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Is Communitarianism or a Commune in Your Future?

`Serfing’ USA? The worldwide debut of the Communitarians

Hmm this definitely seems more direct...

The NWO is using balkinization, division between every possible group you can think of, this is why "differences" are so focused upon, it has to do with the break down of society, with every man for themselves and every neighbor perceived as an enemy...but wait, stop there, they plan on herding the sheep into the same poisonous pen [ditch], and for years I have warned about both the RIGHT AND LEFT being deceptions. So here is another place where deception comes from two different directions.

You know things are getting weird when even Glenn Beck wants to form his own Utopian city/commune called Independence? 

Note to Beck, they already named a city Independence, it's in Missouri.

So strange, and even creepier he wants to model this on Disneyworld. Guess the 33rd degree Masonic types always want to follow each other's lead. American Dream Labs, that is a weird name, and the video has hand signs galore. Anyone remember the guy who founded Domino's pizza, who was a Catholic he went and founded his own Catholic community. These are like would be Stepford Wives town, with one guy in charge calling the shots, claiming that "his government" of one is better. It's been done before.

Fanatic for Jesus does a good job too warning about what is called Communitarianism

One of Glenn Beck's favorite things to do is talk out of both sides of his mouth. It's only been a short time since he released his fictional book Agenda 21, which is a political horror story describing the implementation of Agenda 21 to an extreme end. I guess he thinks he's doing everyone a service by creating a Communitarian alternative. The thing is, Agenda 21 and Beck's Communitarian city are one in the same.

 I've been thinking about the "brave new world" stuff and well, this is something I have been thinking about, Satan twisting what is "good" and turning it into a locus of control.

People have serious reasons to be fed up with genetically modified foods, and feeling disenfranchised from their communities, a lot of people feel alone today, and want and desire an instant community. I've talked about how they promote cell groups in churches because of that reality.

I found things like the "slow food movement", "community gardening", "intentional communities" and such things of interest. I am even now wondering about the term "go local" thinking that was superior to all the globalism. Even I have fantasized about living in a little bible believing Christian community somewhere to "get away" from the world and it's problems and have people to fellowship with and be close to. Of course part of that fantasy ignores the realities of how cults operate via isolation and how finding a group that preaches truth, would be pretty tough. But that's another false step, they may have these people think they are "dropping out" or finding a close new formal community to join instead of the old spontaneous community with friends, and family we used to have but they are merely stepping into a new trap!

Not many know about this but intentional communities, neo-communes, are being built out there. This may be many years in the future for it to become wide-spread but it is growing in popularity. Google for your self, the words "Intentional Community", "co-housing", "eco-villages". Some are left overs from the 60s and 70s but many more are being formed. Communes did not die with the hippies. This is a trend out there, the media is NOT reporting on. I have talked to a few people who have lived in a one of these places temporarily. I never have.

[picture of co-housing]

