Thursday, December 20, 2012

The School Shootings

Eph 5:16    Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Gunman kills mom, 26 others in school shooting spree

Please pray for the families and children in Newton Conn. One can see, this world growing colder and more evil as these widespread massacres become more and more common. To be honest, I have avoided most of the news, because it is too disturbing to me outside of reading some articles so I could post this. This is one of the most horrible events to ever happen.

Tears have come to my eyes even thinking of the horror those children must have felt as they were killed by a mad gunman. I started this blog article a few days ago, but took a long time to post on this subject and finish it. I wanted to mention it and do some justice to the subject matter, but it has just had me shake my head in sorrow.  What could be said, in this much face of evil? God is still there for all of us, and in the sake of children dying this young, with a kindergarten class being targeted, Jesus said it Himself:

Matt 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Many times, we will have to pray, especially facing evil in this world today. Pray for those facing such immense grief over the loss of a child, that God gives them healing and peace in their hearts, and also of their own salvation and seeing their child in heaven again. One teacher was credited with laying down her life, for the sake of her students. 

Other thoughts I have had, is "What about the children who survived and now will be afraid everyday they go to school?" What of the fear and worry of millions of parents as they send their child off to school?  Or even children nationwide who hear about these shootings and now will be scared as they are sent off to school? Mass trauma programming and PTSD for a whole nation, evil of depths never even conceived of before, this truly has become a luciferian directed lost nation.   The nation can watch Obama "cry" with his dry eyes as other children die under drones in other nations but one wonders what is happening and the big picture behind all this.

This possessed, very likely would be MK ultra-"Manchurian" candidate basically shot up rooms full of babies. I read that he had even managed to bypass the school's security system which locked all doors of the school by 9:30 a.m. Have you ever asked yourself, why when these schools have lock-downs, where they tell the kids to hunker down down like fish in a barrel, right there in a room? This may be a small detail, but it's something I've thought about, guy comes to shoot up a school, and the schools make it so the kids can't even run away? Ever think about that one? Sorry but if I was a teacher if the windows were on the first floor and the kids could get out without hurting themselves, I'd be dropping them through [first floor windows close enough to the ground] and telling them to make a run for it, rather then sitting there like sitting ducks for a gunman just to blast open the door with a gunshot. Moving targets are far harder to hit then one's all gathered together.

I had a teacher friend tell me they had a "drill", I asked "What did that entail?" She said, "Locking all windows and the doors." She means well and is following school policy given to her, but how does a locked door work against a strong weapon that can just shoot away the lock in seconds? During Columbine they locked down the school for three hours, actually giving the two shooters there more time to move through the building to find new victims.

Now with this event, on the heels of the UN discussion of gun bans, stores are removing guns from their shelves and the voices are crying up for more gun control. As if gun control is going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? It will only leave law abiding people more in danger. All the timing and instant outcry to ban guns, definitely is something to think about.

I do not think it is any surprise that the shooter's mother was called out as a prepper, course what was wrong with a woman that supposedly had this severely mentally ill son, but left him with access to weaponry without removing it from the home? One thing odd about that is they do not focus on how wealthy this family was, but make it seem like both crawled out of the backwoods somewhere. The news media have had a field day with that one focusing on her prepping and focus on the "end of the world", that definitely is being done to influence thinking out there.

How 'ticking time bomb' Adam Lanza went from 'genius' tech geek who grew up in a $1.6million home to heartless killer

There's some other weird stuff that has come up too, the fact the author Suzanne Collins of Hunger Games--remember that series? lives in Sandy Hook, and supposedly Sandy Hook is shown in the last batman movie on a map but as one guy mentioned isn't there a Sandy Hook Bay under Manhattan? Gotham City is supposed to be a fictional name for New York.

We know shootings in general have gone way up. What's the plan? The removal of the second-amendment? What do you think? Were the people so nuts years ago that claimed they were going to take everyone's guns away?

This is an article I caught too, but it's barely showing up in the news:

Libor scandal reveals frightening connection to mass shootings of 2012 

"One bizarre connection to the tragedies that took place at the Sandy Hook, Newtown, Conn., school is that the father of murderer Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year by shooter James Holmes.
Killer's Adam Lanza and James Holmes fathers were reportedly expected to testify in the Libor bank scandal trial that took place in June. Peter Lanza, the Newtown Conn. killer's father is the Vice President and Tax Director at GE Financial, while Robert Holmes, father to Aurora, Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes, is the head scientist of FICO."

I'll let people watch this and make up their own minds, I do not agree with all of it, the Sandy Hook thing seems to be a stretch but there is more about Libor around the 10:00 minute mark and Lanza's father, Peter Lanza that applies to the above. 

The days have indeed become evil. Please pray. 


