Monday, April 8, 2013

All Your Kids Belong To Us Video

All Your Kids Belong To Us [statism] [link obtained from Zero Hedge]

More money is going to fix education? They have poured literally billions in with no results. Notice she says the weird stuff about collectivism and "these are our children". This stuff started with "It takes a village" and has only grown worse. The culture warriors who warn about the decline of family are correct about that aspect of where culture is going.


news4themasses said...

this plays right into Common Core Standards, ie "State Institutionalized Education" and yes the government poured billions of dollars into the Educational system for this reason, to steal kids away from their parents not necessarily to make them the best minds they can be. Collective is the new buzz word they love that because "Progressive" left a bad taste in Conservatives mouth and we all know too much now about Progressive Ideologies so they just change the buzz word but it's still all the same

Bible Believer said...

Yes they change the lingo don't they.

I remember when collectivism was a known COMMUNIST word. Guess I am showing my age there.

Now you see that one all over the place said with a straight face.

Most of billions of dollars poured into education is scooped up by the administrators.

The new rejection of individualism is scary, they always praise the COMMON GOOD--COLLECTIVISM NOW. They want blind followers now. If children are owned and managed more by the state there is less freedom overall.

Kathy said...

This video reminded me of your post here.
This is a 2 hour movie, but I think it is very enlightening. Possibly preparing us? Anyway, ALOT of truth, history, and information. If you can get past the first 20 mins, it is really worth watching, I believe.