Communitarian Communities - Our New Government Housing
"America's new political system, Communitarianism, is up and operating in all 50 states, one new community at a time. These communities comprise of brand new housing, interconnected or very closely clustered single dwellings, nice walkways, not much grass, commons areas, security details...but there is much more to these communities than meets the eye much more. 
  As the U.N.'s Agenda 21 continues its mission to control all the world's natural resources, which actually means all land and water; and as communities all over this nation continue to be fooled by land trust and conservation organizations and their lies to American people about their preservation-of-nature missions, other partners in these crimes against us are building the "human settlements," also defined in the Agenda 21 document. 
  We've talked about these communities before. We've watched them go up on the outskirts of all urban areas and even in the middle of our farming lands. Some with their own post offices and little businesses, and some with their own charter schools. 
  These communities, also known and searchable as "intentional communities, sustainable communities, and/or Communitarian communities" are also being built in urban areas and near the large, all-purpose super stores and on the major thoroughfares in our country. 
Many claim to cater to the needs of elderly citizens and to families with children. Many are appealing in landscaping and by design. 
  Let's say that you've seen a house or "condo" that you like in one of these new communities. You decide to buy it and you arrange your financing. But suddenly you realize that you are required to attend an initial meeting with the community’s association. You go to the meeting and are politely told about the "vision" of the community. 
You are also told that residency requires so many hours of community service. You are told that all community decisions are based upon community consensus. You are told about the vision for the community's children and seniors, and you will be politely examined and grilled for your social politics. You may or may not be invited back for the next orientation meeting depending upon whether, by consensus, you will be permitted to live in the community. 
Sometimes individual groups or organizations begin the process of communitarian community building, but most often in America, development corporations now specialize in the building of intentional villages. They are often designed with clustered homes facing each other, separated only by a pedestrian walkway, and with all residences in visual site of a Commons House, in hopes of creating a strong, though manipulated sense of community. The Commons facilities have a community kitchen, dining area, sitting area, playroom, laundry room, and sometimes workshop, library, exercise room, crafts room, and guest rooms. 
 With all the above- mentioned rooms, you come to realize that the residences, themselves, do not need to be large. In fact, they can actually be bedrooms and bathrooms only. Here's another interesting aspect of Communitarian communities. They rarely, if ever, "have to resort to voting" because consensus is deemed a far greater objective and political value. Democracy and debate is not favored.

The article above is correct on how these places are run, I have seen some of their websites for myself too. Whose in charge? It's no longer the man of each household but usually a committee running your household. By the way there are many so called "Christian" intentional communities being formed too. These communities run the gambit from extremely New Age types coming together to various religious groups joining together. I have seen even listings for fundamentalist Christian "communes" as it were, but they are far far rarer among the lists for the other kind.

Beck's would be town is just bigger then what most of these places visualize themselves to be. He wants to basically form a very large "intentional community".

There is something called co-housing too, where there are larger independent living quarters, but shared food preparation areas and others for interaction. They are basically the same thing but allow more private quarters.  Before I thought these things out more, and trust me this is one thing my husband would say an absolute "NO" to, wondered myself if this was a way of life, that would help off set some of the pressures and misery of modern American life as long as we avoided cults, the New Age and false religions. Friends told me, "You are too independent minded for this anyhow" and that is true. But as I have told you, they got people coming and going now to the extreme. How else will they sell their brave new world stuff and latching the chains on you except offering it as a better option?

Lately however I have wondered about these offered alternatives, and how many despite some well meaning people in them are connected when it gets right to it, to Agenda 21. Obviously with the majority of these groups their politics are very predominantly leftist. Perhaps Glenn Beck will help usher in more of the "right"?

Everybody that thinks they will find Utopia on this earth has lost it, and that goes back to the Shakers and groups like them. Glenn Beck's vision is just an "idea" now but it's just another example of another way, the new world order is marching everyone to the same place. To be frank all the liberal "intentional communities" where they preach "green" living and new age teachings is no different from Beck's would be Utopia, where he wants to teach farming and ranch skills. It's the same thing, after all. They taught farming skills in Mao's communes too by the way but by force where the land owners and educated were marched off to toil the fields, and many who could not do the work were killed or died.  Have you all ever heard the saying someone has gone so left, they've reached the right, or a vice versa? One could apply it here and many other situations.

I do think Christians are to NOT be of this world but to hide from the world outside what is needed to immediately protect yourself and your family, I don't quite think that is the path the Bible lays out for us. Anyhow Glenn's Utopia is anything but Christian and is to be "interdenominational" from what I read.

Matt 5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

I like farm grown food, and things like that but there are things to be mindful of. Farmer's markets, and such things like that are good within themselves, but stay wary of how so much is being incorporated into the Agenda 21 sustainability plans.  There are sincere people who are involved with these things, don't get me wrong, but if one is gazing in the distance, they can see how the new world order is using some of this stuff to set people up. One can perceive the Agenda 21 future that awaits.

