Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pray for Those Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

[Business Insider photo]

Northeast Suffers Huge Damage in Storm’s Path; Millions Without Power
"In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which left a trail of deadly destruction, devastating power failures and extensive flooding, millions of people in the New York metropolitan region spent Tuesday assessing the damage and preparing for the possibility that it could be days or even weeks before life returned to normal. Throughout the day on Tuesday, there were reports of daring rescue operations as people began to grasp the magnitude of the damage done by the violent winds and lashing rains that transformed the landscapes of New York City and the wider region into tableaus of destruction both stark and unprecedented. As night fell, more than eight million people, including many in a large swath of Manhattan, were without electricity. Streets were littered with debris and buildings were damaged. Seven subway tunnels under the East River were flooded. While several bridges over the river were set to reopen, other mass transit services, including commuter rail, were still suspended."
It's hard right now to see what the results of this hurricane could be especially so close to the election and with no electricity for millions. One friend, asked me if they thought the election would be delayed? I have not ever heard of that happening in American history before. From what I can tell, the damage is far more widespread and dangerous then last year's Hurricane Irene. One thing I kept thinking about was the poor people who especially at the end of the month have come to the end of their finances, with less money to evacuate or prepare. Please pray for comfort, help, and care for those facing this hurricane. If any of you were in this hurricane or have friends or family who were impacted, go ahead and leave prayer requests here in the comments as well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fans of The Whosoevers are not happy with this blog

The Whosoevers: A "Christian" Band and Their Interesting Graphics

Check out the comment section.  Pray that this article will bring some to think about the issues raised.

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Adding a few pictures here later 10/30...[Notice the response to the article that started the comments,] It reads "SERIOUS WARNING: The Whosevers, Head, P.O.D., Fieldly -are all from a Satanic cult, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Looks like it got a few folks to think......

Keep praying that more young people see through the deception.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rick Warren Does an Oprah "LifeClass"

The below article was written by a young Muslim person, who attended this class.

"'I Have Aha Moment Exhaustion!' My Afternoon With Oprah and Pastor Rick Warren"
"I have always been a big fan of Oprah Winfrey. Growing up, I remember faithfully watching her show every day after school (after my cartoons ended, of course) and admiring the compassion and courage that she shared with her viewers. So when the opportunity came to attend a taping of her "Lifeclass" show in Houston, I snagged it. The icing on the cake? Pastor Rick Warren was her guest. Yes, I realize that Pastor Rick is Christian, and well, I am not, but I was familiar enough with his work to know that much of the spiritual advice he gave his Christian followers resonated with Muslims as well. (His book, "The Purpose Driven Life," is the best-selling non-fiction book in the world). Thus, it was with anticipation and excitement that I entered the Hobby Center last Friday afternoon to watch the show. "
Sadly as you would suspect no true gospel was preached to this Muslim young person and she saw Rick Warren's teachings as applying with no problem to her religion.  Right there we see the universalistic fruit for ourselves.
This last quote really struck home with me. Islam is all about living a purpose-driven life. Our purpose on this earth is to worship God and live in a manner that is pleasing to Him. And that includes using our talent and wealth to make a positive impact on the less fortunate.
Rick Warren To Appear on Oprah's Life Class 

I guess this doesn't surprise me, after all Rick Warren promotes a false Christianity that is rooted in Oprah's "have the best Life now" philosophies. Notice the title and emphasis of the class being on one's life. While Jesus Christ, told us this:

  Luke 17:33 Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.

These wolves will say the complete opposite. Oprah has publically said multiple times what she has believed. What is my conclusion but that Osteen and Rick Warren follow the same false "christ" that Oprah does. That is the one they are selling everyone, the "cosmic christ", the 'antichrist" of all religions...... Oprah has made her beliefs pretty obvious, promoting blatant New Age teachers and their books and when she mentions "jesus" and "christ consciousness" see below, we know Oprah is pushing the so called "cosmic christ" and "antichrist". Warren and Osteen are joined with her on the promotion of the same false "jesus" as has been shown in their deceptive teachings for years. 

With this video, some caution, it compiles her quotes the best, but why did they pick such New-Agey music even though they posted Bible verses? Well here you can see the terrible lies being sold, and remember MILLIONS of people in AMERICA for DECADES have been influenced by this woman!

Remember how many false preachers Warren has hanged out with including the one's from Calvary Chapel.

Of course we won't see any of them open their mouths about this.

Brian McLaren's New Interfaith Book

He is basically selling UNIVERSALISM in this new book. You know those who believe all religions lead to the same place? Something that was promoted in the Unitarian-Universalist church? I've said for years what was taught in the micro-cosm NWO UU church is now being expanded out for a mass audience.

Can you be a committed Christian without having to condemn or convert people of other faiths? Is it possible to affirm other religious traditions without watering down your own? In his most important book yet, widely acclaimed author and speaker Brian McLaren proposes a new faith alternative, one built on "benevolence and solidarity rather than rivalry and hostility." This way of being Christian is strong but doesn't strong-arm anyone, going beyond mere tolerance to vigorous hospitality toward, interest in, and collaboration with the other. Blending history, narrative, and brilliant insight, McLaren shows readers step-by-step how to reclaim this strong-benevolent faith, challenging us to stop creating barriers in the name of God and learn how affirming other religions can strengthen our commitment to our own. And in doing so, he invites Christians to become more Christ-like than ever before.
See: Emergents Remind Me of Unitarian Universalists!

