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Years Outside the Church System

Zimbabwe: Outside the Church System

I've been pondering some things, about being outside the church system especially as time has gone by. As time passes, I know sometimes it can get tough, I try to find other Christians locally who believe the way I do, and while I find the occasional person that is born again, most are all tied into the church system. Finding people who are not, is the exception.

One thing, I have come to more peace in being outside the church system. This is very recent for me but I have come into acceptance about the issue and understanding the bigger picture. Per my Proverbs article of today, God's understanding counts far more then man's. I would rather go where God leads me and obey Him rather then doing what the crowd warrants. If circumstances change and I can find a sincere assembly of born again believers that preaches truth and follows God's Word then I will be open to what ever place God leads me.

As I have written before, when you are out to the church system, there are sacrifices to be made, especially for folks who enjoy the strong fellowship and having a strong church family. I am one of them who loved having those things but I love God more in refusing to be part of a false church. Doing a blog like this one, I am responsible for what I know before God, and that involves knowing the ecumenical and interfaith dealings of endless denominations. I do have contact with church system Christians but do tell them what my beliefs are.  I did tell one newer Lutheran person I met, who is conservative and rejecting of ecumenism, why I cannot be in a Lutheran church and how that ties into Rome's false sacraments. I suppose some of my conversations get interesting. They did hear me out and did not get angry so I hope I gave them food for thought.

It can be tough, when it seems like you are alone out there except for fellow Christian believers online who believe the same way you do. With folks in the church system, it's been tough, even those who have been open to some truths, many are far more influenced by generations of family church involvement and pastors rather then their new "quirky" pal who is sharing bible verses, books and ideas they never have heard anywhere else before. I know how that is. You try to share something and the response is..."But my pastor says"....it can be a hard one. Sometimes you can get some folks to think and here one needs to give the grace of time and study on their end, and knowing you too were in plenty of churches, but praying they are teachable and will hear what you are warning of.

My search for local fellowship and prayer for it has turned up empty. I do think God has his reasons, even with the IFB, there are things there I have been shown such as the major encroachment into Dominionism in many of the churches. [notice I did not say all] Sometimes I have been surprised. I have looked for home churches and not found anything. The closest I got was meeting one member of a home church but realizing it was a seventh day adventist derivative, keeping to many false SDA teachings that I could not reconcile with.

I ask God for Christian fellowship all the time and while I have it long distance, it is not easy. The churches objectively viewing them from the outside, seem to growing deeper and deeper into deception. I have written about even the mainliners jumping on the Emergent band wagon, the evangelical and fundamentalist world has gone into Dominionism and jumps at every call of the religious political right wing...[Chik-fil-A anyone? The economy is crashing but they have to go on about the homosexuals day and night]. I wrote an article on the homosexual obsession and they managed to turn it up a few notches. The world is imploding, the economy is crashing, sin is increasing [yes homosexuality is a sin too] and here they are on their culture wars parade before the world with no gospel included.

Christian "culture" more and more has become it's own trap. Where people are told what to say, think, believe and do. A demographic of control and certain "lifestyles" advanced for those in it, where so many are herded into a pen, and controlled via the media rather then under the influence of God, and His Word.

Churches that never would have celebrated Lent before, now do so openly, the false traditions and connections to political and other agendas grows stronger and stronger. Sometimes I ask myself, don't any of these church members talk among themselves? Why don't they question anything? I suppose there are unreported numbers of those just leaving like I did. Walking out quietly, and just praying, worshipping and reading their Bibles at home. I posted the article at the top to show that this most likely is a WORLD-WIDE phenomenon. Surely there are people hungering for God's  Word and who have turned to the Holy Spirit to teach them. 

I visited many churches for many years, and even when deciding well to avoid services but attend to have other born again people to socialize with or help to get truth to, all of them were far too gone like this place, God basically told me get out. Even the most mild of questions or discussions seemed to upset other members. Trust me I had many of those conversations. Even the conversation with the missionary about Billy Graham was one I'd had many times before with the same reactions.

Here is another question I have, why do so many of the pastors seem so much the same? Why have I never in TWO YEARS of doing this blog, ever seen a pastor here except for one fundamentalist preacher from the Southwest? I have gotten responses from ministries I've questioned or their employees but as far as sincere pastors desiring to discuss these matters, it has been disappointing. Yes I'll grant that many post anonymously and perhaps a few were among their numbers, but it makes you wonder, do any of them research or study anything? I remember asking for examples, some were claiming of those sincere Calvary Chapel pastors who question things like Lausanne, and ecumenism beyond the usual Emergent smokescreens, but never really got an example there either. I asked several times and well never received a response.

As time passes, being outside the church system, can be a challenge, in that Christians are meant to have the support and fellowship of other Christians, but the price should never be compromising to be in a false church or under a pastor you know is deceiving the congregation. One's relationship with God counts the most. I am happy God has shown me the truth, and I am not sitting in some pew being fed lies and deceptions and buying into it all. That said, I am not going to get prideful, Satan sets up plenty of future traps, even for those who get outside the church system. We must always test ourselves. For the people in the church system, since I was one for years, this is not to elevate myself either, but to hope they are shown the truth and those who sit there in the pews, and KNOW, but do not leave because they do not want to lose fellowship or want a church for their kids, turn to God and obey Him and listen to what He is telling them.

Some of us may be hitting years being outside of a church or assembly, and well, I know that brings up new issues. Share your experiences here too if you have been outside the church system for years. Don't feel you are alone here, either, there are others of us too.

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Leah said...

Nice post, I feel some of those feelings too, you are not alone. God bless you and your ministry. You are making a difference even though it seems like you only hear quietness and crickets.

Tola Ben Issachar said...

I guess we're not the only ones.
Kings 19:18 Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”


Bible Believer said...

Thanks I appreciate it. I like to write these articles just to remind others reading this blog, that we are not alone out there even if sometimes it feels like it as far as other human beings go. IRL, I do hear a lot of quietness or crickets or those who do not "agree". I try to give truth where I can [examining myself too] and treat people kindly of course, but it is not easy. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for that verse Tola, yes the OT can remind us what the numbers were even back them.

Matt 7:13
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

Anonymous said...


I've posted here before - I have four young children, and have stayed in church for sake of kids. Don't want to complicate things for them, keep them innocent of politics and these issues. Teach faithfully the word of God. But, we recently moved and as I look at the churches websites, I see the symbols you have discussed. I am sure a large portion are done innocently, and if you look at free Christian clip art, most of it has sun rays, etc. Still makes me uncomfortable. Why do churches need corporate logos? Because they are more business than ministry? Found one small church that has many homeschooling families, sounded good on many accounts, but found out all women wear long skirts, and I believe they are Dominionist or at least legalist. My husband has asked me to find us a new church, but we have not gone in over a month. I still would like to find one.

Anonymous said...

