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For The Christians Being Fooled By Holistic Medicine

This is an issue that pervades my life. It is something that I have to be careful of personally. There are limits to modern medicine, while it has done good for many of us saving or sustaining our lives there are pitfalls too. Some of us do wisely question flu vaccinations, genetically modified food, or seek after home remedies that can help with our health. I've used colloidal silver on a past skin condition--I didn't drink any, but it worked. My regular medical doctor told me silver had antibiotic qualities. We may shop at health food stores, buy herbs, and other places hoping to find healthy food and remedies. Many of us have concerns about modern medicine and want to find the best solutions. However saying that, with the holistic "health" world, there are a lot of pitfalls.

For this article I don't need to rehash the obvious offenders there are plenty of articles who warn of everything from Iridology to Reiki but the more subtle stuff. There are two main areas I see Christians especially being fooled by.


One thing I went through years ago, was facing some health problems and having a Christian friend recommend a naturopath to me. She was an evangelical who I did Bible studies with as a new believer. She was in a church I realized was false and only visited once as I became more seasoned. This naturopath was a friend of hers and since I could not afford the regular naturopaths, she told me she asked him to help me and he said Yes.  Even while reading through the naturopath definition link to research this article, while I had discerned most of them had New Age roots,  I didn't realize their studies were based in something called vitalism! Here is another definition:

The philosophical perspective on which the naturopathic clinical approach is based is that of vitalism. According to vitalist philosophy, living beings are not machines running according to strict cause-and-effect relations, but are beings whose existence is guided by a single vital force.

Considering what I know the bible warns about the 'god of forces", this makes me want to run. I always thought naturopaths mostly were "New Age", I guess this explains why to me.

Daniel 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

I remember telling the above friend, "well get someone who is not New Age and knows about herbs". She had this other naturopath she had used and recommended him, but I refused his treatment plan when he wanted me to go off all modern medicines and had named one of his herbal remedies he wanted me to take after Edgar Cayce. I told my friend, "You do realize that Edgar Cayce was an occultist don't you?" At the time she pooh-poohed my warning telling me she believed Edgar Cayce had been a Christian. I wisely at the time decided to bow out of the whole deal and told her I disagreed.

The other day the naturopath issue came up, I asked a friend, "Are there any naturopaths who are not New Age"? Guess God answered my question quickly. I remember asking God in prayer, what is the deal with naturopaths?

I saw an entire small town going to visit a naturopath for years and this included many Christians in my old town who claimed she was "Christian".  I never could afford her, but used to wonder about why she was so popular. Many church going, down to earth folks swore by her and her high cost herbal remedies, one friend even claimed she cured her of a certain condition for good. I remember saying to a few of them, "Does she avoid New Age stuff?" but reading about naturopathy, I have some serious concerns. Many naturopaths will even claim they are Christian or that there is nothing in their philosophy or version of medicine that is against the Christian gospel. If the whole field is based in this concept of "body energy" or what the Chinese call Chi, or QI [see picture above] doesn't that make the whole thing false? How many Christians even realize that naturopathy automatically has these New Age connections?
"The objective of naturopathy is to re-establish life energy which permits the body to begin a self-healing process."
The thing that makes all this so complicated is that sometimes herbal remedies and others can make a postive affect on the health. We know nutrition can change things for people.  Health food can improve digestion. What confuses me is there are such a thing as "Christian" naturopaths out there offering their services. Some Seventh Day Adventists swear by naturopaths. Can there be such a thing if the foundation of naturopathy is based in the manipulation of a "life force"? Do you see the taints of pantheism there? So much of this has its roots in false Eastern religions!

Christians will often discern the overtly New Age, most are usually going to question acupuncture and iridology to a degree, but I've had people ask me even of acupuncture and this was something I had to look up, if it was somehow based in "science". People really do believe it is scientific even if they do not understand it entirely. What they do not realize is acupuncture and all those needles being used is based on the Chinese belief in a "life force", and that the needles are used to "alter" it. Show any friend this, who may wonder if acupuncture is scientific and of medical use.
Now, when I speak of Energy, I am speaking of the force we call life. The Chinese term it Ch’i Energy and liken it to the streams, brooks, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans of Earth. The Life Force flows in us via interconnected pathways. In a way it is like electricity. It flows in a current, and though we cannot actually see it, we can see the manifestations of it, and feel the effects of it. In a way it is like the blood flow which, though we usually do not see it, pulses life through us. All life has it, and it converses with every aspect of life. Without this Ch’i Energy, this Life force, we do not have life, we are dead.
The Chinese saw the existence of humanity and, in fact, all of Nature as dependent on this Ch’i. It is only be Ch’i that the planets move, the sun shines, the wind blows, the Elements exist. It is only by Ch’i that human beings live and breathe. When Ch’i is flowing, all of life’s processes are in operation in a rhythmic and harmonious way. This Life Force is the cohesion of our bodymindspirit, and the integration of the myriad aspects of each individual human being. Ch’i is spoken of with reverence because it is the basis of life and because, if it goes awry, it becomes the basis of disease. Health and illness are defines by this Life Energy. It is this that the traditional Acupuncturist speaks of balancing if some aspect of this life energy is no longer in harmony with the totality.

When I was a nonbeliever, I did dabble a little with this stuff, I had acupuncture done a few times--it never worked, and even saw a naturopath who did iridiology on me once, that didn't work either and they didn't even figure out what was then an undiagnosed condition. My times with holistic medicine outside of nutrition based stuff and home remedies were very short and sporadic, as it is usually quite expensive. What was weird to me however was after I became a Christian, was seeing while I had some serious misgivings regarding the holistic health world how so many just seemed to keep embracing all of it. One area I see a lot of Christians thinking is scientific too is HOMEOPATHY.