The politics of deceit is playing it's game again. Hey this has been done before too, why did Mao do away with all the landowners and wealthy in China and send all the peasants to controlled farms? There is a theme behind all the "green living, matchbox sized houses, sustainability stuff. It's about control. I even have to make sure I keep my own head on straight with God's help as even I reject aspects of "modern" life and have my own frustrations with it, but then realize the traps that can be laid for those who want to find alternatives.

I have wondered and not decided on this yet, if all the globalism was pre-planned to collapse, except for those who ruled the earth from the top, and to knock things down to an even more smaller level, every little village keeping the serfs in line. This is how the Communists did it. I read enough Cultural Revolution memoirs, to know every little village in the middle of nowhere had a party official keeping the others in line. Ever heard of the term NEO-FEUDALISM? Well I sometimes wonder if Rome desires their Medieval era glory days to return. Basically world socialism for all, but then "socialism" is a limited term, both right and left are step-marching for tyranny now.

I know a lot of the right wing, warns about Collectivism, but it is one of those subtle changes happening out there, and it's happening. Some may say to me, well in Acts 2 they shared all their possessions, I am okay with that, I am talking about where individual minds and hearts are always being sublimated to "the group". It's when you see people being told they must adhere to the group and sacrifice for the "group" and/or the "state" first. Today many insist that individual rights must be sublimated for the "good of the group" and so many forget that respecting each individual, is what changed society for the better long ago.

By the way, fellowship and loving one's fellow man is important to the Christian, but here Satan attempts to copy what should be free and spontaneous human discourse, community and fellowship and turns it into something else. When I warn about the "common good" stuff I am warning about what is basically collectivism in it's new world order form. That's how they sold the communes earlier in history in other countries. Communes are "households" for the common good. Hey if you disagree with me on this article tell me. Maybe you are someone reading this who lives in an intentional community or even a Christian group, and thinks I have got this wrong. I invite you to share your experiences or if you are a previous member of one of these groups.

Glenn Beck basically wants an anarcho-communist farm ranch under his authority.  The "right" too gets marched lockstep to the globalist agendas that are planned decades in advance. They are planning the "new way" of life NOW.


JL said...

Great article. You pointed out the main difference between Acts two living and communal living. One was voluntary and the other is forced. You are also correct on men trying to create "heaven on earth". Its doomed to fail. When a person is forced (ie their idea of utopia), only two outcomes come out of it. Its either rebellion of the insiders or persecution of the outsiders.

The Ava Maria community...its funny that utopias seemed to be extended to the well to

JL said...

"The heart of the demonic system is control. They want to control you. Satan wants to be in your life in everything. How many ministries right now interfere in people’s lives? They interfere in details in what they can and cannot do. And they establish all of these rules and regulations to try to control them and have a good grip on them. This is completely demonic. "

Lark In Texas said...

I think Beck is advocating for something more akin to what PayPal founder, Peter Thiel, is propounding. Namely, anarcho-syndicalism [or "sea-steading"] - another utopian vision birthed by those Marxist, Left-leaning future Progressives... of times past.

Search: counter-economics
Search: anarcho-individualism

Self-governance = Self-management
Government = Controller of the Mind

It astonishes me that Christians today somehow believe Christ was teaching socialism. Seems the trends toward diversity, multi-culturalism, and "intentional communities" are really a means... to advance further... the aims of ecumenicism and/or syncretism...

... Which, in the end, are really just attacks upon the Golden Rule!

If this falls by the wayside, the social [-ist] engineers will have produced the ideal Golem. The New Age transhumanists' [and their post-humanist allies'] vision for "our common destiny" will mushroom to "life"...

... And most all of humanity will have been reduced to living out their miserable lives... as chattel property [slaves] of these psychopathic slave-masters...

