Monday, November 12, 2012

Calvary Chapel Pastor Sues Son For Cyberbullying

I got this link from Christian Research Net:

Calvary Chapel Pastor Sues Son for Cyberbullying
Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel movement—which faced a day of reckoning and uncertain future in 2007 over concerns about lax moral standards among its leaders—is making headlines once again. 
  It's not often that a father will sue his own son. But Bob Grenier, pastor of Visalia Calvary Church, says he is tired of his estranged son Alex Grenier's "cyberbullying campaign" against his parents and their church—so the elder Grenier is pressing charges to make his son stop. 
In a lawsuit filed in October, Bob Grenier alleges that Alex Grenier launched a website and "posted accusations that his father committed felony child abuse against him and his three brothers while pretending to be an upstanding preacher and police chaplain," the Fresno Bee reports. 
Besides libel and slander, the lawsuit also alleges that Alex Grenier and another Visalia church member, Tim Taylor, "engaged in intentional infliction of emotional distress of the pastor and his wife." The scandal broke about two years ago, when Alex Grenier first launched his site.
Alex Grenier, discusses things here.
"Make no mistake, the recent lawsuit brought by Calvary Chapel Pastor Bob Grenier is intentional, it’s strategic and it’s with the support of Calvary Chapel. Many in the Calvary Chapel System are watching closely. 
Many of the Senior Pastors are keeping a close eye on this. 
What message are we going to send them? Are we going to recoil in fear? Succumb to persecution for doing what’s right and righteous? Be silenced by fear of recrimination?"


Visalia pastor sues son over 'cyberbullying'

 Calvary Chapel pastor sues estranged son over ‘cyberbullying’

Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier Files Lawsuit against Son and Former Church Member

"If Bob Grenier and by extension Calvary Chapel (who he represents as an Affiliated Pastor) are allowed to get away with framing Free Speech, Whistleblowing and exposing abuse and corruption in the church as a “hate campaign” and “cyberbullying” and “defamation/libel”…then the Chilling Effect it will have on others is extremely frightening. This is a very important matter. If those who wield the Power of Public Figure and Position of Trust Pastor/Chaplain are allowed to win frivolous lawsuits in an attempt to cover over their bad actions and silence victims and critics and watchdogs, then beware, you might be next…and the result will be the covering over and enabling of much more abuse and corruption within the “church” and it will make it easier for Children to be abused and molested."

I wouldn't consider Bob Grenier a "fellow believer" concerning the bible passage below, but it is interesting how this man claiming to be Christian goes and SUES.

 1 Corinthians 6  (KJV)

6 Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?

2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

4 If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.

5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?

6 But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.

7 Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?

This really tells you how far gone things are in the churches.

I wrote this back in 2011 about the situation with Alex Grenier:

I think Alex is wasting time arguing with the guy. His best bet is to run for the hills, and while he can still speak out not engage the wicked. He is throwing pearls before swine and is only going to allow himself to be rend by them.
 I do not see him as a loose cannon, just someone who is young and was severely abused, and while outspoken, misdirecting his energies to expecting recourse from Chuck Smith. When he told him to "get a life", that said it all to me as to what Chuck Smith was about. How cruel can you get?
It seems that a godly man at least try and have some empathy for a young abused man. I saw Catholic bishops in articles and the rest having that 'get a life' attitude towards abuse victims.
I do not mind Alex speaking out against the abuse, I think that should continue, but expecting recourse from the abusers or their enablers, is a waste of time. He needs to realize even spiritually what he is dealing with. I am going to pray for him.
We are seeing that abuse issues are coming out in that church. 


Allen Bishop said...

Pretty typical.

"By their fruits", as usual...

Marion said...

Interesting. No attempt to bring reconciliation, no humility, no repentance. The chilling effects you cited of such a lawsuit are to be expected from a "church" founded on the "sand" of "false teachers/prophets"...connected to...of all things...the CIA. There IS an agenda here...and IT IS...CHILLING!

Bible Believer said...

I agree Allen...

What gets me is he is suing his own step-son, and by the way the articles report there are at least TWO if not THREE estranged children, will INCREASE THE PUBLICITY and bring out more of the dirty laundry.

Marion it is very sad. I find myself wondering what plans the Calvary Chapel preachers have with all these shenanigans, arresting church members, suing them, etc, warming up the frogs in the pot slowly for more power? There is an agenda here even if right now some of us are just pondering what it COULD BE. They follow none of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

How are they connected to the CIA?
That's not good:(

Julie Anne said...

There are three estranged adult children. Additionally, Pastor Bob Grenier is now involved in Hurricane Sandy relief effort and plans to fly to the East Coast to offer support. Seems he would be better off sending $$ to the East Coast and staying home, reconciling with his own family. If you see on his bio page at the Calvary Chapel Visalia church website, he makes no mention of his children. When do you ever see that? Apparently he feels exempt from the biblical guidelines of elders of having his home life in order, but most narcissists think they are special and above normal rules. I have been featuring this story on my blog (see Calvary Church label on sidebar). Thanks for linking to my blog and also covering this story. It needs to be exposed.

Marion said...

Just google CIA and the Jesus Movement.

Anonymous said...

How are they connected to the CIA?
Go back to and start reading.
You'll find hints of it in there if you have the patience to keep reading.

Go to
Read the sections under Hippies and Laurel Canyon.
Pay particular attention to the players, Jerry Garcia, Stanley Owsley III, Ken Keasey who ended up in Eugene, OR. (Owsley supplied 4 million hits of free acid in the SF Berkley area during critical years of 6 & 68.
John Higgins was a primary player in the Jesus Movement and Calvary Chapel and "The Lord" led him to Eugene at the same time, coincidently, and he interacted with these characters while he usurped a Jesus Ranch/Commune outside of town.
Bob Grenier was discipled at this Marxist style commune as were many of the early Calvary Chapel pastors.
Alex Grenier (the defendent stepson) remembers, as a child, riding with Higgins on his motorcycle.
Many of these Old Shilohites hang together and still shill and run cult like interference for certain Calvary Chapel pastors.

