Monday, September 17, 2012

Video Exposes NLP in Our Media

The discussion above is from a professor who sought to expose 9-11 as an inside job many years ago, who is being shut down by newscasters using manipulative and NLP techniques.

I stopped watching mainstream news YEARS ago, around the time of 9-11 when I started to wake up as to what was going on, I knew the repeated phrases, repeated words and subtle subliminals I was picking up on were only harmful. I may watch on rare occasion to see what lies they are telling for big events, but otherwise, I have cut mainstream news out of my life. I have not watched a nightly ABC, CBS, or NBC newscast in over 10 years. NLP is used throughout the ENTIRE media and not just on Fox news but the liberal ones too and even in the alternative media. The techniques used as these higher levels match even the ones used on message boards and alternative media online as well. This Christian commenter is dead on when they write:
"This video is brilliant and dead-on. NLP is a scourge, not just on Fox News but in most media, classrooms and churches across the country. Everybody manipulates everybody ... I only wish that more people were aware of this."

Regarding my article of yesterday, "The Decline of Love and Conscience" manipulation on multiple levels has become the name of the game in an overwhelmingly wicked society.


Anonymous said...

This post was very interesting, because I always wondered why FOX News was so blatantly terrible when it had a "good" reputation.

Watching the nightly news has never been part of my routine, however I have seen some segments of FOX News programs including Hannity and O'Reilly et al.

I noticed right away that it's always total choas and cacophony. They rarely allow any guest to complete even one sentence. No dignity or fairness, just crass rudeness and arrogance.

After watching those shows I find myself very agitated. The information flow is basically sabotaged and disrupted as much as possible to prevent any meaningful communication. So this video explains a lot. Thanks for posting it! Aka Alert

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I remember watching YEARS ago, and thinking why do they interrupt everyone. The Bill O'Reilly years and it was all about insulting the guests and silencing them and there was never much depth and I found the whole show to be totally boring. One can barely think while they go on and on and obviously they like it that way!

Anonymous said...

Dear Galatians4,

I very much enjoy your labors of love and truth for the glory of our Lord Jesus, and pray his continued blessings upon your ministry as a watchman on the wall.

Please know that I likewise have labored as a watchman for our Lord, and in that vein, I do a substantial amount of research to the root of people, as well as their thoughts and teachings.

That being said, please know that I've been to the YouTube page of the guy who did this video, and here is what I found. I think it reflects a great deal and we should be warry.

In His love and truth,

Mick in Atlanta

Bible Believer said...

Yes that is too bad he knows about NLP but is otherwise deceived and deceiving, is that Arrivals video his? Thanks for pointing that out. I posted it mostly for the NLP information. I didn't watch that video looks full of a lot of deceptions. There are those who do the all religions are false lie and claim that the elite founded "Christianity" as well. Kind of like Maxwell.

Anonymous said...

Believer, I don't know if the Arrivals video is his or not, but it promotes Islam, i.e., quotes the Quran and nothing of the Bible. Likewise, in another video series that is his, Church Defined, he refers to the Holy Spirit as "It" many times, which is in line with Muslim theology about the Holy Spirit not being God. May our Lord continue to bless you and your ministry!

Mick in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

What a joke "TV news" is. Hannity (supposed conservative Republican) and Colmes (supposed liberal Democrat) both on the same team, reading the same script.

Propaganda machine for the establishment brainwash system so that people will fall in line with the direction of the spirit of antichrist.

Please note that Hannity is a catholic (read: Jesuit subversion of all world governments, to create the coming antichrist world government).

Bible Believer said...

Yes thanks for warning us about the maker of the video. I know they always have multiple layers to all the deception don't they? I was reading about the yes SETS OF NLP

[not an endorsement of this website]

One really can see how far the manipulation goes.

"He will say a number of things that everyone wants to hear and will agree with. This is called "generating a YES SET’. There will be a number of these, the number of these often desired is 3. Then the second stage is to bring in TRUISMS that are facts that after the audience has already been mentally saying yes, the audience will probably accept these facts without any disagreement. Finally, after the approx. three YES SETs, the approx. three TRUISMS, Bill will plant the suggestion, such as "support me in such and such." On important points, Bill will move his left hand, to help imbed certain commands to his viewers. He will also use some subtle hand signals/codes to trigger mind-controlled slaves too. He will ask during his talks for people to imagine or visualize what he wants for them. Again this is manipulation directed at the right brain."

I stopped watching mainstream TV news when I wasn't even a Christian yet, [I was saved in 2002, but noticed in 2001, the lies of 9-11 and then noticed the same repeated pictures over and over of 9-11 and same phrases, it disturbed me enough I shut it off for good.

Bible Believer said...

It is a joke and multiple manipulation on multiple levels with planned manipulations for each person who figures it out...

There is a reason they have so many Catholics on Fox news, and notice they never fail to tell us what church they are associated with. yes Jesuit subversion....