I am churchless too. Because of the same reasons on this blog. Thank you for the honesty. So much to say on this subject, who knows where to begin. My husband and I rely on each other right now, the bible, and our God, through Jesus Christ. I absolutely don't miss church, (of course that's the carnal nature), but also because I don't miss leaving church service feeling that unexplained heavy burden, and aching loneliness even though people sitting in the pew next to us.

Church became a physical burden for us. Why? Because pastors needed to keep their steady incomes, and ministries afloat. They relied on tithers to keep themselves maintaining their agenda. The members tithed, supported, went to every service, prayer, worship, sunday morning, sunday evening, volunteered, to clean, teach, Sunday school, babysit, bake, cook, give and give some more. Church has become an act. There is no reaping for the saints. All the planting, seeding, preparing the ground, and watering, weeding done by the saints gets harvested by the "pastor". He takes the glory and flies to far-away conferences to hobnob with his peers, where they all throw each other bouquets of congratulations on their church successes. Then they return to their church and demand more sacrifice from the saints. The souls are still lost, miracles aren't happening, promises of undeserved blessings still taught, western society norms are a priority to members, (even though they don't admit it), and no wonder people are leaving.

Denial is hard to reason with. The deception of the last days teaches about these times. And those who've been blessed to heed the warning signs, are everywhere. We just don't hear much from them, because I think, like myself, they have hung up their harps, and are fatigued, tired, spiritually exhausted and have no energy to argue, reason, or hope for a true church.

We are like the misfit toys on the island (from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). We are broken, lonely, and have become accustomed to living in hiding, to the point where it feels good to stay away from confrontations, conflict, and doctrinal arguments. My only concern about being non-churched is that I'll become a spiritual hermit and not even want to share the gospel with anyone. The only place I can share are sites on the internet to those who've never heard.

People are busy with their lives, churches, and activities, and it's hard to get through to people who belong in this flurry of technological blackberries, Ipods, texting, constant talking, where people try to keep their minds so occupied on fluff that their inner man can't be reached. And the pastors just gobble up this technology, they love it so. We can't even go see a pastor anymore without an appointment. And trying to reach them? It's getting almost impossible.

Just sharing this: the only solution to my plight of loneliness is to move away from the clamour of tv, news, western lifestyle, materialism to a place where humans still want to interact with strangers, are hospitable, have very little and are open to the gospel. I sit here knowing what the right thing to do is, but haven't the strength and the faith to do it. What a miserable person that I am, like Paul said. I just pray we all find a special purpose, even if it means giving a cup of water to a thirsty person. Maybe the Lord doesn't expect us to drop, sell everything, but I believe others are asking the same questions. What purpose do we serve the Lord living in wealthy countries, where narcissism, entitlement, and greed have taken over so many minds?

Crowned One From the Wall said...

I left the church system in 2006 and have been a part of various home fellowships of like-minded believers ever since. It is a lonely road, and a sacrificial one, but it is worth it to walk in the Truth. The more I am out of the system, the more I am able to see that the church system is nothing but another form of mind control programming, and it alarms me to see how much deception I was once under and how many remain, asleep, in the same delusion. James 1:22 says: "But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves." It is my belief that this is the source of the self-delusion of the church: hearing the Word and yet persisting in the notion that it is unnecessary to obey. Thanks for writing this: I am sure that there are many out there, like me, who can identify with your experience.

Roger Ecoff said...

Good word, I can relate to everything you said. I have been outside of the religious system for almost five years now. Like you, I still do pray for local face-to-face fellowship but do not have not found anyone yet. God is good though and will meet all my needs in His wisdom. It is a constant temptation to go out and look for a church, even if I have to compromise somethings. Thank you for this article it have really encouraged me not to give in and compromise.

Kayfabe said...

Good afternoon Bible Believer,

Great article!!

2 Thessalonians 2:3-Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition

The verse above talks about a falling away and I believe we are in the midst of that falling away right now. Just look at what is considered Christiandom in this country and you'll see a perverted version of what the early church was all about.

The false Pre Tribulation rapture theory I believe will deceive many of the church goers into accepting the Antichrist as a Man of God and subsequently receiving the Mark of the Beast. The above scripture plainly tells us that the man of sin will be revealed before the coiming of the Lord. How will they know who the antichrist is if they're still waiting for a secret rapture? Their Pastors will tell them that we are not in the last days and that the antichrist is not that man as how could be, the rapture hasn't happened yet. With that convincing the institutional church goers to accept the mark of the beast will be a piece of cake. Many Christians think they that they will be able to just turn on the discernment when all this stuff takes place but I see more of a Frog in the bunson burner effect for those that refuse to love the truth.

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11-The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie

The Church system as a whole is deceiving the sheep either by intention or ignorance. Many Pastors of this day are blind leaders

Matthew 15:14-"Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch."

These so called Pastors are leading their flocks into the ditch known as the New World Order and the Harlot Last days religion Mystery Babylon which in my opinion will be heavily consisted of Catholisicm and Insitutional Christianity along with other pagan beliefs of course.

To the 2nd anonymous,

I have been out of the Church system for over a year and a half now and all I can say is that it has been the most blessed time for me spiritually. Yes it is hard being on an Island where it seems you are by yourself but the blessings far out weigh that. One way to minister when you are outside the system is to but some tracts or Gospel books like John and pass them out as the Lord leads. Doing this will encourage you as it will others. There are many ways we can still minister while being out of the system of 501 C 3 Non Profit Corporation Government Churches. It is easy to be discouraged when you don't have consistent fellowship but there is also a time of refreshing that takes place when you remove yourself from false teaching and false teachers. The more you go out there in share God's word the more you will meet other believers or potential converts.

I guess I'm fortunate in a sense where I live in a very condense area of the Country so my chances for fellowship may be more than some who live in more rural areas. Even at that there are very few that you meet that have come out of the Institutional Church System. Even less that want to come out as they have been ingrained with the false traditions of man.

The problem with the Church System as a whole is that they try to neuter you when you are on fire. They try to get you to assimilate into a box where you fall in line with the status quo. They don't like boat rockers or those who are peculiar. It's like many in the Churches today are becoming automatons with no mind of their own or questioning skills. We must be Christian detectives.

Revelation 3:16-"So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

Kayfabe said...

@ anon #2

I guess I'm fortunate in a sense where I live in a very condense area of the Country so my chances for fellowship may be more than some who live in more rural areas. Even at that there are very few that you meet that have come out of the Institutional Church System. Even less that want to come out as they have been ingrained with the false traditions of man. I would just encourage you to take heart that even though you may be on that Island right now that there will be others even if they be a few or even just one that will be like minded.

Unknown said...

I too have been out of the institutional church since feb 2003 (left a local calvary chapel)

I empathize with everyone here who has done the same....but please take pleasure in the fact you are obeying God

Revelation 14:4 KJV
These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth . These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

i did not understand this verse until after i left the institutional church. We are not defiled by women (means the church...remember the harlot that rides the beast) nor do we commit "spiritual adultery" with her.

many of you preach the truth but find yourselves alone. i say Rejoice for our King said, " Blessed are ye , when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. 23 Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy : for, behold , your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

For it is also written in John 6..

