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A Variety of Links #20

This has the ever present themes of papal control. One thing which is scary is the rise of all the neo-Marxist types in America, you see them pictured at Occupy rallies and I know some. These types always tell you now that Communism is a better replacement for corrupt run amok Capitalism.  Really this view is spreading in America, and those people will tell you Stalin and Lenin simply "got it wrong". Sigh.

Retroactive "F"s in history class should all be assigned as they ignore the millions of deaths under the likes of Stalin and Mao.

Keep in mind the right-left paradigm of Communism vs. Capitalism serves the bankers and the Pope. He profits off "evil capitalism" being the head of a church that holds endless properties, investments and stocks, and even "owns" a bank. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Pope Slams Captialism, Calls for Regulation of Economic Markets

In his full message for the peace day, the pope called for a new economic model and ethical regulations for markets, saying the global financial crisis was proof that capitalism does not protect society's weakest members. He also warned that food insecurity was a threat to peace in some parts of the world and strongly reaffirmed the Church's opposition to gay marriage. Heterosexual marriage had an indispensable role in society, he said.
Luk 21:35    For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

Guiding Kids Into Adulthood

   I couldn't believe Michelle Duggar wrote this, what an utter and complete joke, as we watch 6 young adults, remain at home like perpetual teenagers. The oldest daughter is now entering her mid-20s, and lives like a far younger teenager. The son with his own towing business--well it could be owned by Dad but I am not sure, is a hard worker, but why is he not on his own yet either and still sleeping in a bunk bed along side his school aged brothers?  This is what smothering, control freak, pseudo-Christian, helicopter parenting will do to people. It is so harmful.  I still remain incredulous that not one has gone their own way to even  pursue a passion of some sort like an specific career. Why have none been interested even in being a missionary? That blanket training seems to have life-long consequences. Among the girls, outside of Jill, none of them have jobs or careers and are not pursuing any real studies or courting to become a wife or mother. One odd thing I saw mentioned on a message board about Jill, is she is not even allowed to go do her mid-wifery work alone, but has another sister as a chaperone.  If anything, the Duggars seem to have permanently delayed adulthood for their adult children. Michelle Duggar's article is all over the place. They have been set up for failure. I know people today who had jobs, and college degrees and struggle with poverty today due to the economy, the Duggar kids have no work history, outside of the two oldest boys. Gothardism is bound for failure even on the economic level, I doubt that his cult will outlast him.
They’ll get through this difficult season of life and come out on the other end a solid, balanced adult. A family should encourage one another and be a place of refuge, a place where we can share, communicate and talk. We should be that safe place for our kids.

I wouldn't call a prison a "safe place".


Hagee defends the use of RFID cards. "This is not the mark of the beast", he states emphatically! Well I would not expect Hagee to defend freedom or privacy. One knows the next step is implanting of a chip or tattoo, that does the work of the 'card'. He is right about cell phones tracking people. He states: "The card with the chip on it is not a problem" Sadly those who do not discern this guy as a false teacher will listen and follow. I fully expect the antichrist's disciples in the churches to help the RFID, mark of the beast cause.

Rev 13:17         And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


From a list Worst Christian book covers.

For this one I would agree.....what on earth is the point, by the way, the use of EVERY primary color could be an occult marker....


Interesting that International House of Prayer has a logo that looks very much like the UU "chalice":
Make sure you notice it on the backdrop too. I suppose it is a torch of some sort. A symbol you should watch out for. Seen on this video


Warning: Link goes to a website that is NOT a CHRISTIAN website.

 Is it Satanic to warn about Satan? [No Way!] and isn't it kind of weird when those who reject Christianity complain about "evil"? Someone please ask David Icke why he warns about things as Satanic when he rejects Christianity? I know consistency seems to be a difficult thing to ask for lately.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

 The Real Satanists and the Golden Age of Human Sacrifice

Some time ago, I wrote this about the "synchro-mystic world", this entails websites that expose the "new world order" and even some truths, but then bring in NEW deceptions. I am noticing the methods and modes of these places spreading, such as seeing other websites that expose the NWO but bringing in a round about way people right back to the same luciferian lies that form the foundation of the new world order. One example being that global awakening stuff. In other words for the thinking people out there who figure things out, they are setting new traps and new ditches for people to fall into.

