Thursday, March 14, 2013

The New Pope

Cardinals Pick Bergoglio, Who Will Be Pope Francis
VATICAN CITY — With a puff of white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel and to the cheers of thousands of rain-soaked faithful, a gathering of Catholic cardinals picked a new pope from among their midst on Wednesday — choosing the cardinal from Argentina, the first South American to lead the church. 
  The new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (pronounced Ber-GOAL-io), will be called Francis, the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. He is also the first non-European pope in more than 1,200 years and the first member of the Jesuit order to lead the church. 
In choosing Francis, 76, who had been the archbishop of Buenos Aires, the cardinals sent a powerful message that the future of the church lies in the global south, home to the bulk of the world’s Catholics. “I would like to thank you for your embrace,” the new pope, dressed in white, said from the white balcony on St. Peter’s Basilica as thousands cheered joyously below. “My brother cardinals have chosen one who is from far away, but here I am.”

Yes, as one of my commenters posted that is an interesting handshake.

If anyone knows Argentine history, and about the dictatorship they had there, with thousands murdered, already there has been some controversy regarding this new Pope:

Pope Francis I: Bergoglio Has Ties To A Dark Period For The Catholic Church
Francis I along with the whole Argentine Catholic Church have faced criticism for their silence or complicity during the post-1976 military dictatorship — a failure for which the Church apologized in 2012. 
Known as the Dirty War, this period saw a brutal battle between the ruling military elite and leftist guerrilla fighters, in which up to 30,000 Argentinians were “disappeared” and others were raped or killed. 
Argentine journalist Horacio Verbitsky chronicled how the Church and Bergoglio were involved in this dark era. As described by Hugh O’Shaughnessy of The Guardian in 2011: 
  [Verbitsky] recounts how the Argentine navy with the connivance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, hid from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission the dictatorship’s political prisoners. Bergoglio was hiding them in nothing less than his holiday home in an island called El Silencio in the River Plate. The most shaming thing for the church is that in such circumstances Bergoglio’s name was allowed to go forward in the ballot to chose the successor of John Paul II. What scandal would not have ensued if the first pope ever to be elected from the continent of America had been revealed as an accessory to murder and false imprisonment. 
Bergoglio contended to writer Sergio Rubin that he hid these people to keep them from the violent military junta, not the Human Rights Commission — even as his Jesuit order and Church leaders publicly endorsed the dictatorship.
Well we know the Roman Catholic church always supports tyranny around the world.

One interesting fact about Argentina is as recently as 2001, they had a complete economic collapse with bank runs, riots and more. One blog which is focused on prepper survivalism, is actually written by an Argentine who went through this. and warns people it's coming to America.

The theory that they would choose a non European pans out. However this is the first Jesuit ever, I am not sure what this means but given that Jesuits usually swear allegiance to the Pope,this is a new development.The choosing of the name Francis, could be meant to put a benevolent face on Rome since so many respect St. Francis of Assisi and this new Pope mentioned St. Francis of Assisi, but then there was a Saint Francis Xavier who was a Jesuit as well.

 The new pope is pleasant faced with a ready smile, far less austere then Bendict, he may even remind some older folks of Pope John Paul 1 who lasted only a month in the papacy but don't let that fool you.  One odd thing is he has been reported to have a lung removed due to infection as a teenager.  The news is already emphasizing how "humble" he is, in taking the bus, making his own meals and living in an apartment instead of the mansions provided.  One other emphasized matter is his concern for the poor, considering Rome's globalist plans to "redistribute the wealth" this may be to advance their focus on the inequality between rich and poor around the globe.  Ever heard of the black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits who is said to hold the real power in the shadows? Is this a transferring of this "power" to the so called "white" Pope?

In other news Tom Horn bends over backwards to shoehorn the Petrus Romanus prophecy. Given that the majority of elected Popes in history prior to Polish Pope John Paul II and German Pope Benedict, were Italians, getting excited over Bergoglio for having Italian ancestry is a bit silly. Perhaps it is a general term, for the "last Pope" but then they use these prophecies from the start for confusion.
He absolutely NAILED the prophecy! Jorge Mario Bergoglio is Italian (Roman) and a Jesuit. This is a VERY important aspect of our prediction in our book because we said the name "Petrus Romanus" from the prophecy "implies this pope will reaffirm the authority of the Roman Pontiff over the Church and will emphasize the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Faith and the Roman Catholic Church above all other religions and denominations, and its authority over all Christians and all peoples of the world" (Petrus Romanus pgs 437-438)
The date is of interest, 3-13-13, the day that he was elected and the time they announced him as the new Pope and had him come out to greet people was 8:13 pm in Rome.


Anonymous said...

He is a jesuit, and the jesuits are the top of the pecking order when it comes to power in the illuminati.

The Tom Horn thing is total nonsense, as you said.

Leahlive said...

Things that make you go hmmmmmm!!!! Thanks BB for the update but really now we have a Jesuit Pope, Jesuit Queen of England, and a Muslim President of U.S.A.

I know so little about all of this. Really grateful to be kept in the know.

Bible Believer said...