67 Then said Jesus unto the twelve , Will ye also go away ? 68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go ? thou hast the words of eternal life. 69 And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.

Where will we go?

We will follow the Lamb wherever he goes because HE ALONE has the words of eternal life

Hebrews 13:13 KJV
Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.


Rena said...

Thank you so much for this article, it mirrors so much of our lives. I orignially left the church system because of a major scandal that included myself, my ex-husband and another couple. Let's just say nothing in the situation was handled according to scripture. My family was basically forced to leave the church, my husband left me for the other woman and her husband "came out". At no time did anyone from my "church family" check on my kids or myself. This church caused a tremendous amount of pain and hurt for me and my children.
Years later, I remarried and my husband who also came out of a bad church situtation, looked for a church to fit into, and in each one, we began to see how the majority of "church people" really are. Not all, granted, but a large amount of people in today's churches are judgemental, worldly, and compromising. The pastors preach more for "relativity for today's living" rather than scripture and if they do use scripture, it is rarely used in the context for which it was intended. It was then that we decided that we were just going to read the Bible for ourselves, verse by verse to see what it ACTUALLY says! Boy did we have our eyes opened. There were doctrines that we had followed for our whole lives that we just could not agree with any more. When we started doing historical research we found the prominent influence that the Catholic church had on the early church and that pushed us further away from the organized church system. This was followed by the discovery of the origns behind the "christianizing" of pagan holidays. Also, we have found that so many of the "Spiritual Leaders" (musicians, speakers, writers, etc) that we have studied or listened to have fallen captive to heretical teachings.
We too have reached out to pastors for explaination only to have them reply with vague, unimformative answers. It seems that they think we are looking to start an arguement just because we question what or why they teach a certain belief. Religion is an off subject with in our families, since one side is Catholic and the other think we are almost "hell bound" since we dont' attend a church.
We would so like to find a forum that would allow us to find other Christians of convictions. If there is one would you direct us to it? Thanks for hearing us out and thanks for your comments as well.

pastorbrianculver said...

I have had time in the past where everything that you say here was what I was going through. You know what the sad part was? I was once a pastor of a church like one of the ones you describe. I was a pastor that was not truly saved and the result was that I was not preaching biblically, my church was not handling church affairs biblically and as a result, the congregation also was not living biblically to the glory of God. It wasn't until I left the ministry that I finally got saved (truly saved by repentance, faith in God and obedience to His Word) I desire to get back into the ministry to right all of the wrong that I had done in the past. I have written three books that present our churches as being less than what God wants them to be. When is it time to change churches is one of my books and it lines up with what you are saying here. The other one is Locked Doors of the American Church and it goes into detail about how pastors, board members, elders, deacons, etc are not truly living for Christ. They present a false doctrine in order to please the people. I commend you on standing up for your faith. My hometown does not have a single church that I would recommend to anyone (and there are over 100 churches there). I have since moved down to Jacksonville, Florida and have found a truly biblical church. They stand up and never dilute the Word of God. May God bless you in your search. In the mean time, Praise God and give Him all the glory!

pastorbrianculver said...

stand firm in following God's leading in your life. I praise God for your faithfulness to honor Him above all others. Many people will compromise in order to be accepted by others. They think too much of man and not enough of God. May God's blessings be with you

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Anonymous said...

It's always great to hear from others who are outside.
I was raised in a moralistic/legalistic denomination that did not understand or teach grace. I look back on my time there, childhood and young adulthood, thinking I was saved when I was most surely not. I left because I knew I could never be "good enough" to be saved and finally gave up trying. I did not become an atheist as some do, I simply became a secular nonchristian, instead of a religious nonchristian. Life was going along just fine,no rock bottoms, no tragedies; and I can't even explain how now, but my husband, who was never exposed to religion before began discussing religion with me and God drew us to Him. We decided to find a church so we went to the only denomination I knew. A huge change had taken place in the 9 years since I'd left. The legalistic denom had made a swing in the other direction. The people were so very nice and friendly, but after a year there I told my husband I couldn't go there, it was as if a cult had come and taken over from the inside. We tried other denominations and found they were now all the same and headed in the same direction. It's horrifying to me to see some of my family members so blinded by corporate religion and following men who teach doctrines we would have run from 30 years ago. They tune me out, won't hear anything I say because I don't belong to a church.But, the church is not an institution, it is the body of Christ. The bride being prepared for her groom. Don't be sad, don't be pulled back in. Don't go "for the children". This is only temporary, one day we will be surrounded in fellowship for eternity. It's worth the wait.

lastdaysoftheage said...

Be encouraged brother! I'm fellow soldier crying the same things. I have been discouraged at times for the lack of response to what Christ calls us to in Scripture, but yet I know I must persevere. I left a seeker friendly church in 2001. Praying for you!
In Christ, Al

Bible Believer said...

Hello Joy,

I have met other people who have told me even IRL, they are staying in church for sake of kids, even when they know pastor is preaching some false things and other problems. I would say be careful and even leave then, because the churches are changing so fast and from what I can tell is they introduce more radical ideas in all areas to the young people then they do to the parents and others in the pews. Yes with the logos, they all have the same themes. Some may be innocently chosen but I think for the ones who are 'bigger', they know what they were doing. I wonder too why churches need corporate logos, guess all that came from Rick Warren/Ducker in pals to "market" churches. I agree about them acting more as businesses with the pastor as the CEO.

Sorry the one small church turned out to be Dominionist. I know some of my even old IFB church members have fallen prey to the likes of Dominionism even with one family joining up with Vision Forum. Saw that in Calvary Chapel. The way those groups are getting to them is via the homeschool literature.


I pray you can find a good place but if not as a family you could home church. I know it is getting very tough out there.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I am glad other churchless people have written me here, it does help me feel less alone in terms of being outside a church system. I am glad you and your husband share time in the Bible and prayer. Yes one can feel lonely especially in a church where they are NOT LIKE MINDED. I definitely felt that way, when visiting a few. It was worse then being home sitting alone.
church, (of course that's the carnal nature), but also because I don't miss leaving church service feeling that unexplained heavy burden, and aching loneliness even though people sitting in the pew next to us. God also will let you know if they are reachable or even teachable and sadly NO is the answer all too often. With tithing, while I believe the Lord does tell the Christian to give, I believe tithing is a false teaching.


It is a major burden for those who come from humble means, and I have written another article about how the poor who can barely keep their rent paid and groceries in the house end up departing churches because of all the pressures.


I noticed this in my old rural town. Also poor families, watching the wealthy middle class pastor, take endless trips, such as one guy here annually to Jamaica, wonder where all their money is really going?

I am of the belief that handing money help directly to the poor or whoever else you want to help is smarter. This means bypassing secular charities that pay big buck salaries to their executives. This means bypassing megachurches which will send the cash to their corporate sponsers, or on a new lighting and video system.