Homeopathic remedies to me never seemed to make sense. Years ago I would go to my then local health food store and noticed they had tons of this stuff. I figured out somehow whatever was in them was just a parts of billions or millions game and remember thinking "how is that going to work, it sounds like a scam!" Being of more economic limited means, I didn't have the money to dish out on this stuff anyway. However I have known a lot of Christians who take homeopathic remedies, and even ran into a Lutheran lady I know taking one who firmly believes in it, and what gets me is most do not realize what are actually in them. Why should I believe that something which only has 1 part per million in it of any actual solution or medicine is going to work? I thought it was a scam even years and years ago.
Homeopathic remedies are made by taking an ingredient, such as arsenic, and diluting it down so far that there is not a single molecule left in the dose that you get. The ingredients are selected on the basis of like cures like, so that a substance that causes sweating at normal doses, for example, would be used to treat sweating.
Many people confuse homeopathy with herbalism and do not realise just how far homeopathic remedies are diluted. The typical dilution is called "30C": this means that the original substance has been diluted by 1 drop in 100, 30 times. On the Society of Homeopaths site, in their "What is homeopathy?" section, they say that "30C contains less than 1 part per million of the original substance."
This is an understatement: a 30C homeopathic preparation is a dilution of 1 in 10030, or rather 1 in 1060, which means a 1 followed by 60 zeroes, or - let's be absolutely clear - a dilution of 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000.
To phrase that in the Society of Homeopaths' terms, we should say: "30C contains less than one part per million million million million million million million million million million of the original substance."
At a homeopathic dilution of 100C, which they sell routinely, and which homeopaths claim is even more powerful than 30C, the treating substance is diluted by more than the total number of atoms in the universe. Homeopathy was invented before we knew what atoms were, or how many there are, or how big they are. It has not changed its belief system in light of this information.

Some Christians don't realize this homeopathic stuff is based in the same life forces teachings too.

The teachings of homeopathy are strongly influenced by eastern philosophy and religion. The view of human nature is consistent with the theories of transcendental meditation and psychic healing.
Spiritual Power
The phenomenon life force is essential in homeopathic theory. Life force is a metaphysic power that permeates the human being and every living creature. This power is manifested as the human aura and is responsible for well-being and health (3). The homeopath Gunvor Ruus writes in the Norwegian nurses' periodical: "When the energy - the life force - gets out of balance, it is manifested in the organism as symptoms. By reason the homeopathic remedies must have a dynamic influence to the life force, so that balance may reestablished" (4). Disease is not viewed as a result of bacteria, virus, poison or environmental factors, but sickness and diseases are considered to be a result of disturbed spiritual balance. George Vithoulkas, author of the book Homeopathy, Medicine for the New Man, writes that it is the "intimate nature" or the "soul" of bacteria and virus that creates disease, that is a dynamic spiritual force (5). For that reason, disease must be treated at a spiritual level, which is the essence of homeopathic therapy. According to homeopathic theory, it is not the chemical substances that cures disease, but the spiritual power called life force. The remedies are prepared to impart spiritual power.

Part of homeopathy they sell is treating "LIKE with LIKE", but it's a mere slogan with no scientific results outside of the placebo outcomes.

These are the two biggest areas I have seen Christians being fooled by. Always test with God's help anything you become involved with. There are areas of danger even in alternative medicine. If you change your diet or seek after herbal remedies pray and look these things up. Avoid anything or anyone that has to do with Eastern Religion, or "Changing or redirecting your life force". I have noticed these things are growing more popular. I know several self-confessing Christians who have visited naturopaths and who use homeopathic medicine. God has recently answered a question regarding finding a naturopath that is not mixed up in the New Age. That is impossible. Naturopathy itself is inherently New Age.

 I've had discussions with Christians telling them I have concerns about both of these things. Many have not been too happy with me. These things are NOT harmless. Mess with any "life forces" you are essentially messing with demons.  Even with acupuncture, I need to explain to a friend, no it is not scientific at all! Even the Jesus is Savior website defends homeopathy.  I know modern medicine has a lot of pitfalls, sometimes you ask who can you trust? But remember the holistic health world has plenty of pits waiting too. Tell me what you think. 

See "Alternative Medicine in the Church" {not an endorsement but for information}


Anonymous said...


Mixed thoughts. Seems that all things have a bit of corruption. I try to take as little medicine as possible. I had cancer, and my doctor told me that I should never take birth control or artificial hormones with the kind of cancer I had. Never warned of that before, even though I have a strong family history of that kind of cancer. Even common drugs have major side effects.

Don't like the natural healers either - seems like witch doctors relabeled for our culture. Yet, I know that drinking a cup of hot peppermint tea really does ease an upset stomach, and hot black coffee really does help with an asthma attack coming on. And that bit of knowledge has less side effects than albuterol inhalers or an OTC stomach medicine.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Joy,

I understand trying to stay off as much medicine as possible. I MAJORLY question the treatment of cancer in this country, I hope your own experience has turned out to be better. There are herbs that do "work" and other home remedies, I believe drinking watered down cider vinegar helps me with a few things. So there are remedies I think are okay for Christians that have nothing to do with the new age stuff. With the naturopath stuff, given I've had so many tell me they can be "Christians", I was a bit disturbed finding all of that out. I agree it can be a hard place between the medical world--one really does have to check into side affects of medicine and the cost benefits, and the false New Age holistic world. A lot of places are embracing "alternative medicine" so these things are sneaking in too.

Rena said...

Great article, thanks! I can understand where you are coming from, right now I have restless leg syndrome and I do currently take a prescription medication as well as an poppy seed extract that I either purchase on line or drive to the next biggest town and purchase at a health food store. I love to look around at all of the essential oils, extracts, supplements etc. but I am also aware of some products with blatant occultic symbols on them. I would like to have a genuine Christian resource that could guide me as to what is truely helpful and isn't or should be totally omitted.

Kathy Bonham said...

Like Rena, I have one prescription, and it is also for Restless Leg Syndrome. Without it I would never get any sleep. I would love to know a non-chemical alternative.

If I had anything very serious, I think I would try this Rick Simpson RX! This would sure surprise my friends and family (to even know this)! haha

I would really like to find a good book - an old book - telling the uses of herbs, etc. Old remedies.

There are probably as many promoters of quackery and health misinformation as there are false evangelists and teachers.

I am in the medical field. I am an RN and have worked in the psych field for over 30 years. I could tell you lots of stories. Yeah, I could....... I do not endorse the use of most medications. I also believe most diseases we have now are a direct result of the progression of the NWO, which has been in the makings for hundreds of years.

Go organic and non-fluoridated water! I prefer my own well water (and a purifier). I know where that comes from.

To those who say they can not afford organic, I say, "you can't afford not to go organic." You pay, in the end, in health care expenses - I really believe.