There is massive amounts of material in the above link. You'll need to pause and look at the pages and hopefully you have enough knowledge of occult symbols you'll make some sense of it.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Julie for the info, I wasn't sure if it was two or three, probably read on Calvary Chapel Abuse before. I agree about reconciling with family over relief efforts. Yes many 1 Timothy verses go against his fruits, that is for sure. I remember reading about your story a long time, ago found it interesting, that's how I found your blog. I agree it needs to be exposed.

Bible Believer said...

I went ahead and posted the comment with DAVESWEB website in there.

That website is some deep what people would call "conspiracy" theory stuff, but has interesting information. Yes be aware of content warned of above. He also IS NOT A CHRISTIAN.

That said the information of linked parties and Laurel Canyon stuff is of interest.

Julie Anne said...

FYI - I had no idea that my above comment even worked. I tried it 3 or 4 times and each time I hit "publish", it disappeared. Hope it didn't cause you to have to delete extra comments.

Here is a blog article I did compiling stories from the Grenier children regarding the abuse: Calvary Chapel Pastor Pastor Bob Grenier: Stories of Abuse As Told by His Children

Bible Believer said...

Interesting video too, looks like a summation of a lot of what is being exposed about Calvary Chapel and the accompanying satanic markers.

Bible Believer said...

That's okay Julie, I just deleted the extras. I do have comments under moderation so they may not appear right away. Thanks for your link to the other article. I will check it out.

Kayfabe said...

I agree with you BB, Alex should have never expected reconcillitaion form Bob Grenier. He also should've known that Chuck's best interest was in preserving his Kingdom not in helping victims. I had a pretty rough childhood and the best healing is forgiveness. When you forgive you take all power from those that hurt you and then you can move forward in life. He should still speak up and warn of his Wolf Stepfather but expecting reform from the apostate Calvary movement is foolhearty.

coffeetalk said...

Wow I have been reading your blog for a couple years now, and it's very weird but I feel like you and I must be kindred spirits so to speak - when I found your blog I couldn't believe there was someone out there who felt and thought the same things as I did, and saw all those things that I also thought were so obvious, but no one else around me seemed to notice. Now I know I'm not crazy! Such is the case with Calvary Chapel. I grew up in a smallish town in Washington State, and my formative years (Jr. High age, up through early adulthood) were spent at a Calvary Chapel there. While I made many great friends there, I will admit that even when I was young, I knew something was "up" with Calvary Chapel but I seemed to be the only one ever making comments about it! Ha ha. Then, when I was 20, I went away to Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murietta Hot Springs, and only stayed one semester. Without going into the whole thing, I can honestly say that something was "up" with that organization (when I was young I used to call it a cult - I was only joking at the time but I guess I was more right than I knew...) based on things I saw/experienced there, and it's only gotten worse through the years. Thank God there are people out there willing to expose the corruption. The purported connection to the CIA does NOT surprise me one bit - nothing surprises me anymore

Anonymous said...

One thing to ask youself about Calvary Chapel is, "WHY did they do that?"

Why does Chuck not deal with Bob Grenier or Raul Ries?
I disagree that it is about the kingdom.
Both of these guys could easily cost his CC kingdom more than they help so WHY?
Old loyalties? Maybe.. but not enough it seems to me.
I cannot tell you why, but I can tell you that there IS an answer and it is a lot bigger reason than protecting the brand/kingdom or loyalty to old friends.

Why did Costa Mesa handle the Nick Vanderlaan incident they way they did?
WHY did they detain him in handcuffs and PERSUE CHARGES?
Seems like this would be counter to protecting the brand.
But the fact of the matter is they DID do it.

When fellowship was broken with Roger Oakland it was not just disfellowshipping Roger. Some people felt there was an attempt to destroy Roger. WHY?

Why does Chuck keep a Knights of Malta member on staff?
This is equivalent to keeping a 29th degree Free Mason Catholic on staff who is training to be a Jesuit.
Seems counter productive to the brand, does it not?
WHY does Chuck do this?

Many can come up with their own WHYs but the thing one must do is PONDER these WHYs.
I cannot give you the answer to them but the fact that so many of the WHYs exist means SOMETHING.

Bible Believer said...

all good questions to get people to think. Thanks. A lot what they do on the surface does not make sense but does in a way if you think about the "bigger agendas" in how they want to influence people and the churches.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Kayfabe, with someone that toxic with no possiblity of reconciliation or mutual toleration, that best thing to do would be to walk away and cut all contact. I do think he should warn others,and that is important but never forget wolves are going to do what they do. The formula changes when its reprobates who seem to lack a conscience. There will never be reform in the apostate Calvary Chapel movement either, nothing good comes out of a rotten root.

Bible Believer said...

Coffeetalk thanks for your comments, sorry I am late in response, my time visiting a Calvary Chapel was short, but yes a lot weirded me out too. I am glad God showed you and you got out of there. Nothing surprises me anymore either, much of what I wrote on this blog and found out, I never would have imagined even a few years ago. The elevation of "man" in the Calvary Chapel denomination is pretty intense but that is a commonality to so many of them. Add in the Moses model and more, and well we see here what happened to a detractor--out and out arrest, definitely is a cult, just one with a more friendly "plastic" veneer.

Julie Anne said...

Have you seen this?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Julie Anne, I read it.

Hey I think the same about how those who sue. There are certain cults who stay in power because they have money to sue people.