Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shallow American "Christianity"

So many reject the pleasant truths as well....

I don't agree with everything on this fellow's blog, he went through some hardships regarding a relationship with a young woman from a hyper-fundamentalist family and some of his view points I definitely differ from regarding certain issues [the culture war ones] but some of his view points ring definitely true though.  I do pray he sticks to God's Word, and doesn't let the foolishness he has seen and suffered from lead him away from God. 

The Election

We have a HUGE segment of evangelical Christianity that, aside from being clueless about their own faith, think that America is in some kind of national covenant with God like Israel was in the Old Testament. This goes beyond a basic misunderstanding of the old covenant and the new covenant into pure emotionalistic stupidity. Every four years, this group measures ALL sin and Christianity by three issues alone: 1) abortion 2) gays 3)Israel/Islam. They're convinced that God will judge our nation because of these issues. Jeez. If God were going to judge us as a nation, I think "The Bachelor", "Big Brother", and "Real Housewives" would make for better starting points. Christianity, with fundamentalism leading its charge, has just become SO shallow in this country. It literally diminishes its adherents, yet we think that we have some kind of national patent on Jesus Christ. No wonder we haven't noticed the rest of the world leaving us in the dust. There are a good number of international readers here, from every continent save for Antarctica, and in their emails to me even they've noticed that American Christianity is an entity all it's own, something they, as Christians in other countries, view with fascination, bemusement, sometimes confusion, and often see as generally bizarre.

What were Jesus' views on American politics/the Republican platform and the Democratic platform?
If you can answer those honestly, in Jesus' words (not Paul's or any other biblical character), without tying a rationalized knot in your rear-end or speaking on behalf of Jesus, then you hold your head up high, march proudly into your voting booth this November...and vote for a Mormon like a good Christian should. Hypocrisy and stupidity abounds.....

Hey the international folks aren't the only ones who think it is all bizarre. I know I watch the increasingly nauseating displays and think American "Christianity" has grown so shallow. [Yes there are many good and true Christians in America, but here I am dealing with the false churches and prevalant culture forces out there] When I was saved, I went to a church that was more rural and remote, though the sneaking tendrils of Dominionism lapped around it, later when I would visit others in a new community, I realized that the "evangelical" world had formed it's own subculture, one I felt VERY LITTLE in common with, on so many fronts regarding my own roots, socioeconomic status and more, it wasn't funny. However it didn't matter, Jesus Christ has and been my focus, the only thing is, as commented on this blog, this "subculture" has very little to do with Him. Not fitting into it is a good thing.

Keep in mind the rest of the world however has the same delusions covering it, though in different forms especially the influx of Pentecostalism but isn't there a special flavor for Americans with the escape ready rapture and extreme politics? Haven't we seen in the last 10 years the absurdity growing?

What kind of witness does mainstream American "evangelicalism" have for the world, but an evil one, and yes I am putting "Christian" in quotes all over the place on this article because I believe it is anything but. Non-believers see "Christians" as war mongerers and sychophants to a corrupt political order. Even now, the ex-fundamentalist crowd is right to call out this particular hypocrisy....

I see no rescue coming forth from those who demand greater intellectualism, such as the Mark Noll crowd, that can be it's own path to deceit, early church fathers, and trusting the wisdom of this world first. The dry book intellectual crowd, always seem to come out parading their new status as a Catholic making those decisions on endless lists of false theologians.  The Calvinists who seem to be an intellectual bunch, retain endless errors and don't wonder why their founder put people to the stake.  The world view of the secular intellectual world, as it stands is one that is not welcoming to Christians.

Ecclesiastes 12:12 And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

Here we don't want to fall into the trap of intellectual pride. Our dependence is always to be on the Holy Spirit as our teacher. [John 14:26]. The world however has much to deceive everyone from the highest genius IQ to the most simple-minded. In fact the genius IQs and Mensa crowd, via pride can be the most misled. UU churches were full of the intellectual cream of the crop.  Always when facing an issue, ask God to teach you, He will never disappoint.

