Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Variety of Links #19

Warning: mainstream news articles but contain discussion of sexual matters.

Church invites porn star to service. 
Ron Jeremy Goes To Church, Tells Michigan Worshippers That Porn Stars Believe In God, Too 

Yes things have gotten that bad. This man has not repented and left the porn business behind either. These false preachers are inviting the worse unrepentant public fornicators to share their "wisdom".

 1Cr 5:9    I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:


BGEA makes excuses to it's critics

Only the most uninformed and/or spiritually blind have not figured out that Billy Graham is a false teacher.


Romney and Obama at the latest Al Smith dinner...Things look pretty cheery don't they?

Al Smith Dinner: For Obama and Romney, a night of humor

There is a reason the elites always hobnob with the Catholic leadership. I know I have written on here a few times about how the Vatican is running the show here, well see what is going on right in front of our eyes.
That's Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan in the middle.

He is the one who did the blessing at the Republican National Convention. Did you know he did prayers at the Democratic National Convention TOO?


Calvary Chapel pastor Jack Hibbs and  Dinesh D'Souza tell Christians to Vote or You Lose.
Dinesh D' Sousa has recently been caught up in a scandal of his own.


United Nations Looking to Control the Internet

"United Nations report calls for Internet surveillance, saying lack of "internationally agreed framework for retention of data" is a problem, as are open Wi-Fi networks in airports, cafes, and libraries."

 UN Report: The Internet Is Dangerous Because It’s Just So Darn Open!


They are calling Hurricane Sandy, a possible "Frankenstorm"

Pray for the people who will be affected. The timing of this one is VERY INTERESTING right before the elections. Hopefully it will be nothing and swing into the Atlantic, but then the warnings coming are very plentiful. Irene which was considered a minimal hurricane caused enough problems.


The above picture has a non-KJV bible verse, but wanted to use it, to show how both contradict each other. For all the Republicans like Ryan, who praise Ayn Rand, she was NOT a Christian. Notice what she says about faith here in the first few minutes of the video. What strange eyes too.

When I was young I read the Libertarian magazine "Liberty", libertarians are good when it comes to civil liberties but misguided on a whole lot else. Even libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is a NAFTA supporter and supports globalism. Hey they all converge on that point.

I know a lot of libertarians, and those who have been drawn into this world view. Some have good intentions desiring to hold up freedom but sadly have been misled. Many do not realize it's opposition to Christianity or even how many of Ayn Rand's philosophies overlap with Theosophy and Nietzsche. Did you know Ayn Rand praised selfishness as a virtue?

**************************************************************************************** The UN Monitors Explained and Electoral Vote Examined

From News4themasses, we can't believe everything the right tells us. I think any foreign entity observing our elections is kind of creepy, but then, they did change the story as if the blue hats would be watching you vote. She is right about Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. Perhaps I will do an article on Alex Jones. He is controlled Op in my opinion even if one can find some usable information on his website. Even the fact he has done interviews and put up advertisements for the Dimond brothers [extreme Trad Catholics] is very strange.


FBC [Jack Schaap's old church] new constitution forbids members to sue? [warning this is an anti-fundamentalist Christian website] but that shows some major poisonous fruit.

Watch out for control freak pastors and churches.


[photo above cropped by me, it is shown in it's entirety on the links below]

Why did Paul Crouch wear a clerical collar and make a rude gesture in Jerusalem? [Warning rude gestures discussed and shown in links below]

See here too TBN in Jerusalem. I find his wearing of a priest's clerical collar definitely of interest. Was that a sign to the world what he really is?
Apprising minstries [not an endorsement compares the photos]
"As to the picture of Crouch possibly making the obscene gesture, Arellano brings out that story was “validation” to publish this photo sent to him by “a source” of his: what they say is an undoctored photo Paul flipping off TBN cameras in Jerusalem last month. See, I couldn’t believe the picture at first, figuring it was too good to be true. Like, why was Crouch wearing a cleric’s collar in the leaked photo? Why did he have a pinkie ring? Why are his jowls so low? But then I saw the picture of Crouch in the Times piece and he’s wearing the EXACT SAME clerical collar. (source)" 

 Crouch is an obvious deceiver.


