Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Variety of Links #17

Creflo Dollar is at it again:

Add this to the bad preachers waxing worse files! "Cover your leaders" for their sins and other exposed evils? Where is that in the Bible? It's not. I get the feeling the Internet has been not a good invention due to the free exchange of information for some of these guys. Maybe a few have asked is that name "Dollar" his real name? His father was named the same. Yeah I googled it.

Creflo Dollar Says Don't Let Facebook Bring a Curse on You! [I don't agree with Wartburg Watch on many things but interesting article]

Jer 15:10    Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; [yet] every one of them doth curse me.

The Vatican Instructs Employees to Wear RFID 

"Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks scandal."

{video for information purposes, take Mark Dice with a grain of salt, the first half of the video is the most worthwhile and you probably can get by skipping the second half where he segues into weird stuff about brains of people being hooked into the internet becoming like gods}


Rev 13:17    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

No surprises there, I am sure the Vatican supports RFID and it's related technologies. Wouldn't the next step be, telling their employees to get the chip IMPLANTED? If it's good for their employees which would include some lay people to a wide variety of monsignors, cardinals, and bishops, they will consider it good for you too.

A student in Texas has refused to wear an ID card with an RFID implant, remember with the RFID chip as long as you are "wearing" the badge or card, they know your whereabouts whether that be in the bathroom or standing in the street. I would refuse to wear one of these cards as well. It is against civil liberties as well as giving one's freedom of movement over to the state or other organization.

She is right about the religious implications:

Mark of the Beast: Refuse It!

Oh and by the way, this stuff isn't just for the Catholics, or hospitals or schools but CHURCHES as well. I snipped this off a website while writing today:


50% unemployment for young people.

When one reads the real cites about the economy the picture is not rosy, of course this is the time of the year where materialism is pushed for the false holiday of Christmas. So many unemployed, struggling and suffering and we get to see the annual greed fest of black Friday, it's riots and other holiday shop til you drop nonsense.

  "Youth employment is at its lowest level since World War II; only about half of young people ages 16 to 24 held jobs in 2011. Among the teens in that group, only 1 in 4 is now employed, compared to 46 percent in 2000. Overall, 6.5 million people ages 16 to 24 are both out of school and out of work, statistics that suggest dire consequences for financial stability and employment prospects in that population. More and more doors are closing for these young people. Entry-level jobs at fast-food restaurants and clothing stores that high school dropouts once could depend on to start their careers now go to older workers with better experience and credentials. It often takes a GED to get a job flipping hamburgers. Even some with college degrees are having trouble finding work.  "

This book title strikes me as odd, I have not read it yet. Isn't one supposed to aspire to things beyond THIS LIFE as a Christian. If God is boring to you, or mundane, or related to the dull things in life, then something is WRONG. If someone tells you to wash dishes for "god" to get wondrous enlightenment out of it, run! Don't forget Opus Dei was sold on that Catholic "worker" concept of finding holiness in the mundane things of life, and well in that case sleeping on hard boards and wearing spiked wires around your thigh.
I think this guy is right to question those who preach everyone has to  be radical and go be a famous missionary, and things like that but am I weird to think WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LIFE? To be fair,  I need to read it but the subtitle, "A breath-taking escape from the fantastical" seems to be saying something that isn't good. That almost sounds like something liberal types write when they get upset at someone believing in the bible literally. There was always this talk of "work" of "ordinariness" in Catholicism. If anything if you have the world's most boring life, and live at the lowest status in society, God should be anything but mundane to you.

Psa 33:8    Let all the earth fear the LORD: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.

I don't celebrate Christmas. I have already written on this. The reasons are plentiful. If you are new to this blog, please read what I have written on Christmas:.

The Truth About Christmas

The house of the future?

Smart Growth and Communitarian Urbanism

I like the ideas of buy local and others they are seeming to advance as grassroots, but reading Fanatic for Jesus's article is a good warning. Maybe I should rethink why they are pushing some of this stuff even if it sounds good on the surface. The other day, I had two people, one who even told me he was a Republican tell me that THEY SHOULD TAX PEOPLE by the MILE for the sake of the environment. I said, "Do you realize that is an Agenda 21 item and showed them a link. I do not think they were too happy with me but one thing I am noticing a preponderance of people in America who seem eager to embrace their reduced freedoms and the chains now being locked around them.  This includes the reduced lifestyle the elites desire for the West that will accompany their desire for population control. Remember they are going to sell this stuff, as GOOD.