The universities aren't hiring born again Christians, they are busy indoctrinating young people. This is something the evangelical world has right but what does it matter when they replace things with their own false indoctrination?  There is nothing wrong with knowledge and learning but it has to be balanced with God's wisdom and a humble approach. However the other side, with the folks that have rewritten history, and who offer their own shallow solutions is another trap that goes along with the refusing of biblical knowledge or even to learn, and being so easily fooled time and time again.

1 Cor 1:27 God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

Why else has American "Christianity" with its Dominionist parades, re-written history a la David Barton, gained such an influence on the "Christian" culture? Hey they know most Americans aren't going to know things about how Thomas Jefferson wrote a "Bible" where he took everything "supernatural" out of it, praised by the UUs by the way,  so Barton's claims as a Jefferson being an strong "Christian" are a total joke. When I read the articles about David Barton's book being removed, I thought, "Hmm they must have found out about THIS BIBLE." After all for over 12 years, I heard Jefferson praised as a Unitarian. I thought to myself, "How could they miss that?". Realizing the David Barton book was selling like hot cakes was scary.

Why are these supposed Christian teachers, rewriting history a la George Orwell and the Ministry of Truth? Why is it so important? Countries rise and fall and those who depend on world leaders consider what the Bible says about "fornicating kings" need to wake up. There is nothing wrong with loving one's own country, but God is to come first. The love of truth is being thrown away while "Christians" march blindly behind the likes of Barton, Glenn Beck and others who weave a socio-political picture of dominance. To do so, they must form a NEW MYTHOLOGY, and are working upon this with increased VIGOR. One thing I tell people in everyday life, when language is changed, when history is changed, when they desire for you to set aside facts you know are true, they are up to something and it's no good. We are seeing a revamping of many things for dubious ends.

One thing I have thought about is they really are busy, formulating a "new culture" for Christians on different fronts to serve just about every crowd, from the Wallis types to Vision Forum elites. They have a LEFT side and RIGHT side to that setup too.  I guess when the Emergents came on scene 10-15 years ago they really meant all that stuff about reformulating culture. But even there they have traps waiting for so many. There are Emergents who will say, Yes "evangelical" culture is shallow come join us as an "alternative" but are they really? Well aren't both camps FOCUSED on changing culture, and THIS WORLD? Keep in mind the stage show of the right and left in politics applies here to religion.  They all converge to the globalist, authoritarian middle. They all want "someone" in charge. 

Keep in mind Rome loves all this focus on "Christian cultures".

What is interesting is watching these types, formulating life in different ways, not according to the Bible but according to a  caricature of what the outside world thinks "Christians" are.  Well if we realize most within the mainstream of evangelical thought are under the sway of wolves and not really born again, the surface stuff is what they cling to instead of Jesus Christ. This becomes the definition of their whole life.  The outward trappings become what is the most important.  I wrote on the last Duggar article, that the Duggar show is being used as an influence to redefine "Christian" culture, a stepfording as it were, where lack of individuality rules and blind obedience to authority. There is a reason that the Duggar adults aren't being allowed to grow up, they want people who will obey, not those who will think, question and follow God's will over the authority of man. They don't want people to grow up in the Lord. They don't want you or me to grow up either. If we have to a certain point, we will see through the whole "cultural" fog and pick up on what is missing.

Ephesians 4:15

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

 I think about all these false teachers and how lately even in my head they all overlap because they are so much the same, teaching the same false things and they are so very shallow. Shallowness is one thing they all hold in common. With the help of the massively dumbing down American culture, we have had decades of the churches especially the megachurches working to strip everything down to the lowest common denominator, where thoughtfulness and depth was thrown away for demographics. Today we see the results.

Why because the SURFACE APPEARANCE is what is cared most about and with no Holy Spirit indwelling for the legions of unsaved but who profess "Christ", this is why one starts seeing a SAMENESS to it all and so many blindly lining up.