I have recently read that some medications are gonna have a sort of "marker," or "implant," in them. Soon.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

Rena I've been there too. I say use whatever herbal remedies that work. Try and avoid buying from companies that mark themselves for the occult or New Age. I've seen that stuff on the bottles as well, it gets tough. That would be great a real Christian source, that discusses health, herbs and nutrition without the occult and New Age stuff.

Bible Believer said...

Ive heard Hemp Oil is good for some illnesses, never have used myself. It makes you wonder. With cancer I have done readings about Laetrile and seeds too and other herbal remedies. I believe that the cancer industrial complex is failing, cancer is not being cured and have known so many people who have died of it, it seems that the rates of it are getting far worse. The traditional chemotherapy and radiation, almost seems more designed to increase pain rather then bring any real cure.

I would love an old book on medicine-herbs etc. Perhaps I will go on the outlook for one. I have some old books on gardening including one from 1917 and even old religious books, including an 1800s book on reaching out to prisoners and Adventist books used for research--interesting showing the early dispensationalist teachings, so I make the rounds of the used book stores

There is a lot of quackery out there, that is true, and definitely false avenues. Chelation therapy is one I have serious concerns with regarding safety, as well as colonics. I've never done either, but chelation Ive read about and sounds frightening.

Kathy, I bet you could tell some interesting stories. While there are medications that are life-saving, thyroid pills, antibiotics etc, there are some that are more harm then help. One has to be a buyer beware.

I believe people are getting more sick from the progression of the NWO, population control, a more toxic environment and what is being done to the food. I agree if you can ahold of well water do so and buy as much organic as you can afford. For me, my diet is not there 100% but as close as I can make it. From what I can tell a lot of food is getting worse in regular groceries stores, more adulterated, more processed.

I hope they do not add "markers" or "implants" to medication.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks BAS

I was in shocked with the writer of the Jesus is Savior website too. He has some truths on there but some very strange diversions from the truth. The over-hyper defenses for Jack Hyles, given the endless evidence elsewhere and false teachings disturbed me. But this one which I JUST found out about while writing this article really shocked me. What is "scientific" about it? It makes no sense. He even advertises a book that advances homeopathy for Christians. It is getting popular in Christian circles, in fact I know MORE Christian church goers who use homeopathy remedies then normal secular people. The whole thing is based on witchcraft, LIKE being LIKE--and yes seeking after "energy vibrations" using one millionth or billonth of a part.

Homeopathic stuff is expensive. If any of you are in a health food store, take a glance, they are asking for big bucks for what is basically vials of water.

It is total mumbo jumbo and Christians need to stay away even for spiritual protection.

I agree with you about eating seeds. I would like to get some apricot seeds. Also agree that smoking "the bud" of the hemp plant, the illegal stuff, does open people to demons. So do psychadelic drugs like LSD. I wrote about that in reference to Lonnie Frisbee..

Anonymous said...

I used to take anti-anxiety medication when trying to cope with my mentally unstable ex spouse.

The doctors told me it would help me relax. Nope, all it did was make me severely depressed and suicidal.

Weaned off those, ex spouse finally went completely nuts and divorced me, happiness returned immediately. Have never taken medication since (not even aspirin). Have never been healthier or happier in my life.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that no medicine is beneficial for my case, most aren't.

Anonymous said...

Rena and Poppy, have either of you ever tried Magnesium supplements to help with your RLS? Magnesium is supposed to be very helpful in calming the nerves and relaxing the muscles. And, supposedly, most people are somewhat deficient in Magnesium.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Bornagain Soldier. Since my cancer diagnosis 14 months ago, I have eliminated all processed foods and cook all from scratch. Cheaper and healthier. Can't afford all organic, but get fruits and veggies I can afford, try to stick with cheap and in season.

I read some of the alternative cancer treatments, and seems that herbs and spices really have some good things in them for vitamins and health. Now we eat lots of cilantro and parsley, I do eat the apple seeds when I cut up apples for the kids, and I started cooking with lots of turmeric (the yellow spice common in Indian cooking) and in general use a lot more spices and herbs.

In my cancer treatment I had one MAJOR surgery and a series of thirteen smaller surgeries, and now regular follow up, but no chemo or radiation. I question if it really helps at all.

The bottom line is that our days are numbered by the Lord God almighty. My cancer has strengthened my perspective on that. I really have increased my prayer and teaching of my children, and think of Jocobed (the mother of Moses, Miriam, and Aaron), Hannah (the mother of Samuel) and the unnamed mothers of Daniel and his God fearing friends. All these mothers did not get to finish their mothering themselves. They had to teach their children the truth of God, to the best of their ability, and then trust God to protect and draw their children unto himself. Now I hope to be around, and I hope that my young children will be able to grow to adulthood, find spouses who follow Jesus Christ, and live to have grandchildren and long lives. But from what we see of the times, I am not sure that will happen. I prayerfully teach them the gospel message, about end times as Jesus taught in Mathew 24, about the need for discernment and knowing God's word to test if a person's message really is right or not. Stuff I may have avoided until they were older had I not had this cancer scare.

So, long comment. Back on subject, with health it is hard to find truth, because so many have a financial stake in suppressing the truth, and then there are others that may be trying to spiritually trip people up.

Rena said...

@ Anon, thanks for the suggestion, but yes, I have tried increasing my magnsium levels as well as just about any other home remedy that you can think of. @ Kathy, I'm with you, I would love to find an old, and I mean old like 100 yrs plus that gives good basic herbial and homesteading advice!

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Lisa Ruby said...

An excellent and insightful article as usual, Bible Believer. You mentioned vitalism in this article.

Bill Schnoebelen, a man who claims to be a former Satanist turned Christian, promotes vitalism on his website.

He wrote, "Naturopathy (which is a broad heading that includes things like herbalism, massage, aromatherapy, Orthomolecular medicine, etc.) has been around, in one form or another, since the beginning of time. It is probably the kind of medicine Dr. Luke (Col. 4:14) practiced in the New Testament. Naturopathy can be explained by the older term, "Vitalism."

This is a clever snycretistic statement, by Bill Schnoebelen, who is a self-admitted Naturopath. This man, who claims to have left the occult, promotes homeopathy, too.
The article at this url is a masterpiece of syncretistic thought.