I noticed too, that not only money but extensive time is asked, and while some families where only the husband has to work can handle it, here too the poorer families requiring two working adults had a tougher time of it. Some churches almost seem to want to keep their folks busy 24/7 without a minute to rest. The mega0churches seem the most into this, classes on finances, decorating, dinners, parties, so forth and so on.
I agree that all the planting and rest gets harvested by "the pastor". More and more I believe the one guy in the front formula is based on the Nicolaitans. I had some sadness some years ago as my old IFB had greatly reduced numbers just based on the pastor leaving for another church. This was after I had moved. I thought, "Things are not supposed to work this way". A church should not be based on one personality [of a man] and ready to fold once he departs.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they take the glory and fly to conference after conference. It seems there are so many of those things, charging a few hundred each on average, another money making enterprise, [no poor allowed there either] Even the whole 'career" building things is false, where they compare numbers and desire more numbers and seek more fame and power. One can see the influence a la Warren and seeker senstive movement to turn the churches into businesses and I would fathom it's not just Western ideals but ones that come from a certain socioeconomic group. Corporate ties, corporate thinking, and bean counting combined. In other words, here too if you are a poorer person, you are not the one they are "marketing" things for. There is little money to be made.

I believe we are definitely in the great falling away and in the deception of the last days. There are people heeding the warning signs and able to follow God and see outside the whole church system and how false it has become. I am glad to see the response to this article, even so others can know those like them are out there.

I have noted for myself that the Christians who do speak out within the church systems, are ostracized, willfully silenced or if more personally known by the group, merely tolerated with nodding heads and smiles. Too many churches elevate their pastors above other members and in this way, if you disagree with the pastor, you will hear "but pastor says". Many Christian men even have chosen to be silent under those three words.

I think many do give up. I have met the types who have told me, "WHERE WILL WE GO?" when I have told them I am leaving or left. They say things like "we have to put up with this". I say I have to follow when God wants me gone.

The day one of the false pastors preached that witnessing was offensive, I went to several church members and talked about how much that bothered me. There is an air of "giving up" among the people in the pews. "Don't rock the boat", "he didn't mean it that way". etc.

Bible Believer said...

Always the pastor is seen as having more "authority" and "knowledge" as the rest of the church. Something went awry with that.

1 Corinthians 12:8-11

King James Version (KJV)

8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:

11 But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

Many people feel the pressures out there. Even doing this blog, isn't easy. Many pastor's and unquestioning church people, this sort of place makes them angry, "how dare you!". So many are invested into the church system, questioning it can be very uneasy territory but our Bibles warn of a false system. Time to listen.

Yes it can be a lonely place, you do feel like you live in hiding though I guess here, we really start to understand what Jesus meant when he taught Love not the world. I worry too about becoming a spiritual hermit, and wonder how even more years will affect me, and trust me I know what has been lost given the enjoyment of previous Christian fellowship. One book in the Bible I read to deal with this is Jude. There are many examples in the Bible of the few numbers, and the remnant holding to God's will.

I agree with trying to reach those who are busy, and all the technology, I even had the thought what is all this going to do to young people?


Yes there are many minds focused on fluff and what the NWO wants their minds focused on. Mind control of an all encompassing amount. I think about how the Olympics were even everywhere the last couple weeks.

I agree it is far harder to reach people, that's if you can one to even sit down and listen without endless distractions pulling them away.

I think having to make an appt to see pastors, well, that shows some of the plot being lost long ago. How about these churches that are so large, the pastorial CEO never even learns your name? Many know do not share phone numbers. I was in a smaller church so could talk to the pastor so that was far better but that church was very rural and behind the "technological" times, probably a good thing. I had a bit of culture shock when I moved away from a poorer rural place to a bigger place watching everyone hooked into a screen 24/7.

I sometimes have dreamed of moving away from this modern American society too. My own personal circumstances, makes this far harder to do, but it is something I have certainly had my own thoughts about, a place where people still can take quiet times, talk to each other, able to talk with strangers, and are open to the gospel.

Remember when I wrote about the Amish and I even was reading about the Hutterites, but way too much false religion there, bishop control and systems of legalism, though they definitely have some positive attributes above what modern society has become.

I pray to God about what is He wants me to do. I suppose for now, it is this blog, but a person must stay open to God's Will. Modern America in 2012 is not an easy place for a Christian to be. That is for sure.

Bible Believer said...

Welcome to the blog Crown.

I have been out of the church system some years myself now too. I am glad you have been able to find like minded home fellowships. I agree it is worth it to walk this road even if does take sacrifice and there is some loneliness because following God to any Christian believer should come FIRST. To be honest I could not bear to sit in any of the pews of the false preachers here and around those enthralled to their every word. That is one thing I noticed, by the way visiting so many churches, far too much man centered charisma, and people listening to man rather then God. I am with you on the churches conducting mind control programming, even the political-social elements I explore on this blog, definitely speaks of seeing almost the entirety of "Christiandom" herded into the place that the NWO elite wants them to be, all now voting for Mormon [Freemason] Romney.

I think of my years of deception too, so do not elevate myself above them, they too need God's help to break away. Back to Proverbs 3, to be those who seek after the understanding of God.

The problem we are seeing is they fear and listen to man far more then to God. So even when the pastors preach directly against God's Word, they choose to listen to man instead of God. They do not read and study God's Word and compare what they are hearing. There is spiritual laziness there too, in taking the preacher's words for granted that they are true instead of testing them.

I am glad to hear from all of you who do relate to my experience.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Roger, yes I am running near the 5 year mark myself since I walked out of the Calvary Chapel I had visited and when God showed me out them. Yes keep praying for face to face fellowship. I agree God will meet all our needs. God I believe has his purposes for all of us too.

I faced the temptation to find a church even just out of social needs but there was too much against God. Glad you relate to those things.

Bible Believer said...

Rena, I am sorry that happened to you, praying for you. That is terrible. It sounds like you faced massive spiritual abuse. There are definitely places that move past false preaching and teaching into just being TOXIC. I am glad you and your husband today, agree on the churches. I agree about the BEST LIFE NOW sort of stuff. Everything is about this world, and success in IT, and measuring up and that is where you see the judgment come from in the pews.


That is great you decided to read the Bible for yourselves! Hey that is how I got out of the Catholic church to BEGIN WITH, and then later saw through the other false teachings. I love God's Word and realize how important it is one's daily life. It also in terms of writing things on this blog, it woke me up to many things going on. Every Christian needs God's Word and to keep to it as much as possible. Psalm 119:105

I definitely think in my case, the Lord has used my past both in the RCC and UU church together, to beable to put some puzzle pieces together for this blog. When I do research here, I do it on the premise that everything false traces back to Rome {Mystery Babylon} and that has not failed yet.

I followed a path of study like you, figuring out the early church fathers so praised by apostate Protestants were false, seeing the real meaning of the holidays including Christmas and seeing through the false teachings of so many leaders and noticing how they seemed teamed up on so many like the Pre-Trib stuff in the evangelical world.