I hate to see people being deceived. Satan is real but are there deceivers and the wicked using this information to control people and confuse them. Sadly there are many out there who will use endless collections of cults and false Christians to tell people that Christianity is not true. The websites are endless out there.  Sorry but anyone doing the exorcism thing and committing violence, have lost the plot long ago. I know someone from years ago, who had a "Christian" group of false Charismatic people grab them and decide to do an "exorcism" on them. Yes there is casting out of spirits which is biblical, but this was done definitely in an abusive false matter.

The NWO has made use of movies like the Exorcist, a sick satanic disgusting movie that advances the false teachings of Catholicism. The author is right about Ayn Rand, and her selfishness, as too many "Christians" have embraced, basically the philosophies of a Nietzsche  lover and Theosophist. Hmm interesting that Blatty was a Jesuit, doesn't surprise me. Witchcraft to deal with demons, via the Catholic church with glass filled bottles of holy-water, salt to be used and all. He mentions Jehovah Witnesses, they aren't even Christians and yes when they allow their children to die over legalistic religious rules it's wrong.That is a cult that has done untold damage to thousands. As knowledgeable as this guy is, he hasn't seen Russell's pyramid grave stone yet?

As for Satanic panics, sure the NWO has made use of Satan, to bring in fear and trauma, and false religion--ever notice in any of those shows where demons or ghosts visit the house, they always bring in the Catholic priest? There are false deliverance ministries, the ones who shout cast out the demon of let's say "debt" or "greed" definitely are playing some game. But then you get the other false side, "there's no such thing as Satanists, it's all a panic, be quiet and go back to sleep", the deceivers on the other side tell you. Most churches today, are of that ilk, if you talk about spiritual warfare, you are called a nut. But then of course there are the Charismatic ones who are false and tell people every case of indigestion is being caused by a demon probably to help the other side out in denying the realities of spiritual warfare.

Bob Larson by the way, the first time I saw him on camera casting out demons in a rented hotel conference center room, on a news show I knew he was false. Not a recommended website by the way but just wanted to talk about this. The author writes both blogs called The Secret Sun, and also the Solar Satellite. I wonder why the SUN is such a central focus? There are some truths about the right wing and false Christianity exposed but mixed into a stew of deception. Obviously there are some sincere seeking type folks who analyze what they see in the Christian media and realize there are major problems with the Dominionism, mind control, etc, but then you wonder about a place that seems so focused on denying "conspiracies" and offers Jungian philosophy for the comic book set. As I've said multiple times the deceptions are multi-layered and I am meeting some folks who are falling into these traps.  Interesting pictures of the blogger Chris Knowles, wonder why his hand always seems to end up in a strange positions in pictures?

My stay from a few years back, was short in trying to give out truth, now I avoid these places like the plague, and when I was threatened with moderation, I left.  

and I remember this last exchange:
Bible Believer said...

I'm a bit surprised at your response here, Chris. What do you see good about Babylon? It seems if you embraced Babylon as everything "good" you would celebrating our modern "temple prostitutes" [celebrities] and other modern rituals that have their roots in the "mystery cults" instead of exposing them on this blog! That is kind of confusing to be honest. You are right about modern Judaism [as far as the Talmud goes] embracing some of what came out of Babylon. The Kabbalah is the Jewish flavor of mystery cult rituals.
This is interesting considering the "unknown god" discussed in the book of Acts, incorporation of the goddess and basic universalism.
{this one is Sumerian}

From Babylonian writings...

Heres more looks just like modern astrology

{Yeah Yeah I know I'm using the Jesuits as a source here: you find this stuff online where you can}
Prayers to the "goddess" who the Bible calls the Daughter of Chaldea, appear here

Which by the way she is worshipped in Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam-- and Buddhism.
"LOURDES - In an unexpected twist of globalisation, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and other pilgrims regularly worship at famous Roman Catholic shrines to the Virgin Mary such as Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal.They drink the holy water, light votive candles and pray fervently to the Madonna for help with life's hardships."

