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"Calvary Chapel ARRESTED Member Warning Brethren"

Imagine you are at a church conference, and you speak out against someone you believe is a false teacher and in this case has been exposed as a fraud even by others, and instead of anyone hearing your complaints, or listening, they get 6 security guards to grab you and arrest you for speaking out.

I decided to post on this because this is scary how Costa Mesa would have a man arrested for speaking out against a false teacher. Freedom of speech is gone in churches like this. Cults get people arrested for speaking out. Cults use every weight of the law to crush those who disagree or dissent. Remember they didn't just seek to avert the situation they saw as so "challenging", they pressed charges.

What kind of church has a "security squad" that is ready to hustle you away and detain you for speaking out? One thing I noticed is they had the handcuffs ready. Note to folks out there, get out of any church that feel it needs hired or appointed goons to "control" the place, it's either too big, and has already lost the plot. What kind of church members see your "disagreement" as automatic grounds to have you hustled off to jail?

This was at a conference too, not a church service.

Ephesians 5:11 provides documentation and letters at the links. [This is not an endorsement of the blog below but for information about what happened]

 Calvary Chapel ARRESTED Member Warning Brethren - THE DOCUMENTATION Part 1

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Member Arrested When Warning Brethren of Ergun Caner

[See here too]

"Former NBA player Nick VanderLaan, a recent money-giving member of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, tells his story of being detained against his will and then arrested for speaking out at a meeting to question the presence of the controversial Ergun Caner.
He attended a special meeting at CCCM featuring Ergun Caner as the guest-speaker. Previous to the meeting, Nick expressed his concern to CCCM Leadership, believing he had the right and responsibility to do so as a giving member of the Church. His concerns were basically ignored.
At the meeting, Nick stood up to challenge Caner’s presence. He was non-violent and merely spoke out and spoke up. Calvary Chapel Leadership knew who he was. Nick and his family were known quantities, attended a trip to Israel with Chuck Smith, counseled with pastors there, dedicated their kid at the CCCM pulpit etc etc.
He was immediately surrounded and detained by the Calvary Chapel goon squad (my opinion, my description of the security guards and CC personnel based off of their subsequent actions). The goon squad cuffed Nick up, took him to another part of the church, denied him bathroom and water and detained him against his will for a prolonged period of time. Santa Ana police arrived later and arrested and charged Nick."

Calvary Chapel Abuse also has posted on this matter..

 "Former NBA Player, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa member, detained against his will for speaking out at meeting, arrested, then acquitted"

What gets interesting is Ergun Caner, asked the audience to respond and Nick did.
"This incident was not during a church service, but during a conference. In the 36-second YouTube recording below, you can hear Ergun Caner seemingly inviting audience response by his words: "So if you've got a problem with me, hit me up and tell me what I did wrong." VanderLaan's response was: "I have a problem with you. You're a liar, you're a fraud, you need to repent."
Ergun Caner HAS been exposed by others who were concerned about serious contradictatory statements.

While memories can grow foggy, and mistakes made, the below contradictions are very serious ones.

"In London, college student and blogger Mohammad Khan also began looking into Caner's past after watching sermons he thought showed odd blunders in Caner's knowledge of Islam.
 Soon Khan, White and other bloggers began e-mailing and sharing suspicious errors and contradictions they found in Caner's videos and online writings.
In some accounts, Caner said he grew up in Turkey in a climate of "Islamic jihad." In recorded sermons, he talked about coming to the United States as a teenager and converting to Christianity. In one sermon, he put it more bluntly, saying he was trained to do what the Sept. 11 terrorists had done.
Yet, in a book he co-wrote with his younger brother, "Unveiling Islam: An Insider's Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs," he said their parents wed in Sweden and the family moved to Ohio when Ergun was a young boy, an account he also has provided publicly.
Indeed, bloggers found his parents' divorce records showing the family moved to Ohio in 1970, when Caner was 3 or 4, contradicting his account of teenage years on the cusp of Muslim extremism in Turkey. Bloggers also pointed to suspicious mistakes an Islamic expert was unlikely to make and timelines that did not match up."