Anonymous said...

check out these...
Warning about the first site below...I apologize for the language this author uses.
The link is being used only for the author's observations and the fact that he asks some very good questions.
Things we ought to notice; questions we ought to ponder.
Do watch the videos.
DEFINITELY not a blanket endorsement of all the material that can be found on this site; which is anti-Christ. Use caution, wisdom and discretion.

These other two are VERY interesting. Actors? Impossible? The more I watch, I think not. Need to click on videos to stop and scrutinize - WOW!

Many of us remember the hoax of Orson Wells and "The War of the Worlds"...testing for future propaganda and the gullibility of the people?
Does George Orwell's "1984" come to mind?
Propaganda and control? All? There IS an agenda!

The ONLY truth is found in the Word of God; I know you know!

Bible Believer said...

I went ahead and posted your comment since you warn of that site being anti-christ, they do have a lot of BLAME the Jews lies on there [so yes proceed with caution]

With wellaware, I'd be careful. I'll be honest I haven't had time to explore that website in depth yet, but it does seem all very odd. Not that I am saying it's impossible but odd. I will have to give those a closer examination.

There are multiple layers of deceptions folks have to watch out for, but I agree there is definite propaganda and programming going on....

Bible Believer said...

I noticed too on the news today, they are instituting more gun bans.

I agree the only truth is found in God's Word. We are being lied to at some many different levels and they are manipulating the populace, now pretty freely, with few thinkers left.

Anonymous said...

Remember that book link that someone posted to "Inside the LC" (Laurel Canyon). I read it all - CIA compounds with movie production capability and recording studios; and there are clips somewhere on You-tube where George Bush was confronted about the news being "composed and released" to the news services for the news by the White House? Also, an interview with Bush where he was asked if he ever watched the news? His answer was "No, I already know what it will be."

Something strange I read on the internet, was the Chief Medical Examiner (well-aware connects him to some other "news stories" - way interesting and the videos speak volumes) saying that none of the parents identified the "bodies" of their children; that he took photographs for identification.

HOW STRANGE! I know as a mom, no matter what the cause or the mess, I would want to see and hold my "baby" one last time!

I find the Well Aware site odd as well. But, I think that's because with all the goings on, we've been regularly pointed in the direction of the bad guys being government (and of course they are still involved) the "illuminati" the "masons", the "jesuits" "luciferians" with "blood sacrifices" (and it very well may be). BUT WE'VE NEVER IMAGINED THAT ALL THESE CRISES MIGHT POSSIBLY BE "MADE FOR TV" DRAMAS...ONLY NO ONE PUT IT IN THE TV GUIDE, AND WE ALL THINK IT'S REAL!

It just sounds too crazy - even for the conspiracy theory folks!

I'm not about to declare what is "real"; I have no idea! I believe only God knows, and we have been setup for massive deception EVERYWHERE and on many, many levels. When looking around in our world - there is no way to know what the truth is about anything - EXCEPT the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

Here's another

Anonymous said...

Do you know what's interesting about this? There doesn't have to be ANY victims - all that is needed is that we BELIEVE there were victims, and lots of crazy lone shooters wanting to take us all out - ESPECIALLY the children and the unsuspecting at rest and play.

FEAR - the major controller.

People will gladly surrender their "rights" for peace and safety!

Bible Believer said...

That short little rebel site looks interesting..

She brings up the Libor connections too.

Yeah its hard to know if its all a set up, definitely interesting theory...but for me, that's what it remains for now, but with all the deception around us, not impossible. I saw in a mainstream article the odd stuff about the parents being shown pictures. It seems most would want to see their child, even if it was traumatic, to know for sure it was one of their children who lost their lives, that made no sense to me.

Whatever happened, they will definitely being used FEAR to control. It has had me wonder what new things await for the public schools.

Some woman was out there, saying put all the children behind steel walls.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell which part of the whole thing is a hoax. The video of the dad is so obvious that it makes me wonder if it is out there to create confusion. Also, if you look at all pictures of the dad, there is a possibility of that there is more than one "Robbie Parker" out there. Who really knows what on earth is going on. BB, I like the way you ended the article, Pray for the times are evil.

Abbey said...

Yes to everything you wrote!! I have been thinking all of it too. I became suspicious last week and started researching. Gun control and LIBOR! I already knew about the Libor scandal and James Holmes' father but then I stumbled upon the connection with Adam Lanza's father. Also the CNBC VP that ran a story about LIBOR and two of his children were stabbed to death supposedly by their nanny who then proceeded to slit her own throat.

