Sunday, March 31, 2013

Independent Baptist Ministers Deceived By Dominionism

Remember this article?

A Jingoistic Preacher

This article is a continuation almost of that article. Here are more blinded by mis-directed patriotism. The Dominionist stuff is growing stronger in IFB churches. I stayed away from many years ago as I visited some and they were into full blown Dominionism.

535 deceived independent Baptist ministers all lined up on the Capitol steps.

So many who remain unaware of the right and left deceptions and of the new world order! While I keep in contact with some of my old sincere IFB church members, it seems the IFBs are getting worse with this political stuff instead of any better.

Singing Amazing Grace on the captiol steps. Sorry the video is sideways. Hey it's always good to pass out Bibles, but what comes with the rest of it is the problem? How many actual born again Christians are in the halls of Congress? I tend to think the number is low. Maybe acouple independent types from lesser known states who left both of the main parties? It seems the corruption there would have any true Christian run for the hills.

Go to the Awake America website, on the video, it has the basic Dominionist messages.

"Our country needs a commitment and renewed purpose by Pastors to encourage Christian involvement back in government on every level."

Chuck Harding is the leader of this group. He is a pastor at an independent baptist church in Findlay Ohio.

So many of them always do wear a red tie. Does he know the Constitution is basically gone? Will this man speak out against the NDAA? Has he? That said the Constitution while ideal among human governments is not God's Word. Countries and nations rise and fall. Sadly whatever freedoms America once had are ebbing away. He may be well intentioned in wanting representatives to read the Bible, they certainly need to but sadly he is deceived by the American exceptionalism. He seems to have entered the David Barton "America as Christian nation" dream world. Doesn't the irony of issuing these pronouncements among Roman architecture come up for him? When he says "We fight for the Constitution of the United States", that sounds weird, what did endless Middle Eastern wars have to do with that?


Anonymous said...

I am a former Catholic, who left this church over 40 yrs ago. After becoming a Christian I went to various churches only to be disappointed by all of them. In doing research I found many articles by former Catholics. One of those formers was Alberto Rivera. I remember he commented on the fact that the Catholic Church vowed to infiltrate the Protestant Seminaries of which they have done.

I don't if you, BB, have commented on this fact or not. Have you ever thought about that the Latin language was only carried on in the Catholic Mass. Yes, it is no longer as prevalent as it was but, years ago I read where the owner of Dominos Pizza is insistent that it be spoken again and he is encouraging women to join the convent again. There is much more to this story but I won't go into detail here.

Gregorian music is spell binding. So many listen to this music and do not realize the enormous effects it has on their spirit. The last church we walked out of(a very influential Presbyterian Church) began to include Gregorian and Latin songs.

Anonymous said...

This is the first I've heard of Harding pastoring a church in Ohio. Do you have proof? Dates?

Bible Believer said...

I will have to check on this. Maybe I mistaken him for a pastor when he was a guest speaker.