Ergun Caner is on the Missler list of Board of Regents. so has been mentioned on this blog before. His is a name that crops up quite a bit on the religious right circuit of speakers. The fact of the matter is, if you 'fake' being part of a religious group or organization, there are so many subtleties and complexities, in religious groups, that pulling this off is very difficult. Knowing the inner world of a religion is very different from studying it from the outside.

While normal people can make mistakes, memories especially over many years can fade, trying to present yourself as something you were not, will be found out.

As you can see in the articles exposing Caner, even the other Muslims stated he was not accurately describing things. That is where the subtle stuff comes in. How do you claim that you lived in one country years apart from when you actually were somewhere else? Or that you were a would-be teen Jihadist when your family lived in Ohio?

Back to what Nick VanderLaan went through, when one is facing charges this means expensive lawyers, incredible stress, and then there is the humiliating emotional and physical effects of being hustled off and arrested. One thing, Nick VanderLaan was not a stranger to this church, pictures are shown on the Eph 5:11 website of him next to Chuck Smith and having a child dedicated at a service with his wife. He was a known member but they treated him like dirt. There was no excuse for him being treated in this manner, he spoke out and was non- violent, and the speaker himself called for a response.

The charges thankfully were dropped and Nick was acquitted but this brings into question how these churches are operating, and how some are not hesitant to use the full boot of the state to get dissenting church members in line. There are things happening out there, where the control freak pastors are running their church fiefdoms like overlords intent on never being questioned and hustling off those who do say anything.

Here is a case in Michigan where a elderly woman, who disagreed with a new pastor, at a church she had attended for decades, was arrested and hauled off the property and charged with trespassing. Later charges would be dropped but she went through the humiliation of being deposited into the police car, in front of her church members. It looks like she was forced to leave her church in the end.

What kind of man has an elderly woman who can be no harm to anyone arrested for speaking out? There have been other cases such as a man hauled out of a church and arrested for complaining? Isn't that a bit overdone?

The false pastors are going to town where there is no mercy, no compassion, and treating church members with the utmost of disrespect. Spiritual abuse is a reality as well as the planned and purposeful intention to squelch dissent in the churches by any means possible. This may range from having church members sign 'contracts" or "covenants" to never disagree with the pastor or talk about matters with each other, usually what the pastors wrongly define as "gossip", to getting those arrested who do dare to speak out and tell the truth. I talked about these methods of control in this article: "Silencing Dissent in the Pews"

One thing with the false churches, and I wrote this article a long time ago, for persecution of Christians, church and state DO marry, and did so under the Roman system and are doing so today with the evangelical and other daughters obviously.

Those who do speak truth or who make stands, will be hustled away. The false pastors are invested in silencing those who do speak out or warn the brethren, if they can't discredit you, they will find other ways to shut you up. Cruelty and control at all costs is what matters to these types.

 Jesus warned about the "synagogues" [churches]  In this article, I pointed out, it will not just be GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS that oppress and persecute the Christian but THE CHURCHES, as warned by Jesus. This obviously was shown via Rome's Inquisitions, but will of course happen as we are in the last days, by the Roman influenced false church system.

"If you notice Jesus Christ did not just warn of governmental authorities oppressing a Christian, but also RELIGIOUS ONES."

 Mark 13:9 But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them.

Luke 12 11 And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say:

12For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.

While in America, there is still some legal recourse left for defense though it is expensive to get charges dropped, pastors like this are not on the side of freedom and are supportive of police state mentalities and actions for control. These are the issues that have them running to call the police while abuses and such, go undealt with.  Notice what they call the cops over and then notice what they never report or hide.

What kind of country are we living in too where just saying something at a meeting and disagreeing with a speaker means the automatic reaction is to get someone arrested? That one floors me, and what of the people that sat and watched him get hustled away and handcuffed? That alone should tell you something has rapidly changed in our culture.