I watched the dry cry and was disgusted but many of the sheeple fell for it. Where's the guy in camo that I saw the police chase in the woods? Why did the coroner say most of the gunshots were from a rifle but Adam's body was found with two hand guns and a rifle was found in his car? I read that Nancy Lanza was a CIA P2 analyst working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DARPA specializes in the use of simulated video internet games for the purpose of mind control and staging psyops.
Why and how did Adam have his brother's ID? How do we know exactly who walked into that school? He was wearing a mask. Why, if he was going to kill himself anyway? Whatever happened to his girlfriend and another friend that went missing? Devastation from hurricane Sandy and in Sandy Hook?

James Holmes and Adam Lanza were highly intelligent, possibly genius, but they do a 180 and become homicidal maniacs? James Holmes claims he doesn't remember anything or how he ended up in jail. Sirhan Sirhan has always claimed the same thing and both were in a trance-like state when apprehended.

Luke 17:2 KJV

2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

Abbey said...

I found it weird that Suzanne Collins, the author of "The Hunger Games" lives there too. I actually thought about Hunger Games in relation to this tragedy. How many people loved and raved about that sick, twisted movie/book? The Batman movies are pretty sadistic and violent from what I've read yet people are so shocked when things happen in real life. We have people biting off other people's faces too. Oh wait, that happened in "Silence of the Lambs". Violent movies and video games don't negatively affect people though. The experts said so. Just read about the spurting blood, gore and crude language that's in a lot of the video games if you want to feel sick to your stomach.

The liberals and socialists are spewing hate against the NRA nut cases as they call them. Just one example is Marg Helgenberger (CSI) that said NRA people should have to shoot their kids! That's evil and twisted. Blame guns not the immoral, ungodly, violent and selfish society we live in.

Anonymous said...

Amen Abbey.

Anonymous said...

I think the people who perpetrated it are also the ones who are making it very obvious that it was a hoax. Robbie Parkers with two different hair colors and three different hair cuts, pictures of the Parkers with Obama, everyone smiling! They are playing with us. I don't know why. This is different than causing fear, maybe more like paranoia. It reminds me of that song that contains the words, "paranoia runs deep, into your soul it will creep..."

Anonymous said...

Yes to the paranoia! Look around now on the web and you will see people calling other people paranoid for thinking that the Sandy Hook shooting could be a hoax. The main stream and alternative media are making it so obvious that it is a hoax, and then there are others out there to make you look and feel paranoid if you call it a hoax.

JL said...

I don't believe Sandy Hook was a hoax. I believe 20 something children and adults really died that day. I think we should keep those families in our prayers.

Bible Believer said...

I'll pray for anyone who has lost a child, but something is fishy with this whole Sandy Hook thing. I left this article open ended for a reason because it is hard for sure to KNOW what EXACTLY what went on, but there does seem to be many missing pieces and holes. I haven't made my mind up. Somethings in this world, we may never know the exact parameters of what happened, but we will know something is up and fishy, and it can be agreed probably by most of my readers the NWO is using this event for some of their agendas such as gun control.

No parent would just be happy being shown a picture of their dead child by a coroner and calling it a day, they would want that LOSS PROVEN to them and to say Goodbye. Abbey is right that there is a lot of suspicious stuff going on, and some websites have exposed the Libor connections.
I have seen some articles like this one that says there were more shooters

They bring up the handguns vs rifles issue too.

I didn't read that about the Lanza's mother yet, interesting... and I did see the questions about the different IDs.

There are articles about Holmes saying he doesn't remember anything.

Yes definitely shades of Sirhan Sirhan, you got that right Abbey.

The Suzanne Collins thing is weird. Yeah I got weary of hearing people praise those books, I read them myself out of curiosity and exposing, but decided not to post on them except for what I thought of them in general, but the books definitely advance endless NWO agendas, situational ethics, and diminishment of the respect for life.
One sick and twisted book, they are promoting has Grey in the title, I won't even name it, but I told a friend flat out, "No Christian has any business reading those books"

I agree the weird stuff with Batman is creepy. I wasn't saved yet and saw some early Batman movies in the 90s, the one with the Penguin and those movies had a disgusting and dark edge to them. That movie was DARK to me and I wasn't even saved yet and it creeped me out. The movies, videos games and rest they are filling people's heads with for "predictive programming" have taken their affect. The Batman movies have gotten darker and darker year by year.

The liberals you are right are going overboard. I told some liberals that every totalitarian government in the world has taken away people's guns, and the anger I received was pretty bad. Some of the cities like Chicago, in this country with the strictest gun laws, have the highest rates of murders and shootings. The liberals use no reason, in that the criminals do not care about gun laws, or gun control, etc, they just buy theirs off the black market.

I saw some of the Robbie Parker stuff. A bit confused on that, still need to make sense of it.

This seems absolutely FAKE to me too..

With the paranoia, The trauma-programming of the masses is part of the agenda. They can then use the fear to gain more and more control. Remember God has not called us to a spirit of fear.