... In a totalitarian, "scientific"
dictatorship... of the community [of course!].;)

Keep speaking out about these weapons of modern [memetic; spiritual] warfare, my friend. Community, sustainability... and communitarianism... need to be exposed... for the truly dirty words they are!

Leahlive said...

Reading about this just makes me think of what I have envisioned the minds of those that have their claws out for the coming state of Kings and Kingdoms. What I mean by that is that although I never read or saw Hunger Games, nor would I, I picture these "elites" that want to have their own Kingdoms. Even Eminem's song about the Illuminati he sings about himself being a King. Lyrics from Lose yourself:

The soul's escaping, through this hole that it's gaping
This world is mine for the taking
Make me king, as we move toward a, new world order.

This whole "communal thing" is just as you pointed out, more programming for the sheeple to jump on board with being herded.

I still can't understand how people can be so in love with the concept of turning other human beings into slaves? But then again, I guess we are not talking about human beings.

Mel'sontheright said...

Interesting that you say GB talks out of both sides of his mouth.
The last church I attended was a Calvary Chapel and they liked to do exposes on those eevwil Emerging Churches. They pretended CCs were not part of that movement... except in a few troubled CCs. LOL!
What I learned over the last few years was that CC is the ORIGINAL Emerging Church!
Seeker Friendly
Moses Model
Secret Finances
Running Off Traditionals
Running the Church as a Business
Protecting Pedophiles
Protecting rapists
Huge Moves Toward Catholicism
Claiming the RCC is Christian

The one thing about some Calvary Chapels that may not have passed on to the Emerging Church is
Anybody know if their Emerging Church has multiple concealed carriers in their services?

news4themasses said...

I live in AZ. That's like saying I live in Utah. Get the picture? Everyone associates the greater Phoenix area (including its suburbs) an LDS state like Utah. Every community has 3-1 sometimes 5-1 LDS "Wards." I did a half marathon and all the little chickies around the fire pit were yapping about which "ward" they were from and their respective bishops. Needless to say everyone knew I'm not LDS. There is a predominate white middle to upper middle class of LDS that already control much of the area. Talk about communitarianism run amuck. And being a predominately LDS state, they are not without their kids selling heroine or getting addicted to spice, bath salts, etc. Those are typically referred to as "Jack-Mormons" but there are a ton out here. I've heard of a group of "ex" Jesus freaks from the Jesus People Movement who are buying up a whole town out in Kansas. You're right to say commies didn't go away when the hippies got yuppified.Let them have their communes, they'll fail in the end because sin is sin and you can't hide from it by building your own Starbucks in your gated community thinking you never have to re-enter the world. One can't become a Christian simply by sitting in a pew at church, it takes conversion. Kids aren't saved because the parents are, they still must be called and respond. Glenn Beck gets paid a lot of money from "The Villages." He does a lot of speaking at their respective communes (it's a retirement village)and I'm sure he knows the founders, owners, etc, and they are probably helping him with logistics. Beck is a money man, if the people haven't figured out that he keeps them on a constant 6-9 month endorphin addiction on his "next" mission in life which is usually buying whatever gimmick he has to sell by now it's their own fault.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks JL

Yes Acts 2 it is voluntary while this is forced, that is definitely the main difference. This is all men building a tower of babel though I guess smaller ones, with their little fiefdoms like Warrens and others. I have studied and read about the "communes" of the 1800s, the Shakers, and there were far more groups then that, Amanda, Oenida, etc. This is something that has been popular in American history, though of course it has changed and warped.

And all these groups have ended up with false teachings galore and deceivers, even some with leaders they claimed were divine.

Yes it is either rebellion or persecution of outsiders. Yes that is the Ava Maria community founded by the Dominos pizza guy. I agree most of these places now are for the well-to-do. There are communes usually of the more New Age, farm type or religious cult types who will take in the poor--usually in trade for a lot of sweat labor--don't be too old, or in poor health or unskilled....but a lot of the present "co-housing", "intentional communities" are marketed to the higher income set, I have noticed the groups seem more numerous in certain areas, more liberal venues though I can't speak for the international ones. With most you do have to apply to get in, you cannot just buy your way in, and that article I quoted is correct in this is done by consensus.