BEHIND THE VEIL: Never-Before-Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals

BEHIND THE VEIL: Never-Before-Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals

I already knew about the veil and some of the rituals shown above, as exposed on other websites, and written about in my article "Mormonism is Updated Freemasonry". This video presents some of the above rituals, in a concise fashion and one can see how much they are against God's Word.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Variety of Links #19

Warning: mainstream news articles but contain discussion of sexual matters.

Church invites porn star to service. 
Ron Jeremy Goes To Church, Tells Michigan Worshippers That Porn Stars Believe In God, Too 

Yes things have gotten that bad. This man has not repented and left the porn business behind either. These false preachers are inviting the worse unrepentant public fornicators to share their "wisdom".

 1Cr 5:9    I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:


BGEA makes excuses to it's critics

Only the most uninformed and/or spiritually blind have not figured out that Billy Graham is a false teacher.


Romney and Obama at the latest Al Smith dinner...Things look pretty cheery don't they?

Al Smith Dinner: For Obama and Romney, a night of humor

There is a reason the elites always hobnob with the Catholic leadership. I know I have written on here a few times about how the Vatican is running the show here, well see what is going on right in front of our eyes.
That's Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan in the middle.

He is the one who did the blessing at the Republican National Convention. Did you know he did prayers at the Democratic National Convention TOO?


Calvary Chapel pastor Jack Hibbs and  Dinesh D'Souza tell Christians to Vote or You Lose.
Dinesh D' Sousa has recently been caught up in a scandal of his own.


United Nations Looking to Control the Internet

"United Nations report calls for Internet surveillance, saying lack of "internationally agreed framework for retention of data" is a problem, as are open Wi-Fi networks in airports, cafes, and libraries."

 UN Report: The Internet Is Dangerous Because It’s Just So Darn Open!


They are calling Hurricane Sandy, a possible "Frankenstorm"

Pray for the people who will be affected. The timing of this one is VERY INTERESTING right before the elections. Hopefully it will be nothing and swing into the Atlantic, but then the warnings coming are very plentiful. Irene which was considered a minimal hurricane caused enough problems.


The above picture has a non-KJV bible verse, but wanted to use it, to show how both contradict each other. For all the Republicans like Ryan, who praise Ayn Rand, she was NOT a Christian. Notice what she says about faith here in the first few minutes of the video. What strange eyes too.

When I was young I read the Libertarian magazine "Liberty", libertarians are good when it comes to civil liberties but misguided on a whole lot else. Even libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is a NAFTA supporter and supports globalism. Hey they all converge on that point.

I know a lot of libertarians, and those who have been drawn into this world view. Some have good intentions desiring to hold up freedom but sadly have been misled. Many do not realize it's opposition to Christianity or even how many of Ayn Rand's philosophies overlap with Theosophy and Nietzsche. Did you know Ayn Rand praised selfishness as a virtue?

**************************************************************************************** The UN Monitors Explained and Electoral Vote Examined

From News4themasses, we can't believe everything the right tells us. I think any foreign entity observing our elections is kind of creepy, but then, they did change the story as if the blue hats would be watching you vote. She is right about Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. Perhaps I will do an article on Alex Jones. He is controlled Op in my opinion even if one can find some usable information on his website. Even the fact he has done interviews and put up advertisements for the Dimond brothers [extreme Trad Catholics] is very strange.


FBC [Jack Schaap's old church] new constitution forbids members to sue? [warning this is an anti-fundamentalist Christian website] but that shows some major poisonous fruit.

Watch out for control freak pastors and churches.


[photo above cropped by me, it is shown in it's entirety on the links below]

Why did Paul Crouch wear a clerical collar and make a rude gesture in Jerusalem? [Warning rude gestures discussed and shown in links below]

See here too TBN in Jerusalem. I find his wearing of a priest's clerical collar definitely of interest. Was that a sign to the world what he really is?
Apprising minstries [not an endorsement compares the photos]
"As to the picture of Crouch possibly making the obscene gesture, Arellano brings out that story was “validation” to publish this photo sent to him by “a source” of his: what they say is an undoctored photo Paul flipping off TBN cameras in Jerusalem last month. See, I couldn’t believe the picture at first, figuring it was too good to be true. Like, why was Crouch wearing a cleric’s collar in the leaked photo? Why did he have a pinkie ring? Why are his jowls so low? But then I saw the picture of Crouch in the Times piece and he’s wearing the EXACT SAME clerical collar. (source)" 

 Crouch is an obvious deceiver.


 How To Pray on Halloween

In a few days, will be the satanic holiday of Halloween, I can't wait til it's over, seeing all the decorations and more, that celebrate death, and wickedness. It is a good idea to spend time in prayer against Halloween and the evil it brings. Pray for the children who will be influenced too by this evil holiday.  Pray for protection for people against the occultists and satanists.

Touch Not that Unclean Thing! That Includes Halloween! 

3 John 1:11 - Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kaio: Severe Deception Within a Christian Magazine for Teens

I saw this magazine at a Christian bookstore and acquired a copy. Every now and then I take a look  as to the latest popular trends, and books and what is happening in the Christian world. Your local Christian bookstore can be such a place to see what is happening, but seriously outside of some classics and purchasing a KJV Bible or two they may happen to have buried underneath "The Message" and NIV Bibles, do not expect it to be a place of truth. Now I understand a Christian author wanting to educate teens on some of these heavy issues. This is the month of October where we are having that ungodly holiday of Halloween put before us in a variety of places. Educating young people about what they see in media and elsewhere is a good idea, problem is when false ideas are delivered instead. The name of this magazine as you can see above is called "kaio" with a torch "i" in the title. Remember what I have said about torches as a symbol? That's a topic for another article.

