Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Growing Devaluing of Life

Remember when I wrote about this book called "The Unit", a long time ago?  That day stuck with me, seeing people praising the would-be control of life like that and the trading of organs. Many even seem to be seriously leaning towards the side of putting money first over human life.. The influences of media ARE taking hold.

One thing that culture that has embraced abortion for 40 years is not going to think much of protecting life either at the older end of the scale. I've heard people tell me that advanced medical care for the elderly is a "waste of money". I am not talking keeping someone who is brain dead on a life support machine but something like DIALYSIS. I and my husband were watching TV some time ago, and they had this show on an obscure cable channel marketed to an older population and on it, they were talking about how much dialysis cost, and that doctors should tell older patients with chronic conditions to rethink dialysis because of the costs. Later I remembered the name of the TV show and the channel, and here it is....

Now one thing about dialysis is you die in around three days, if your kidneys are not working. That's not you may die, or you might die, you WILL DIE unless there is a miracle from God. With the TV show above, this was sometime last year, but I found this article with the same message.  I believe that people have the right to refuse any medical treatment but isn't this a switch, when they are telling people, to dissuade the elderly and chronically ill from dialysis due to COST FACTORS.
"One patient, a 78-year-old woman whose name is being withheld, was not a good candidate for dialysis, her doctors said. She has complications from diabetes, high blood pressure, a heart valve problem and severe coronary artery disease. Her medical problems were so grave that dialysis was likely to lead to a series of medical interventions — hospital stays, drugs and doctor visits — but would not necessarily prolong her life. And her doctors told her that. 
 But she insisted on dialysis, saying, “Some life is better than no life.” In the seven months she has been on dialysis, she has been hospitalized four times, including twice for heart surgery.
 “I go to dialysis because I want to live,” she said in a telephone interview. “I want dialysis.”
One sees the subtle changes, would such an article have been written 50 years ago? Wouldn't there have been some outcry? Nope, the devaluing of life is growing out there, and has radically changed.


Anonymous said...

I think about how the Bible says, "and Jesus had compassion on them", then how cold the world is. It's all about money and resources, not people. Now with ObamaCare they'll cut off services to the poor first. - Don

Leahlive said...

Probably not if they are willing to take the chip and become even more enslaved. But the ones that are old and too costly the heartless ones will say "bye bye". It just breaks my heart how Christians are just sitting idly by allowing this to take place and won't even consider the ones they cling to may have the false voice. How will they know His voice if they are always listening to the counterfeit?

Just sad today seeing the mockery and the battle to help people to see.

Haven't seen you for a bit BB, I pray you are well and that God is strengthening you in the battle for TRUTH. God Bless

Anonymous said...


The media has had a few times where people "got it out of their system" about outrage for the devaluation of the aged or infirm - such as Terry Shivo, or the "death panels" discussion with Obamacare.

But the future is here; slowly, quietly, it is here. My husband's grandfather is an active 81 year old in excellent heath, the caretaker of his disabled wife, and still runs the small family farm. A few months ago, his ladder tipped over while he was pruning trees and he broke one of the lower vertebra in his spine. He got no help for an entire week - laid there in a bed flat on his back, and developed complications from it. They refused surgery due to his age. After a week, finally they fitted him for a cast, and now he is left to heal as best as he can. Of course, as we fight the poor treatment, the story changes as to why he was denied surgery, but it was due to age.

I heard a similar story from a friend with a father's heart condition, that it would be better not to treat due to age.

We live in evil times. Impersonal times. The evil is perpetrated by everyday, normal people by putting in place impersonal policies and making it no one's fault.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, you are right they will use this to cut services to poor and the elderly and vulnerable first and foremost. Remember when Obamacare came in, they had those panels people were worried about. Now nothing is being said. The compassion is ebbing away fast.

Bible Believer said...

Leahlive, I wonder about how they will use the chip to enslave people. I have written on here, they'd go for the vulnerable populations first the disabled, old, infirm and even the prisoners and children too. I meet elderly and sick people who tell me, they do not want to cost their families money or to be a burden. Remember they are indoctrinating not only the young to cast them away but the elderly to accept this like in that book "The Unit".

I understand people refusing extraordinary medical things, but you know they are lying about keeping it all a choice such as with the dialysis.

It is hard to see the mockery too. Thanks Leahlive, I know I have taken some breaks, I am planning to try and get on here at least every week to week and half, real life sometimes can distract me. LOL Thanks for your prayers. I do need God's strength very much so lately.

Bible Believer said...

Joy, I agree, the media runs stories where they can burn off some of the outrage, and then use the Helgian Dialectic to get people to move to positions that were formerly seen as too extreme. So now we see no outrage for the devluation of the aged and infirm. None at all. And what now since Terri Schiavo, hearing about how the disabled and old are costing all the money and responsible for all the debt when the bankers cleaned out their trillions? The Bible has verses warning about when children will rule.

Doesn't this sound like NOW?

Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

That is horrible they refused your grandfather surgery and he had been so healthy and active. :(

Yes that is the way things are going now. Add in the uninsured now who are falling between those cracks, and can't afford any surgery. I know someone personally who needed vein surgery 5 years ago, and just had to say forget it, because there was no insurance, no charity, and the doctor told them, they had to pay $5,000 dollars up front to get it. It was considered non-emergency though there may be long term complications. They are unable to get maintenance care for the veins either and haven't seen a doctor in years now. They tell you there is help for the poor in America, for medical stuff but if you are not acutely dying, they will turn you away at the door. I had it happen to me for needed medical tests years ago and suffered consequences as a result.
They are doing scary things in the hospitals too like sending people home after major surgery, not providing enough nurses, etc, I was in the hospital once, and got some needed care from a lady janitor!

Don't get me started on nursing homes and what happens to people in them. That could be a whole other blog and topic...:(

Yeah I think this is an unreported trend where the doctors remember too are being influenced, by their trainers and medical schools.

I heard a similar story from a friend with a father's heart condition, that it would be better not to treat due to age.

You are right these are evil and impersonal times. They are indoctrinating the masses into total evil where most remain "blinded" spiritually to where they are being taken too.