Bible Believer said...

"The heart of the demonic system is control. They want to control you. I I agree, Satan wants control of everything. I wonder about churches, that want supervision over member's finances, and where some of these places are nosing into every aspect of people's lives. The Covenants are about controlling people as well as churches that push "diet" and health stuff. Some may remember when I wrote about Hallelujah Acres, an actually "planned community", they have separate houses but communal dining so I guess they would fit the "co-housing" formula, where it is vegetarian and there are rules about the very things you eat. They sell themselves as Christian but have very New Age and false teachings. Not every follower can afford to live on the main campus, but it is a lifestyle and a communal setting. So even the most minute areas of people's lives some of these groups are forming around.

I've seen small churches even one in my old community that I visited once but knew a few folks that went to it, where they were very overly-involved in your life. The church was supposed to be informed of career choices, job changes, etc.

Thanks for the link.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Lark.

I am not familiar with what Thiel is up to, is he the guy making islands in the sea so to speak? I had heard someone was up to building communities "out to sea" so to speak that would be free of government interference. Well even the Scientologists had their Sea Org.

I think "right and left" are getting to be more limited labels but yes to all these Utopian visions is the whole Marxist, left leaning stuff. Even many of the ones who claim to be "Christian" or "conservative". After all that is what Beck is claiming he is, "conservative" at least.

I'll have to google some of those terms.

I agree with you all of this would promote the aims of ecumenism and syncretism. Aren't many of these new societies even Beck's open to new comers? Would he turn down some Hindus or Buddhists with investment money to live there in hand?

I suppose they have some scary stuff planned, basically stripped down all of this is "NEO-FEUDALISM" with a vassal running each "FARM and VILLAGE"

and seriously that is how Mao had it run too. The serfs are more easily controlled under the authority of their own individual "communities".

I dare say this will get worse when they end free travel etc, in America. There is a reason they are setting up all those check-points.

Sometimes I am thankful I am older, in seeing what is coming should the world not end soon.

Oh and sure they will make it sound "nice". Hey I even heard that word "community" and brightened up, what a great thing...

but then they destroyed what was REAL and SPONTANEOUS COMMUNITY to replace it with their OWN [in various NWO flavors]

I know I am speculating here to a point but we know the lock-down of control is growing in society and the churches too. You think they will allow everyone to have their own free households? How long?

By the way every chapter in that horrible book Agenda 21 "written" by Glenn Beck, lives in a COMMUNE. The commune is seen as a result of Agenda 21.

FUNNY he should want to start his own commune, basically and warns about COMMUNES in that book!!!

I only read through the first chapter, but they are in the clustered together housing sharing farming and other chores together.

Bible Believer said...

See what I wrote about Vassals above Leahlive. I guess they all want a "kingship". I consider Eminem definitely one of their "controlled assets" if you get my drift. Guess he isn't mincing words about what he is...

"Make me king, as we move toward a, new world order."

Yes it is a herding of the sheep. Sigh, fake communities in the churches via cell groups, and fake communities growing and to come....

With all decisions made by the delphi system, "change agents" and "consensus", 'rebels' to be dealt with accordingly.

Remember those who are the children of Satan lust for power, so that is definitely where the desire to turn human beings into slaves comes from.

Bible Believer said...

Mel, I don't know how new you are to this blog, but I have written multiple times about how Calvary Chapels game was to introduce Emergent teachings while claiming especially in all their bible conferences that they were against the Emergent movement. Time and time again, and IT IS DOUBLE TALK. Yeah I saw that for myself, I am glad you woke up to what they were doing too. Praise God!

By "multiple concealed carriers", do you mean the security forces that some CCs have in their churches?

Bible Believer said...