"the torches represent the occult arts and sciences, the doctrines and dogmas by the light of which Truth is made visible." [Hall, Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians to Which Is Added an Interpretation of the Crata Repoa Initiation Rite , Los Angeles, The Philosophers Press, 1937, p. 122; Emphasis added] [link]
This booklet was published by a group called Focus Press and the editor's name is Joe Wells, he authors some of the articles while there are guest writers. In the introduction Joe Wells writes, "some may see the cover this issue and think we are throwing our support behind Halloween however this is not the case". He continues on writing that he wants to cover what the Word of God says about all these issues.

What I found in this booklet was more deception and serious misleading when it comes to spiritual warfare and the occult. You will see some articles that are far worse then others.  The magazine has 8 main articles in it, I won't be covering all of them, but they are mostly to deal with "Halloween" and occult themed topics.

"Our Obsession with Horror" by Adam Faughn

The first article called "Our Obsession with Horror", already brings in compromise. While they point out that entertainment is getting "harder, gorier and more intense", telling Christian young people, "So the next time you go out for a good scare, be careful. Don't get drawn into the obsession for more gore, more blood or darker themes" seems like a double message. What is a "good scare", and why should Christians have anything to do with that?

This point is repeated twice: "Enjoy a good scare, but never compromise your Christian principles." Why not tell the young people to avoid seeking horror entertainment AT ALL? This tells teens that seeking after frightening entertainment is OK as long as it's NOT TOO BAD. What a horrible message.

"Zombie Apocalypse" by Steven Schinnerer

Here was one article, on Zombies. On this blog I have questioned the constant zombie meme, wondering if it is a way to dehumanize people and help bring in more fear via the new world order. They even mention that Centers for Disease Control article that mentions zombies from some months back. They quote an atheistic zombie movie director and are correct about some of the wickedness in this "entertainment". Something really bothered me in this article, it is so blasphemous I hate even typing it. Here they seriously try to equate "jesus" to a zombie, maybe they thought this was being cool and clever, but you will see what I mean:

"By the way, there is an awesome story in the Bible about a man that was brutally murdered and came back to life because He was something more then just a natural human being. He came from a realm that none of us have ever seen, and to top it all off, He is going to come back to get you. Jesus Christ is the only true story of a man who was died and was raised from the dead, never to die again."

Do you notice some of the language here....remember the subtle use of language is used to deceive all over the place. When they say Jesus was murdered, this ignores the truth which is that Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. Such a sentence denies the power of God. This oddly reminded me of the Catholic church in that they will refer to "jesus" as a "Victim". "Realm" also is a disturbing word, it's not in the Bible ever as representative of heaven, but used to refer to a few earthly kingdoms. Also why on earth did they write the sentence, "He is going to come back to get you" in an article about zombies? A double-meaning there seems intended such as "GET YOU" in a negative fashion!

1 John 3:16 Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

Vampires: Fact or Fiction? by Brett Petrillo

I believe there is vampirism related to possession,leading people into the most debauched desires and acts, and those who read Ann Rice novels and do role playing and worse who get deep into occult culture who want to replicate in real life what they read. Yes in the deep recesses of goth subculture and other occult places there are those who desire to "live" as vampires even going as far to get their teeth sharpened to look like fangs or implants, and who want to drink blood. Our society has grown that sick. Just look at our culture and how many vampire books they push at the teens, it's nauseating. The article of course emphasizes the fictional aspects of vampires.

The article admits that some people believe vampires are exist, but one of thing that bothers me about this article, is the emphasis on Lilith which is a character that comes out of Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah. I mean why inform the teens about extra-biblical myths and legends that will only bring misdirected curiosity? I can understand some warnings but it seems in this case, the teens would ask who is Lilith and go searching for literature that would tell them. Lilith is very emphasized in mystical and the occult world. Even Wiccan books never fail to mention her.

"....They claim Adam had a wife before Eve named Lilith, who was rejected by Adama and later gained the demonic power to turn people into vampires. They go on to say that after Cain killed Abel and was banished, he found Lilith and she taught him about the "power of blood" and through them vampires were born."

"Ghosts: Fact or Fiction? By Chad Stafco  

The ghosts article read kind of odd, it points out the movie Ghost Busters, which they call silly and ridiculous, actually those movies were full of occult programming but I can understand not getting into all that with the teens, but why write this?

"So we have a book--that is, the Bible-that addresses all things spiritual and yet it says nothing about the existence of ghosts in the lives of people today. There are unquestionably strange sounds and odd things we experience at times perhaps without a logical explanation. However since the Bible is without error and it mentions nothing about ghosts, logic then tell us that those ghosts stories, movies and television programs are fictional, not factual"

What is the point here, to tell the young people, spirits don't exist? Why does the Bible then warn about familiar spirits? I wrote an article on "ghost-hunting", "Seeking after Familiar Spirits in Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Societies". Remember in that article I pointed out that ghosts are not spirits of  "dead people" but evil spirits seeking to deceive. "Ghosts" do exist, spirits do exist! When they tell young people almost as if an atheist wrote this article, that "ghosts", aka "spirits are all fictional, it is a bit disturbing.

 Deuteronomy 18:11 - Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

At the end of the article is an odd "Editor's Note" [Pay attention to this as it comes up again in another article]

"Editor's Note: While we understand there isn't a particular Scripture that explicitly says ghosts don't exist today, by studying the issue, it is a logical inference that they do not."
Tell me what you think? You think those warnings about familiar spirits still apply TODAY that are written in the Bible? Sure they do! One way people can be led to unbelief is telling them that spiritual beings, even those of evil origins do not really exist.