So what do you see as positive about Babylon or mystery cults for that matter. The Mystery cults "made eunuchs--the real thing instead of Rome's present day force celibate rules, and practiced human sacrifice.
Mystery Babylon is every false religion from the Celts who burned humans in figures made out of "wicker" [now replicated with no humans being burnt in the Burning Man festival] to today's Wiccans who pray to the "goddess" [interesting the Babylonian prayers do that exact same thing]

I know our worldviews are very different, but perhaps one day, you will find out the difference between biblical Christianity and the rest of the mess.

6:36 PM

Christopher Knowles said...
Bible, I'm not even going to pretend you're interested in a honest debate. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs where you can find people to shore up your belief system. Moderation is going back on.

So sad to see and I have met many who while they learn some truths about evil in this world, are being led to reject Christianity. 

Isa 47:1    Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: [there is] no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.


There is a lot of fighting going on on a blog I've warned about before, between them and supposedly a teacher I've warned about before. I say supposedly because the information that it is that actual person posting is coming from one side. Both have beliefs I massively disagree with. I'll leave it at that and do not plan to link to either party here. One thing to say, though, haven't people read enough of my blog, to understand how the religious system works and the loyalties within in? Why would you expect someone whose in a certain network and/or supportive of members in it, to speak against one of the "heads" of that network?  Why do people write dozens of emails to people they know with false teachings? Do they expect them to do a 180 degree turn after the first time? This of course is not the first time I've seen this stuff happen.

Dealing with Deceivers

One thing I noticed among many so called "Christian" websites, were these head to head "fights", it almost got to be like a series of boxing matches.  What do people hope to accomplish beyond exposing false teachings? I have seen this in way too many places. Hey the Christian message board world was enough of a "shred everyone you can" factory. My head hurts thinking of all the time wasted on the recalcitrant. Here's a hint from my own personal experience and earlier failings, if you are having to write dozen of pages of responses, you usually are wasting your time. There is a point where iron sharpens iron collapses into a brawl and even then if one is sharpening iron, that is to be done with another Christian, not someone you already have been shown is a deceiver.

 One thing to whoever wrote a certain blog, which I am not going to link to, whether it is who they think authored it or not, that definitely was NOT a Christian fruit whatsoever and was one of the most disgusting displays I have ever seen. I don't care that it was against someone I've had my own theological disagreements with.  I know from my own experiences, that those who are false, will do what they can to to dig up dirt on those they see as their enemy. There are certain ways Christians operate and other ways they do not.

 If you see fights like that on a "Christian" website, where you can picture people shredding each other, claws out, have it give you pause. I know I expose a lot of false teachers, and hope I have not sinned myself in these exposes, I know I am not perfect but one thing to ask yourself, are you exposing a false teacher and leaving it at that, and then telling others to AVOID them, or going on head to head battle matches with them? What is the purpose of all the "fighting" then and where did the warnings in the Bible about being rend go?

Pro 17:19    He loveth transgression that loveth strife: [and] he that exalteth his gate seeketh destruction.


Reported Obama gun-control proposals extreme

Well they have erased every Constitutional amendment they can, it looks like they are doing what they can to erase number two. Sadly, one can ponder the possibilities of more "shootings" cropping up to ramp up the cries for gun control. Disarming of the populace has happened with every totalitarian government. What I find interesting is you mention the NDAA which by the way Obama signed, is so very few even know what it means. More on the NDAA here.


Twitter is an interesting place to observe the messages coming from the false teachers. What is one to think of the red shoes banner on the false teacher's Cindy Jacobs page?

Now while there are many people who own red and maroon shoes innocently, even I ordered a dress off line thinking it was maroon that turned out to be bright red, what are we to think of the odd fashion choice above with the bright red "Wizard of Oz" shoes?. If you know why the Pope wears red shoes, you'll understand what I am driving at. Just something I am wondering about.

It's interesting they call their Charismatic Dominionist group, GENERALS INTERNATIONAL....[such as in wars]


Jesus Culture...looks like another false "culture wars" marketing enterprise for false Dominionist globalist "Christianity"

What is this "spiritual mothers and fathers" stuff about?