Yes, he knows how to combine Christian and occult ideology. Now why would an ex-Satanist do that?

Anonymous said...

Bill Schnoebelen says alot of wild stuff. If you have read any of his books or seen his videos. Very wild.

Bible Believer said...

I encountered Bill Schnoebelen pretty early on after I was saved and stayed away. His earlier logo seemed to be a marker. In fact I saw it on a newsletter of his early on and felt discernment to stay clear away. His writings about being a past Satanist also seemed off.

I think you posted on that Lisa. I guess I am not surprised he supports naturopathy too. It would be interesting to see what false teachers do so. That definitely is a mixture of Christianity and occult ideology.

Zhay said...

I think caution is warranted but I am curious... How did Christians treat illness and disease before modern medicine?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was wondering if there were any Christian holistic doctors and from what I have read. There would be no such thing/person. Because it is all new age and demonic. I am not looking to add more tribulation to my life. I guess I will trust the Lord for his guidance in my health concerns. After all he created me and he can heal my body and if he choses not to I will be content with that, because it is all temporal anyway. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Bill Schnoebelen does NOT promote homeopathy.

Bible Believer said...

I don't think this looks so good...


superhealthkyle said...

I used to be a chemotherapy drug rep. USED to be. Seeing first-hand the buffoonery occurring in conventional medicine gave me great pause. Do not think for a minute that conventional Western medicine is without blemish. PHarmakopea is witchcraft. I could name book after book, experience after experience in which believers are taken for a ride on the conventional medical train - which is rooted in humanism, evolution, and has a long history of outright deception - while at the same time thinking that if it's "natural", it must be "new age".

Be honest: If you told a person living in 1650 that he would be able to talk to someone on the other side of the world using a device that fits into your pocket, and that it works by energetic waves, you would brand that person a witch or a demon possessed lunatic.

Here, where I'm hearing of the absolute fringe of naturopathy and other health modalities, and they're framed in the worst possible terms as though taking an herb is akin to demon possession, I'm no longer amazed that Christians do not generally walk in better health.

Juicing a carrot, or eating fish that is wild-caught, or preferring a God-created remedy instead of chemistry lab concoction is all part of natural health. Sure, you can find fringe elements that conjure up imagination that are Satan-breathed. But you can do that with conventional medicine, conventional business practices, conventional child-rearing, and conventional American living! The devil isn't in the naturopathy; it's in the individual naturopathist.

God has given us plants to consume. In Leviticus, He told us which animals were "clean" and "unclean". And though we live in the New Covenant era, we find that those things had wisdom in them for all time. Not as a matter of covenant standing, but as a matter of living in the best strategies that God, our Creator, has given to His creation.

I neither wish to absolve true New Age-ism, nor pretend that it doesn't exist. But it exists in any walk of life. Just because juicing and sprouting and herbology was re-introduced to America via a hippie culture does not mean that the juice of a plant, the sprouts of a plant, or the herbs of the ground are Satanic!

Good heavens, I'm amazed at how quick we are to throw out the things that God has given for our good, and replace them with Pharmakopea. How subtle Satan is that even the elect can be fooled!

May God give us eyes to see.
Bless you, saints.

Dave H said...

Check out and his book "Defiled". You're on the right track.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your article and appreciate the wise advice.
I myself am researching naturopathic medicine as a career path. I am very excited to seek such an adventure. I fully believe that God has given us this earth to tend to it and to use it as a healing agent. Raw foods, essential oils and chiropractic care has changed my life drastically. Disease was reversed from years of bad decisions by following "regular medical advice" and taking all of the pills they were giving me. Through prayer, the Lord advised me that He had a "better way." Hence, I kept seeking-refusing to be fooled that I had to take pills for the rest of my life because of my ailments (really all hazardous side effects of not protecting my body-God's temple).
Upon research with naturopathic medicine, I have found that I already live 85% this way and that is all from guidance from God. Using Norwex cloths, essential oils, organic vitamins, chiropractic care due to my previous life as an athlete- I have manipulated my spine in such a way that my life was in danger. Instead of surgery and years of medicine, I chose an alternative route. Yes it takes longer but it beats feeding my body full of man made garbage that treats symptoms instead of root causes.
I sowed into a lifestyle of standard american processed foods, stressful work and activity schedules, and damaging work out routines. I reaped migraines, disease, fractures, malnutrition, mineral and nutrient deficiency to name a few.
I was tired of seeing doctors and didn't understand why I had these side effects when I lived "so much healthier" than others. "Take pills" was the only answer I ever received from various different disciplines of doctors. There was no deep discussion of root causes whatsoever; always just a pain fix.
Through steady prayer and fasting, I have come to this conclusion. This world is in sin. Everything has been manipulated. (Don't forget the simplicity of Christ!)
The question I was now facing was then was, what can I do to glorify God in my body and to be a living testament?

For me, that doesn't involve what our culture teaches. I had to step out of the box because my God doesn't live in a box.

I just wanted to share my testimony with natural remedies.
Thank you for the warnings. :)


Cheryl said...

I am hearing christians debunk "alternative" methods of medicine and their origins without looking into the origins of western or mainstream medicine. Complete humanism!!! Chinese herbs are not owned by the chinese. God made them. Essential oils are distilled from God's creation. I believe in the power of prayer ...yes I do, but sometimes I think God says...stop eating all that horrible junk food and eat what I created for the body! If one lacks self-discipline to eat appropriately the body will start to fail. Then, are you going to trust an antibiotic , steroid or surgery to heal you? Do you think God wants that organ in put in the body to be taken out?

Kat Kelsey said...

superhealthkyle and Cheryl,
I completely agree with everything you've said!

I've recently been dealing with a series of health issues that for almost a year I got no help with going to Western Medicine doctors and am healing now due to diet and natural medicine.
I've been realized just how different the mindset is between pharmaceuticals and natural medicine that emphasizes the body's innate healing and the power of nature. God is the source of these!!

They have been attributed to false religions and "life forces" before but that does not make them so. These are creations and gifts of God.

Western Medicine, on the other hand, comes from an evolutionary and humanistic mindset that we have evolutionary design flaws but our superior intellect is capable of overcoming these flaws our own way.