"Demons: Fact or Fiction?" by Justin Morton 
Ok this is the most misleading article of them all and you will see why. In this article, they mention the movie, The Exorcist, they admit a few truths, that demons were spiritual beings, and did not have bodies, seeking after human bodies.  Of course we know in the Bible they possessed even the bodies of animals--pigs. The article is correct that demons could speak [can speak] and came under the authority of Jesus Christ. The most disturbing part of this article? Telling the teens that demon possession no longer exists today!

What led them to this conclusion? This is tied to false dispensationalist beliefs that tell Christians that there are no more demons today. The author quotes Wayne Jackson, who states "If that is the case that miraculous powers have been removed from the church's possession, including the ability to cast out demons, does it stand to reason that God would allow demons to supernaturally asault people today, thus granting Satan an undue advantage over the human family? {Reasons and Revelation, Vol. 18, No. 4}"

Are they serious, they actually believe there are no people who become possessed today? They believe there is no more casting out of demons TODAY?  That there is no more need for Christians to cast out demons or rebuke spirits in Jesus's name? This is more of the spiritual hand-tying one sees in the false apostate church and now it has been taken to an extreme never seen before.  Almost like pseudo-agnostics, they tell us demons are only something in the past and no longer really truly exist. So what does this article say in a previous and shocking paragraph? Read below:

"Demon possession still occurs today--Fiction. I know you may feel like your teachers or people you are not particularly fond of are demon possessed. I assure you that they are not! God allowed demon possession to occur in order for Jesus to build His authority and prove it was from God."
How could someone who has any spiritual truths think that there is no possession today, even the Catholics admit, that there is possession though they obviously use their own false rituals in exorcisms. There are religions such as Voodoo where they DIRECTLY seek possession and endless documentaries and more that show the results. Even when we read more and more stories of cannibals and crazed people that commit acts so vile in the news, possession explains this stuff, the drugs used open the person up to demons.

Notice something there, where they write God allowed demon possession to occur as if God was the author of evil, rather then Satan? This was hugely disturbing. I found myself thinking what a way to deceive people telling them that spiritual warfare no longer exists for today. Demons are real and still present on this earth, and every true blue believing Christian knows it. The article sums up:
"God would not allow people today to be possessed by demons if there were no way for them to be cast out. So the next time you are flipping through channels late at night and see a movie about demons, remember what's fact and what's fiction" 
This article too had one of those weird Editor Notes at the end of it:
  "Editor's Note: While we understand there isn't a particular Scripture that explicitly says demons don't have the same powers today, by studying the issue, it is a logical inference that they do not.
Wow they sure have a lot of LOGICAL INFERENCES that are NOT BIBLICALLY BASED.

What a way to confuse people! There is no consistency here whatsoever. So these warnings of Jesus supposedly do not apply to TODAY? They are so wrong and I believe seeking to deceive.

Matt 12: 42 The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here. 43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. 44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. 45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

So this article to me was the most disturbing, denying spiritual realities, denying Jesus's words and warnings. Seeking to say that biblical warnings only apply to the "past". What some call cessationism taking it to a huge extreme. What purpose is there in telling teens, that there is no demonic possession today? Of course a Christian has all power through Jesus Christ to rebuke demons, but this article does not inform young people how to stand against them, but just tells them, demons have no power, and seriously infers they "do not exist". We know as the world goes further into evil, this is definitely a set up for Christian teens to remain powerless in the face of the luciferian new world order and demonic infestations. Telling them essentially demons don't exist and are no problem TODAY sets them up for massive deception. So wonder when their favorite "Christian" rock band flashes pentagrams and other occult symbols, they think nothing of it!

"Witches: Fact or Fiction?" By Joe Wells

 The witches article is just as bad. Here the emphasis is to tell you that witches "aren't real" and yes while there are fictional green faced witches in literature, movies and elsewhere there are plenty of real ones. The article admits that the Bible speaks of witches in 1 Samuel. They also point out how the Bible speaks of "mediums and necromancers". They are right about the fact of there being no witches flyng around on brooms with a cat riding shotgun, but even here many fail to realize that the picture of a witch flying on a broom is really a symbol of the astral travel that witches undertake and that animal familiars as well as spirit guides are sought in witchcraft.

They are right that many of today's modern Wiccans find some portrayals of witches as offensive. But here too, this article takes a dive towards deception:

"There are some today with certain pagan belief systems (ex. Wicca} that are convinced they have the ability to cast spells, mix potions, and even talk with those in the "spirit world". Their worships are very ritualistic and dark with chants and dances; however the FACT of the matter is these witches have zero powers today, other than the power to influence individuals to believe false teachings. There are no green noses and hats. The brooms won't fly and there is no talking to those in the spirit world"  

As people know on this blog, I have admitted my own time in the occult and UU church as well as the Catholic church prior to salvation. Remember in the UU church there is a pagan contingent, yes the Unitarian Universalist Association has witches within it. The above article sickens me because it is so uninformed. With Wicca, while with that one I dabbled, I did not go too deep, the line I would not cross and was unable to cross was the calling up of what witches refer to as "spirit guides" [aka demons] to do one's bidding.  I felt extremely wary so simply did not cross that line.