Colossians 2:8
Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Mar 4:5    And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth:

They are rewriting history for a reason and re-inventing culture to take people down very bad paths.

For those of us who have the depth of God's love in our life, pray for people to come into the truth and to realize the depth of deception.


Anonymous said...

This thought regarding the election came to me - we have two factions, both are serving the same master. One has its horns showing and is evil on its face. The other is appearing as an angel of light. I'll leave you to decide which is which. :-)

Christians who have their focus on their wallets and the economy and not on God and His provision will have no peace and will put their trust in the "angel of light". The latter may be the better choice because it would put us on a slower track and buy more time to reach the lost.

There has always been a choice between two evils in secular government. As long as one does so with eyes wide open and does it for the right reasons, I don't see compromise in voting the lesser of two evils.

God is ultimately in control and we should redeem the time available to us before the darkness engulfs us.

Anonymous said...

What I notice is that people say they believe the Bible, but they don't read it! Then they follow new age beliefs that the false teachers are teaching. Like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers with their change your words change your life new age stuff. It's not trust in Jesus Christ and as you become a new creature you change from the inside and you reap the fruit of the spirit - there is your changed life. No, they teach to trust in words instead. Which is not in the Bible! Just Satan keeping people from reliance on Jesus Christ again.
Another friend at work says she believes only what the Bible says!! But she doesn't read it! She wants to impress the big boss who is new age so she leaves new age pamphlets on her desk hoping the boss will see it. Another new ager gives her crystal and rocks which she has at her desk.
It's really quite strange to me.

Anonymous said...

At church yesterday the sermon was on How to Vote. He used all kinds of Bible verses from the old testament on what constitutes a good leader but since neither candidate fulfills those qualifications, we should pick the one who fits the closest. And very strongly pushed voting for Romney. He didn't say Romney's name but it was obvious who he meant. I felt nauseated leaving church. I still feel queasy. I will not be voting for the first time. He says that means I am voting for the incumbent. It doesn't matter who we vote for. The same policies will continue and the course of America on the same track.

And I just saw an article about TBN and Daystar ready for the messiah in Jerusalem. With Paul crouch and Joseph prince.

Bible Believer said...

Wait til I post on something tomorrow, or later this week. Pastor's "rebelling" by saying vote Republican! They are deceived by the new world order and then some, and of course supporting a Mormon doesn't even faze them. I had one of those type of sermons in my old IFB and complained years ago, back then Bush, the pastor did listen but I have to admit I have felt nauseous too. Felt like the floor had fallen below my feet wondering why a pastor was supporting an obviously wicked and corrupt politician. Sometimes I do vote on local issues, but that is a choice each time depending on what there is. I do not plan to vote for a prez candidate. They had a show or article saying "Ready for the Messiah?" yes need to look into that. TBN is definitely serving it's role.

Bible Believer said...

voting on local issues above, are non-party stuff like millages and state laws...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bible Believer, so that's what that was about last Sunday at church. No, voting for a Mormon doesn't faze them. I had asked the pastor several months before if he was ecumenical and he said no. He said he had been invited to attend an interfaith conference and he declined. But then he tells his congregation to vote for a Mormon?

I felt manipulated by the Bible verses he uses to make his point, too.

It was the LA Times that carried the article about TBN:,0,6110978.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Fnationworld%2Fworld+%28L.A.+Times+-+World+News%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

I found this interesting:

""One of the things I find offensive is that they are bragging about their missionary work," said Ellen Horowitz, research director at Jewish Israel, a grass-roots group created in 2008 to track and counteract Christian missionaries in Israel. "They're actually very in-your-face about it."


"Christian broadcasters have donated tens of millions of dollars in recent years to build Israeli schools, community centers, hospital wards and even synagogues. Part of the support is based upon their belief that the return of the Jewish people to Israel will usher in the second coming of Jesus."