In 2 Kings 22-23, King Josiah succeeded a long line of idolatrous kings that had put up idols in the temple of God. So what did he do about it? Never let people go near the temple of God again? No, he tore them down!

I've written more about Western Medicine in my blog post on Western Medicine
and Why Christians should be leading the alternative health message

I've been scouring the Internet trying to find anyone else talking about this so was so happy to read you all's comments. I would love to hear from either of you more of what you believe about this and your experience. You can email me at or contact me through my blog

Bible Believer, thank you for your concern, and I am not attacking you, this is just what I have found from my own experience and I am passionate about it because I see too many people around me suffering from disease and cancer and I realize that God has offered us a better way and they are suffering needlessly by staying stuck at the hands of drugs.


Anonymous said...

Have you all heard of Dr. Henry Wright and his Be In Health ministry?
I am impressed with how they use scripture to minister to a sick person's spiritual root of disease and how that leads to healing!

Anonymous said...

Many of you in your above posts have described symptoms of Lyme Disease. It can be transmitted by ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, from mother to foetus inutero, animal bites, blood transfusions, sex and possibly vaccines (the latter contains animal cells not tested for Lyme). Igenex test for Lyme (test no. 4090). Most other pathologies tend to return false negatives for Lyme. Everyone I know with Lyme has an autoimmune disorder, whether it be Diabetes 1 or 2, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac, Asthma, MND, Parkinsons, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Autism (ie inflammation of the brain) etc. Everyone I know with Cancer has Lyme but not everyone with Lyme has cancer. Refer ILADS for information and treatment guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Restless leg syndrome is a major symptom of Lyme Disease. IGeneX are the specialist pathology that test for the disease. Lyme Disease causes various autoimmune disorders. Can be transmitted by ticks, some species of mosquitoes, blood transfusions, animal bites, vaccines (many contain animal cells), in the womb. My children and I have Lyme because my grandmother was bitten by ticks. It transmitted inutero throughout the successive generations.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone I know with Lyme Disease gets Cancer but everyone I know with Cancer has Lyme. Not sure if Lyme causes cancer or a coinfection of Lyme causes Cancer. Mycoplasma (a common coinfection) has been discovered in Cancer cells. Tasmanian Devils catch cancer from one another. Vets say it is spread by a virus. Why don't Doctors admit Cancer is caused by a pathogen/s in humans? Doxy (a medication for Lyme among others) has been shown to kill/shrink tumours. Doxy is also used for Mycoplasma. Igenex are the specialist pathology for testing Lyme (regular pathologies are unreliable for Lyme testing). ILADS outline treatment guidelines for Lyme. My children and I have Lyme because my grandmother was bitten by ticks and it passed inutero throughout the generations. There are other sources of transmission too.

Unknown said...

I have read so many blogs on the dangers of "natural" remedies, herbs, iridology, reflexology etc....and it always points to a person who practiced one thing or another at one point and wasn't a Christian, or it might say the Chinese used to practice it. From a biblical standpoint what did God provide to us for healing? Or was nothing available for Christians until the first non-hearbal concoction was brewed up along with surgery and vaccines. The mmr vaccine is grown on an aborted babies lung tissue. Who funds vaccines, what is there motive, are vaccines and Prozac Biblical? And I have never found a blog like the one above that condemns modern medicine in any way.I am not saying that modern medicine is wrong I am trying to figure out why so many Christians condemn natural means of healing and never blink at what is now known as modern medicine. Prescription drug abuse is literally out of control destroying countless lives.

Rachel Keim said...

I have read so many blogs on the dangers of "natural" remedies, herbs, iridology, reflexology etc....and it always points to a person who practiced one thing or another at one point and wasn't a Christian, or it might say the Chinese used to practice it. From a biblical standpoint what did God provide to us for healing? Or was nothing available for Christians until the first non-hearbal concoction was brewed up along with surgery and vaccines. The mmr vaccine is grown on an aborted babies lung tissue. Is it biblical to take vaccines and prozac?And I have never found a blog like the one above that condemns modern medicine in any way.I am not saying that modern medicine is wrong I am trying to figure out why so many Christians condemn natural means of healing and never blink at what is now known as modern medicine. Prescription drug abuse is literally out of control destroying countless lives.

Anonymous said...

I just found this program. They offer what they call a certified Christian herbalist program. They're the only Christian program I've seen that doesn't incorporate a bunch of new agey stuff.

Sarah Hall said...

I'm thankful for this overview! It's great that you have used as an addition to your article! Your decision is smart!

Jessica Wallis said...

I was just searching for the list of Christian Naturopaths to make sure I was on it and came across your site. You're not wrong. Many people I went to school with were very kind, supportive of my beliefs but believed in one religion. We aren't taught reiki or iridology in our program but I know some of my colleagues will go that route. We are taught homeopathy but I would say at least 1/4 of the naturopaths I studied with don't practice it. I write this only to reassure you that there are NDs who seek only after Jesus Christ, practice His love and good medicine. I was very open about my beliefs and as a results was blessed with many Christian patients whom I could help with their ailments while having discussions with them about their faith journeys as another aspect of how they cope with their stress. I hope to have many Christian patients in practice and be a tool for God. Thank you for voicing your thoughts, NDs add a lot to their practice with their personalities on top of their teachings given the degree of counselling so it can be a tricky road to finding one whose philosophies match yours but they do certainly exist.

Jessica Wallis said...