Remember in false pagan religions and the UU church there is overlap, there were many New Agers who sought after spirit guides as well within that church. Even the Theosophists have their Ascended Masters. [I never sought after one of those either though I certainly read up on it] Today I am glad that I stayed away from that stuff. Think about someone who would tell you that those in the occult, do not talk to anyone in the "spirit world". Where do they think the power derived for those in the occult is derived but via the demons? I do not want to link to this Wiccan occult website, but here is an example I randomly took off the web:
"One of the first steps in entering any of the Pagan religions, including Wicca, is to find your spirit guide and make contact with him or her. Your spirit guide is frequently your first (or one of your first) spiritual entity you work with.
  [snip] Most choose to not reincarnate and help people from the spiritual planes as a spirit guide. They are assigned to a soul to aid them and guide them in their life toward wisdom and enlightenment. They follow the soul from lifetime to lifetime, so your spirit guides have been with you through many past lives and will still be with you in future lives. 
It is common to have more than one spirit guide. From what my spirit guide told me about it, a new spirit guide is in an apprenticeship program, where they guide someone (or more commonly a few people) under the supervision and guidance of a more experienced senior spirit guide. As a result, it is common to have a junior spirit guide and a senior spirit guide. You normally will talk with the junior spirit guide most of the time. The work of hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton also agrees with what my spirit guide told me, so I highly recommend reading his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls to learn more about spirit guides and what it is like between lifetimes."
Spirit guides and TALKING TO SPIRITS, is a core component of witchcraft.

Now these folks take the pseduo agnostic stance even here, remember one of Satan's ways of deception has been to convince the atheists and agnostics of the world that he does not exist so when Joe Wells writes "there is no talking to those in the spirit world", he is WRONG.

I knew witches and others in pagan religions who did share their dealings with the spirit world. I do not think these people were all hallucinating or making things up. Even with the sentence of saying, that "witches have zero powers" today, is also misleading. What do you think leads people into the occult but the quest for power? Remember there is a difference between a young person who reads a few witchcraft books and tries a few spells and those who have moved up the ranks into the higher levels in the occult.

As Christians we do have all power through Jesus Christ to rebuke false spirits, witchcraft and worse, but here too they tell the teens, no need for spiritual warfare, all those witches are just role-playing a "fantasy". Even here they make a convoluted statement regarding this, because obviously the Bible does warn of witches, Joe Wells writes "They only had power for a time and when miracles ceased, it appears their abilities did as well"

Deu 18:10 There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination, [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, 

This too is more spiritual hand-tying and telling young people falsehoods that in my opinion with all the pseudo-agnosticism regarding spiritual things will lead them to more unbelief. For others, it will simply confuse them regarding spiritual warfare telling them there is simply NO NEED, and definitely we can see where that has led the entire church as a whole. So in this booklet I saw many disturbing messages and misleading ones too. The odd repeating of these things don't really exist [today] even though they are warned of in the Bible was quite disturbing. The back cover of the book, says "Truth is Under Attack. Are You Ready?" I find myself thinking it sure is!

As far as Focus Press goes, there is a website online for them, they publish a magazine called "Think". This is an odd cover with an "O" in the middle of the masonic compass and square.

Joe Wells says he is the director of youth and culture for Focus Press in this video. Anyhow tell me what you think regarding this booklet. As we know there is a concentrated effort to deceive young people in the church, and this can range from overt to subtle. Of course I think telling young people, demons aren't really around today, is pretty OVERT.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Billy Graham website scrubs Mormon 'cult' reference

Billy Graham website scrubs Mormon 'cult' reference
"The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed language labeling Mormonism a “cult” from its website after the famed preacher met with Republican nominee Mitt Romney last week and pledged to help his presidential campaign. The removal came after a gay rights group reported that the “cult” reference remained online even after Graham all but endorsed Romney, a Mormon, last Thursday. Ken Barun, chief of staff for the Charlotte-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, confirmed the removal on Tuesday. “Our primary focus at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has always been promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Barun said in a statement. “We removed the information from the website because we do not wish to participate in a theological debate about something that has become politicized during this campaign.” Surveys show that most evangelicals do not consider Mormons to be Christian, but most still support Romney’s candidacy. The GOP nominee will need a strong turnout from evangelicals, who tally a quarter of the electorate, to defeat President Barack Obama on Nov. 6. Romney met with Graham and his son, Franklin, in the elderly evangelist’s North Carolina home last week. After the meeting Graham said he was impressed by Romney’s business career and his “strong moral convictions.” According to Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka, Graham told the GOP nominee, “I’ll do all I can to help you.” Romney later held a campaign rally in nearby Asheville."
Talk about putting politics above everything else. This is the typical hypocrisy of deceivers like Billy Graham. I searched for Mormon/Mormons on the BGEA website, there were 6 articles that came up, at least 5 of the articles looked liked direct references to Mormonism being a cult were removed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Texe Marrs and Those who Scapegoat the Jews

Texe Marrs is an interesting one.  I used to listen to his tapes, read his books, get his newsletters--sent to me from an online friend. I've even read Codex Magica online and some of his other books such as "Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light" and "Dark Secrets of the New Age". I learned a lot from him when a newbie and recently new world order aware. He is right about the secret "brotherhood"[network I refer to it], false Christian leaders,  Skull & Bones, the luciferian involvements of too many political leaders, the masonic hand signs, satanic goddess worshiping monuments, markers for Satan, secret codes, and much more.  The sad thing though is the truths have a major lie thrown in.

