Monday, November 12, 2012

4 more years of Obama!

Picture cite: "Painting depicts President Obama with a burning Constitution"

Well Romney was no different.

I kept wondering if the election was being thrown to Obama, when they had well known Republican candidates say things about rape  they knew would outrage the public especially ensuring more of a female vote for Obama.. I am noticing on Christian websites, they are asking, "Have we lost the culture wars?" in response to Obama's win. The culture wars were a losing endeavor from the start. Why did they expect politics to change people's hearts? They won't and can't. Here, the problem was summed up.

"We must face the reality that we may be on the losing side of the culture war," wrote Stetzer in his blog posted the day after the election. "For decades, the 'religious right' has focused its energies on winning the day through political means."

"Winning the day through political means"...that sums it up, in a nutshell, with false pastors galore having jumped on the religious right bandwagon as the ship sinks. 

 The secular world takes one look at the religious right, and sees the hypocrisy, the focus on some evils, but ignoring a multitude of others, love of war and mammon. Obama also won because of the Republican/religious right focus in blaming the poor. The endless numbers of unemployed and others struggling economically in this country, probably voted Democrat from that motive alone. The religious right minions pushed their MORMON candidate telling us he would save the day. What a joke. Romney and Obama were just more of the same.

They have indoctrinated much of this nation to care more about "false freedoms" such as gay marriage rather then true freedoms, like knowing the NDAA rejects everything the USA used to be about. Traditional values are out, and those who believed "culture wars" and ranting about poor people as the "deadbeats" destroying the economy instead of a look at all the banker bails-outs, corruption and endless wars were part of the problem to begin with. Both the right and left help each other out and serve as enablers to disguise the giant lies.

Some of you older folks, may be realizing many of our young people with few exceptions having spent years indoctrinated by the media, schools and more, all definitely have a world view that differs. They have become far more accepting of homosexuality, abortion, and embrace globalism as the norm.  Ask an Obama supporter about NDAA and their eyes glaze over. 90% don't even know what you are talking about, but then the same goes for the right as well.

You know things are really sad in America, when journalists in totalitarian nations like Russia, are writing articles about how this place is descending into a police state, and losing all it's freedoms and has descended into a materialist and decadent culture. Putin is no better but ask yourself how others are seeing the events here. You'd think that'd be a wake up call in itself. I told someone this recently and they didn't believe it.

This guy is right that the country is getting the politicians it deserves. The spiritual blindness married to the focus on wicked things has allowed the right/left deception and false paradigms to fool most of the population. I struggle with the sad emotions of seeing this country change so rapidly in a negative way too, and realizing where things are going but remember this verse:

Psalm 146:3

3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.


Marion said...

Jesus never commissioned us to fight a "culture war." We are in a spiritual battle and we're commissioned to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen." (Matt 28:19-20)

The culture wars have been a tool to successfully draw Christians into the world to "fight" it, rather than take to the lost the living waters which they are dying for. It has also separated many Christians from the Word of God and those things that are profitable, and instead have drawn many to "follow men" and their words, rather than our Lord and His Word. It is a subtle device (not so much if you're in the Word) of the enemy to make the people of God impotent and unproductive. It all seems so "good" and so "right." We were not called to "impose" His teachings on the world, but to teach. If we succumb, it is a fatal distraction for us with fatal consequences for the lost - whom we no longer seek.

Been hearing preaching the last few weeks (in church) on the parable of the soils in Luke 8. It certainly is worth an examination of ourselves before the Lord, to see what type of "soil" is our heart, and see what might be done to work that soil that it might be "good soil" and produce much fruit!

Marion said...

Reminded me of a Scripture..."There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Prov. 14:12

JL said...

I have to repost a comment left on the rapture ready boards-

"I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I feel so miserable today. Where is God? How long is this going to last? People are celebrating the demise of this great nation and there is nothing I can do. My faith is shaken, I have never felt this way. I fear for the future. I fear for my family....Where is my God today?-Reynaldo"

I think about the verse Bible Believer put up. It is so true. If they would have taken that verse to heart, they wouldnt have the desire to walk away from the faith.

I agree with what Marion said, we really need to check what soil is in our hearts.

I dont believe we've heard the last of the right yet. I think one day their wish for dominion will come to pass.

Bible Believer said...

Marion, I agree, there is nothing about this evil culture war in the Bible, all it has done is put so called "Christians" against the nonbelievers in society and helped to close ears to the gospel. I agree about the culture wars leading Christians to "fight" the world, rather then leading the lost to Jesus. If you think about it, the culture war lies is what has led most of the churches down the political path to perdition. Agree about Luke 8, and Prov. 14:12. The culture wars battle is out of self righteousness and pride.

Bible Believer said...
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Bible Believer said...

hat is sad, well on Rapture Ready, they have programmed many into the right side of the political battles. I have been reading all over the place, those with the reactions like that Rapture Ready guy, like Romney would have changed anything? There are lot of people out there who really seem to trust far more in country, and politics then in God. Those who know history, know that countries come and go. Even if you love America, you should love God more. Nothing in this world lasts forever. I even told someone the decline of countries happens as much as their rising up, of course we know the decline of this one was planned. Also think about Reynaldo there, hasn't he read Revelation? He expects the kingdoms of this world to be his pal especially in the last days?

I agree about checking where our faith is rooted.

JL, I have had that thought about the false right now, they may be "down for the count" in appearance but they will find their way to "converge" with the LEFT they claim to hate so much or "to battle." even more so. The Dominionists still desire their power.

Marion said...

The "right" and the "left" merely two "arms" of the godless (I'm sorry, they do have a god...Lucifer) government beast. Of course they will converge, BB...they have much "work" to do; and their mantra is "unity."

JL said...

@ Bible Believer

Oh wow, good revelation...I didnt even think about that. They probably will converge with the left. It will be a classic hegelian dialectic.