Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Pope Resigned in Windswept House Too.

Please read these articles about the Pope resignation first...
The Pope is Resigning and I don’t care

To be frank, I am with news4themasses in that I have not posted any of the links or updates about the Pope except one to tell you that he resigned. Most Vatican related news serve different agendas that include political ones.  I found myself scoffing at the articles, that claimed the Pope was driven out by a minority homosexual faction in the Vatican. I believe homosexuality is the dominant orientation there not a rare and "outsider" one. Some claimed the revelations from the butler also pushed him out.

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Pope Benedict XVI: Is He Really That Tired?

Yes, Benedict is a spring chicken compared to the shape Pope John Paul II was right before he died. I do think like Fanatic for Jesus that they are up to something as far as the development of Satan's plans for this world, maybe they are nipping at the bit, and don't want wait for an elderly Pope to die, so they are ready to get a new one. I wonder if an African Pope, Turkson or Arinze will be selected to help with the process in "integrating nations" given the 35 African nations the USA just sent troops to. There has been discussion of Obama's trip to Israel in March having importance. It's hard to know what is going on yet.

By the way this is going to sound weird, but I read enough Catholic news reports and the rest, to know they were speaking of a Pope in the future that would step down and "quit". Strangely I remember reading about this 8-9 years ago on Catholic blogs and in other sources. I always thought it was odd, how they described a Pope in the future who would be forced to resign or who would be pushed out, after all it had not happened in hundreds of years. What is interesting is that in the book Windswept House which was supposed to be "fiction" that represented reality, the Pope resigns in that book.

In the book Windswept House which was Malachi Martin's fictional book about the Catholic church which pointed to sex abusers and satanic covens within it, one of the main themes of the book was that there was an EVIL FACTION within the Catholic church that would push a Pope out. {Remember Martin was said to have written this book, to represent real going-ons in the Roman Catholic church with fictional names representing real people}

In Windswept House, the Pope is PUSHED OUT and forced to quit and replaced by another Pope...Ironic eh? I read this book maybe 10 years ago, so am fuzzy on a few details but on page 626 it reads

"By now, all governments would have received  copies of the initialed document; the world at large would be impressed at the sight of a peaceful, harmonious, democratic transition from one pontificate to another. Given their long experience with the Slavic Pope, Maestroianni, and the others were obviously convinced that His Holiness could be persuaded for the sake of Church Unity and for the sake of the papacy's standing as an institution."

 Malachi Martin points to the Slavic Pope so the book seems insistent on this being Pope John Paul II, but I found this to be kind of an interesting connection. Remember I do not see Malachi Martin a trusted source any more then Tom Horn and his book Petrus Romanus [more about that later] but plans are revealed often in various places ahead of time

You know how I always say the NWO makes it's plans public? Now this is just speculation, but I think they knew this Pope was going to be quitting from the start. He was to serve as an interim in other words. I think they knew years ago. Remember this is the place where they don't do planning by decades but by the centuries.

If they plan to "change" their church and have it grow in power in this world or escalate some of Satan's plans, what better then to think a giant church "clean out" is going to happen from the top? They can have it appear that they have pushed out the "out of touch" clerics, or "wicked ones", and sell themselves as something anew. They've had a lot of scandals and damage in the public eye and still have their lofty NWO ideals they wish to obtain. Ah this is just a theory, but it's one thing I've pondered.

I don't have a copy of Petrus Romanus, perhaps I need to get one for exposing reasons but even in the description of the book from amazon, I noticed something...
In recent history, several Catholic priests--some deceased now--have been surprisingly outspoken on what they have seen as this inevitable danger rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic "Illuminati-Masonic" influences. These priests claim secret knowledge of an multinational power elite and occult hierarchy operating behind supranatural and global political machinations. Among this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that, as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world's population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state and the fulfillment of a diabolical plan they call "Alta Vendita," which is set to assume control of the papacy and to help the False which is set to assume control of the papacy and to help the False Prophet deceive the world's faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist. As stated by Dr. Michael Lake on the front cover, Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries. Unfortunately, as readers will learn, time for avoiding Peter the Roman just ran out.
 This book description of Petrus Romanus matches general themes in Windswept House, which speaks of Satanic covens and a Satanic Enthronement among Catholic clergy within the Vatican and the overwhelming theme that the Papacy will be taken over by the wicked and a Pope forced out for for a New and EVIL Pope. They all have been evil.  Malachi Martin sold the Vatican as being infiltrated from within instead of evil from the start.  Now that incredible lie is being sold for the evangelical market.

What I find strange is the description of Petrus Romanus seems to have the same flavor, now ask yourself why on earth would a supposed evangelical tell us there is danger rising within the ranks of Catholicism from OUTSIDE Satanists when Catholicism is false and satanic religion from the start?

Notice here too that Petrus Romanus is described with "outside forces" assuming CONTROL of the Papacy, as if the Papacy wasn't ANTICHRIST from the start?

Do you get what I am driving at, that I feel like Tom Horn is trying to sell what Jesuit Malachi Martin did but in a different way?

What I hate about all this, is the world be watching the Pope again instead looking to Jesus Christ. I do think there is going to be a transition of some sort with the next Pope, though this is my personal speculation, the march of the Antichrist Pope continues until Jesus's return.