I am sure all those silent and shocked folks in the pews, all learned the false lesson to never speak out except one day it may be them getting arrested with fear and control ruling the day. It's too bad no one else stood up. That is a shame. I believe one should speak out whatever the risk. This is not a popular view nowadays obviously. What does the Bible tell us? Paul and the apostles spoke out and were arrested themselves. Those who speak out like Nick should be respected for their boldness.

46 Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.

This is today's broken down apostate church, where the wicked rule, and the good who speak out are arrested. Don't think they don't know what they are doing, when they get someone arrested, it's training, for blind obedience for those who witness it, training to isolate, ostracize and or forcibly REMOVE anyone who speaks out for the truth and MAKE THEM PAY.  These church leaders speak of grace but offered absolutely none here.

With Nick VanderLaan, there could have discussion, he should have been allowed to speak out against Caner and inform the audience about what has been exposed and then let them do the research for themselves. There was no need to have him arrested. There was no need to force him for what he said into an expensive legal battle to clear his name. I will be praying for him and his family.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty amazing. This happened after he was removed from Liberty, too. No excuses. If you look at the article in the liberty news, you will see a lot of upset students. They didn't even tell the full truth when they dismissed him.

For something like this to be going on in a Calvary Chapel just amazes me. You are right, where is the Holy Spirit who will lead us to all truth. He is here among us, but not many will seek the truth. Why is that?

Jeremy W. said...

There seems to be a pattern in Calvary Chapels. This radio show is well worth the listen and gives great insight to the workings of Calvary Chapels. Many similarities with the Nick V. story.

Guys like Nick V. and Bear should be applauded. Not put in hand cuffs.

Calvary is doing what they always do. Silencing anyone who dares speak the truth to the confused sheep that are in a daze.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me. Amurrika is becoming a police state, so why not the churches also? I am surprised that they didn't use tasers or pepper spray. Then they could charge him with resisting because they had to "tune" him up.

So much for freedom of speech. Yeah, God Bless Amurrika.

JL said...

Its official.

The strong delusion is not going to come from the atheist, liberals, gays, government or criminals. The strong delusion is going to come from the Antichrist and "his church". It will be other Christians who will cause us to be beheaded or thrown into prison. The apostate church will think they are doing God a service by killing. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bible Believer for talking about this. You've opened my eyes.

Kayfabe said...

Yup this is the same mentality that Calvary Chapel Montebello has as they have their security force which I call "The Secret Service". I was on public property and they still came up to me with their goons, one of them isn't even a Christian and cussed me and took cell phone pictures of me. They tried to intimidate me but it didn't work. I do know tho that if I went on their campus I would be dealt with swiftly.

Bible Believer said...

#1 Anon

Yes, he got removed from Liberty, just as dean and still is a professor there.

I agree about those who will not seek the truth. Even the people who sat there watching this injustice without saying anything amaze me, but these are the times we are in now.

Bible Believer said...

Jeremy thanks for sharing that link,

I found this one..

This one has written transcripts.

Yes that does seem to be a pattern they have started and this one is very familiar with what happened to Nick V.

Snippet from above.

205. OK. And uh, how I can mail him an information packet? I was gonna give him an information
packet and uh um. I didn't get his address and the church there didn't want me handing out any more of
them. We were wife and I were going to a Calvary Chapel across town. We were there for
three years. And I exposed the Purpose Driven Life book there last July and my wife and I got a police
escort from church. And so I just put a whole packet together about the information and so on. And
um the church there where your, where your husband is teaching at agreed with me with the material I
had, they just did not want me handing it out. So..."

Prasch's versions of events..

This article confused me...if I was at an event and some OTHER person showed up exposing false teachers that I exposed as well, and they held to biblical Christian faith, where would my disagreement be with them? I'd be happy to see a fellow worker....

Was Bear ever arrested, seems like it was just the threat of arrest.

It is scary that people think ANYONE should be arrested for having DIFFERENT viewpoints.

I would hope I would stand up for someone I even DISAGREE with, for something having the police come drag them off. That is sick.