Yes I too have gotten the vague responses from pastors, the annoyance even for most innocent non controversial questions. They always seem to think everyone who even explores anything deep is 'challenging" their authority. It is sickening. I have to admit, I saw this article the other day on Christian Post and found it pretty cognizant of the despicable attitudes out there in pastors. I almost posted on it but then decided not to.


Notice how those who may question teachings or criticize are shoved away as "distractions", talk about invalidation of your own Christian brothers and sisters.

The arrogancy just floored me but did not surprise me. What else can we expect from those getting constant LEADDERSHIP training this and that. They have the fact that they are "IN CHARGE" stressed to them everytime they go to a conference.

I liked what this guy wrote as a comment..

"Why is the pastor so front and center in the american church. In the early church the body was held up by the five fold ministry. Pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist and apostle. Now it's a one man show. God is and will bring this system to an end."

I totally agree.

The "one man show" is false and based in a false "priesthood" and errors mentioned above.

With religion, I am the only Christian in my entire family network, which remains Catholic or athiest so life has been interesting for me, so I do understand what you are going through. Some of the Catholic relatives even believe that I am on the way to hell for leaving the RCC.

I really wish I could direct you to a good Christian forum. I believe 99% of them are infiltrated. I looked myself for the same thing. If anything my advice is to look for like minded Christians in the blogging world [being sure to be careful who discern who is a false discernment ministry] and perhaps connect that way.

I wrote about my experiences on Christian forums here twice.



Thanks for your comments and encouragement.

Bible Believer said...

Pastor Brian Culver,

Welcome to the blog, I guess now you are the second pastor [beyond those responding to my articles in a negative way] to have shown up to this blog. I am glad you have found a church that focuses on God's Word. As I say to everyone, proceed with caution, I hope it is a true church that loves God, that would be very nice to hear. I am glad you were able to be born again even though you had become a pastor. Was that the result of family upbringing? Becoming a pastor? I have seen those who have become pastors and it comes more out of their upbringing such as a young person raised in a Christian family and influenced to go to a fundamentalist college and then into the ministry who perhaps never was born again for real themselves. [Faith is personal] I will check your books out online. Definitely the church system in America, has grown too political and there is that strain of "pleasing" the customers. Ie, the pastors probably give in to tickling ears to keep more people in the pews rather then face the danger of so many departing. Yes there are many churches here and I would not recommend one here either. God bless you too.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe,

Thanks for your comments. I agree we are in the falling away now, most definitely. It is the only thing that explains what is going on. The churches out there are nothing like the early church and have departed from so much that is Biblical. Of course I have warned about the Protestant daughters but it goes much deeper then that with the evangelical and other "Christian" churches all joined to the Rome system. That is basically what is happening, The world Christian movement/Lausanne means an evangelical church is joined to Momma Rome as well as any liturgical that is more Catholic in it's outward trappings.

I don't know where I was online the other day, but I saw a discussion, on a Christian blog about how the Antichrist will take over the temple in Jerusalem and well aren't most of the Pre-Tribbers all deceived with so many looking for the rebuilding of that temple? That is the road the Pre-Trib Rapture stuff leads...


I am thinking now too of all those who seem so eager for WWIII to start as well.

Given that they believe "jesus" is supposed to enter this temple and "sacrifices" to come back, that definitely is a setup if there ever was one of the Antichrist, and we know the Popes have lusted for Jerusalem for millennium.

Yes the AC will be revealed and true Christians will know, while most of the world is deceived. Yes the rapture is used to lull the "Christians" to sleep. This is why they have no problem cheering for their war mongering politicians. Throw Dominionism in the pot...with the antichrist "ruling" the world, and they really will believe the man of perdition has brought the kingdom of "god" to this world. One can see the puzzle pieces and set up being brought now. This of course will include the mark of the beast. I have met the type of Christians who tell me, "What are you worried about? God will let us know who the AC is", but then I think if you can't even DISCERN NOW what is going on in your own church and the evil machinations of the NWO, what hope will you have when the most seductive human being ever shows up on the planet?" They are FOOLED NOW by the politicians, by their false pastors, by the world system that has their hearts, mind, ears and eyes all enthralled. What gets me too is the attitudes of "We know it all". Even as I write this blog, I never want to have that attitude, I know deception can lie out there even for the best person and pray to God to always show me the truth.

You are right about the frog in the bunson burner or the frog in the boiling pot. I have seen the heat turned way up even within the last 10 years.
This part of that verse stands out for me...

"because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie"

Always a good question for anyone. Do you love the truth?

and back to the Proverbs 3 verses I posted, truth itself is more precious then rubies or any riches of this world.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, yes Matt 15 warns us. We have many blind leaders and those at the top who are willfully deceiving; the whole system was meant to BLIND the populace.

This is why the Bible speaks so much of those who can "hear and see"

Matt 13:17
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

They definitely are leading their flocks right into the NWO and the harlot, the Mystery Babylon religion fronted by the Roman Catholic church. All I think of there, is that one video I posted long ago where almost every head of the institutional "Christian" church bowed their head before the antichrist Pope


I do agree that being out of the church system is a blessing. Definitely has been for me. If I had not left, this blog never would have come into being. I had to face the things even in Calvary Chapel and other places and come to the place of seeing what was happening in the church system. A person's mind is more clear in prayer with God alone rather then being influenced and indoctrinated by false preachers. Yes the Island element can be hard, but it DOES BUILD ONE'S FAITH. It is time for you alone with God in letting Him do the leading where you can listen. I try to pass out tracts and books and verses and information as much as I can IRL. I agree, that one does not need a church system to witness the gospel. Sometimes it can be tough when people ask, "Where do you go to church" but I am honest about that as well.

I agree with you about the church system working on people to neuter them. The on fire true Christians in many churches will discover that they are seen as "odd" and there are social influences to move to a more LUKEWARM modern middle. I have seen this myself. My IFB was good about street preaching and things like that but I noted in the other churches, even the idea of passing out tracts to people was seen as something those folks did not do. There is pressures to "conform", definitely, and those who "question", "think", and "study" are treated in a way where those personality attributes are considered "negative". I still remember the day, the Calvary Chapel pastor at the last place told me to stay away from discernment ministries. They will even OVERTLY tell you "not to go there" and to "stay ignorant". Now that can be sincere rather then willful, they probably were told the same thing themselves. These influences have been made strong in the churches of today, definitely leading people to the lukewarm place of Rev. 3:16

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Al for your kind comments as well! God bless you. Please keep praying for me as well as I will for you and others here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling it the way it is :) I've been out of the church system for 7 years. When I left 2 dear friends (at least I thought they were) shunned me. I remember how cliquish church was when I was a tween. The same kids that bullied me in school were just as cruel in Sunday school. Then I refused to go to church was punished by my parents and kept the real reason repressed. Fast forward yrs later when I attended Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX. I thought that I would reconnect w/God. I experienced more impressionable people hanging on the instructors' words. I became disillusioned again because there was no open dialogue but plenty of judgement going around. Many, many years later I became Catholic because I didn't want to worship God in an emotional manner now I became legalistic . Jesus opened my eyes and I started reading my Bible and more was revealed to me about all the error that I was taught. I am learning new things every day thank God and read this blog often. Most of all I pray about the things I read.-Noel

monika said...

