard.

We started taxing income (theft). We tax property (theft). Nobody in America owns their own property, they simply rent it from the government. If you do not pay the extortion fee then you lose your "private property" by force. Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax tax.

We have a bloated government with all of these government agencies we never had in the past. We have the organised crime group known as the IRS. And the payed asassins called the CIA. Look what they did to Kennedy.

We fight wars we don't need to. We waste money on this endless "drug war". We waste money filling up jails for petty things. The government wants to be the morality police. Along the way destroying the 4th amendment.

We have all of these illegals that we take care of. Not to mention the legals that come here, when we don't need them.

We send money to everybody and their brother. Even our enemies.

We now have socialised medicine we will have to pay for.

Land of the free and all.

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"What country hasn't? But you would be hard pressed to find a nation on earth with more christian activity than America, even as fallen as America is. Most of the world is pagan or secular.

To be an idol, something must be loved MORE than God, or worshiped as a God. But there is nothing sinful about christians owning guns, as the disciples owned swords. Self defense is perfectly moral."

First anon here,
I'm talking about America, because USA is the stronghold of Christianity. I never even mentioned another country. That's because I count Europe spiritually dead and the rest of the world, well... uncivilized. Did you read my first post? I'm asking you to be thankful for being born there. I'm pro-gun for sure, however I think you are being subjected to psychological terror, causing hyper defensiveness and paranoia. America is losing her nerves, her mental fortitude. You have to realise that these people know that they can't get to your faith that easily. So they shake you up. In war fear and discord in the enemy is more important than the battle itself.

I am aware you are experiencing major changes. I know how frightening that is. Generally you are not fit for changes, much less dramatic ones. Americans were once resilient, but having things easy for a long time has made you soft. Also you are being fed lies and paranoia through the alternative media like alex jones etc.

In the major scheme of things you will always be hated for being too Christian. It's easier to turn the world against the rich, though. Also your obvious support of Israel is another reason for antiamericanism. Like I said if jews are considered evil in god's eyes(mingled with satanism(cabbala) the story of balaam from the old testament - trying to get them to curse themselves - to evoke god's wrath in the hope of him forgetting them) and in the people's eyes (vox populi vox dei - the voice of the people is the voice of god) then America is too and vise versa, so that by implication every arab,communist,latin american, russian(old enemies) and chinese hate the USA and god must hate them too. The pawns of Satan are pushing a world wide democracy that will vote for the east(for the anihilation of the west) - russia, china, the reformed islam+catholicism after ashtareth("mary") appearing. I wouldn't be surprised if in the end America will be offered to redeem herself if she turns against the jews.

So I'm saying you are hated for the Bible and the spirit and grace of God which you still have abundantly. But in shaking and spooking you they are taking a lot of that away already. Giving you a spirit of fear

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"We have a bloated government with all of these government agencies we never had in the past. We have the organised crime group known as the IRS. And the payed asassins called the CIA. Look what they did to Kennedy.

We fight wars we don't need to. We waste money on this endless "drug war". We waste money filling up jails for petty things. The government wants to be the morality police. Along the way destroying the 4th amendment."

First anon here

Yes, you are looking like a madman murderer in the world's eyes. Madmen are either shackled or executed. But remember the RC might offer some kind of redemption - like sacrificing the bible believing satan's girl ashtoreth denying folks or turning against israel. But russia will probably come first (as Alberto Rivera said). Pope francis has consecrated his pontificate to "our Lady Of Fatima" and one of the prophetic messages has been the return of russia to the RC.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks Anon, I also tire of the message that Americans must experience real poverty to get perspective."

It all comes down to believing the Word of God, and the poverty that will increase in some parts of the world, is that poverty of a lack of the Word of God being preached. That's the poverty that should alarm us.

Anonymous said...

question to first anon,

I am praying dearly for the saints in Bulgaria. Its not fair that they are being deprived from the word of God.

The time has come. The falling away is in full force. The antichrist will arrive shortly, and our Lord will destroy him at His coming.

Saints, my prayer to you is that you are all prepared for death and persecution. Look at the 4 horsemen and the events that follow. GLOBAL persecution follows the 4th seal.


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Hi Galatians 4,

Hi was reading through a website which you have referenced in the past, Discerning the World, he writes against Calvin as you do which is fine, I try to stick to the Scriptures alone. Yet I wonder do you believe we can loose our eternal life or salvation. I believe God is faithful even when we are not, (I could supply quotes) I disagree with DTW, your thoughts?
I read through your blog on Calvinism, I did not read any statements on this point directly.

Thanks so much for taking the time, it kinda shakes my faith to think I could loose my salvation.

I agree with write up on the downward slide of the economy, crazy that people are oblivious. The restaurants are still full and twice yearly vacations are the norm for so many, even when they are in debt.


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Hi Bible Believer,
I recently discovered our Masonic roots. I wonder, do they try to make it look like this country was founded by born again Christians so that people hate Christians when they they hate America? When people in other countries see the messed up things our leaders do - it gives them more fuel to hate 'Christians'?

Bible Believer said...

First anon, I agree about the turning Christianity into a culture thing. The whole culture wars thing is definitely in America a path to perdition. You are right it is used to justify the war mongering and a long list of other evils. It is help for the police state from the right in this country, where "religion" is on the band wagon too.