 How To Pray on Halloween

In a few days, will be the satanic holiday of Halloween, I can't wait til it's over, seeing all the decorations and more, that celebrate death, and wickedness. It is a good idea to spend time in prayer against Halloween and the evil it brings. Pray for the children who will be influenced too by this evil holiday.  Pray for protection for people against the occultists and satanists.

Touch Not that Unclean Thing! That Includes Halloween! 

3 John 1:11 - Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.


Anonymous said...

1) Keep in mind that Ron Jeremy also said that he believes there are many ways to heaven. What this guy has to offer any church congregation, I have no idea. Only a wolf would let him speak at the pulpit.

2) Al Smith dinner, yes, catholicism runs the USA at the top. That was specifically what the original government was trying to avoid 200 to 300 years ago.

3) Paul Crouch dressed like a priest. I would have thought it was parody if it weren't obviously true.

Abbey said...

I only read the first two links so far. I sit here shaking my head in disbelief at the abominable acts committed in the houses of God. What's next, temple prostitutes? I thought the "sexperiment" pastor(?) Ed Young, the pastor (?) from Mars, Mark Driscoll and the many others were bad enough with their antics. It just keeps getting worse and worse. The Church has gone backwards and continues to do so.

The end of the second article says:

"I've had sex with 2,000 women, he's [been with] his wife 2,000 times, same thing," he said, gesturing to Gross AS THE CROWD LAUGHED. They laughed!!! What godly purpose did the "pastors" intend by inviting this prostitute? Why didn't people get up and leave OR if they knew ahead of time, why did they even show up for this spectacle?

What's also disturbing is the comments people left after both articles. Besides the trolls and their nasty comments, the lack of knowledge of the truth of the Bible is heartbreaking. We are indeed in the last days. :(

They're performing (Ozzie) Black Sabbath's Crazy Train, ACDC's Highway to Hell, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Lady Gaga et al for "worship" songs and now THIS! I pray the blind may see once again.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Ron Jeremy a lost person speaking of higher powers and all religions leading to heaven. I think only a KNOWING wolf would have him speak at the pulpit. With the poster that remarked about the LAUGHING audience, that was absolutely disgusting. I guess any who were not spiritually blind, already walked out long ago.

2} Yes the RCC runs things at the top now. Anyone noticed we got two CATHOLICS in the VP positions this go around? That Al Smith dinner and Red Masses are recurrent events.

3} I think Paul Crouch is letting us all know who he really works for.

Bible Believer said...

Abbey I wondered about temple prostitutes too, and was so sickened. Why didn't any of the women even non-saved ones express outrage, that a pornographer was being given place to feed probably in some cases in that audience porn addiction? It really makes you wonder about what kind of church members go there. Yes it just keeps getting worse and worse. It is sick too in that one sentence how they allowed that guy to promote promiscuity. Part of me wonders why these people even play pretend at going to church, I mean given they love the pornographers and heavy metal music, it seems they'd be sleeping off the results of last nights "partying". Yes things are getting worse, definitely worse.

Anonymous said...

the Vatican is wicked but they are not running the whole show, just like the Jews are not running the whole show, i hope you can come to saving knowledge soon and give up conspiracies

Anonymous said...

"the Vatican is wicked but they are not running the whole show, just like the Jews are not running the whole show, i hope you can come to saving knowledge soon and give up conspiracies"

That's a confusing post. Someone has "the saving knowledge" that the rest of us don't have??? And isn't what they are saying, also a conspiracy? The Bible teaches a conspiracy (Psalm 2)

I'm fully convinced that the vatican runs everything. They did in the middle ages, and they still do today. The vatican hasn't changed. The vatican is the head of the beast.

Bible Believer said...

I wonder why anyone would say "give up conspiracies"?

They actually expect us to believe there are NONE in this world, even with the ones that have been exposed.

I do not understand that fantasy world of honest politicians and no false preachers.

That's not what warned of in the Bible.

That person who writes that never says who is in charge either...

and I've written I believe the Vatican is up at the tippy top, but understand there are other evil groups of people too working for Satan. [Such as the Dalai Lama, etc]

I agree anon, there are lot of people who want to play cover up for the Vatican, that's for sure.