Nice post.

I too have left the Harlot church system. But the isolation is unbearable, I'm tempted to go back in just for the fellowship. I live in San Diego, If anyone on this blog lives in San Diego and needs fellowship as well, feel free to contact me. Moskirn@cox.net

Peace be with you,


Anonymous said...

Anonymous here. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to each commenter here. You replied to my comment as well, and I really appreciate it. Am so encouraged that others are able to talk about this and are going to keep pressing on with faith; it helps my faith to grow.

Am going to take the time to read the other posts on subjects that sound so interesting. This is the first time I've heard of Galatians 4.

Just a few anectdotes from my past church experience, have taught me to just accept that nothing is perfect and even in those imperfect churches, some of us were baptized, saved, forgiven. Pastors may have had ulterior motives, but even in their personal struggles, people still were ministered to, praise God. I learned that God is faithful and will heal, or save, anoint, fill with His Spirit, and do wonders in a church that is found wanting. It's eye-opening and wonderful that the Lord is merciful and still works, despite men's hearts.

So, I've learned to be content with knowing that Jesus tends to his sheep in the church and outside the church. My attitude has changed, and my guilt a bit reduced about 'do not forsake the gathering' that was drilled into us by the elders. Another drill was "touch not the anointed".

A few other things I've learned since not being churched, is that rigid dogma that we were taught to cling to doesn't always fall in line with God's word. I used to belong to a legalistic holiness church and was torn to hear that certain people would never enter heaven. Years later, I've now concluded that we don't know each man's heart, and each doctrine has a man-made slant on it. For instance, for baptism advocates, a certain word or type of baptism is the only way to get to heaven, and so many other necessities to get to heaven, and I became so confused after leaving church on what to tell my adult kids, who are all confused as to why mom and dad don't attend church anymore. There is the element of pre-mid or post tribulation theories, end days theories, prophets, false and true, wolves in sheep's clothing. Now, after the US election, the US church has become a hotbed of irritation for people. And not because they are living for Christ and are persecuted for Christ's sake; but because they point the finger at those they deem unrighteous and look for assertion from man and not God.

Despite the many conflicts and different beliefs, God is sovereign and knows the heart. So, with that, I'm content to know that when someone knocks on Jesus' door, He will open, and if that person knocks at the last hour of the day, He will answer. Even if others have labored all the day (many years) and kept the faith and are saved at the end, the laborer that arrived only hours before (as someone dying, or in a tragic accident) who calls on the Lord, he will be saved. These are thoughts that just ring true to me, because all the trouble and intolerance and confusion in the churches and world will never agree on who is saved. But Jesus saved the man on the cross and promised him he'd be with him in paradise that same hour.

I can rest that He has it all in control and all I can do now is hope and pray we're all ready. Just one more thing I believe I learned from being unchurched, is that everything is vanity. What's left at the end of the day is small compared to eternal life with Him.

Being out of church is easier too on my not comparing myself (which is wrong) with others in the church. It's allowed me to meditate on why I was intent on comparing myself, doing my pity-me thing a lot. Being away from the scene of watching the 'cliques' in the church and getting all riled up (needed a good Joyce Meyers teaching) was good for the soul.

So many negative, yet positive things need to be the Body of Christ and I'm sure we miss being ministered to in word, deed and in the gifts. But like so many commenters here say, when it's the right time, God will provide.

Flossy said...

I too am outside of the church system. I went to 3 churches and none of them gave me what I needed and wanted. Maybe all 3 mixed together would have been ok, but that's just wishful thinking.
I long for fellowship with likeminded Christians, but finding people who share the same beliefs but aren't in heresy is hard. If it weren't for my online Christian friends, I don't think I would have learnt as much as I have. I believe God is teaching me to only rely on Him and not others. I don't know why, but I know He is in control and I just need to learn to trust that.


Anonymous said...

"Pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those that call upon the Lord out of a pure heart"
Ask the Lord to give you someone (one is enough to start with) you can pray with.
"He is rich to all who call upon Him". The Lord be with all you out there!
"Friend of Muslims"

Lisa Ruby said...

monika wrote: "I too have left the Harlot church system. But the isolation is unbearable, I'm tempted to go back in just for the fellowship."

Hello Monkia,

I know it is hard but God will help you as you resist the temptation to compromise. It is very lonely not to have support in the Christian life. I do believe it can be found, but not in the typical church that is out there in our day.

I hope you find some good Christian fellowship. :)

Lisa Ruby said...

Joy wrote: "Why do churches need corporate logos? Because they are more business than ministry?"

Churches use corporate logos because they are corporations -- 5013c corporations. Yes, they are businesses and they want to look professional. The body of Christ is not supposed to look and act like the world and function like a business! Jesus said, "Make not my Father's house an house of merchandise."

I am positive he would not want the assembly of the saints to be yoked with the state as a literal corporation, complete with logos and every worldly trapping imaginable needed to run a business!
The purpose of a business is to make money, not edify the saints of God.

Bible Believer said...

Hello Noel, I am sorry your friends shunned you. I lost friends leaving churches, one day they'd be there, the next theyd be gone.

Yes Sunday School can have the same bullies as regular school. I am glad you got out of both that Christ of all nations church [they are charismatics?] and the Catholic church, and that Jesus opened your eyes. Keep praying everyday. God bless you too.


Trust me I understand those temptations of wanting to be back "in" due to the isolation but here we have to obey God. There is little happiness to be found among those who are deceived. I know I had that one experience where I was even forgoing religious services, just doing a bible study and their false pastor kept that on lock down too and knew there was no choice but to leave.
I know I miss the fellowship too of having a local church. Praying for you.

Bible Believer said...

Other Anon, I think it is good and encouraging even for me to talk about this topic openly, and for each of us to realize how many are in this boat, outside of the church system it will help all of us see the big picture and what people are facing.

Yes please read the other articles as you are able, there are three others even written on this subject. I agree that nothing on this earth is perfect and even good came out of some of these churches, such as my time in the IFB when I came out of the Catholic church.

I benefited massively from the sincere Christians in my last IFB and even in the Calvary Chapel I was in for a short time.

I do think God will be warning more and more of those in the churches. I talked to many who were "deeply concerned" but who had not made that action to leave. This is why the Bible says "MY PEOPLE" with the instruction to COME OUT OF HER.

