Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Queen's Nurse

Found online elsewhere, I went to go see if it was real, it checked out.

Here, Here



So the nurse is wearing her masonic and pentagram belt right for the viewing. The colors they are wearing have an occult meaning as well in my opinion.

Remember this story? That nurse worked at that hospital.

See: Queen Elizabeth [then Princess] Visited the Druids Too?


William Saunders said...


Bible Believer said...

Thanks. I think they are getting more blatant in the occult signaling. Especially after the pagan wedding who believes the royals are "christian" anymore?

Leahlive said...

I couldn't help myseelf, I had to post again, LOL. So your article on the Queen/druid thingy was how I found you. I have been trying to remember how I first found you and it was that posting from a person posting the pic on FB. At the time, I had left formal church and was with what I call an underground church group, and right downtown of our city in the main park there is a Queen Victoria statue that we had been going and praying and doing spiritual warfare for this city. Through the early beginnings of my studies that started with that posting you did of Queen Elizabeth, it lead to revealing that this city was founded by Freemasons, has a major Masonic lodge, and has all kinds of statues and parks as tributes to these early founders of this city.

This city here in Ontario, Canada has been in heavy bondage and has so many broken lives. You can just see the suppression everywhere.

Wow. Just thought I would share because I am in awe of how much the Lord has revealed since that one pic. Especially since it has really been on my heart the last couple of days to remember how all this revealing started.

Thanks BB. Last post (for tonight anyhow)

Thanks BB.

Bible Believer said...

Hey Leahlive, I am glad you found that Queen druid article. The more I have studied the royals the more overt the occult signaling among them is and you are right about the involvement with freemasonry, the queen is involved with a lot of the "orders" and the "knights" on the Pope's behalf. Remember that article I did where they claim on their official lineage website that the Pope is their "leader" on the royal wedding article?

One can find many of the royals dressed up in their masonic gear.

The NWO has claws in most cities even small towns. So many masonic lodges/eastern star headquarters even in small town America.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how they are revealing this. I must say the belt is so ugly aside from the symbols. LOL

And then then the colours, red, black, blue they want to be known now, they are tired of working in the shadows I guess.

I live in Ontario as well Leahlive, and it is very true, small towns are dark places too!

I work in a small town and the stories are scary.

If you search the obituaries of the small towns you will find many are OES and Masons belonging to every Baptist and every other denomination.

Good to know someone else has noticed this in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention that in the small towns where I work many of the houses have the huge metal stars in the windows and it for decoration or not? Perhaps a mark?

I find it very curious since it seems to be more of a country trend rather than big city trend like Toronto.

If someone has an idea about these decorations let me know.


Anonymous said...

Lina said

"If someone has an idea about these decorations let me know."

This might be it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "barnstar" link.

I had searched Wikipedia but did come to this information.
It does seem to be a rural thing.

Seeing them on the houses up here in Canada is making me feel pretty American. LOL

I guess it one those things that is a cross between fashion and symbolism depending who is using it.

Bible Believer said...

I'm not sure about the barnstar thing, I tend to think most buying those are ignorant, of the symbology, they see a star and think it looks "cool" but it does make you wonder if some are using it as a mark. The idea of putting a giant star on your house or garage seems weird to me. They always sold those hex signs in Amish country...

"Painted octagon or hexagon barn stars are a common sight on Pennsylvania Dutch barns in central and eastern Pennsylvania, especially in Berks County, Lancaster County and Lehigh County. However, the modern decoration of barns is a late development in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. Prior to the 1830s, the cost of paint meant that most barns were unpainted.[5] As paint became affordable, the Pennsylvania Dutch began to decorate their barns much like they decorated items in their homes. Barn decorating reached its peak in the early 20th century, at which time there were many artists who specialized in barn decorating.[5] Drawn from a large repertoire of designs barn painters combined many elements in their decorations. The geometric patterns of quilts can be seen in the patterns of many hex signs. Hearts and tulips seen on barns are commonly found on elaborately lettered and decorated birth, baptism and marriage certificates known as fraktur.[5]

Throughout the 20th century, hex signs were often produced as commodities for the tourist industry in Pennsylvania. These signs could be bought and then mounted onto barns and used as household decorations. Jacob Zook of Paradise, Pennsylvania claimed to have originated the modern mountable sign in 1942, based on traditional designs, to be sold in souvenir gift shops to tourists along the Lincoln Highway.[4] Johnny Ott and Eric and Johnny Claypoole are also considered to have contributed to this hex sign revival or adaptation.[6] Modern artists may stress the symbolic meanings, for example, a horse head is used to protect animals from disease and the building from lightning, and a dove represents peace and contentment.[7] An unusual use is the official logo of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection, which incorporates the international symbol for radiation into its yellow-and-red adaptation of a traditional hex sign design.[8]"

Bible Believer said...

Picture here and people noticing too...