Mat 23:9    And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
"A few years into hosting conferences at Redding, the Lord began to speak to us about a new breed of revivalists that were emerging throughout the earth to answer the cry of God’s yearning for nations. Our mandate was defined: to raise up, mobilize, equip, encourage, resource, and send these burning ones to fulfill the call of God on their lives, and see entire cities saved, campuses revolutionized, and nations discipled. The Lord revealed they would be marked by four main characteristics:
1. They would be connected with spiritual fathers and mothers and aligned under their covering.
2. They would be passionately in love with Jesus – encountering His extravagant love for them daily.
3. They would give their lives to prayer and know how to win the war in the heavens.
 4. They would walk in the supernatural – demonstrating the Kingdom of God through power."

Wikipedia says Bethel church, came out of the Assembly of God movement but departed and is now considered Word of Faith.

Here is a blog that warns against Jesus Culture:

"Jesus Culture::Tickets to a False Anointing
Many are Being Deceived || Jesus Culture, Bethel Church, Word-Faith

I do not agree with this blog on everything but they expose some of these false Charismatic teachers.


Not an endorsement of this blog, but wanted to share this information:

The Darkness of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s Brian Brodersen

Not surprised they are becoming more open with the ecumenical stuff. Brodersen at least some time ago was said to be one of the top candidates of taking up the reigns of Calvary Chapel when Chuck Smith was no longer here. If someone is praising the one world religious messages of Bono, there is a major problem. I have warned enough myself about Bono. 

See Brian Brodersen Retweets Catholic Cardinal

Good article by Fanatic for Jesus:

Love of Many Shall Wax Cold

Her warnings here not to grow hardened in standing alone, is an important one!

"The Bible says in Heb. 3:8, :
"Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation [rebelliousness], in the day of temptation in the wilderness..."

 It's easy to become angry at those who are blinded by deception, but be cautious that you don't become one of the casualties."

This article is timely given what I wrote on the Standing As A Christian article.

God bless all my readers. 


SavedbyGrace said...

I'm not sure if my last one worked or not, so here goes a second.

There's lots that you've written about and I just wanted to comment briefly on the whole spiritual fathers and mothers. Certainly Jesus plainly condemns anyone calling another "father" in Matthew 23, but yet Paul scolds the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 4:14-16 for being more like instructors than actual fathers; even implying that he's their spiritual father calling them his "beloved children." Paul also mentions explicitly that he was motherly and fatherly in 1 Thessalonian 2:7-11 as well.

I cannot speak for the movement itself, but the idea of being a spiritual father or mother, really taking the time with a younger believer and like Paul, being able to say be imitators of me as I imitate Christ, makes a lot of sense biblically. It is certainly not in the same "spirit" as the person Jesus condemns in Matthew 23 for loving the title of "father," which some Catholic priests may be guilty of (not all hopefully).

Anonymous said...

The vatican is the head of the illuminati, freemasonry, banking. The jesuits have defended the vatican's position on that which they already held for centuries when they kept Europe in a stranglehold and spread around the world. All roads lead to rome...

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Anonymous said...

The IHoP symbol looks like a little man with a flaming head, another symbol for Humanism that Fanatic's blog has talked about. The Jesus Cultures life preserver is a stylized "all seeing eye", notice the inner indentation. I am not a Christian Zionist, but the mark of the beast is explained in the "Age of Terror" video at @ 16 minutes. The Truth as revealed so far. - Don

Anonymous said...

Off the topic but need to share: I don't usually read secular magazines or newspapers, but last night sitting on the train there was a magazine laying on one of the seats, so I thought let me peruse through this magazine and see what they are promoting aimed at young women... low and behold ( I don't even know why I was surprised!) it took my breath away that they had an article about a woman who loves to date married men, because it's helping there marriage! And now there are agencies specifically catering to this (they put the agency details in the article just in case some of the young women are intrigued...) The title should've read: How to break down the family unit by targeting the head of it!

Anonymous said...

