Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why is Hillary Clinton Being Puffed Up to the World?

Warning video may cause nausea, but wanted to show this given who sings her praises.

This is kind of ominous towards the end, when Obama says "There will be more tributes to come."

Years ago I remember expressing surprise that she did not become a candidate for president.

Notice what figures appear on here. Interesting how Netanyahu who has been invited to Calvary Chapel pulpits, sings the praises of one Hillary Clinton several times in this video. I probably don't need to describe to my readers the malfeasance of the Clintons, that is territory that has been covered over and over in many places, but she loves the "common good" too.


christian cerna said...

I think that she would have a tough time with the American voters. Even though she is well liked by the Liberal/Femminist media, she is already showing her age. I imagine that by the time the next elections come around, she will look like an old maid. Although, I admit, it would be entertaining to see her running against Sarah Palin.

Marion said...

Apparently, she is stepping down as Secretary of State early next year...