One thing I always kept wondering about was why did Texe Marrs focus on the Jews as the source of all that is evil and only took temporary passing glances at the Vatican or Jesuits? Why not just name a luciferian as a luciferian instead of just stressing the Jewish thing?

Something seemed surely wrong with that focus on one ethnic group whether one thinks the majority arose from Israel or the Europe based Ashkenazi Jews.  For those who become new world order aware, one giant trap that awaits is the "Blame the Jews" game. "International Jewry" is considered the source of all evil in the world. You may hear such types refer to ZOG, "Zionist Occupied Government". Now I am against Jewish fables, and have exposed the false workings of Christian Zionism which is another branch of delusion run by the luciferians of this world but blaming one group of people for everything that has gone awry in the world is evil. Hitler as we know already played that game.

Are there Jews who have joined with the New World Order? Are there betraying new world order leaders of Israel who follow Satan and other groups like the CFR playing their role in world intrigue? Are there Masonic Frankist Sabbateans? Sure there are as well as many other members of other groups.

Even in Texe Marrs' book "Codex Magica", we see the satanic codes crossing many religious lines from Catholic, Jew, Protestant and even leaders of other religions. Recall one aspect of the Frankists was to fake being other religions.

The Bible tells us this:

 Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

Rev 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

We know the Jewish people have had persecution for their entire history, with Rome's Inquisitions against them and Christians. Jesus was born Jewish as well as many of the apostles. Judaism was different back then then the false Talmudic branch of Mystery Babylon Judaism of today but could this be why Satan desires the focus on the Jews as a scapegoat for all the world's problems. The false Jewish Talmudic branch is just one branch of Mystery Babylon. If one reads a Kabbalah website, it is the same lies of the New Age, Theosophy and the rest being promoted. How many say they are Jews and are NOT? The Rothschilds et all could they be merely luciferians who SAY they are JEWS referring to the above scripture?

Why does Texe Marrs focus on them so much above all groups? Hasn't he wondered about the Protocols of Zion actually being Jesuit written? Some seem to act like the Protocols are on par with scripture rather then a document written by whomever in Russia for deception and chaos. Even Makow another teacher that while he is right about many aspects of the new world order, also focuses far too heavily on the Jews.  Why does Texe Marrs refer to the Jews over and over equating an ethnic group/and or false Talmudic Judaism instead of just saying Luciferians?

I stand against the false Christian Zionism too, it's a trap, but this too is a trap, the focus on the Jews, a diversion as it were. Remember what I have said before on this blog about the layers of Deception? How many do they have focusing solely on the Jews who are now deceived? The types that read the Pope-praising pro-Adolf Hitler magazine "Barnes Review" sure that is one extreme but there are many other teachers pushing this error, I will point a few of them out. Anyhow with Texe Marrs he has exposed false Masonic Israel leaders and even pointed out some of the errors of Chuck Smith but when you read things like this, what does this bring to mind? "Jews Rule America" [photo from page 3 Power and Prophecy newsletter, April 2008]

He states in the above "Discover the names of the Jewish elite in the White House who give orders to Bush and Cheney and are guiding our once great nation into a Zionist cesspool of evil and death"

Here is another example:[picture taken from Power of Prophecy newsletter, August 2010, last page]

Notice what is said above, he is right about the evil Rothschilds, and some of the plans, we know now there is a seeking of control of government and politics, the use of America as a "police man" and war monger for the new world order, but notice #8 "Use America's Jewish minority to enslave the almost 300 million Gentile citizens", this sounds like something Hitler and pals would have written. Does he even know any Jewish people? Sure they are in a false religion but trying to advance everyone with "berg" in their last name as out to enslave you is a bit much.

One sees a never ending focus on Jews. [the above picture comes from Power of Prophecy September 2010]  How is Obama a Jew or advancing of Jews? Obama most likely is a Mason [Prince Hall], but the evidence for him being Muslim especially with the recent exposing of his Allah ring, is far higher. What is "Jewish" about Obama? It seems the forest of luciferians here, is lost for the would be Jewish trees. 

The above says "The Jewish swindlers placed in power in Washington D.C. by Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, Ben Bernanke, and Timothy Geithner, et al--along with thier Zionist fanatic associates in Congress-are working nonstop to transfer America's wealth to Israel and China"
Something here seems very wrong with Texe Marrs over-focus on the Jews.

Texe Marrs focus on the Jews continue on his website "Power of Prophecy". While some of the warnings about Israel's political works and the new world order are true, take a look for yourself googling for his website. Others have noticed his focus on the Jews as well, and only passing glances at the Jesuits and Rome. [not an endorsement of this website as the author follows SDA teachers]. I checked to see if Marrs ever had mentioned Knights of Malta, and he has but far more minimally, but obviously the focus the majority of the time is the Jews as the source of all the world's trouble and turmoil.

Ok bear with me here for a minute,  as I am going to trace some very strange connections here for a minute, but as I was being sent this literature by an outside internet friend, I noticed something very strange, Texe Marrs promotes a teacher named Michael Collins Piper. They have done conferences together.