Hello! I just completed the program and have posted my thoughts below. We are all children of God and although there are very New Agey things being taught in the program (only 1 program in Ontario) God gave us our own brains and reasoning to use based on our world view. We are no more bombarded in the program than you are in every day life. There is a Christian student group that meets for prayer and Bible study at the school and I would fill 2 cars on Sunday from my class alone to go to Church. Many of us love God and good medicine. Just because you are taught one thing in school (say evolution in high school) doesn't mean you have to practice it and ignore all of the good knowledge you are learning. Confidence in following biblical truth allowed me to graduate not having compromised my views and I can now practice as I believe God is leading me to. You can email me if you'd like to talk more about CCNM.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by the blatant deception orchestrated by Satan. As a humble Christain and servant of God, I am appalled at the suggestion that the field of naturopathy is cultish. If anyone has the slightest common sense, they will tell you that a doctor's religious background is merely that and is separated from their medicinal persuit. The assault on naturopaths in this county alone is orchestrated by inherinetly evil corporations, i.e. Big Pharma and the institutions that support them. Ie a majority of conventional medicine. All of this dates back to extermination of the Jews from the same chemicals that are used specifically in cancer treatments today. If you know anything about history, naturopathic schools were systemically eliminated through funneling monetary sources to only the "drug" supporting meidical institutions. If your article is meant to educate people, it is leaving out some very important history of our conventional medical system. I go to a naturopath and frankly I really don't care to know her regious background. Because for the most part she deals with healing from the herbs on this earth. Just like any medical doctor, do we select our doctors based on their religious afinilations. No, in fact it is really none of our business. Would I feel more comfortable hearing from a Christian Doctor? Possibly, but the point her is that naturopathy has been around longer than conventional medicine and drugs have been altered from healing herbs from the past for their healing properties. If a conventional doctor or institution is demonizing naturoopaty, then their agenda is to pad their own pockets. Get real and do your homework, as when you find the truth about conventional drug based medicine, you will be not only shocked and enlightened, but you will change your mind about how you feel about natruapathy.

Pat said...

Genesis 1:29-30 "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creeps on the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so."

Yahweh tells us what He has given us and for what purpose. Doing an extensive study on the "weeds" grown in our gardens, the plants alongside roadsides and in our lawns - there is so much evidence of their health and life giving benefits. Healing for our bodies and our minds.

Whereas "pharmekia", "Sorcery" in Revelation 9:21 and 18:23 is described in Strong's Concordance - G5331, G5332, page 1681 - tells defines to us - a drug, a druggist, poisoner, sorcerer magic, witchcraft, pharmacy.

I believe the Almighty provided everything for our "food" for our good health. It is also my firm belief that what we choose to do with our bodies, whether we choose "pharmekia" and the drugs with huge side effects; or whether we choose to heal our bodies using Yahweh's green herbs and plants as He tells us it is "very good" tied to our faith. Who do we have faith in? Our Creator who gave us such wondrous health and life giving foods? Or the doctors - "PRACTICING" medicine and "pharmekia"?

This is a question true worshipers must ask, seek and knock of their Creator. Where and who do we put our faith in?

Anonymous said...

What do the Holy Scriptures have to tell us in Genesis 1:29-30? Most have no clue.

Genesis 1:28-30 2 8 God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth." 29 Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; 30 and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food"; and it was so."

What did He give? To who? For what purpose? He has blessed us in so many ways and few (the small group that will be on the narrow path to eternal life!) see or even understand.

Most Christians - how many ever read, study, their Bibles with discernment?? In Spirit and truth? What did the Almighty give to mankind? To every beast that moves on the earth and every bird in the sky? For God's sake people WAKE UP, READ YOUR BIBLES. ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK.
Green plants, seed bearing, fruit bearing trees, herbs plants yielding seeds.

Did He say He has given us give chemical laden packaged fake foods, Cheetos, grease laden hamburgers and french fries, GMO fish, tomatoes and toxic Monsanto seeds and fake foods like Cool-Whip that is NOT anything that any one can call food?

He gave us the keys to good health. When one has discernment, one studies and digs for the truth. Much of the fear and lack of knowledge here is false teaching. Anything New Age is blasphemy. But any tincture, salve, teas, or ointment made with what the Almighty God gave to mankind - that has been in existence for thousands of years is His food. NOT man's chemical conjuring, pharmakeia, magic, sorcery as in Revelation 9:21,. 18:23.

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to heal. Middle Eastern Black Seed from the Nigela Sativa plant has been found in King Tut's tomb. They never had antibiotics that cause Yeast infections and a host of other side effects. Or cancer drugs and radiation that also cause more cancer. Dandelion "weeds" that most people spray toxic chemicals on when the Dandelions grow in their pristine lawns have enormous healing in every part of the plant.


Look at the thousands of books that are made available with excellent plant identification that is for healing every health issue known to mankind. Satan has blinded the eyes with so much deception it is astounding how ignorant most church goers, so-called Bible believers are today. May a Holy Almighty Creator have mercy on us.

Bible Believer said...

I want to make clear, while I am against New Age facets of naturopathic medicine--homeopathy is based on New Age/occult ideas, I agree with you that GMOs are poison and many other things you wrote. If you read enough old enough articles here, I warn of GMOs and toxins. They are poisoning and fattening up American people especially if not the world. I have posted against Monsanto multiple times.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone out there jus a warning... stay AWAY from this stuff! of course there are things messed up in western medicine, cuz this is a messed up world. if you mess in this stuff it will not only affect you, it will also be passed on "from generation to generation". i personally know some cases directly involved with my family (too long to write here) but be careful!!! also my dad is involved in all this stuff and therefore my siblings n i have had lots of aftereffects to work through. if you dont believe me read "The High Cost of Holistic Healing" and "The Price of Darkness". i pray that God will show you the truth!

creativeworshiper7 said...

Also a vitamin B12 deficiency

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian MD who is about to begin the ND Bridge program at the naturopathic college in Toronto. There are theories in conventional medicine and naturopathy that do no jive with Christianity. One needs wisdom as a practitioner and consumer of either. But this article which makes some valid points is really a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. With this mindset one is not surprised Christians have gone on witch hunts in the past and have been known to burn women who were practicing herbalism in medieval times as witches.

Unknown said...

I have a hard time with the rationalization of alternative medicine is bad when the Bible says God provided us with every plant we need.....yet mainstream medicine kills more than it helps with poisonous pills and vaccines derived from aborted fetal cell lines and animal cell lines...I'm pretty sure God wouldn't want us poisoning the temple with foreign DNA and toxic chemicals and metals....but let's totally bash herbs and spices or things that encourage natural healing..our body has an immune system for a reason.

Heather Noelle said...

I read this last night and wanted to comment, partly to share a little info and partly to pique your brain on this. About 6-7 years back, I really delved into natural health and healing as a response to the general sickness of our entire family. It is so difficult, there is so much New Age wrapped up tight with this whole topic, I'm so thankful God opened my eyes to it a few years back already. I had been doing yoga and had started my kids doing yoga, meditation, all that junk. We no longer are involved in any of that. It makes me want to cry when I see people who are just looking to improve their health wind up in reiki and other things like that. Reiki and spiritism ruined the life of a family member of mine, they became full of devils, lost EVERYTHING, and are being treated for "mental illness". They got started through "natural health". I believe there are some components of mental illness that are a result of severe specific nutritional deficiencies and gut issues (Google "gut brain axis"), and then again other forms that are definitely spiritual.