As far as "why the SUN is such a central focus" - Nimrod was the first type of Antichrist and was deified by Semiramis after his death as the sun god, later known as the god of fire, Baal, Baalim, Bel and Molech. She became known as the goddess of the moon, fertility, and the Queen of heaven. The core of the Babylonian mystery religion. I'd like to hear your take on the Pope's red shoes. - Don

Leahlive said...

Me too, I would love to hear about the BB take on the Pope's red shoes to. Loving all of this information. Thanks BB and other writers.

Bible Believer said...

wrote whole long response and then suddenly page shut down, interesting how that happens...

Ok the red shoes are an occult symbol, just like the masonic black white, duality, saturn symbols, horus eye.

Sarah Palin paraded around in red shoes.

The red shoes are connected to Wizard of Oz programming for the Mk ultras, but have other occult foundations.

For those who haven't seen this yet..

and they bury them in red shoes.

and yes previous Popes wore red shoes in history though it was suppressed for a time during Vatican 2.

"The tradition of the popes wearing red shoes were carried over from the customs of ancient Rome itself. In fact, by the time of the Byzantine Empire only three people are allowed to officially wear red shoes in the empire: the Emperor, the Empress, and the Pope. Even in art, depictions of people wearing red shoes are severely restricted to the above-mentioned or the angels."

"The Papal shoes were traditionally red, though Pope John Paul II would sometimes wear black or brown leather shoes. Pope Benedict XVI has restored the use ..."


Red shoes and Wizard of Oz programming...

"Ruby colored slippers are actually used as a symbol of authority at the Matriarch level in the Illuminati. The shoes are said to be golden at the Mothers of Darkness level in the Illuminati."

Red shoes on the list of Luciferian symbolism...

Bible Believer said...

Anon,speaking of magazines, yes they now have dating agencies that specialize in adulterers, and even one I heard of for overt gold digging, for girls looking for Sugar Daddies. The adulterers and fornicators can now find each other online.

Bible Believer said...

Yep Don, the sun worship is the root of it all. Yeah I asked that question in the writing knowing the answer. I found the Matrix background interesting too on one website. The grand Matrix lie, the movie the elite made to mock the average person.

Bible Believer said...

Watch out for Levitt some of his connections are ecumenical as it were. He is deceased now if I remember correctly. Totally in with Lausanne via LCJE. Watch out for those Christian Zionists leaders.

Google LEVITT and LCJE...

Agree about the IHOP little Humanist looking symbol, and the all seeing eye, with the Jesus Culture symbol, they have the whole oroboros thing going there too.

Bible Believer said...

Born again Solider, what is a MINT CHIP?

I don't even own a cell phone and never have owned an ipad. I don't even know what an APP really means except application. There is some technology I have chosen to stay away from though obviously I am online. No more paper cash. Now that is bad, very bad. :(

Canada is so liberal, they know they can introduce some NWO measures there in advance. !!!

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Anonymous said...

You've heard about "The Devil Wears Prada", and I've heard the red shoes the pope wears are from Prada.

I'm just now learning about the Jesus Culture and their Bethel roots. It's exhausting trying to keep up with all the reading! :)

JL said...

Wow those Duggars remind me of a cult. The hypocrisy of that family is sickening. Dont allow their children to watch tv, but yet have their own reality show. For some reason I think their god is mammon

Bible Believer said...

Hmm I am glad I told a friend that going to Canada to escape the growing police state in America was an absolute waste of time. That they had signed deals with a certain agency here in America etc. etc. Another Voice is absolutely correct about what this means: that when they can track every cash exchange, they can control everything. I often have wondered why they have pushed cell phones in America even for the poor, where you can sign up and basically get a "free one". Remember you all that the BAR CODES on products contain "666"

and they want to barcode YOU.

Bible Believer said...

Hey the NWO tosses out clues all over the place. They love to mock doing it. The devil/Pope wears Prada.

I even found myself thinking that given the Pope is basically an assigned pseudo-eunuch, even the "matriarchial occult line" may still apply.

Jesus Culture and Bethel was something new to me the other day too. They got so much phony stuff out there, I am sure there are ones I just haven't found out about.