So when they want you to live in a 200 square feet hut, while eating your Soylent Green, they want to make it seem like you are doing "the earth" good. Have you wondered why they keep pushing those little itty bitty houses that seem barely larger then the  outhouses of yesterday? Ask yourself why they want everyone living this way and who profits? From the article linked above:

"If you read between the lines of their double talk, you can clearly see their goals are to:
Achieve a unique sense of community [a collectivist mindset];
Expand the range of transportation [buses and bicycles];
Increase employment [more part time and under-employed];
More housing choices [tiny houses/living spaces];
Equitably distribute the costs and benefits of development [some pay while others get rich];
Preserve and enhance natural and cultural resources [more restrictions on developing land and a requirement to volunteer];
and promote public health by way of walking [no one will be permitted to be fat or unhealthy, while others will be allowed to die without medical care].[2]"  

Glenn Beck’s Hypocrisy at all time High. When will America wake up and see this Rodeo Clown for what he is?

I've warned about Glenn Beck too, it is astonishing to me that so many still listen to this guy and trust him including apostate pastors. He is mocking his listeners in these pictures.

"Restore Love. Restore Honor. The Third Great Awakening? This man is the same one that had all of the Apostate Church leaders gathered in one rally, at several VIP dinners, and even held a rally in Jerusalem, and addressed the Knesset. He visited Rome and hobnobbed with Bishops and offered to help the Pope start Tea Party style rallies? Hello, is anyone getting this? His pièce de résistance is placing a bobble head of Barack Obama in a “pee” jar and selling it on EBAY!?
And this man is going to restore America to its former greatness? He’s a “Christian?” What planet am I on, is this Kolob or Earth?!! Get a clue people. Wake up from your delusion and see Glenn Beck for what he really is."

I am realizing I have been doing this blog for years now, it will be three years in April. That is a lot longer then I thought I'd be at it. God has blessed me with what I have been able to accomplish here and warn about.  I know some of my blogging has slowed down recently but will always attempt to post at least once a week. I haven't run out of things to say but finding time and energy to write it all down is easier at times then others. Please pray for me.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you Bible Believer. Thank you for your blog.

ED said...

I just wanted to say what a very exceptional job you are doing. This is a much needed ministry in these times we are living. My prayer for you is that you don't grow weary in well doing. May God Bless you

Anonymous said...

1) "Creflo Dollar" LOL! Whether that is his real name or not, it's just too easy. He's a false teacher on so many levels. And yes, I'll say that on Facebook, message boards, and email. And I won't be cursed for any of it, ever.

2) The Vatican is the head of the beast, the top of the illuminati, the top point of the pyramid just under satan. So them putting microchips in everything, is expected.

3) "The God of the Mundane"... I saw something where someone commented favorably about that book on another website, and I had an immediate check in my spirit about it. The main message is, you're supposed to expect little to nothing from God, so, go wash your toilet. That's not the God of the Bible, though, who is ever doing amazing things and changing lives and giving abundant life in Him. So I'll pass on more "suffering doctrine" false doctrine from Redmond and the catholics (don't know if he is ecumenical, but wouldn't be shocked).

4) The house of the future... at least the "mundane" crowd will have less toilets to clean.

Marion said...

Hi know where you stated that the video related to the pope and rfid's was good but the second half got "weird" with brain/internet interfacing...

Have you seen this? Maybe not so weird after all...who knows what the intentions are with some of these new "technologies."

BTW...when you comment that you wouldn't wear an rfid chip...

You do realize, that they are in your driver's license, license plates and your credit cards, as well as some type of gps system attached to your self in some manner.

In fact, "reports are" that walmart has them sewn into your jeans.

Refusing matters not...they've gotcha!

Bible Believer said...

Thank you anon and Ed I appreciate it. Thanks for praying for me not to grow weary. :) God bless you two too.

Bible Believer said...


1. Creflo Dollar, I wonder if where the Dad's name came from? Suppose it could be real. I agree that he is a false teacher too and have written that already here and SAID it too.

2. Yes I always said the false preachers and others would be pushing RFID chips, why not the Vatican as the Vanguard with their position at the top of the pyramid. Perhaps the Pope will do sermons on how RFID chips will ensure everyone's safety one day. [maybe that's already happened wouldn't be surprised]

3. Yeah I just saw the book cover and it reminded me of that Opus Dei/Catholic 'worker' stuff. Hey they want to make "god" out to be "boring" to the unbelieving masses. I agree this is NOT the God of the Bible whatosever. Hey they get willing serfs to do endless chores and work when they connect WORKS to salvation, just like Rome has specialized in for so long so even though that author, writes that hey not everyone can be a "star missionary" who travels the world, telling people that their everyday "works" will save them is a lie too. Yeah they can keep that "suffering" for salvation, I don't want it.