If you haven't see this article check it out.

I agree with you about legal system, money etc too in Bible studies. One thing in America I've never covered or merely mentioned once or twice is how they have turned churches into financial centers, where they have the Dave Ramsey cand other lasses and more that are really only applicable to the middle and plus classes, and then you have the prosperity types who say we will make you rich! It's a definite turn off for me. One reason I am not in a church now is the support of the NWO right divide in America among even many of the fundamentalist churches-Dominionism, war mongering etc, as mentioned in the link above. Yes it is like the Orthodox with their idolatry and support of political figures--I even heard they want to make the last Czar of Russia and his family a saint, it was horrible what happened to him and his family but this was a man that lived in riches while the peasants starved. Your orthodox folks donating Bibles reminds me of the Dominionists I posted about last week donating KJV Bibles in our mostly God-less and corrupt Congress.

I am sorry to hear that your country is having an infusion of the occult, new age beliefs and growth in the Orthodox church, I pray there are some bible believing missionaries there to preach the gospel. It has to be very tough. Of course America has areas that are less Christian then others.

Yes your capital is named after Sophia/Sofia...the goddess I wrote about in the Gnostic article. Yes the Mary worship all connects. Gnosticism is strong. It has strong roots within in both the Catholic and Orthodox church though they will claim that their churches stand against it!

I would like to show you this link, check out my conversation with an Orthodox commenter.

I remember that the Orthies teach that one can become God. Ah what is the name,. trying to remember, begins with an "H"

Ah found it...


The Theosophists love it...

All of Satan's lies remain the same all through out history.

I am not surprised your city is marked. The ones are here too, occult symbols, OWLS all over the place. These things are world wide! I even have studied them as appearing in Asian and Latin American cultures as well.

Yes I have heard some of the teachings of the false prophets. Have you ever heard of Vassula Ryden?

Oh my goodness...

I'll be posting about something I see on this web page very soon..


:/ :0
I have seen some of them prophesize that Mary is coming back--the 7th Fatima apparition and more and remember hearing things about Jews and Arabs.

Hollywood is doing it's predictive programming preparing people for the delusions to come. One aspect is the Aliens, definitely. I have asked questions about POSSIBLE delusions using aliens on this blog. How will the Nephilim teachers even use this stuff?

I do believe the Satanists speak of their plans in a lot of places in plain view. They know most of the populace is spiritual blind.

Bible Believer said...

I have no doubt we are looking very bad in the world's eyes. I knew things changed when we started invading countries PRE-EMPTIVELY, well unless you believe the lies and delusions about 9-11. I remember there being a huge discussion about this at the time but now sadly it is seen as business as usual. I mourned then as I do now over the direction this country has taken. Our rules were that Congress even had to vote on wars but now that is no longer true, as our freedoms have ebbed away. Many American people are weary of war, but sadly you will never hear or see that in the news but then sadly you have so many who are brainwashed by the "war on terror" to give in to the police state. There are those asking why the interests of American people are always put last while the globalist stuff put first. They are quite blatant with this now, such as this Navy Ad...
Soldiers here have had multiple deployments. I know if the economy wasn't so bad, they probably would have instituted a draft.

One thing I am not sure how much of my blog you have read but the Catholic church here plays a huge role in our government, especially the forces intent on taking long held freedoms away. I am sure the Orthodox church plays a huge role in yours, of course I see the Orthies as a daughter even though the Orthodox will claim "they were first" it is their patriarchs going to pay homage to the Pope.

You can see the growing slowly warming up against Christians here. Christians even were recently put on an anti-terrorism list. While there are some violent right wing sects that call themselves "Christians" and are not, one can see one day, your peaceful bible believer being put on this list. I do think deceptions in Israel will be part of the over-all plan. I didn't realize that about Pope Francis, dedicating things to the demon of Fatima. Thanks for telling me.

Bible Believer said...

I'm praying too JL.

Anonymous said...


Eternal security and conditional security are both correct and incorrect. Because we can never truly know the mind of God, it is best to believe His word and not man made theologies.

Anonymous said...

"Eternal security and conditional security are both correct and incorrect. Because we can never truly know the mind of God, it is best to believe His word and not man made theologies."

We can never "fully" know the mind of God, but we know what he tells us in the bible. And the bible tells me that we cannot lose salvation.

John 10:27-29 "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand."

John 6:37 "All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out."

2 Corinhtians 1:22 "Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts."

Romans 11:29 " For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance."

Ephesians 1:13 "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise"

John 5:24 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life."

Deuteronomy 33:27 "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms..."

Hebrews 13:5 "Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

Remember that Peter denied Christ but he wasn't unsaved. Remember that the corinthian church was full of horrible believers but they were never accused of losing their salvation by Paul. David did not lose his salvation after commiting murder and adultery.

That is not meant to say that it is ok to sin. Just that one cannot lose their salvation if they are really saved.

Anonymous said...

I politely and meekly disagree anon...we cannot explain all the mysteries of God. You quote all of the eternal security verses, while avoiding the conditional security verses like the following:

"Romans 11

19 Thou wilt say then, The branches were broken off, that I might be grafted in.

20 Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear:

21 For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee.

22 Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off."

Let the bible speak for itself. Eternal Security and Conditional Security are both correct and incorrect.

Thank you.