The Duggars are a cult and I find myself wondering about all that blanket training and the total control that seems to be held over young adult Duggars. What are they so afraid of? Add to this their lack of desire to even form their own adult identities. That isn't even normal watching young adults throw away that natural progress in growth. What are they so afraid of? Well the Gothard cult alone causes enough fear to keep them from venturing forth, but it seems especially severe with the Duggars. Think about this, young people find the will and the way to even leave the Amish, and the Duggars can drive, have been in stores and met other people so it would be a less of a hurdle. I am not saying every young person has to "rebel" etc, but forming your own identity and growing up is something that everyone usually does. I find even the case of the 24? 25? year old young man who puts in a full day of a work of hard physical labor staying home to sleep in a bunkbed in a bedroom full of brothers that are far younger then him, to be absolutely strange and abnormal. Cults destroy intiative and well the Gothard cult will fall, because you can't tell endless numbers of young adults never to grow up. It's bound for failure because the Duggar parents will age and be gone one day, and then you have people who never grew up who are left, and were brought up so dependent.

Bible Believer said...

JL You are right about their preaching AGAINST TV, and forbidding their children to watch one, and then being part of the TV system. That is hypocrisy.

JL said...

@ BB, what is blanket training?

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

BAS, I agree with you about them breaking down privacy in the home.

With the Duggars they do belong to a cult called Gothardism. Make sure you check out a few of my other writings on them.

What I know about them comes from the show and even their own statements. {Ie Jim Bob told the older son he could not leave even to move into his own house he worked for until he was married} I'll admit on this comment I did segue into a few personal uncharitable opinions, so thanks for pointing out what you have.

Yes you may be right that I have posted too much on the Duggars. We do have to be careful of that gossip line and you are making me think about the playing into the "big brother" line, the seeking of attention is definitely there so you have some good points about not helping out with their "publicity".

Yeah you got a point about how much is "real"? They could be living even totally different lives beyond the cameras.

I don't mind readers warning me of things. Hey I am not perfect, writing all these things, I have to be careful so I will think about what you said. God bless.

Bible Believer said...

JL I wrote about blanket training here...

Bornagain Soldier said...
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JL said...

I think both BB and BAS made very good points. I love this blog because we can learn from each other. I wish the churches were this way. If the churches behaved like this blog, we wouldn't have denominations and false doctrines.

christian cerna said...

I agree with BAS. I think everything that is shown on TV, is shown with a purpose- mainly to change our perception of the world, and define for us what is good and what is evil. With the exception of a few things you might see on the local news, all of the shows are completely scripted, or edited, so that they represent the views of those corporations who own the TV stations. There is a reason why they call TV shows "programming".

There have been several studies that show that when people watch TV, their minds become like sponges, absorbing everything they see; they let down their guards, and they are more receptive to receive new ideas. After countless thousands of hours of watching TV, it is not hard to wonder why most people are living like mindless zombies.

When the average Christian spends maybe 2 hours a week at church, and 30 hours a week sitting in front of a TV, it seems almost futile to hope for a true spiritual revival to happen in this country.

Kathy Bonham said...

I really like this article. I think it goes along with this blog post....
Also, I think I will say a prayer for the folks discussed in this blog post, as well as for all of us here.
BB - thank you for this blogsite and for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi I stumbled onto your site by chance because the youth leader at the Church I go to posted a video of Rick Warren, Oprah and some guy named Nick that has no arms and legs. Well something didn't set right with me. I basically called him out on it. I asked why he would promote these people? I called them decievers, (which they are) and pointed out even though he seemingly meant no harm or in his eyes was just sharing Nick s story....I told him he was promoting Rick Warren and Oprahs teachings. That the guy Nick, was doing the same thing as well. I told him to read 2Peter 2:1-3 to understand what I was saying. By the way I go to a Calvary Chapel.......Everything you have said is true! It is very scary. I am gonna be getting a lot of flack now for what I said on their facebook youth page. I feel like I am in a cult now. haha! ughh! I have had red flags about Calvary Chapel for awhile now and now that you have pointed this stuff out it has confirmed a lot of things for me. Thank you so much.