Anon who said "Amurrika" is becoming a police state, you are definitely correct and these false pastors are part of it. You are right so much for freedom of speech.

Bible Believer said...

JL, I have written for a long time, the Christians biggest persecution is not going to come from the secularists, "liberals" etc, but come from the false Christians. I believe we will have "continuation" [rerun?] of what has happened before, church and state married. In the Inquisitions, it was "Christians" and religious leaders turning people over the state. I guess we can see a new version of that arising here, can't we?

John 16: 2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

Thanks JL, I am glad I was able to help. I remember when I was questioning the church system and studying and having others talking to me about this issue.

Bible Believer said...

correction above...Turning people OVER TO the state....[yes isn't this what these false pastors did, was turn them OVER to the state?]

Bible Believer said...


You had to deal with another security force in a Calvary Chapel. I visited an Assembly of God once that was larger and had goons on the doors and I was so so uncomfortable. Sure they appeared as "ushers", but they remained standing all during the service and it didn't escape my attention they were all very large muscular guys. They shouldn't even approach you on public property.
To be frank, I think any church that uses a security force, has definitely lost the way a lot time ago and to have the place run like the pastor's fiefdom with a security force like something akin to the Papal Swiss Guard, means something went wrong a long time ago.
you are probably right they would deal with you if you did go back.

My suggestion to everyone is stay out of any church with a security force or someone hired as security. I do not care if separate individuals exercise their 2nd amendment rights, but I am talking about a designated SECURITY force in any church.
I would not want to be in one.

I went and looked this up, scary stuff, I guess they want the churches run like a police state society under surveillance with videos and cameras.

See what is written about "disruptor's"

You know something is really wrong with society when churches are starting to be run like armed camps.

I understand keeping the kids safe and things like that but definitely things have gone nuts.

Anonymous said...

It's starting to make sense to me. The persecution of Bible believers will come from the Christians indoctrinated with all the new age philosophy that has saturated the church today. I was thinking how we are being prepped with the heavy new age and occult presence that is everywhere. The new age cosmic antichrist will be welcomed by the conditioned false Christians. You can see the anger in the false Christians when confronted. The manufactured rebellion is feeding it.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Prasch is a false teacher. James Sunquist has some good things to say.

Kayfabe said...

Yup the dividing line between institutional Christians and Bible believing Christians is starting to become more visible. I do think that there will be a remnant of believers that will come out of the daughters of the whore (501 c 3institutional christianity). May God give us strength in these last days because the pressure to conform will be immense.

JL said...


Amen and amen. You are correct in what you say.

news4themasses said...

This "tactic" isn't always the best approach. Perhaps going into the den of woles with a fresh steak isn't the best way to attract attention. The people who go to those Conferences want their ears tickled, they are there because they want to hear what those speakers have to say. When they are ready to seek the whole story and start investigating who these experts and speakers are then they won't go to those lame conferences, they'll seek out the truth. Now guys like this who go in and chant or make a mockery of REAL warnings just do those who are trying to get the truth out more damage than good. We are then all lumped together with clowns and people who are attention seekers. This is why their (CC's) personal Discernment Machines call outsiders attack wolves and cutthroats. There is a lesson to be learned here and that is, rather than go into the conference and yell, be ready with love and dignity for those who will seek the truth because they are being called out of the den of wolves by God's Holy Spirit not driven out by someone like this.

Bible Believer said...

"The new age cosmic antichrist will be welcomed by the conditioned false Christians. You can see the anger in the false Christians when confronted. The manufactured rebellion is feeding it."

I agree. The anger is palatable. To be honest, the most angry to me sometimes does not seem to be the atheist or non believer you may meet at a coffeeshop and talk about the Lord too, but the faux "christians". Sure the others can be angry and seared too and reject the gospel while others are more open, but it is something I have noticed.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Kayfabe, we are seeing that line being drawn. I do know that there are many in there who are now being called out, and pray for them.

Bible Believer said...

We may wonder if this was the best approach but for someone who is finally seeing through the deception and just getting started on the journey out of an apostate church hasn't got to the point some of us others may have. We should warn all, STAY AWAY FROM THE WOLVES?