All that being said, we have found the safest route and most effective route to go are healing diets like GAPS, Paleo, etc. Food is food. I have had health problems all my life, I have chronic pain. I have found that I personally do the best on an anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense diet like the Dr. Terry Wahls ketogenic diet, or Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. I have been doing a combination of those two for the past two months and am feeling decent. My littlest healed up from a multitude of vaccine and antibiotic overuse related problems that she had as a small child from the GAPS Diet (asthma, eczema, high functioning autism, chronic diarrhea). There is alot of merit to it. You see the MSM discouraging this as foolish and ineffective, I find that interesting because I've been in numerous Facebook groups and most (not all) people seem to have at least some level of success with it. The media works hard to keep us as dependent on the medical establishment as possible. They also mock people going gluten free. I don't think wheat as a whole is bad but I think what we've done to it is, and that is hurting people, that and GMOs. The difficult thing to wade through is that even those folks as part of protocols recommend the things I mention above, so you just have to be aware.

Heather Noelle said...

I've been seeing an integrative physician for the past several years as he manages my Armour Thyroid. I haven't found anyone else who will manage that until recently. I am interested in what you said on homeopathy, he recommended a Lyme treatment last summer for me that was homeopathic - Des Bio therapies, that is honestly the thing I've not studied much and I don't know much about it. I completed the treatment, not knowing this was problematic. He has very shamanistic views, and there have been many times that he has recommended something and I've had to tell him "I can't do that". Anyhow, any other info or reading you can share about homeopathy as occult, I'd appreciate it, I'd like to look into that more and be sure I'm not doing something I shouldn't be. I hope to not have to see him further, more on that below.

I recently came across a chiropractor and ND from Novi, Michigan, Dr. R.E. Tent of Diverse Health Services. I think I have watched every You Tube video he has, I have never heard him talk about Eastern Mysticism, energies, or anything that reeks of New Age. He says he is Christian, he is very end times aware and NWO aware and incorporates this into his lectures. I suspect he might be SDA as he has recommended Dr. Walter Veith's Total Onslaught in his videos, but he's never said anything outright, so I can't verify that. Anyhow, I found out he takes Skype patients and in the past month both my husband and I have seen him for various ailments. I've been really impressed with my improvement just in a month. He is pleasantly cheaper than my shamanistic functional medicine doc, and everything he's done for us strictly involves use of specific whole food vitamins and supplements and nothing else, targeted nutrition. Oh and he told me to avoid stress, I laughed. Anyhow, I know there have to be other aware Christian naturopaths out there, he's the only one I've ever really run across in several years who has an active practice. He's got a great video on You Tube called "The Ultimate Lie" where he does not deal with medical issues, but covers evolution, history of giants and subsequent cover up, etc. Anyhow, I'm going to post a link to his epic video "The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic", if it not OK please remove it and accept my apologies. It is very eye opening in regards to the medical system, and I thought I was aware before. Connections between vaccine industry and Roe vs. Wade and the use of aborted fetal tissue, and even JFK are shocking. He talks at length about the simian SV40 virus in the old polio vaccines and documentation linking that to current cancers.

Heather Noelle said...

Also, thanks for the heads up on Bill Schnoebelen. I have listened to his cancer video, but when I started looking into him otherwise there were red flags and he also appears to be very Hebrew Roots so thankfully I never went any further with him.

Dr. Russell Blaylock is another one I like, he is a retired neurosurgeon who does alot on vaccines, and also things like detoxing from chemtrails. He professes to be a Christian, and again, I never have heard any New Agey terminology from him.

Last thing, I do grow my own herbs and buy some as well to make cold medicine, cough syrups etc. I have been researching Stephen Harrod Buhner's Herbal Antivirals and Herbal Antibiotics books. I believe that as times get worse, we will likely not be able to be dependent on a system and I want to be able to help my family and others, and I believe we will have more bad diseases. That last one is a Bible promise, of pestilences, not just me speculating. I don't plan to willingly "take the vaccine" ever. I have also found that these things work better than store bought Nyquil etc. I avoid herbs that are used in ritual, or ones that I've run into that say they're "blessed" by the grower. But God said in Genesis that he has given us every herb bearing seed, and I'd rather put that in me than coal tar extract and petrochemical food dyes, but I also want to do it right and it does take some work.

Anyhow, thanks for addressing this. I just hate to see folks throw all of it out because there is alot of good to be had, although you do have to dig for it. Again, if you have any recommended reading on homeopathy I'd appreciate it. Take care,

Taffeta Jackson said...

Thank you Heather for your comment. I enjoy reading comments of people who have tried this and share their experience. My best friend is a woman of faith and has told me recently that she wanted to get into holistic healing. She shared with me that she wanted to burn sage to get rid of bad energies. I was firmly against it and told her that I felt that it was not Godly. We are to use the word of God to rid any type of negative spirit or energy from us. She firmly disagreed with me and said that many Christians are so close-minded. In saying this, I know that there are many Christians in this thread saying the same thing. I don't believed that there is anything wrong with taking certain herbs, using oils, and ACV for certain health ailments, heck we do it when we drink certain teas or when we use herbs to cook, but when you're trying to use these things to rid energies, for a better Chi, or better life outcome, I do believe that would be considered new age. Have any of you gotten on YouTube lately and looked up a few videos? It's laced with new age methodology. I would rather have reservations and discernment about something than to not have any feelings toward anything.

Susan Russell said...

Do you even realize that the pharmaceuticals MD's prescribe come from the root word, pharmakeia, which means sorcery?

31 pharmakeía (from pharmakeuō, "administer drugs") – properly, drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts, etc.

There is nothing wrong with holistic or alternative medicine. There are plenty of true Christian natural doctors that don't use drugs and remove interference or support natural pathways so the body can heal itself as God designed it to do.

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

Heather Noelle said...