Yep the Jesuits are up there. Perhaps this was Benedict being pushed aside via order of the black pope with one of his guys or "soldiers" put in place. Yeah the Tom Horn thing was nonsense, I saw a message board where the folks wrote, I wonder if he wrote an article for each individual pope that got elected.I guessed wrong that they would try to "match" the prophecy, that they've matched the last two times but then even there, all the commentators and phony bolognas probably just stretched it all to sell the Malachy prophecies and their books. One will find a someone named Peter/Pete around just about anyone, it is a common enough name.

Turkson definitely played a role in the Vatican desire for their global banking system. This Pope I don't know much of his over NWO or interfaith activities, but sure they are there, and he obviously supports the same Vatican agendas.

Thanks Leahlive.

Anonymous said...

Rick Warren and John Piper, two false teachers, both stand in support of the new pope, by their recent twitter posts.

Bible Believer said...

Funny you should mention that anon, I am working on a Twitter related post where I mentioned that. It just hasn't been posted yet.

Marion said... wrote, " just stretched it all to sell the Malachy prophecies and their books."

You mean...sell the Mala(R)chy prophecies...don't you...harharhar

Bible Believer said...


Definitely has to be a money maker. He couldn't admit the prophecy "failed". A lot of phony prophecies, are kept vague enough where just about anyone could get pigeon-holed in. Cardinal Joe has an Uncle Pete, Cardinal Tom's Dad middle name was Pete so forth and so on. Like cold reading.

Anonymous said...


Check this out:

He was appointed on 3-13-13, on the same day as the PANSTARR comet, the comet shaped like an explanation mark, was brightest in the sky.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

Interesting article BAS. I have read Global Research before, and posted to it before, but read screening out the right/left paradigm stuff where they come more from the LEFT.

Remember Rome has used the fascists vs communist game to crush Latin America for decades. That's why you see Jesuits on each "team" so to speak.

That picture of him with the dictator is interesting. I have to read up on more Argentine history, I only knew about their economic collapse and basically about the dictatorship that killed thousands.

"Integrating the gap" in South America?

So when the author of that article writes "US foreign policy" keep in my mind the NWO role the USA is now playing for the global elites and think NWO foreign policy. When he writes standing against USA hegemony, think standing against the central banks and global elites.

"Jorge Mario Bergoglio: “Washington’s Pope in the Vatican”?

The election of Pope Francis I has broad geopolitical implications for the entire Latin American region.

In the 1970s, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was supportive of a US sponsored military dictatorship.

The Catholic hierarchy in Argentina supported the military government.

Wall Street’s interests were sustained through Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz’ office at the Ministry of Economy.

The Catholic Church in Latin America is politically influential. It also has a grip on public opinion. This is known and understood by the architects of US foreign policy.

In Latin America, where a number of governments are now challenging US hegemony, one would expect –given Bergoglio’s track record– that the new Pontiff Francis I as leader of the Catholic Church, will play de facto, a discrete “undercover” political role on behalf of Washington.

With Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis I in the Vatican (who faithfully served US interests in the heyday of General Jorge Videla) the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Latin America can once again be effectively manipulated to undermine “progressive” (Leftist) governments, not only in Argentina (in relation to the government of Cristina Kirschner) but throughout the entire region, including Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

The instatement of “a pro-US pope” occurred a week following the death of president Hugo Chavez.

Washington and Wall Street’s Pope in the Vatican?

The US State Department routinely pressures members of the United Security Council with a view to influencing the vote pertaining to Security Council resolutions.

US covert operations and propaganda campaigns are routinely applied with a view to influencing national elections in different countries around the World.

Did the US government attempt to influence the election of the new pontiff? Jorge Mario Bergoglio was Washington’s preferred candidate.

Were undercover pressures discretely exerted by Washington, within the Catholic Church, directly or indirectly, on the 115 cardinals who are members of the Vatican conclave, leading to the election of a pontiff who will faithfully serve US foreign policy interests in Latin America?"

Bible Believer said...

Joy thanks for the article on the panstarr comment.

Yes more occult markers there, with the time, and day...

Pan is another name for Satan.

Satan's star?

Bible Believer said...

saw this too..

Just more covering up, "those pesky conspiracy theorists!", to get people to ignore the truth about the Jesuits!

Anonymous said...

yet another hand sign photo of the new pope:
see second photo in the article

Bornagain Soldier said...
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news4themasses said...

Tom Horn is a funny lil man. When will his type learn to just be quiet and take what they got from their books and dvds of false prophecies and go live a quiet tranquil life some where where WE don't ever have to hear from them again? Really Tom Horn, you should have enough money to buy a double wide and feed you and your wife for a few years some where where there is no wi-fi!

So what the pope is Jesuit, like the last pope wasn't the AC, oh wait he wasn't, but this one will be? Aren't they all AC forever and ever?!

Kristina said...

And "Universe" a SDA believer? Perhaps. At least he recommends SDA websites.

Kristina said...

As some says: "...For all the people who don't believe in the nephilim....get ready cause very soon they will make their presence known the bible for tells that they will return to the earth....if they aren't here already.