I am glad you have been able to move beyond the guilt, yes I've heard of all those, you are sinning to be outside the church system and saw that touch not the anointed teaching abused over and over. Meant for God's prophets, who were facing physical abuse not for 21st century apostate preachers.
I agree about the false dogmas, and glad you were able to come out of a legalistic holiness church.Yes any place that teaches formulas, is losing the plot. I know with children and adult children explaining why Mom and Dad don't go to church, probably would be difficult. I would explain it the best I could in a way they could understand, pointing out this is the time of the falling away warned of in the BIble.

I agree those who sincerely call upon the Lord will be born again. The gospel is still getting preached out there and God's Word is there for the reading. I agree being outside the churches, you do realize how much is vanity, and how this life is very short, compared to eternity with Jesus Christ and more of what matters in life. Sadly too many in the churches are being led to the vanity, and to focus on THIS WORLD beyond anything else. Isn't that the error of the Dominionists too? A lot are caught up in the church system so much,it can blind people in itself with it's own culture, politics and what it deems important. It is like it's own bubble.

I believe too God will provide other believers and being ministered to by other members of the Body of Christ, this may not happen in an "official capacity" but once one realizes the true church is outside the bricks, morters and official organizations, it helps in seeing the big picture.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Lisa, I agree. God will help you resist temptation. I have had it happen with me even. I believe it can be found too, and one needs to keep praying and listening to God. God will not let any true believer sit in a false church without endless warnings. There is no peace for a believer in that capacity. There will be plenty to aggrieve you. I saw enough of the false churches, that I even realize the sadness I felt over the false teachings, the false beliefs people were being taught. It can be heartbreaking too to see sincere and GOOD people even being misled by a deceived or WOLF pastor. I know that took a toll on my emotions as well. I agree with you Lisa, about the 5013c churches, most have been turned into businesses with demographic marketing for all. That goes against Jesus's words about those who make merchandise of people. That is definitely an element of the false church system.

(Acts 17:11 KJV) These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Zoompad said...

I feel shunned by the churches in my area because I wont stop praying about the Pindown cover up and the Secret Family Court human trafficking cover up, and the churches in my area dont like me talking about those things, or even praying about them.

Bible Believer said...

zoompad, I never had heard of the pindown controversy but went and looked it up..

:( :(


Were these supposedly "Christian" children homes?

I have done some outside study of what is happening in American with homes here, and wilderness enterprises etc. Fornits, etc....

There is some really disgusting, evil horrible things going on.

That was horrific to read.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you are speaking out against the child abuse. Yes stay away from churches who are upset at you for speaking out against child abuse. Those type of churches have wolves probably in charged and seared types who cannot drum up compassion for the vulnerable in society. I mention these things from time to time, but the NWO as exposed by other bloggers is connected to child abuse, pedophiliac covens, sexual trafficking etc. There are others who have exposed Hepizollah House--probably misspelling it and then there is the horrific child sexual abuse and basically slavery exposed within the Catholic church, Ireland-Magdalene Laundries, Native American children and sexually abused children and youths.

joshman said...

See and this is the problem. These churches DO preach truth ...........but ONLY to a certain extent. For some reason something inside alot of church leaders only want you to get to a certain point of truth and then depend on church for the rest of your "growth".

wise as a serpent...harless as a dove said...

I got saved in 2000, I couldn't understand why the holy spirit kept giving me the scripture to come out from among them,sepraate. Yourself, what communion does light have with darkness, what communion does Christ have with baal...well at the time I completely let go of all relationship n activities that is contrary to God..I was completely absorbed in the false church system...it is now 2013 I left the church in 2008, having encountered many fale ministers n doctrines I had had enough..no manifestation of the power of God, many false "prophecies" that came to pass in my life, bein pushed down at the altar for show by the layin on of false hands, the club of cliques etc...I was so disappointed with what was going on I finally left...I've prayed n asked God for a church home where his power n teachings are real...so far I'm still at home...God has spoken n shown me many things but he hasn't revealed a church home...you are not alone n now I know neither am I...amen

Bible Believer said...

Joshman you are right some of these churches do mix in a little truth, it helps with the confusion. A little leaven leavens the lump and all.

Bible Believer said...

Hi wise as a serpent, when I got saved in 2002, in my case, I was told to leave the RCC immediately so yes God will tell you to separate once you are born again. I have been told to leave churches I have visited here. The Holy Spirit will warn of false preachers and more. I too as written here, was told to leave the false church system. So many preach false manifestations of the power of God, bad doctrines, and way too much show time and laying on of false hands. It is highly disappointing I understand. Thanks for telling me I am not alone, it does help us in encouragement to know each other is out there, remaining loyal to God and refusing these false churches. God bless you.

Ben said...

"I wrote an article on the homosexual obsession and they managed to turn it up a few notches. The world is imploding, the economy is crashing, sin is increasing [yes homosexuality is a sin too] and here they are on their culture wars parade before the world with no gospel included."

Amen. Maybe it's because there are people teaching that homosexuals cannot be saved - an offshoot, it seems, of Calvinism and a horribly evil doctrine.

SPW said...

SPW says, I left the only fellowship I ever knew 2 years ago. All the church leaders were interested in was getting more money by fleecing the flock, building the building bigger, gaining more members by using the church growth movement of Rick Warren and the evil kept revolving this cycle. After millions of $ in debt and plea's continued by more fleecing, I had had enough. I was soo hungry for the Lord and His righteousness, when I left, I thought I would wither away. The Lord opened my eye's to so much truth, that it seemed as though I had been living a lie and I didn't even know it. I was so blind and deaf in the false system, I couldn't see the falseness at first and after about 7 years of being born again, I started to question everything on every level. All I could do is pray for Truth and for my eye's to be opened. The Lord immediately answered my prayer's. I had to choose whom I was going to follow God or man? It is very lonely being on the outside and no one under stands. I can't even go along with man made holiday's that people put the Lord's name to and think He's OK with it all. God says He wants to be worshipped in Spirit and Truth and He will not share His glory with another. That goes for celebrating Him how the pagans celebrated there god's and how men get credit as though they are god's in the institution called church. As the Lord is still opening my eye's to more Truth, the bible is making so much since to me now, from Genesis to Revelations. I see Christ so much more vividly all through scripture, and how the whole bible pertains to the body of Christ. I also pray that the Lord will put me with His true body to fellowship with, but I'll stay put until He does, because I have no desire to go back to what I came from, because the Lord has set me free to follow only Him.

Scott Wasinski said...