I didn't realize AZ was so Mormon. Thanks for informing us. I have heard Mormonism is growing, is this true or just a claim they make? Yes I know about Mormon wards, funny they give their bishop to name your neighborhood a "ward" and by the way they send those Mormon Missionaries everywhere, I lived in an extremely rural area, and there they were, walking 2 by 2, it was an interesting day when I witnessed to a few back and passed out some tracts. LOL one was listening while one seemed angry, but I walked on peacefully. I suppose calling every area a "ward" is almost like their own claim of religious "government" over your specific neighborhood. I've heard of Jack Mormons before. Yes well the Jesus People movement has had actual communes before, there was a commenter on here who used to talk about Shiloh, guess everything is being expanded beyond "ranch" and "farm" level into entire cities.

I dare say we are suffering now under "hippies" who gained power. They have kept the same beliefs, though they have morphed them a bit. More and more I think the 60s ruined this country and now we are seeing the advancement of all it's rotten ideals in the worse form.

I agree they will all fail in the end, and they won't be able to hide from it or avoid the problems that come when sinful human beings come together. I agree one can't become a Christian simply by sitting in a pew or being "born" somewhere. I haven't heard about "The Villages" I guess Glenn Beck is a very busy man, feel sad that now he is out there duping the elderly. Agree with your last statement. Definitely.

Lark In Texas said...

Perhaps some useful links...
The Unholy Alliance -
Christianity & The NWO
The Roots of the Cabala in Christian Communitarian Thinking

Anonymous said...

Avoid those "rense" links that someone posted. That guy is violently anti-semitic, he hates Jewish people, and he is a new ager that openly rejects the Gospel. It is a bad site on every level.

news4themasses said...

Out of my own curiosity I googled "The Villages" and I found this:
Holding Company Of The Villages, Inc had $696 Million in 2011 revenue (Actual data). Source:
Not too shabby as a money maker. Now open that up to families who want to keep their kids from evil liberals and homos and you got Glenn Beck's Anti-Everything gated community. However, his followers fail to realize how ecumenical he is and has to be to earn his precious mammon. Don't think for a second some of his money isn't tied up in Sharia banking somewhere. I found that one of Chuck Smith's speakers, a banker/stock guy who's been on MSNBC etc, was there to talk about preparing for the Economic collapse (that hasn't happened) and simultaneously is benefiting from Sharia banking. Guess no one at CCCM cares to use Google when booking guests. It was in a CC that I heard "Jesus was the first communist" as they were interpreting ACTS. Now it's not all CC's just this one where the guy ran a few business in the 70's called communes. It's always about the money. Follow the Money.

JL said...


Oh man you are so correct about AZ. I live in the Phoenix/Mesa area too, and its infested with mormons (especially jack mormons). They called our house during the elections to share their false gospel. The city is infested with meth addicts. So much for Mormon paradise.


SMH @ Hallelujah Acres. A Christian healthy eating commune? Wow, these are all traps. I have to show my husband this article. Its like what you said, Babel revisited. All they need is a world leader that promotes these "communes" and everyone will love him.

Kayfabe said...

A friend of mine used to live in a Charismatic Catholic community in Baldwin Park, CA. which is right by where I grew up. This was in the late 70's thru the 80's. Thre were three different large houses the community owned. There was one family that owned the properties and of couse this family had their own house while everyone else lived packed like sardines in the other two.

Any family or anyone that lived in this community had top sell their house and trun over the money to the family. If so0meone was single and didn't own a house then they worked and turned over their paycheck to the family. The family had their house plushed out and always ate great food while the other house had locks on their Fridges and curfews with bed times.

Eventually in the late 80's people wer leaving in droves due to the spiritual abuse however not until their lives damaged and their finances wiped out. Most of the people who left ended up hating the Woman who ran the place as she was the Pastor. She recently passed away. What a legacy to have, to abuse people and rob them of their money and lives.

JL said...

