Friday, December 28, 2012

More "Integrating" the Gap? Troops Deployed to 35 African Nations

Pentagon Announces Troop Deployment in 35 African Nations

U.S. Army Teams Heading to 35 African Countries

early next year for training programs and other operations as part of an increased Pentagon role in Africa. The move would see small teams of U.S. troops dispatched to countries with groups allegedly linked to al-Qaeda, such as Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger. The teams are from a U.S. brigade that has the capability to use drones for military operations in Africa if granted permission. The deployment could also potentially lay the groundwork for future U.S. military intervention in Africa. In related news, the United Nations Security Council has unanimously backed sending thousands of African troops into Mali to help combat Islamist militants who have claimed vast areas in the country’s north.
U.S. expands its secret war in Africa

Be careful with infowars and Democracy Now, but it's interesting how some news is only reported in the "alternative" media. Think about how MANY countries this is, THIRTY FIVE, and the USA is broke and now engaging in even more wars?

See: "WWIII: One Nation At A Time"?


Anonymous said...

The USA has been taken over by the vatican, and is now their tool to dominate the world for the vatican. The CIA was started by a jesuit catholic, the armed forces are catholic-dominated as is the pentagon. Their allegiance to the pope goes above any allegiance to the USA.

The idea is to bankrupt the USA with a fiat debt system (funny munny that doesn't exist anyway since nothing backs it), and to create wars to kill as many people in the military and around the world. These are crusades in the modern days. The puppet regimes that get put in place, are always bowing down to the pope when he shows up for a visit.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, definitely. We are now dominated. Even these wars are totally not for any benefit or defense of the American people but for the new globalist order. Strange how no one asks, what are all these wars for? The "gap" that has refuse to "integrate" are those that need drawn into the central world system, including banking.

We are having the biggest money clean out ever, and the fiat debt system with the money that is printed like crazy with no backing is part of the game. Trillions of "debt" that will never be paid back. It's interesting to ask who is it all owed to? Yes the wars and more are modern crusades. THIRTY FIVE AFRICAN COUNTRIES, that number is mind-blowing. Pray for the people over there. You are right about the puppet regimes.

Steve said...

BB said "Strange how no one asks"

Kind of, but not really. In America, we are brainwashed as children to 'obey the flag' unquestionably.

We are brainwashed to be pro-USA no matter what atrocities our government or military commit.

I know for myself, my church also supported this belief system (calvary chapel).

It wasn't until I dug into the Word, especially the words of Jesus, that I began to suspect something was not right.

As I began this journey to "wake up" to the reality all around many from church, friends, and my own family...tried to get me to "go back to sleep".

"Don't focus on it", "Well, we're a lot better than 'other' countries", etc. etc.

I am still amazed how many don't want to acknowledge the man behind the curtain...they just to stare at Oz.