This ad for a conference where both are speakers appears in the Power of Prophecy Newsletter August 2010 [I have a selection of these newsletters]
Michael Collins Piper and his books appear on the front page TODAY of the Power of Prophecy website: Texe Marrs HIGHLY recommends BOTH including the book "THE NEW BABYLON"

Ok now see the book on the RIGHT? "THE NEW BABYLON THOSE WHO REIGN SUPREME"..... I own this book, it was sent to me from the same outside internet person, it is not a book I would choose myself but it was sent with a wide variety of NWO newsletters, and other books.  Here is a picture of this book:

The book is full of endless discussions on the evils of "Jews", it reads like totally racist propaganda. I believe this book is meant to help play cover for the Vatican who is not mentioned nor the Pope and to help people enter into the lie regarding Jews and the New World Order. Notice the praising of racist sentences like the below on page 156..."The Jews have no sense of proportion, nor do they have any judgment on world affairs. The Jews, I find are very very selfish"

Now I want you to take a look here, here is the back cover of the book, in my opinion this author Michael Collins Piper is showing HAND SIGNS, see the ones being done here? The emerald and white shirt also have meaning.

How come Texe Marrs didn't review his own book Codex Magica and the hand signs he has exposed regarding "his friend"? Such as the V" sign and the pointing below?  I noticed this stuff the day I saw this book. 

Here is another one, one of the last pages in the book. Some of these are pretty obvious.

It gets even worse.

This book has even direct praise for Hitler in it.

page 51 "But it cannot be denied---though there will be those uncomfortable with this assertion-that Adolf Hitler himself was, in fact the first major figure of modern times targeted for destruction precisely because of  the policies that he sought to institute--economic and social policies that were designed to diminish the role of international Jewish finance in controlling and directing the course of Germany's--and Europe's future"
and in the back pages, it advertises both the AFP paper and the Barnes Review.

 Now some may ask what is so bad about that? I will tell you what is bad about that, I have seen both these publications for myself, I knew they were controlled opposition at the get-go. The Barnes Review was so hateful, so racist and full of lies such as Holocaust denial, that when I saw them, after I looked over them,  I destroyed the lot of them, shredding them and putting them in a garbage bag to toss them out.

Ok. Let me show you something...

The Barnes Reviews I read, questioned God's Word, aka, even said books of the Old Testament were false, praised Hitler, I saw one article that talked about Hitler being a "nice" man to the ladies and praised the pre-Vatican II POPES! Here is the picture of one of the magazines I saw some years ago, I read this one, and yes Pope Pius XII is PRAISED in the article "Pope Pius XII: The Pope of Peace". "The New Revelations about the Life of Jesus Christ" article is the one that denies God's Word.

Since these magazines are long gone, I'll show some online proof [I do not want to link to these folks so doing this via pictures:

"Pope Pius XII: Pope of Peace
By Joaquin Bochaca
In 1939 Europe looked ready to explode in war on all sides. Poland, Germany, England and Italy all had complex agreements and claims upon one another. Pope Pius, sensing a continent-wide conflagration simmering, tried to step in and mitigate the disagreements without the interference of America and Bolshevik Russia…"

Barnes Review- Praise of the Crusades and reference to Christiandom--Catholic church

Praise for Hitler:

More here speaking nauseatingly of "Hitler's inspirational speeches at Nuremberg":

Barnes Review: Questioning of God's Word which remind me of Jesuit quibbles, and fables about "jesus" in Tibet being promoted:

The AFP, American Free Press is no better except in a different way, I read copies of that one and it had lots of information about the new world order, some of which was true, but sadly did the same light praising of Trad Catholicism, and the Popes as well as odd advertisement for "Holocaust revisionists"

Here they sell a book by a Catholic priest, I also noticed Pat Shannan, another name that appeared at the Texe Marrs conference.

Defenses of Bishop Williamson, remember him, the Trad Catholic bishop who got in trouble for Holocaust denial?  Both of these publications seem to be more partial towards pre-Vatican II, Catholicism which is an error in itself.

How do I say this even clearer. One can be against Christian Zionism, and see how evil workings in Israel are affecting the world as many other places, but BE WARY of those who desire to BLAME ONE GROUP of PEOPLE for all the world's problems. Be wary of those who mix truths with giant buckets of lies. Be wary of those who advance hate for other human beings no matter what race, color, creed or ethnic group.  Be wary of the professional anti-semites. There are racist websites blaming a variety of groups for all sorts of problems. 

Yes the New World Order uses divisions between people every which way it can. Even anti-racism has been used in nefarious ways by the new world order to bring division between people, think Jesse Jackson. There are those who will even tell people who question Christian Zionism that they are racists but this is not true.  If someone questions aspects of the Holocaust such as the numbers, this does not mean they are an instant racist, but I reject Holocaust denial. Why are they so busy trying to cover up Rome's latest updated Inquisition with so much attention paid to denying those crimes? This is accompanied by insane praise for Hitler in some of the most extreme places. Texe Marrs is a teacher I left behind early on, learning what I could about the NWO, but knowing he advanced a great and evil lie and very false teachers.  Regarding the Holocaust denial, I had in-laws who saw the dead bodies for themselves in WWII Europe one whose diary I have in my possession, so whose the liar?

There are those who are focusing on play the game of "blame the Jews"to play cover for the Vatican, Popes and other power players. One can see this in many places where they name Israel ALONE as "Babylon". Many such types while they may reject the ecumenism of Rome, will point to Vatican 2 and to Roman Catholicism as being infiltrated by the Kabbalists, Masons, and rest instead of being false from the start.  This is an aspect that is very popular among some circles of Trad Catholics.

Victor Thorn denies the Holocaust and also authors this 9-11 book that lays everything at foot of the Jews and "Israel". Hand signs such as Lisa Guilani making a "power fist" and occult symbols abound on the back cover.

Victor Thorn by the way has had his books praised by Texe Marrs and has been interviewed by the same. Here Texe Marrs refers to him as a friend.