Thesis: Agenda 21 pro Communist idea, anti God,anti guns.
Antithesis: Glen Beck anti Communist idea, pro God, pro guns.
Conflict: Globalist vs nonGlobalist
Synthesis: create self governing communes, while being in complete submission to a new world govenment under the headship of the false christ.

Luca said...

But the homosexuality is sin or no?

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about Eminem. Over the weekend visiting some people their kids were playing his stuff. It was pretty twisted. So sad kids like that kind of 'entertainment'. Someone commented that it's only make believe so it's harmless.

I was thinking - it seems that the more our churches embrace false teaching and things of the occult like spiritual formation, kundalini awakenings, etc., it seems the more our society slips into embracing so many things of the occult - witchcraft, vampires, zombies, werewolves, monsters, Egyptian gods. . (aimed at kids as well as adults). Or is it the other way around?

It just seems like both are sliding down a very dark path.

Anonymous said...

False teachings leads to false gods which leads to greater and greater immorality.

So it starts with "churches" that don't teach/believe the Bible.

Bible Believer said...

With Rense yes be careful. They are a controlled OPP website IMO and play the "blame the Jews" game like Texe Marrs while playing cover up for the Vatican and other world controllers. I do think the NWO and Christianity link is worthwhile to read though for the information, the Moon links are very interesting, and one can research some of that information elsewhere too.

Bible Believer said...

Scary sounds like the Villages is a commune for old people. You all notice how elderly people are set aside from the rest of society more and more, specialized living places, even if they are not disabled or in need of the nursing home or assisted living, they are indoctrinated to become more SEPARATE from younger people. I would dare say this is for a reason.

They got tons of "gated" communities for the rich and middle class old, but I guess now they will have some for the "conservative" set. Litmus and ideological tests for every community...Do you BELONG?

More conformity as a result.

Imagine some guy moving into Glenn Beck's community who isn't quite seared yet who finds this blog and finds out the truth. Guess that would be interesting.....

With Beck it's all about money and bet it is too when it comes to the pizza man. So many making money at herding people into specialized groups. Everyone is a marketed "demographic" now. I think the sociologists could study that and go to town with it.

Whose the Chuck Smith banking guy? Yeah that makes you wonder. Well we know about Swansat and the folks attached to that.

I have heard the Jesus was a "communist" nonsense too, well they are like the Ayn Rand followers who claim they are Christians but from the other side. Everyone tries to politicize Jesus for their own use and make merchandise of people. Brings back that old article I wrote on "Politics of Deceit"

It makes me sad seeing how REAL Community is being so actively destroyed but Satan does not desire love or true attachment between people, I agree with follow the money!

Bible Believer said...

I suppose being in a Mormon dominant area would be like living in a Catholic dominant one, sometimes you will see towns where all the people belong to a certain church, and usually it is a false one and very unsettling.

I had a friend deceived by Hallelujah Acres, she was very ill, and desperate, and now is deceased, but they presented themselves as Christian while telling her the "perfect diet" and lifestyle would solve all her severe health problems. I do believe she is born again and God was merciful they just preyed on her suffering regarding her health. She really wanted me to sign up, and I kept saying "I knew something was off" but back then didn't take too close a look. I already try to avoid GMO food etc. They pushed 100% vegetarianism like the SDA church, which is weird to me since the Bible shows Jesus eating fish and would be lamb too at Passover supper. The program was really for the very wealthy, 50 dollars for a bottle of barley powder. Some of the prices were outrageous. Not everyone lives or visits there who is on the program, but if you do, you definitely need MONEY. It is Babel revisited. They make the DIET the center of their faith. Is there some real health stuff in there that may be beneficial sure but it's all twisted. I know I have seen him write things like the human body is meant to live forever {sure eternal life is a true promise} but you can probably see where this is going for delusion.

Take a look at this...

