Sunday, August 26, 2012

Warning about video making internet rounds: Pope's invocation to Lucifer

I've seen this video making some of the internet rounds. Don't play it, just keep reading. They are right that the Catholic church does worship Lucifer. I have written myself on this blog that the Catholic mass is Satanic. Do not watch the video, almost seems like Satanists trying to get their prayers to the devil out there, if you click the link just look to know it exists and don't play.

Be careful of that video though, we have to be careful even of things that seemingly warn about Rome but which could be a set up for more delusion. I went to the video on YOUTUBE and then found myself asking why on earth does this link sprout from a website that calls itself THIRD SECRET. For those who know about Rome, the third secret, comes from Fatima where it is believed the marian apparition spoke of a third secret. Some of this has been rumored to be about the end of the world to even the claim that Rome will become Satanic. It has been from the start. The forum with its information about Satan on it, just do not go there, is strange, and better avoided.

One thing, there are many who warn about Rome but really who desire to bring more confusion. Did the Pope do an invocation to Lucifer that was so overt? It's possible but at the crux of the matter it doesn't matter, because we already know who the Pope serves.. I do not know Latin or have access to a "clean" recording that can be trusted. But most readers on this blog know what Rome is. One can read through the Catholic websites and Vatican speeches themselves to see the occult language beyond what is obvious and non-biblical. I have caught the Pope with occult language that was OVERT beyond the usual Satanic Mass, at least acouple times using Catholic websites putting up copies of his speeches and more.

One time was years ago when the Pope said this:

"Jesus is the Pole Star of human freedom: Without him it loses its sense of direction, for without the knowledge of the truth, freedom degenerates, becomes isolated and is reduced to sterile arbitration."

{Warning NON-CHRISTIAN, one world religion link but describes what the POLE STAR means in Theosophy and the OCCULT}

The Pole star is known as DRACO...

The Dragon, or Draco, is a constellation located in the northern hemisphere. It lies just east of Ursa Major and extends all the way to the east of Ursa Minor, its tail between the two. Through ancient times it has been associated with dragons or serpents. The Persians knew it as a man-eating serpent, while the Greeks saw it as a dragon which lived within the garden of the Hesperides, or Daughters of the Evening, where he guarded the stars or golden apples which hung from the Pole Tree in the Garden of Darkness.

There is endless OVERT examples of the Pope's masonic and occult allegiances if one is looking. I don't pay as much attention anymore but I did when warning others about the Catholic church and looking for myself years ago. Another time that was interesting is when the Pope called referred to "god" as the great architect".

In today's general audience address, the Pope said: All the righteous on earth, even those who do not know Christ and his Church and who, under the influence of grace, seek God with a sincere heart, are ..". called to build the Kingdom of God, cooperating with the Lord who is the first and decisive architect ."

Some may say why warn about the video at top? To me the website it connects to seems fishy. The place really weirded me out, and I wonder about the prayers in Latin on it and what the aim is of those posting it. There probably are some sincere Christians who have picked it up to warn in a sincere fashion about the pope but felt I had to warn here. One has to be careful with websites that even on the SURFACE WARN about Rome. I saw a lot of crazy stuff when I was even delving into their interfaithism years ago. I will be direct in stating what the Roman Catholic church is, the harlot warned of in Revelation 17 but as we get closer to the last days here, I believe they will become MORE OVERT about "who" they really worship.


LutherRocks said...

My wife noticed an all seeing eye inside of a triangle in some stained glass on the side of a Catholic Church on the way home from worship this morning...scary stuff.

BTW...Luther and orthodox Lutherans have been calling out the papacy as the antichrist for some time...

Anonymous said...


I just watched this video today posted at Apprising. He talks about how he discovered that the church of Rome is the Harlot that rides the beast. It seems that those in the Reformation used to believe this without question, but nowadays, you don't hear this talked about in Protestant circles.

Thank you for your careful watching of where these videos and articles come from. We really need to guard.

Abbey said...

@LutherRocks, most people today don't have eyes to see or even care. Our ancestors would be appalled at the blindness and lack of discernment of Christians today.

The video is part of the Exsultet said at Easter. The words Morning Star (which translates to Lucifer) are used several times along with lights of heaven, flames still burning, pillar of fire etc., etc..
The Greek translation of the Hebrew word heylel (morning star) is phosphoros meaning lightbearer, while the equivalent Latin translation is lucifer from lucis, light and ferre, to bear – literally lightbearer.

This might not be what it seems at all. Why they still use Latin after all these years....
Satanists like using Latin too.

That site is full of pictures of "Satan" and other disturbing things. I read some of it and the person claims to be an atheist yet quotes scripture a lot. It's very strange. According to the site, the Third Secret of Fatima was revealed last year and it says "that the Kingdom will be established in Portugal." Shocking isn't it?

Bible Believer said...

Yes Catholic churches as well as many others are covered in that stuff. I mentioned the stained-glass 5 pointed pentagram in the main stained glass of a local baptist church around here. Not sure if it's always been a baptist church but who knows...You are right there are some Lutherans who know/discern the truth about papacy. Definitely a point of truth there. Of course you know I part ways on sacraments and other issues.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for the link Labby.

Be careful of Apprising, I have used links and info from there, but have had concerns for a time: odd defense of Walter Martin, constant advertisements for that weird Catholic marked "Pirate's Radio". I am familiar with Richard Bennett but have seen his name pop up in strange places. He may be one who just does not discern things, being focused on Rome...I did use to read a lot of his articles coming out of the RCC a lot of good stuff....

