Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Business: Deluged With Spam

Does anyone know any techniques to limit spam? I have the comments on moderation but a lot of spam is coming in, there was even over 150 posts I had to delete yesterday that was all spam. Just curious if others have faced this on their blogs. Don't worry if you comment, I can still get everything and post it OK.


Anonymous said...

When you get one, you will get more. It's a guarantee. They use blogs to post links to their garbage, and if they find that one will post, they will sell your web address to other spammers as a place that "accepts" them. So just delete it and it will stop eventually (I don't have the definition of "eventually", unfortunately).

How does it start in the first place? A person that doesn't like what you have to say, could have mailed your web address to one of these guys. Wait it out.

Anonymous said...

i know some blogs will have scrambled letters that you have to type to prove you are a real person. maybe that would help