Then he was a church member just hoping to warn other what he considered sincere members and believed his pastors too probably were sincere guys who wanted to look out for his best interests. I would say now don't throw pearls before swine, and know the reality of the wolves and knowing deceivers. I say keep all witnessing the truth/exposing deceivers on public property. Try and avoid the wolf dens. That helps. I agree about the people at these conferences wanting to have their ears tickled.

I have said of one blog, why bother to write emails to Satan's workers? It's not like they are going to turn around and start apologizing. Of course here I am thinking of this regarding what I believe are reprobates and knowing deceivers, not the sincerely deluded.

So I see where you are coming from definitely. I know even on the article about the Calvary Chapel preacher "confronting" the charimatic preacher on her turf, I saw some problems there. Here I'll give grace since this was a man in HIS OWN church he thought was supportive and sincere and who spoke out of a decent endeavor to warn. Just sometimes even waking up to how things really work with the celebrity preachers and speakers takes some time.

We are in scary days where they feel they can arrest someone just for speaking out and disagreeing.

If protesting the wolves, stay off "their turf",suggestion-- stay on public property, they can arrest those for trespassing who come to "protest". {remember in this case Nick was a long time church members} Reach out to those interested in the truth.

news4themasses said...

Regarding the "Bear" event at CCTC, I was there at that conference when that event happened. At the time I had no idea who "Bear" was, or for that matter who John Higgins, Jacob Prasch, and the rest of the mod squad (really) was. I was learning but had not yet fully realized how deep the rabbit hole went. So, I was at that conference to get my ears tickled and be with all the "like minded believers" who are better than the average pew potato who don't bother to know about "these" things (End times yadda yadda); and there was this big guy griping about Rick Warren. Which was odd because as we all began to understand by 2008 Rick Warren was the Anti-Christ and it was pretty common knowledge to those at the conference. In fact Roger Oakland was there and everyone knows Roger Oakland was the one that cracked that egg. (narf!) Ok, back to the story, so as a peon who was just there it looked like this "Brutus" was there throwing his weight around uninvited and harping about Rick Warren and it was more that John Higgins got mad about "Bear" taking the thunder out of the conference and putting out his material uninvited. As far as I recall no arrest was made, it just made some lil pastors feel really big throwing out a heckler. It wasn't until after 2009...Rick Warren Embracing Chuck Smith Sr at Harvest, Greg Laurie sharing the pulpit at Lake Forest and Prasch and Higgins and Oakland being all COMPLETELY MUM on the whole event as though it never took place that I realized what was going on. Then it made sense, those guys (Higgins' mod squad) was covering for Smith Sr. They only wanted to call out Rick Warren for being on Oprah or being chums with Tony Blair, no one was supposed to know Rick Warren was BFF's with Greg Laurie or that Chuck Smith condoned and initiated the "friendship." But, I still don't trust "Bear" either. That method was wrong and as you can see it didn't work in his favor it just made him look ridiculous. I wouldn't bother going to see Chuck Missler and asking him where all his Auric's are. C'mon, how about asking him where his SwanSat satellites orbit? Do I think he'll answer to me! Give me a break that's how they stay in business. Here's one last question or thought for the day, "Why do CC's need armed security embedded in their churches, or black suit guys following their speakers?" Hmmm....only one group I can think of operates like that.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for sharing news4themasses. I didn't know anything about Bear just reading the different sides, I put up the Prasch link above. You are right Calvary Chapel was warning about Rick Warren circa 2005 [the stage sharing came later etc] I wonder why they considered him a "heckler" though,was he interrupting their speeches? Where these folks even in the same room? Yeah things can make your head spin, all the weird stuff. What is showtime and what is real?