Taffeta- you are right in what you told your friend. I have warned friends and family who are deep into New Age, they disagree and I've been told they just see the light in things. Like Lucifer the light bearer. They are deceived and it is heartbreaking. All you can do is warn. Be very cautious, I've thought I was discerning in this topic and sometimes there are things that seem ok and benign and are not. I recommend Brian Moonan's "Unhealthy New Age Deceptions" on a You Tube.. he goes into Hindu ritual origins of even things that seem as harmless as Neti pot use and what that purpose is. There were a couple things I was doing that seemed very innocent, they were not and I have repented of them and stopped immediately. I see such a range of comments here, I'm less worried about how much I like something and what it does for me and more about whether it is pleading or displeasing to God. I have wondered about oils, I have seen a few things that concerned me but nothing really definitive. Maybe BB has some thought on that. I've always focused more on healing through diet, never got much into it so it's nothing I'm personally worried about but would be worth checking out. Take care-

Anonymous said...

The question I have is what methods do we feel Luke or other doctors used in Biblical times? They didn't know about modern or man made medicines back then. I agree that as a Christian you want to protect yourself from certain practices which can open yourself up to demonic oppression but I really think that believing using herbs is wrong for Christians.....I don't think that's a valid statement. And I can tell you the biggest problem is we are brainwashed from birth that mainstream medicine and Doctors are God. People overuse them to their detriment. If people did their home work and took the time to educate themselves not just on the herbs but also the company's that sell them or grow your own GMO plants you can and will see how herbs are truly a 'God-Send'. I believe God put Adam and Eve in a 'garden' for a reason. 'Eat your medicine.' 'Physician- heal thyself'. There are warranted times for modern medicine, emergencies, heart attacks, accident, broken bones, etc..., but routine medical care, no. I've helped relatives save a tremendous amount of money by using herbs over prescriptions and they are much better off as a result. No not all herbal companies are created equal, so do your home work and find out the reputable companies who aren't being called on the carpet for selling fictitious products. God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

I back that comment. I love the Lord and strive to nothing that would dishonor Him. I am a Master Herbalist. My schooling was a little "touchy", as I did, and was counseled to do, learn nothing but the herbs and their uses. Much that was presented had to be rejected. Even many drugs (which I refuse to use) had their origin in herbs, though there is no resemblance today (can't patent and herb!). I have had great success in helping myself and teaching others to do the same, using lifestyle health practices and herbs where and when needed. I would hate to throw the "baby out with the bathwater". New Age practices should be questioned and investigated. I do not see proper medicinal science based use of herbs and lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, etc.) as wrong. If we don't do these common sense, healthy things, what is the alternative? Even JAMA is willing to admit that allopathic medicine is the #3 cause of death in the US. Many believe it's #1. I'm sticking with Scripture. God put the herbs here for healing after the fall. He knew we'd be getting sick. Thank God for His thoughtful foresight!
Katie F.

Nichole Gatten said...

The other side of the coin here is to idolize science. What is science? Essentially theory...tested. How often do they disprove a once "proven" scientific fact. All the time! To say that anything not considered scientific is bunk is to put Man's understanding of God's creation (ie. Science) on a great high pedestal! In addition pharmaceutical drugs.... the very word in the original language refers to magic and sorcery. Here's tge bottom line - in whatever you are looking into - all truth is God's truth.

Anonymous said...

Hello all ,i have graduated from a Christian University and am very much Christian and i have used homeopathy myself for around 5 years now every month for some serious health issues where medicine has FAILED so much .

I have three discus-hernias from professional sports and something that in the begging looked to doctors as begging of endometriosis.(doctors instructed me to go on surgery and than make fake baby with insemination which i rejected as i was only 24 w out a partner)

Also as a teenager i had hyper thyroid problem and took many corticosteroid medicines for thyroid problems each month.Also based on inexplainable fears.

My experience with homeopathy is :

My homeopathy lady has given me many medicines from Hahneman Book Organon of Medicine which means in the course of these 5 past years i have taken different kinds of these medicines and i have noticed that some medicine (especially the ones that are labeled KARMIC provide contact w the other world.
Angels ,lights,ghoast etc aura dismersion experiences.

I have seen these as a kid also even before i took any medicine ,and was to death frightened where my mom who never saw this kind of staff couldnt confort me , so for me when i told this to a homeopathy lady it was huge relief when she labeled me as a highly sensitive individual and explained this was normal!

I even considered studying homeopathy in this past year as i wanted for more people to get benefit from it .
When i asked what God thinks of this he told me that homeopathy relies on ones (practitioners) own impression of the patient ,and so who is the practicioner to administer some medicine on basis of the patient(sick persons) answer so it was SO WRONG for me and weird !
So i couldnt start my homeopathy studies as i never felt i should administer medicines to others .
Recently i received some " karmic medicine" for the first time (which gave me some strange insights into the past and really did explain some of my biggest FEARS that i carried since i was a little child )Also i started eating all vegetable diet so it might coincide but i dont know.
In my oppinion homeopathy does work for treating many conditions especially if the medicine is from a PLANT or a MINERAL.yet i would advise many of you to not take it if its from ANIMAL ORIGIN.From my experience only Animal Origin medicines gave me weird outof body experiences and seemed occult ,and magic.

Even thought i might be now healed finally after many many years , and now i finally got explanation for some of mine previously innexplicable fears ,traumas anxieties which didnt lie in anything logical through my HOmeopathy lady administering me what she calls KARMIC MEDICINE ( through dream i saw some terrible things from my unconscious) whom gave me all these DISEASES!
Yet i really would kindly ask any one of you Christian naturopath paracticioners to share w me your experience through emailing me ( on what PURELY CHRISTIAN ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE THERE IS AS I M ALSO SUPER SURE THAT GOD DOESNT WANT US TO LIVE IN DARKNESS AND BE FEARFUL AND SLAVE TO DEMONIC FORCES and like some LADY SAID ABOVE MENTaL ILLNESSES>
I must mention that inexplicable fear,anxiety,post traumatic syndrom are all mental illnesses and many many christians suffer from these also and i really pray that we together find a CHRISTIAN life and christian WELLBEING HOLISTIC THERAPY That will allow us allow us to live blessed HEaLTHY LIVES LIFESTYLES FREE FOR WORRY AND PAIN blessed in his name through HOLY SPIRIT DAY IN AND DAY OUT !