Bennett is right that in Protestant circles, for centuries Rome was named as the harlot and the Pope as the Antichrist or would be last days Antichrist, we know this definitely changed.

Thanks for the rest of your post. Yes I thought this one was fishy. I have discovered entire websites, that were to "expose" Rome but were false. One I did not trust even at the start unloaded trojans onto my computer. The weird forum this was connected to, name and strange Satanic stuff, was enough for me to warn people STAY FAR AWAY.

Bible Believer said...

Abbey, yes I think our ancestors would be majorly appalled. With the Latin it is hard to translate, I do not know Latin though I know some Spanish and can guess a few words it is just not enough to figure it all out. Rome uses Latin to hide a lot of nonsense that is for sure. When I used to travel the Vatican website, I noticed they used to put "sensitive" materials all in Latin translation and not provide the English or other venaculars. That should tell you something right there. If the prayer is real in that video, all the excuses about lucifer just being a translation for lightbearer etc, wouldn't excuse what they said and did. That is just more gameplaying. Latin is used in witchcraft, too. Modern Wiccans do spells in Latin as well as other occultists. That tells us something doesn't it?
I kept wondering too with the video if it was a backdoor way, to get people to sit there, through a prayer to Satan. Hey there are creeps online who will do anything.

The guy on the weird Third Secret forum website, doesn't seem to make much sense. So you hear about the third secret being revealed? They reveal "it" from different "circles" all the time. So many lies and confusion, the demonic figure showing up in Fatima has had a heyday starting a century of confusion. I've heard everything from it supposedly predicting PJII being shot, to the Catholic church being infiltrated by Satanists, and many more.

Abbey said...

I agree Bible Believer. Got to keep that air of mystery by using Latin when most of the world speaks English. Personally I think it sounds creepy.

That whole Fatima situation is so absurd. Actually all those apparitions are. Unfortunately millions flock to those sites. How ridiculous that "Mary" tells some "secrets" to children and then the world is supposed to wait decades to find out the secret(s). Quite a contrast to Jesus.

John 18:20 (KJV)

20 Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.

Bible Believer said...

I think the third secret guy probably tracing back his link came to post to me. I'm not posting it, he was talking about "guardians", yeah know we know what that that is....the demons like to mix some truth ins with their lies. Hey even the "Mary" apparition spoke of Rome being Satanic a few times.

Bible Believer said...

I hope if any bloggers who have used this video in a sincere fashion to expose Rome, do at least PLACE a WARNING. Whoever put that video up, well, I wrote this whole article to warn about it.

Yeah the Latin is to keep people confused. They even have DIFFERENT versions of Latin in the RCC, and speak a special ecclesiastical Latin so using a high school search engine and translator isn't going to cut it. They have to keep up the FOG MACHINE. I wondered even if they were cursing people on that video, like folks read it and there is the curse in Latin. The Bible says no curses come undeserved but obviously this is something I do not want people messing with.

I studied Fatima EXTENSIVELY during my message board years, wish I had time to post more on some subjects here but basically a demonic entity, like rest of Marian apparitions, well some are probably made up, but I believe Satan is having a major heyday. Did I tell anyone here, one reason I got out of the RCC besides reading the Bible and being saved later, was I would go to the RCC church library, and read the PRO-Marian apparition books and realized that "Mary" creeped me out?

Yes there are no secrets with Jesus, thanks for that verse, because it does basically tell us this third secret stuff is from the "gates of hell".

One point of subterfuge in the RCC church, is you get concerned types who say "Satan is infiltrating the RCC" blah blah and point out some EVIL but they are still lost in the fog themselves. Some knowingly and some others NOT. Malachi Martin indirectly kept many people in the RCC writing his books saying, [paraphrasing] "yeah there is a LOT of evil and even sex abuse covens but JPII is on the side of "good". Well he was a Jesuit to begin with after all.

Bornagain Soldier said...

Hi BB,
I haven't followed the links to the web site of the video makers but from what you say about them it's obvious that they are Traditionalist Catholics and they believe that the office of the Pope was taken over at Vatican 2 by "Anti-Popes" unlike true Bible believers who believe the Pope is Antichrist these people believe the Pope is Anti-his own office. They are Futurist Catholics who believe a lot of the same stuff Dispensationalist believe but they still hold to all the Mary idolatry unlike the Darbyites. It's very sad really that both these groups of people are so mislead in there understanding of who the Pope really is biblically. He is the man of sin the son of perdition and even the name Anti-Pope in itself is very revealing about how Catholics believe the Pope is in the place of Christ on earth so instead of being Anti-Christ the Popes since V2 have been viewed as Anti-Popes. How said for those people that they can see the Pope is evil today but not see that the Pope has always been evil.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer, you are correct to caution about the Apprising website.

He is a staunch Calvinist which is evident from his links and sources. He can be a good source of info, but not for endorsement.

He is good at discerning some false things, but is blind as to sound doctrine and the error of Calvinist/Reformed theology.

I seem to remember that Richard Bennett who came out of RC and has a good testimony is also a Calvinist.

Luther is to be commended for taking a stand against Rome in the Reformation, but didn't purge himself of false beliefs which is borne out in Lutheran theology and Calvinists who revere him.

Anonymous said...

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