Watch out for this specific network, that while they warn about the new world order and tell some truths, focus on the Jewish people and scapegoat them for every evil in the world. Watch out for Holocaust deniers, that ignore the scripture that tells us to be wary of those who say they are Jews and are NOT.  Their books and websites are everywhere, and while they may have some political truths there is another false message, another diversion, and more confusion as to how this world actually works. Other websites that over-focus on the Jews is Henry Makow's, Rense to a certain degree and Conspiracy Planet. I am sure there are many more. I have seen Makow post articles defending Roman Catholicism or at least its earlier versions.

Here is an example of a book and an author Greg Felton who has been interviewed by Texe Marrs. This book shows up advertised in some of these other circles too.

This book is quite a doozy as it writes on page 43
"First, "Allah" is merely the Arabic word for God--the same as the God of the Hebrew and Jewish Bibles. To insinuate that Allah is somehow opposed to God is a demonstrable lie"
This is totally against scripture:

1Jo 2:23         Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also].

Even weirder it does have things exposed in it like Plan for a New American Century and even the Council for National Policy and LaHaye, but it's conclusions are jumbled and the Vatican and Knights of Malta is never mentioned. Do you think there could be a reason they are telling us that "Allah is God" opposed to scripture?

I realize even when pointing to the Pope or the Vatican as the source of trouble in this world, this does not mean hating Catholic people  but praying they will be free. But even there, there are multiple groups of Luciferians coming from different directions. The Pope may be high near the top of the pyramid of the new world order, but Satan runs that evil show. What are we to think of people who seem to automatically think that Jewish blood makes a person evil? I think they are deceived by Satan. They ignore God's Word to their own hateful demise. The apostles preached to the Jewish people the gospel, and many were Jewish themselves, they did not preach hate and that Jews are "parasites",an anti-semitic line you see happening in this literature time and time again. 

Stay away from Texe Marrs.

Acts 17:26

King James Version (KJV)

26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

America for Jesus 2012 and Pat Robertson

Are any of you getting nauseated yet from the hyper-jingoism meets religion meets
re-written American history? Have you noticed how just about all the false religious leaders are joined together on this?

Robertson, Perkins join ‘America for Jesus’ rally in Philly, pray for political candidates, US  

Notice the names that show up at this one including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council who I have written about here before [you know the guy who heads up the FRC, who hired Knights of Malta Boykin] and NAR "prophetess" Cindy Jacobs
Robertson, a former Republican candidate for president, called the election important, but didn’t mention either major political party or candidate by name.

“I don’t care what the ACLU says or any atheists say. This nation belongs to Jesus, and we’re here today to reclaim his sovereignty,” said Robertson, 82, who founded the Christian Coalition and Christian Broadcasting Network, and ran for president in 1988.

Organizers plan another prayer rally Oct. 20 in Washington, D.C., two weeks before President Barack Obama faces Republican Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

Perkins asked the crowd to pray for elected officials including Obama.

“We pray that his eyes will be open to the truth,” Perkins said.
A number of event organizers, though, have been vocal critics of the Democratic president.

Steve Strang, the influential Pentecostal publisher of Charisma magazine, which was distributed at the rally, recently wrote in a blog post that America is under threat from a “radical homosexual agenda.” He also said Obama “seems to be moving toward some form of European socialism.”

And speaker Cindy Jacobs has blamed a mysterious Arkansas bird-kill last year on Obama’s repeal of the policy known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

Notice the blasphemy right there for the viewing, why does Jesus Christ need anyone to " reclaim his sovereignty"?, Pat Robertson is bad news. He has so many masonic markers it's not funny, here is one of the most obvious ones, with him doing a masonic lion's paw on the cover of Time magazine.


That's an interesting handshake too.

Realize Pat Robertson is part of the Council for National Policy "network" as well. There is plenty of research on him webwide.

Pat Robertson constantly comes up with odd statements, such as here, telling us that God spoke to him and told us America is bringing economic judgement upon itself. Some of his other prophecies have NOT come true, and we know what the Bible says about those who are false prophets

Here you can see his fellow lady host, try to stop him from putting his foot in his mouth when he tells someone to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer's

He has become notorious in the news for saying things that are absurd and nasty.

Pat Robertson jokes: become Muslim — then you can beat your wife

[CBN apologizes]

Anyone ever wonder why his TV show is called the 700 club? They claim that is the number of those who donated, but I wonder about that.

I found this article about Pat Robertson online, I do not want to retread ground that has already been covered multiple times, but they go into his Reconstructionism, his other religious right ties and more.

The statement about a Knights of Malta getting Robertson in, is of interest: "Pat Robertson got his start from the Knight of Malta Peter Grace.

This is true. Think about how so many of these guys are "chosen", Pat Robertson is right out of law school and on his way. From Pat Robertson's own online autobiography: [click to enlarge picture below]

 "After graduation in 1955 with what later became a Juris Doctor degree, I decided against the practice of law and began a business career in the South American manufacturing operation of W. R. Grace & Co. Peter Grace, the legendary head of the company, was obsessive about detail, budgets, and financial projections. Despite the fact that W. R. Grace was too diverse a grab bag of unrelated entities ever to appeal to Wall Street, there could not possibly have been a better pressure environment for a young executive to hone his business skills and learn financial analysis than W. R. Grace."

Looks like Peter Grace was a Knights of Malta...[multiple quotes and cites at link] [see here too]

This is another false teacher to watch out for, a more overt one, but nonetheless one with still a strong following. Obviously his Dominionism has been more wide spread.

The Knights of Malta tentacles reach far and wide.