Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"See You At The Pole"

'See You at the Pole:' Millions of Students Pray for Spiritual Awakening

Weird how the language of these things gets more and more new age and pagan. "Spiritual Awakening?" I hate even the name of the event "See you at the Pole", why does everyone have to gather outside in a circle around a flagpole? That is what they have the young people do at these things.

Remember what the Bible says about poles/"pillars"?

Now I am not claiming that flagpoles are all "pillars of jealousy" but hey, they chose that meeting place for a reason. This rests in the tradition of using poles, such as the May Pole as a "phallic symbol for fertility". With the flag involved they can toss in that taint of patriotic Dominionism as well. 

Also notice this is a GLOBAL event.

"Millions of students across the country and globally are participating in a "See You at the Pole" event at their schools today, praying for a spiritual awakening, the theme chosen for the 22nd annual prayer rally.
"If two or more people join together and pray for something, that can move mountains and I love that," Illinois high school student Lasha Lobo told The Christian Post on Tuesday. "I love that I can go to school without feeling like I'm drowning in the sea of high school."
See You at the Pole, the global day of student prayer, began in 1990 as a grass roots movement with ten students praying at their school. More than two decades later, millions around the world pray on their campuses on the fourth Wednesday in September.
Organizers say SYATP is simply a prayer rally where students meet at the school flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God. SYATP is a student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led event."

Whatever happened to following Jesus's commandment here?

Matt 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 


Anonymous said...

You know, gathering like that to even be a witness to onlookers, God can use that. But why around the pole? The circle around the pole looks like the "may day pole" gathering they used to do in the Soviet Union. It is a phallic symbol in paganism, that's where the "may day" celebration came from, from paganism, and it just looks ridiculous.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Anonymous said...

i am more concerned about the ecumenical aspect of this. No matter your faith whether it be Mormon,Catholic, etc. it is an unholy unity and it is instilling that notion into young people.

I don't see anything particularly sinister about gathering at the flagpole which is a central place that is outside the building.

This seems parallel with the National Day of Prayer which is an ecumenical event joining Christian and "christians" and even cults such as Mormonism and Roman Catholics.

This is an ideology that pervades our country and is totally against the Bible. What ever happened to praying in one's home or in one's church. Promotes universalism if you ask me and is more of an affront to God. He does not hear the prayers of unbelievers and He says we should not fellowship with them in the same sense we would with other believers.

Bible Believer said...

Anon Thanks for reminding me they used to that in the Soviet Union, yup it's all about the pagan fertility symbol nothing Christian about it. It's more of the in your face stuff that the majority do not "see" nor discern.I agree with BAS that it is tragic where young people are being led. Last anon, I get emails from Catholic acquaintances and others defending the National Day of Prayer so yes all these events are ecumenical. Think about in a public school, while they just say "Christian" for all the schools this can include Catholics, Mormons, mainliners, Seventh Day Adventists and all other cults. So yes it definitely is another ecumenical "global event". Definitely universal in outlook as well.

Anonymous said...

What really gets me is when people try to invoke the verse from 2 Chronicles, If My people............and use it to call for prayer for the nation as with the National Day of Prayer. First of all it is OT and it says "My people" and we are not to join with unbelievers. It amazes me. Having a discussion w/a well-meaning fundie retired pastor, a dear man, but he is convinced the NDP is quite alright. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

The old English/Germanic word "kirke" means a ritualistic pagan circle. Meeting in a "kirke" is rooted in the pagan concept that people would stand in a circle of agreement, holding hands and call upon demonic forces. This is where our modern word CHURCH comes from. (Smith's Bible Dictionary) - Don

Bible Believer said...

Most of the pastors think NDP is OK, I remember posting against NDP on a message board and having outraged folks, who ask why are you against prayer but then ignored things when I pointed out the ecumenical factors happening. Kirke, yes I've heard that word before and yes it is where the word "church" comes from. I'm not going to lambast someone who uses the word CHURCH, kind of like we are stuck with using words like SATURDAY, but it is interesting to see the "history" there, one wonders how did that happen? And yes the pagan circles, were done with people holding hands around a central point.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the long "stick" inside the circle, is what is also located at the vatican. The obelisk sitting inside a circle.

That's the "may day pole". And that's what they're imitating here, whether they realize it or not.

Bible Believer said...

Sure it is just like the obelisk at the Vatican, agree with that.

Jeff Nelson said...

If everyone here is so concerned with praying at home and fixing what's broken in your own walk with God, why are you bashing people on here? God is Judge, NOT YOU