Seems they would have said, Yeah we agree, ok...and time to move on. Yeah later given all the connections to Rick Warren it all gets very strange doesn't it? Your theories make sense. Hey remember I've seen enough battle it out on line to know some of the games. With Nick, it was his church, not a stranger coming in to yell at the crowd, but yes, I agree with you, that yelling at the wolves or even writing blog articles written in the way that you expect a response from the wolf, one needs to rethink those things. Wolves don't apologize or issue sincere apologies, most lie, that is the nature of a wolf. Wolves have traits, where manipulation, twisting of words, double-mindness and other things rule.

After this event, I think Nick will think about some of things we have brought up. Here we must follow wisdom of God, every situation may differ, if God wants you to speak out of course do so, but I too, wonder about how even sincere people speaking out like this being arrested and dragged out of the church will look and it will only help the wolves cement more power.

There was one time, where this applied to me personally, I did protest in that I got up out of a pew of a church I was visiting, this was the false pastor saying no one could criticize the govt, and or any sitting prez, and said even if Hillary was prez, it would be a sin to criticize her and yelling at the congregation. and walked out right in front of the church and walked out the door with many watching me. Later I wanted to write that guy a letter, oh I did so so badly....I couldn't believe what I heard, but when I prayed to God, I felt like God told me not to touch it. Like why offer a wolf a "helping hand" that he would only do what he could do to BITE OFF? I struggled even, I wanted to write that guy a letter so badly and write "HOW COULD YOU?!". I have warned OTHERS against that church MULTIPLE times in and what I experienced.

One thing I always write on this blog, is the verses about disagreements, apply to CHRISTIANS, OTHER CHRISTIANS. With the wolves, reprobates, repetitive liars, PRETEND "Christians", luciferian networks, things do not work the same.

One thing to remember with many of these types, they do not operate even with normal "human rules" of talking things out or fairness. Satan's workers lie.

I am not saying I know the best solution for every situation nor am perfect myself. I do think there is a place to speak out and definitely we do not want to tell people to become even more meek, mild and silent ciphers in pews, but yes I also understand even with this, they could use it to their advantage in some way. Ive had to learn the dust of sandals stuff myself. I want people to think about this stuff with confronting wolves. With Nick, he was a church member, I understand the intentions. Hey I wrote the article in his defense. But yes these are all things to think about.

I think of this verse...

Matt 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Some things to just think about.

As for churches with "armed" or even unarmed goon squads and security, my advice to people is GET OUT. The church already has been indoctrinated to operate like the police state and is not a church "family" at all. Just finding out the CC even has that going on, is another mark against them in my book.

Bible Believer said...

More reminders considering the above discussions.

Anonymous said...

Considering the acts of violence that have been carried out on church campuses where people have been shot and killed, it is certainly reasonable to have security in place to protect the flock. But this should be from outsiders, not those known to the flock and not violent.

Just because a church has a security detail is certainly not basis for leaving.

Bible Believer said...

Here is another article I found...

and discussion underneath...

Bible Believer said...

I am sorry about those acts of violence, but to be honest, if you need a "police force" like your church is a town, the place has grown way too large to start. Also remember I am not against the 2nd amendment. Having some of your church serve as "enforcers", there is a lot wrong with that

news4themasses said...

Anonymous said...
"Just because a church has a security detail is certainly not basis for leaving." November 11, 2012 9:54 PM

Exactly who was that directed to? Was that a snip at me or the guy who was "arrested" by the Calvary Chapel CIA, or a general statement? I don't understand because from what I read that statement can't apply to the guy Nick V. Calvary Chapel and their secret ops who "watch" the brethren and spy and monitor the sites like this one and my own don't have a say in why anyone leaves CC. Many people leave with varying degrees or reasons. I believe God is the one who called me out completely and that does not need to be justified to anyone. Having thugs in suits who protect false shepherds at the pulpits from being challenged on their associations and self ascribed authority is not my cup of joe; and, it's certainly the prerogative of said false shepherds to have bodyguards and controlled cronies to do their dirty work. Having "security detail" is the least of CC's problems and the smallest issues for why anyone does leave.

Anonymous said...