Matt 6:31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, I am glad your friend got out of that cult. Yes if you study and read about cults, the leaders live high on the hog while the followers live in object poverty, Moonies, Krishnas, Jim Jones, FLDS etc.You see some of these places with the craziest of rules where every little piece of food is doled out and yes locks on the fridges. Financial abuse often goes with all the spiritual abuse. A lot of the communes, the money is shared put in one pot, where the "leaders" determine what it gets spent on, while some are more lax, and you keep your own salary or money, they expect financial contributions for fees, maintenance etc. [like a more intense tithing program, I suppose?]

It does put people in a place with a lot of abuses and for a lot of control.

Bible Believer said...

Remember even Rome has a reason for all those "vows of poverty" they expect their "COMMUNAL" members to make....

Bible Believer said...

"Thesis: Agenda 21 pro Communist idea, anti God,anti guns.
Antithesis: Glen Beck anti Communist idea, pro God, pro guns.
Conflict: Globalist vs nonGlobalist
Synthesis: create self governing communes, while being in complete submission to a new world govenment under the headship of the false christ."

Nice summation....

Hey once they break down individuality and got everyone in "groups", then you don't have to worry about every individual "bee" flying away, you just have to control the "queen bees". Yeah I am thinking of the bee HIVE structure, as I have said that is a SIGN of SATAN.

Just like the pyramid structure they are all so much in love with.

I realize they are even managing to twist the anti-globalist stuff too.

Later this week, I am going to be doing an article more on how they are subverting those who are NWO aware. It is related to the global awakening article. Mr. Jesuit V-Mask guy is plastered all over the place.

Bible Believer said...

Luca, homosexuality is a sin.

Bible Believer said...

Eminem, I think is an MK ultra type. He is a subverter out there, who has warned of 9-11 being an inside job, etc--it was in a graphic in a video years ago, I probably saw it on a conspiracy website, but then flashing masonic and other Satanic symbols galore all over his videos. I can't stand modern music at all, and cut myself from it all. Sometimes I will study it to expose now, but it is abysmal as far as I am concerned.
I feel for the kids being brainwashed but I worry about the adults who are my age, all excited about the next vampire movie, etc. I know people still in their 40s who still love heavy metal, the same old bands who overtly praise Satan.

One can tell society has embraced the occult. I can tell even from my old UU days, that things which were considered fringe while I was young NOW are MAINSTREAM. I agree it's a dark path indeed.

news4themasses said...

I hope you saved that Glenn Beck video, it was removed ;-( and I never got to see it. Hey I wanted to point the obvious out. Have you noticed that the "Liberal" MSM, the one in which Glenn Becksters says he's adamantly not have not touched this topic of him going Jim Jones? I read more up on his PatriotLand and he's going to use David Barton to put together the "teaching" hall for people to come learn about "American (Mormon) History." So, no one, not Breitbart, Redstate, MSNBC, NBC, Fox, CNN, Drudge, etc no one will call him out on his latest money making scam, the Carni-for-Commies-who-think-they're-Conservatives gig. Weird huh. Looks like Glenn Beck has the blessing of the main stream media to milk the sheeple for all they got. just saying. I would think that those within "the Blaze" and his other machines would get perturbed that he's playing the fiddle leading people into his cult mentality. I know there has to be some journalists he's hired that have a backbone and don't believe everything they write for him who have to be holding back re-gurge on this one. they need to say something, anything, these grandmas and grandpas are throwing their money at this man helping him build his metropolis.

Bible Believer said...

No I did not save the video, I do not know how, if anyone could tell me how you do that, I would be grateful. Yeah I noticed the liberal OR CONSERVATIVE mainstream media didn't call him out. Hey they all protect each other behind the scenes.

I did find a copy of the video here.

LOL good phrase, CARNI for COMMIES.
Well neo-cons are a new breed unto themselves aren't they playing "conservatives"?

I wonder if there are any journalists who would speak out but problem is the story probably would be silenced from higher up in the ranks.