I am of the "Remnant" (proverbial seven thousand, if you will). It is a breathe of air to find this blog. I became born-again in 1998. Have gone through some very sore troubles (as most of you have, I am certain) for speaking the truth of God's Word. I have seen the abominations that that great mother of harlots (not my mother)commits. I was outraged and indignant over some persecution that I have suffered, yet the Lord in His awesomeness allowed me to feel His heart in this. His anger is kindled, yes, but even more than that, it hurts and pains Him that His own people would rather spend 1hr.20min a week being entertained by a band, listen to one man preach a manicured speech using very little (if any) of the Word of God, then go home and pretend that they know Him that gave His only Son to die in their stead! I must say, He has got my attention just in that He gave me the awesome gift of forgiveness and salvation!!! I could go on-and on, but all I really want to say is Praise Him for the little help that we receive through the trials. I have been given the gift of music and writing songs to the edification of the body. I am called to be in these corporate business meeting places propagating themselves as His bride, but He still hasn't called His people out of her, so I must go where He has called me. Please pray for me that doors of utterance would be busted down to speak boldly with power, whatever Word the Lord desires of me. Thanx all. btw, stay away from "thewatchmenscry" The spirit and doctrine of Jezebel has her minions at the helm. They pretend to be an open forum, yet they will not allow these types of discussions to exist. BTW the Bride and her husband are a great mystery that reveals Christ and His Bride. The reason that more "christian" marriages are ending in divorce, is because the marriage is an example of the Church and her Bridegroom. She has left off the Lordship of Christ and has sold it for $$$.

ben said...

Ty God for this blog.
I was dead in my sins when this particular post was created. The Topics i see and have briefly gone through have been encouraging and blessing. Im on same page, if anything I say needs rebuking, plz dont hesitate to give me verses so God can change me.
For different reasons I left fellowships because of extreme anxiety, i couldn't handle it, i was unteachable because of my inabitiy to cope with people, crowds and being in public like that. I thank God for His mercy. He has used this for good. And instead of being fed what i now know to be false, the times seperated has been used to grow in truth. And have become defensive and guarded concerning my mind and heart with these matters. I have been saved since summer of 2013. Was going to cchemet and also tried a couple other denom's. I am former alcoholic, and other abominable sins Jesus saved me from. My life thus far has been rather isolated. After i left fellowship this last time, God dealt with other sins in my life. I have been out of public fellowship for 3/4 a year or so. My walk with the Lord has grown and stabilized considering my past. Im concerned with my fellowship in family of God. I do fellowship with my mom most weekends. Im hesitant to further church surfing, God is faithful and all my weakness and inability He can use for good. And I realize its my fault its been a train wreck thus far concerning these. I cannot afford to be mislead or offended, & the idea of having to battle and defend my position concerning Gods Word makes me further weary --- Its confusing and unfortunatly even somewhat offending to me that I indeed need to be educated even to be able to allow myself to learn in the "Church". I need to mature and grow up learn how to fellowship and how to rebuke the words of men. Ive wasted over half my life being a fool and drunk and pray this zeal obtained is not ruined with self deception. --- TY for this opportunity to share, Its another step in the light exposing myself shamelessly in Christ.
I live in hemet--usa- If any bloggers here in my area(zip92544) (areacode951) found such, plz email chingaera@gmail.com so to consider.
Your prayer would be appreciated for my mother and myself concerning with these.

Mike said...

Pardon. .but were you a J.W.?

Anonymous said...

The final straw for my leaving "churchianity" for good was when the pastor proudly announced in church "We now have WiFi so you can use your cell phones to follow along quickly with my sermon and we don;t have to waste time turning pages (of the Bible)." This was 2014 when I thought to return for a short time, and left for good after a few months. The pastor has since left the profession and gone onto other endeavors.

Leaving the church to study, feasting on His Truth, worshiping in Spirit and truth is awesome!! "Why did I never hear these things in church before??" Diligently studying, writing volumes. Rightly dividing His Word. One cannot get enough. It becomes a distracting nuisance when other things like a phone call or housework gets in the way! The road is narrow that leads to eternal life and few (a small group) find it! Why is it only a small group who find eternal life? Because they are looking for it!!! Of the millions of people alive in Noah's day only 8 people survived the flood! The rest were sinful, transgressors of the Law.

Being taken, led, into the wilderness for His purposes, to hear His voice; to learn and to do His will is an honor. Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years before he was sent to Egypt to lead his people out of bondage to Pharoah (a demonic spirit, just like today); Joseph, John, Paul and all the Apostles in the wilderness. They are our example. He has a greater calling for those who listen and obey His leading. And who partake in His suffering on the cross, His death and His resurrection of Messiah.

In this time of testing when we are well into the birth pangs of Matthew 24 and beyond, each have an assignment designated by Yahweh that may be for teaching, preaching to the lost. We are "in training" for a far, far greater work He has for us to do in the very near future. We are being tried and tested. We cannot be ignorant - Acts 17:30. But in repentance and examining ourselves each day.

Biblical prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes. The books that were closed in the time of Daniel are being opened. We have much work to do, and those who do His to be teachers of the "meat" of the Word to those who have been fed "milk" all their lives. The "milk drinkers" most likely will not listen but will be the fiercest persecutors of the true worshipers of Yahshua. But those that persevere in His will are being fed in the inner man. A new creation. An overcomer.

Most choose to follow their pastor even if he is teaching falsely, will sadly, be led into the fires of hell. A piece of paper hanging on the wall from a Theological Institution means nothing if they have merely passing along as "doctrines the precepts of men." (Isaiah 29:13,14; Matthew 15:13,14.)"Christianity" today is mostly pagan worship. If what is worshiped is NOT in the Holy Scriptures..it is pagan worship. God will not be mocked. He is set apart as we who are true worshipers are set apart.

Our Fathers' kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven" gets ever closer and those who sit in the wilderness feasting on His Truth, with eyes to see and ears to hear, will have much truth to share, boldly, and in His love. And will be greatly persecuted by those who refuse to "Come out of her, My people...." (Revelation 18:4. Yet, abundantly rewarded.

Great times are ahead. A time of much heartache, greater deception, false teachings, and much lawlessness and evil. Those who have been feasting on His truth, being led by the Holy Spirit, have a big job to do. Those who have washed their robes, obeyed His commandments, have persevered and kept their faith of Yahshua Messiah (Christ Jesus) will have overcome and will be given their crowns and the right to the tree of life. NOT being in the apostate churches of this day has been a great blessing to the inward man. And praise His glorious Name.

Anonymous said...

Ben - Praise Yahweh (God) that you have a hunger to learn, ask, seek, knock and know Him will all your heart. Our Father has a greater plan for your life. The verse in Proverb 46:10 comes to mind -
"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Be still, Ben. Still your heart, mind and soul and rest in Him.

Father, how precious and wondrous You are. Your dear child, Ben, has a hunger to seek you and to find you. Open the eyes of his good heart and let Ben hear Your voice, in Your Word, for Your will for His life. Lead Him to receive You and to come to repentance. And to also seek forgiveness for himself. To forgive himself for his past sinfulness. His sins, all our sins, are wiped clean by your suffering on the cross, Father. Ben has a clean slate.

By Your death and resurrection, Father, You took away the curse of death. Ben has a new life in You. Bless Ben's mother and their time of fellowship together. Father, let Ben rest in You and learn about You and what You require of all of us. Until he knows you more and more, let Ben stay close to You in Your Word, not out there with the wolves until it is in Your perfect time. Galatians 5:22.23 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." In Your precious Name we pray. Amen