Monday, March 18, 2013

The Latest with Jack Schaap

Jack Schaap's Mormon Style Brainwashing Of His Victim

Good Soldier is right about how the whole "eternal marriage" thing that Schaap used to groom his victim comes right out of Mormonism and their teachings regarding celestial marriage. One thing to remember about Mormonism is it's connections to freemasonry, this can have one ponder where Schaap picked this all up. Schaap has exposed what are basically Mormon beliefs about marriage in his book, "Divine Intimacy":


Here is a website where they expose snippets of that book, it is beyond blasphemous. Think occult sex magic stuff married to false Christianity that are evil to the core.  Some of this even came up when I wrote the first article on Jack Schaap:
"Jack Schaap is married to Jack Hyles daughter, Cindy. Here Jack Hyles discusses their marriage. This is also where I took the snippet below from. One can see the bit of weirdness right here for themselves, husband as "high priest"? Hmm like the Mormons? Notice how her refers to his daughter's body as the "holy of holies", which is blasphemous. This is where all that patriarchy stuff and purity balls is taking us, you see. "
With Jack Schaap, the picture has gotten even darker:

Using false religion to deceive his victim...

This is how a sociopathic predator operates to deceive a young girl, luring and seducing her and telling her that the relationship is "blessed". This is how some of the Catholic clergy sex abusers operated deceiving their victims with religion. Schaap is of the same ilk.

The Chicago Tribune published the court papers for Jack Schaap's sentencing memorandum and court case.Warning--there is sexual and other content. Some disturbing and scary things stand out, all the excuse making, the fact that many deceived stand by this man, and the horrific letters where he speaks of God, to lure her in and the fact the church told them to leave for the sake of "their safety" even after firing Schaap. I of course think they should have run for the hills but it was interesting how they were told to leave. The courts ask for him to be sentenced to ten years.

Rotten fruit from a rotten tree.

Luke 6:43 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Keep in mind Jack Hyles CHOSE Jack Schaaps to be his successor.

I put this video up with the caveat I do not support this worldly TV show and want to include a language warning, but for decades problems from First Baptist of Hammond have displayed themselves. Watch this reading between the lines, even if this guy is WRONG or LYING about what having happened between HYLES and his wife, the weird over-involvement of their pastor in their lives stands out. He looks sincere to me but think about the amount of control that seems to have been used on the church members with the managing of their schedules. Even in his supposed response in taking to the basement for 12 years seems to be something a cult victim would be a part of, rather then a man who is leading his own responsible life. Victims or troubled people like this do not come up about of nowhere. Something happened.  The aggrieved husband even speaks of MIND CONTROL.


All I have to do is watch Hyles speak to feel uneasy and know something was very wrong in that church a very long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Here is a free ebook about Schapp and Hyles.

Anonymous said...

That is so sick. What man would let another man come onto his wife? Pastor or no Pastor. There would be no going to the basement. There might would be fisticuffs tho. And I certainly would not stay at that church.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for the ebook.

I agree about this being so sick, I kept thinking the only kind of man that would allow that to happen is someone who has been brainwashed by a cult. Cults always demasculinize men as they are led to blind obedience to the cult leader. A normal man would fight for his wife and throw another one out of the house. I wouldnt stay either. You know one thing about FLDS, they tell the men who they can be married too and even have taken away wives and "transferred" them and the men have obeyed. It is sick stuff.