4. LOL you made me laugh...

Bible Believer said...


It's getting harder and harder finding good sources, whose that Mark Dice guy and why am I think he is of the Alex Jones ilk from just one video, but hey he's got the info connected about Vatileaks and that butler and wanted people toknow about that. Oh I read Fanaticforjesus's Synapse article, reminds me of this old technology article I wrote...
I have to go reread what she has on there. I DO think they are changing our brains with this stuff. It's hard to explain, but yeah, its things I've pondered.

I personally boycott Wal-mart as much as is humanely possible. I haven't shopped at one in 6-7 years, and before then only shopped when forced to living in a very rural area. I do not blame anyone who is financially forced to shop at a Walmart, especially for those in RURAL areas there is no other choice as I saw myself, and doing 2 hour round trips for basic items is not feasible to many family budgets.

I wonder if RFID chips are in debit cards. That would be interesting to know, can they track people?

I've heard that Wal-mart sells clothes with RFID tags.

Driver's licenses, I know they blathered on about smart IDs and RFID, but wasn't sure if this had gone through, though it definitely has a strip on it, can they track anyone with it yet? It seems if they could they would just track everyone who has a warrant and a driver's license. I do not think my particular area has gotten RFID in there yet but I should check it out. I wonder if you wrapped it in tin-foil if it would work?

I don't have an Onstar system in my car and I don't own a cell phone. I have heard that cell phones have tracking capabilities though I do not know if that is via RFID chips or not.

Oh I agree they are doing what they can to get people with this stuff.

Marion said...

Yes, debit cards have chips.

If you read the one article about the Florida state licenses and having to do with the greater "federal ID" apparently to be in effect by I think it said 2015. Don't remember...haha...they do mess with our minds and memory!

PS...praying for you as well. Miss you when there's nothing new on your site.

AND don't the tiny houses remind you of PRISON? They're just a little bigger than a cell. Symbolic of a society held captive isn't it?

Kayfabe said...

Great job with the blog and a big blessing it is to me. I encourage you to not get weary from doing this. Please pray for me as I feel weary at times from doing what God wants me to do in streeet preaching and stuff. Sometimes I feel like a nut out there that no one listens to but I beleive God has called me to this.

Allen Bishop said...

Cash-Flow Dollar worships mammon, plain and simple. It's a sad world when a guy so spiritually perverted can command such a following and claim to be a representative of Jesus Christ.

It's digusting.

JL said...

Definitely praying for BB. Satan and his cronies hate this its the spiritual warfare that's exhasting you. I pray that the Lord stregthens you and replenishes you.

Regarding the tiny houses, yes they remind meof prison too. I can see how corporate america could benefit. They are saying "Wow, instead of charging people $1000 a month for a 1,000 square foot apartment, we can charge them $1000 a month for a $300 square foot apartment.

And the soylent green thing...yeah, thats why i stopped buying pepsi and a host of other products.

Anonymous said...


Will be praying for you BB, and please know that you have our "permission" to take a break now and then. Everyone needs a break and a rest once in a while! :)

Bible Believer said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers, remember I will always try to stop in at least once a week. I always have ideas on what to write about but time needed to study, think and rest does come up. JL, you are right about the spiritual warfare with this blog, there is a lot thanks for your prayers. Kayfabe, I will pray for you too. Don't give up. Do not forget I was helped led to salvation by street preachers including a neighborhood one, that was mocked and verbally attacked. You are doing more good then you imagine.

Marion,I went to go look up if my state has the chip yet, everyone should. Some have implemented already and some have not. The tiny houses do remind me of prison, they are as small or smaller then cells. If any of you ever get the time or inclination, or if you see a magazine in a thrift store from the 50s and 60s, it can be quite the education seeing how our modern lives have become so much more what is the best word I can use here...UTILITARIAN, and those houses frankly speak of that.

Yeah they are implementing the "NATIONAL ID" stuff state by state, some are quicker then implementing it then others.

JL, I think corporate America AND Agenda 21, wants the serfs living the most cut down, and controlled lives possible, that includes huge money for a little cell--aka these teeny tiny houses. Yeah soylent green is true. Avoid GMO food, and the rest if you can help it, I know this often is very hard or difficult with the pricing of food and access.

Thanks Labby.

Bible Believer said...

I am working on some articles now, beyond what has been posted today, so keep checking back. :) Thanks everyone for your understanding again.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog on Christmas, Easter, etc. My question is what is your take on the Sabbath Day?