I been escorted out of a church myself for speaking out. I hung out several times with the Youth Pastor, I knew the people in the church well. But I mentioned that having this George Bush life size cut out in the church was wrong because he just nominated 2 judges (Alito and Roberts) who had a pro-abortion lower circuit court record and also Roberts as an attorney won the biggest case FOR gay rights. This was back in 2006 this happened. And two ARMED off duty cops who the church hired escorted me off the property. I wasn't loud or anything obnoxious. I just casually mentioned it to a few people.

This happened at the Calvery Temple in Indianapolis at 30th St and Post Road.

A few months later, the pastor of the church is in the news for sleeping around on his wife with members of the church.

I am Chris Lucas, owner of

Anonymous said...

I was also arrested by calvary chapel costa mesa for tresspassing eventhough pd did not find me standing on their property when pd got there! But they did a citizens arrest and had my car towed away after I got out of jail at 3am and went looking for it and found it wasn't there after I had no ride there. When I am accused of tresspassing and arrested for it by a pastor and a security team, I know that's satanic against the body of jesus christ! When I see them high-fiving eachother after I'm in the cop car being taken away to jail like a paul! From

Anonymous said...

Judging from comments across the Internet, the CC movement is suffering more crises than any other Christian organization. They all seem to stem from the Moses Model-driven leadership. Why don't they reorganize their power-structure? If the CC adopted a plurality of elders, most of their other problems would probably resolve themeselves. Is it that hard for this organization to alter its polity? Oh...wait! The leaders would have to give up their power...duh!

GraceTruth7 said...

"Bible Believer", you said to "news4themasses": "You are right Calvary Chapel was warning about Rick Warren circa 2005 ..."

THAT'S A LIE. If they did, it was NEVER BY NAME just as they superficially preach against some false-teachings BUT WILL NEVER MENTION THE FALSE TEACHERS BY NAME (e.g., Billy Graham).

Bible Believer said...

I was referring to when they made a show of pulling Purpose Drive Life from the shelves at Calvary Chapel but you know you are correct they probably never did warn against him by NAME.

GraceTruth7 said...

Years ago, on Calvary Chapel radio (kwave 107.9 FM), when "The Berean Call" was critiquing Rick Warren's book, CALVARY CHAPEL BANNED/REMOVED "The Berean Call" BECAUSE bible-believers WERE COMPLAINING AGAINST "The Berean Call" WHO WAS WARNING CHRISTIANS AGAINST RICK WARREN (by name). Some Calvary Chapel Leaders defended "The Berean Call" therefore Calvary Chapel radio (kwave 107.9 FM) reinstated "The Berean Call" back to kwave 107.9 FM. Months later, "The Berean Call" (TBC) began saying: Rick Warren LOVES THE LORD and is a brother in the Lord. Dave Hunt made those statements AT-LEAST ON TWO DIFFERENT OCCASIONS ON-AIR. I contended via e.mail with "The Berean Call" over those statements but they never made a public change of those statements. It's too late now because Dave Hunt is now dead.

I encourage you to read my article "Non-Judgmental World".

Bible Believer said...

Dear Muiller, I am looking at your blog and more.

If you have evidence about this person have you taken it to the police?

With Calvary Chapel, people have to be extra cautious. I do not trust every website I see regarding that church but if you are seeking justice for real, and what you have to say is true, I will pray for you, that justice is done and the wicked are found out.

GM50 said...

Some on this site are sympathizing with Vanderlean about being removed from a church or "the Holy Spirit" is not being allowed to say the truth. Why doesn't Vanderlean go to a Mosque and stand up and raise his voice during their service.???? Why not, because the Muslims will drag him out and beat him without calling the police. If you break the law such as what he did, citizens are allowed to grab you and detain you pending the arrival of police. That's what happened to Vanderlean. People are free to practice religion weather right or wrong without somebody like Vanderlean to come in and play Holy Ghost. Start your own church....

Bible Believer said...

Using your voice to verbally state an opinion is not "breaking the law". I don't know what kind of law you think you are defending but it definitely is not biblical "law" or even secular law with the first amendment. Yes one isn't allowed to stop a religious service but him simply voicing an opinion did not cross that mark.