 I write to warn about the Popes but I dread the times whenever a new one is to be elected, because the entire world watches, and sits up and pays attention while they reject the Word of God and Jesus Christ. Being surrounded by the papal news can border on nauseating if you have any contact with the media.

Bible believing Christians know the truth about the Pope, that it is an antichrist office "another christ" that teaches a false gospel while the majority of the world's Christians will look to the papacy.

This deceived author tells us during a previous papal election "The entire spiritual dynamic of the Church worldwide is affected by the Pope.", he looks to Rome like so many of them as the "mother" of the church following the great harlot warned of in Revelation.

The world will marvel at the new Pope and his false church per usual.

Rev 17:1 ¶ And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

I agree with news4themasses on this statement: "The pope no less was is the Anti-Christ at all times past, present, and future."

Read:  Is The Pope the Antichrist?


Bornagain Soldier said...
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news4themasses said...

Thanks BB for the shout out. Blessings to you.

Bible Believer said...

You are welcome News4themasses.

God bless you too.

Thanks for the link BAS, very interesting stuff. I think there is validity to some of his theories...[disagree with the dispensationalism too]

"The Catholic church is being brought in - and not possibly by chance - with the recent resignation of the sitting pope. Complicity by the Vatican is undeniable, although that may be difficult for Catholics to accept. When any certain event fits perfectly the global agenda, it is beyond doubt that that event has been orchestrated for the very reason. The pope stepping down at exactly the point in time that he did, along with the so-called 'Last Pope Prophecy' [see below] fits the agenda too perfectly to be chance. The timing of these two events, the Obama Israel trip, and the sudden necessity to choose a new pope, shows incredible orchestration.

What orchestration, and what imitating of bible prophecy? To cut to the chase, it has to do with creating the persona of a fake antichrist, and the persona of a fake 'false prophet'.

It is clear that the NWO strategists have been hard at work for many years now to create a 'messianic' image for Obama. Even to the point of the various msm media outlets ascribing godlikeness to Obama [example], which all have been exposed to and continue to be. This has been done ad nauseum. So much so that people questioning whether or not "Obama is the antichrist" has actually become commonplace. In retrospect, this reveals success of a strategy, for even the idea of it being a possibility has been normalized to the point of losing all shock value. Apparently, as the world is about to witness, this has all been preparatory to where the Zionist-globalist strategists are going next, which is to now play it out on the world stage."

I've had the thought they have to fool people someway to sell their false millennial kingdom. Think about the fervor regarding Israel. Ah they will be using the secular nation of Israel for all sorts of mayhem. This Pope is playing his arranged "role".

Anonymous said...

The catholic organization is an overwhelming majority homosexual organization. And those that prey on boys, are homosexuals too. Since heterosexuals don't want males of any age.

Malachi Martin will say in places that he believes catholicism to be Christian on some level. That tells you all you need to know. If a person is "exposing catholicism" yet saying it is Christian, then they are either an infiltrator or they are just lost.

Steve said...

Another item I found particularly intriguing was Israel recently granting the Pope a 'special seat' in the upper room where it is believed Jesus held the first communion.

Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons catholics often refer to "forces of good" and "forces of evil" is because they themselves are duped by Jesuits into believing the 'forces of light' are of God.

But in fact, both the forces of light and the forces of evil both work for Lucifer the lightbearer (satan). Lucifer is a double agent.

That is also why "evil" is portrayed as the red devil with horns, and dark & scary. Because you are conditioned to believe that a 'light and benevolent being' could not possibly be evil.

This is all by design. All satan has to do is fool you into believing he is god. And the best way for him to do that is to pretend to be God himself.

The true evil is the 'light of Lucifer' which seeks to take the place of the Lord Most High.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

Anon, you are right they are one of the most overwhelming homosexual organizations there are. The Vatican is one of the most homosexual places on earth. That is where all those false demands for celibacy leads. Don't forget the sex abuse cases were mostly men preying on post-pubescent teenage boys. Malachi Martin was lost and another "deceiver", meant to assure people that the RCC was being infiltrated from the OUTSIDE instead of evil from the start? I guess some of the phony evangelicals have taken up that flag. Yes they are either infiltrators or lost and deceived themselves.

I just noticed Benedict just swore he would obey the next one.


More false obeying of men...subservient to each other instead of God.

Notice he has to relinquish his occult red shoes....

"In his retirement, he will wear a simple white cassock rather than his papal clothes and swap his famous red shoes - the colour is symbolic of the blood of the early Christian martyrs - for brown."

Bible Believer said...

Steve Thanks, I saw that article too. Yes it has some meaning now does it now. Well I have written that the Vatican is vying for Jerusalem. Perhaps there will be more push for it to be internationalized soon.


Bible Believer said...

Well Anon, it is like black magic vs. white magic. They are already deceived now via ANGELS of LIGHT, which are demons, one appearing as
"Mary" to them. One thing about the various false religions of the world is they do look to the forces of "light"[look for the white light they all speak of in fake experiences]The Bible warns us about false angels of light and this applies to the antichrist as well, who will appear as a "light" "peaceful" man who will be solving the world's problems. You are absolutely correct.

Bible Believer said...

BAS, Thanks. Have you read the theories webwide about a fake rapture? [pI have wondered before how they would pull that off. Google Fake rapture.

I found this:


I do think project blue beam could be utilized as I've posted on this blog before.

I agree there definitely is an agenda to instill more fear.

For those who are new to this blog, I do not believe in a pre-trib rapture.